Fenton Carnival Glass A to Z!

After 40 plus years of collecting old original Fenton carnival glass, our ages are beginning to tell us to slow down and smell the roses! As you can imagine, now we must begin to downsize the " mass of glass we amassed" over the years!  We have placed a good portion of our 3500+ piece carnival collection up for sale, which you can browse and shop right here on our on-line website. Here is a unique opportunity for you to browse our photo supported for sale items and use our convenient help on collecting worthwhile old original carnival glass. Use our site to browse, shop and yes, learn! Successfully collecting is a direct function of knowing your hobby better than your fellow collectors!

....presenting our Fenton old original Carnival glass " for sale ".... A-Z patterns alphabetically! But first, a look at one of Fenton's rarest vintage carnival glass tankard pitchers! A blue mint condition "Lily of the Valley" ! One of only 7 known undamaged! This is not the 1970s' contemporary Fenton lily of the valley pattern... but a rare old 1910 retired pattern.

Now for sale to the most avid of carnival glass collectors!    Item #11-2605-SA    $3600.00   usd   more photos available!


 A rare Fenton vaseline opalescent "Dragon & Lotus"!!!! This is a extremely rare piece because the full base piece is vaseline and not just the base ring or sawtooth tips. We paid dearly to obtain it, but we have never seen another one in mint condition in all the 41 years we have been collecting!! If you want a very special investment grade Fenton piece that you won't find in just any avid collector's "killer" collection, this is the piece for you! Don't let some dealer snatch it up and make you pay dearly for it later!!!! Here's a once in a lifetime opportunity to have the best we've ever seen!   Item# 11-750-JW     $ 850.00      A showstopper killer piece!   Sold!!   Sold!! Now in Texas!

Extremely Rare Fenton "Dragon's Tongue bowl, marigold

Many carnival glass collectors have never seen this rare Fenton pattern, so we are happy to show here! It's appropriately called "Dragon's Tongue" and is mostly found on glass lamp shades, however, Fenton decided to produce a few of these giant 11" ruffled bowls along with some ice cream shaped bowls! This, of course, is the 11" ruffled bowl  in marigold. It is for sale, and it is not damaged physically. It simply has a small spot near the center area where the irridescence didn't take hold when the piece was manufactured. No chips, cracks, nicks, fleas or repairs! Just a "dad blasted" spot! We wish we could just say, "out,out damn spot", but that famous quote just doesn't work here either! So, the question is, how badly do you want a piece of Fenton's extremely rare Dragon's Tongue pattern? The spot is there in the extra large photo above, we'll let you find it! These go for thousands of dollars when there is no spot, so I guess we'd better price this as one in less than mint condition! Better snatch it up!   Item # 11-595-SK       Price: USD   $900.00

Now, presenting our vintage Fenton Carnival glass "for sale" items below:

acorns acorns autumn acorns autumn acorns beaded star blackberry spray blackberry block blackberry bramble blackberry bramble butterflies
7-8"ruffled-bracket edge 7-8"flared rim-bracket 8-9"bowl- 3in1 edge 8-9" ruffled bowl 6'7"ruffled bowl 6"ruffled hat shape 7pc. water set- RARE! 6" compote 6" compote squarish bonbon
marigold- excellent condition! blue- superb condition! green- superb condition! amethyst- superb condition! great coloring! marigold- excellent condition! marigold-great condition! blue- excellent condition! amethyst- excellent condition!! green-tiniest of flea on base, still excellent! blue-one tiny rough spot
05-045-SD 01-055-SD 01-065-SD 10-021-BO 06-018-BA 09-022-EB 95-745-RE 06-048-SD 06-048-DM 03-060-B
$ 50.00 $ 65.00 $ 70.00 $ 60.00 $ 25.00 $ 25.00 $ 995.00 Sold! $ 55.00 $ 50.00 $ 55.00
                  Listed! 1/22/11 From Pennsylvania!!!
butterfly & berry butterfly & berry butterfly & fern cherry chain var. captive rose captive rose captive rose captive rose captive rose  
6 tumblers 1 tumbler water pitcher 7-8" tight ruffled bowl 8-9"ruffled smooth edge 8-9"ruffled smooth edge 8-9"ruffled smooth edge 8"bowl- 3in1 edge 8-9" six ruffle bowl- sawtooth edge  
blue- all excellent condition! blue- great condition green- mint condition! blue- superb condition! amethyst- superb condition! blue- superb condition! marigold- excellent condition! blue- excellent condition! super color! green- mint! no damage!  
06-16-21-SL 06-003-DM 08-360-BO  01-135-SD 07-065-BO 07-045-BO 01-050-SD 11-057-EB 98-062-RE  
$ 120.00 $ 20.00 SOLD! $ 410.00 SOLD! $ 80.00 $ 70.00 SOLD! $ 70.00 SOLD! $ 50.00 $ 79.00 SOLD! $ 70.00 SOLD!  
Just in from Pa.! Different!         Just listed!!!!!! 5/1/11 Just listed!!!!!! 5/1/11 Just listed!!!!! 5/1/11    
captive rose- rare! captive rose rare! captive rose captive rose captive rose captive rose captive rose captive rose captive rose captive rose
7-8" CRE bowl!- want something quite rare & different? 8"CRE bowl! 8-9" six ruffle bowl 8-9" six ruffle bowl- backside view 8-9" six ruffle bowl 8-9" six ruffle bowl 8-9" six ruffle bowl 8-9" six ruffle bowl- backside view 9"plate- 12 sided- flat 9"plate- 12 sided- flat
a rare lavender base! LOOK at the glass in the cre area, it's a lavender and not amethyst! has 2 enclosed bubbles, but no damage! lavender base! color to us! LOOK at the cre area, it looks quite different from regular amethyst! it's lavender! green base-has several noticeable tool mark indentations on inside near center circle. Also has very slight iridescent loss right in center rose. no other issues! No real physical damage- good coloring! real nice piece. green base- backside is great with good color! amethyst base-has one noticeable tool mark near inside center circle. No other issues. No real physical damage. great coloring, good even iridescence! Just a real nice piece blue base- superb piece! No damage whatsoever with very even & colorful iridescence- Collector grade piece- no cracks, no epoxy, no repairs! blue base- mint condition piece! No damage, no epoxy repairs, no cracks, chips, nicks, or fleas! Beautiful iridescence!! blue base- no the little camera spot at 3 o'clock is not epoxy! No damage means no damage! Superb piece at a bargain price!! amethyst- excellent condition! no damage! blue- excellent condition! no damage!
94-082-RE 94-082-RE 08-060-BO 08-060-BO 08-055-BO 98-057-RE 98-057-RE 98-057-RE 07-275-EB 07-176-EB
$ 145.00 $ 145.00 $ 70.00 $ 70.00 $ 70.00 Sold! $ 75.00 $ 75.00 $ 75.00 $ 235.00 $ 235.00 Sold!
chrysanthemum chrysanthemum chrysanthemum chrysanthemum chrysanthemum chrysanthemum chrysanthemum
10" footed centerpiece! 10" footed centerpiece! 10" footed centerpiece 9 1/2" x 5" ball footed fruit bowl! Scarce size! 9 1/2" x 5"ball footed fruit bowl! Scarce size! 9 1/2" x 5" ball footed fruit bowl! Scarce size! 10-11" footed bowl
cobalt blue! cobalt blue! cobalt blue! blue - has electric highlights! backside of bowl to left inside view of bowl to the left marigold
awesome colorful satin irridescence inside & outside! no damage in or out! superb example awesome colorful satin irridescence inside & ouside! no damage! superb example! satin irridescence! backside view is beautiful! no damage! superb example!!!! blue with electric highlights inside! has one inside center straw mark but no damage! wonderful irridescence & color! great looking piece. no damage in or out! superb example with inside electric blue highlights! note inside electric blue highlights! superb example! no damage in or out! rich marigold- excellent condition! nice rich color of irridescence!
11-108-EB 11-108-EB 11-108-EB 11-145-EB 11-145-EB 11-145-EB 07-084-EB
$ 145.00 $145.00 $145.00 $ 175.00 $ 175.00 $ 175.00 $ 95.00
        cherry circles coin dot coin dot or pearly concord concord coral
        large 2 handled bonbon 8-9"bowl- bracket edge 9"plate- smooth edge 8"-ICS bowl 8-9" ruffled bowl 8-9"bowl- 3in1 edge
        blue- somewhat silvery but still pretty! super! no damage! blue- superb condition! amethyst- misshapened in the making but ok green-super no damage condition! nice & clean with nice even irridescence. A collector grade piece! Rare Teal base glass! superb coloring! no damage! a rare addition to any killer collection marigold- superb condition! no damage! nice even color throughout in & out!
  10-023-BO 05-053-F 06-079-WZ 99-200-RE 96-175-RE 06-086-DM
        $ 50.00 $ 55.00 SOLD! $ 85.00 $ 235.00 $ 235.00 $ 125.00
coral / plain back coral / plain back cut arcs dragon & strawberry / plain dragon & strawberry / plain dragon & lotus dragon & lotus dragon & lotus dragon & lotus dragon & lotus
9"plate- 12 sided 9"plate- 12 sided 7-8"ruffled bowl 8-9" ruffled bowl-RARE!, RARE! 8-9" ICS bowl- RARE! 7-8"deep ruffled bowl 8-9" ICS bowl 8-9"low ICS bowl 8-9" low ICS bowl! 7-9" spatula foot bowl
marigold- superb condition! no damage! rich marigold- excellent condition! no damage! marigold- great condition! no damage! green!superb condition iridescence is awesome! no damage! a killer! marigold- superb condition! no damage! center area inside has less irridescence than outer part of inside. peach opal.- superb condition! no damage! marigold- superb condition! no damage! blue- awesome iridescence and color. no damage in or out! blue- superb condition- no damage! awesome iridescence! many colors! deep green- superb condition! colorful!!!! no damage!
08-650-BO 08-545-EB 06-047-S 11-610-RN 02-500-SD 08-114-EB 08-040-EB 06-100-SD 06-100-SD 11-068-EB
$ 700.00 $ 675.00 $ 30.00 $ 770.00 SOLD! $ 400.00 $ 165.00 $ 55.00 $ 125.00 $ 125.00 $ 90.00
dragon & lotus dragon & lotus enamel cherry blossoms enameled periwinkle fantail/ butterfly & berry fantail/ butterfly & berry fan vase feathered serpent/ honeycomb&clover feather stitch / plain back feather stitch/plain
7-8"deep ruffled bowl 7-8"deep ruffled bowl water pitcher tankard pitcher!!- IT'S VERY, VERY RARE! 8-9"footed master bowl 8-9"footed master bowl 10-11" tall vase 10" ruffled bowl 8-9"bowl- bracket edge 7 1/4"round deep bowl
vaseline opal.- RARE!!superb condition! no damage! vaseline opal- RARE!superb condition! no damage! cobalt blue- excellent condition! marigold- has base crack, but who cares!! blue-bronzy- excellent condition! marigold- superb condition! even color! looks celeste blue superb condition! lavender opal- good condition! blue-superb color & condition! green-2 small rubs & a 1" long inside scratch
08-229-EB 08-229-EB 06-111A-DM 06-032-DM 07-090-EB 07-037-EB 00-012-SD 07-088-EB 09-093-EB 08-045-EB
$ 240.00 $ 240.00 $ 115.00 $ 175.00 $ 95.00 $ 45.00 $ 70.00 $ 95.00 $ 120.00 Sold! $ 55.00
fentonia/plain in fentonia/plain in fentonia/plain in fine rib floral & grape floral & grape french knots grape & cable/ persian medallion grape & cable grape & cable/ persian medallion
5 pc. berry set with master bowl! butter dish & lid 8-9" footed master bowl 12" tall flame top vase water pitcher water pitcher hat shape- ruffled 11-12" footed fruit bowl 7-8"ruffled bracket edge 11-12"footed fruit
blue cobalt- all pieces absolutely never used! all in mint condition rich marigold- mint! a very scarce beauty! blue- great, but has white residue on feet! blue- it is in excellent condition amethyst-internal large crack! our shipper did it! Still looks good! amethyst! mint condition! Actually, a lot more colorful than photo depicts! red- a little rough spray dirt but still ok marigold- superb undamaged condition vaseline base glass- hard to find- mint! blue-bronzy iridescence inside-outside iridescence is nice! has 1 small rim nick, otherwise excellent!
93-275-RE 08-162-EB 08-102-EB 01-040-B 06-053-WW 10-155-RE 06-036-DM 06-104-WW 08-070-BO 03-450-SD
$ 355.00 $ 195.00 $ 115.00 $ 35.00 $ 45.00 $160.00 $ 105.00 $ 160.00 $ 95.00 $ 195.00
grecian gold/plain heart & vine/plain heart & vine/plain heart & vine/plain holly/plain  holly/plain holly/plain holly- hat shape holly-ribbed   horse medallion
11-12"blackbottom console bowl! rare 8-9" ruffled bowl 8" ruffled bowl 8" ruffled bowl 9 3/4"bracket edge plate 8-9" CRE bowl- scarce! 8-9" ruffled bowl hat shape- ruffled clear stem compote JIP footed bowl!
rich marigold- mint! blue-1 center straw- otherwise A-ok! green- 1 typical center straw mark- no damage backside view of bowl shown to the left! blue- mint condition! green- superb condition! marigold- superb condition! rich marigold- superb condition! marigold- dark near rim- great condition! blue!!- has a couple of small faint scratches on the JIP downturn as shown in photo. No other issues. Scarce nice piece!!
03-080-SD 06-073-DM 11-041-EB 11-041-EB 06-201-SL 07-053-EB 01-046-SD 01-020-SD 01-049-SD 97-167-RE
$ 90.00 $ 75.00 $ 65.00 $ 65.00 $ 210.00 $ 85.00 Sold! $ 45.00 $ 20.00 $ 20.00 $ 185.00
horse medallion illusion kittens/plain kittens/plain kittens/plain kittens/plain knotted beads lattice & grape lattice & grape leaf chain/ bearded berry
  handled bonbon toothpick 4 sides up dish cup & saucer cup & saucer 10-12" tall vase tankard pitcher 6 tumblers for tankard 8-9" ruffled bowl
backside of scarce footed JIP bowl in blue! has a couple of faint scratches on JIP downturn but no other issues! A real beauty!! blue- excellent condition & colorful iridescence! marigold-excellent shape marigold-shiny-great! marigold-mint condition marigold- excellent condition amethyst- excellent condition! blue- somewhat silvery but has some good color too! excellent! blue set- 5 excellent, 1 has substantial base chip! all good color! clambroth- excellent condition!
97-167-RE 10-034-BO 06-076-WZ 06-040-WZ 08-123-EB 11-113-RE 00-099-SD 11-190-BO 11-113-BO 06-033-DM
$185.00 $ 55.00 $ 85.00 $ 60.00 Sold! $ 150.00 $ 145.00 sold sold sold $ 245.00 $ 145.00 $ 45.00
leaf chain/ berry & leaf circle leaf chain/ bearded berry leaf chain/ berry & leaf circle leaf chain/ berry & leaf circle leaf chain/ berry & leaf  circle  leaf chain/berry & leaf circle leaf chain-stippled lion/ berry & leaf circle lion/ berry & leaf circle lion/ berry & leaf circle 
8-9" ruffled bowl 7-8"plate-12sided-scarce! 9"plate-12sided- 7-8" ruffled bowl 7-8" ruffled bowl 7-8" ruffled bowl 9"stippled plate- rare! 7" ruffled bowl 7" ruffled bowl 7" ruffled bowl
frosty white- excellent condition! .blue- near mint condition! white-somewhat light iridescence but even red!- superb condition! red!- superb condition! red!- superb condition! blue!- mint! rare! rich marigold- superb condition! rich marigold- superb condition! rich marigold- superb condition!
03-055-A 07-080-BO 07-122-EB 08-335-EB 08-335-EB 08-335-EB 06-224-DM 07-083-EB 08-084-EB 07-101-EB
$ 60.00 $ 95.00 $ 125.00 $ 385.00 $ 385.00 $ 385.00 $ 410.00 $ 105.00 $ 105.00 $ 105.00 Sold!
lion/ berry & leaf circle  little fishes / plain back little fishes/ plain little fishes/ plain little fishes/ plain little flowers/ wide panel little flowers/ plain little flowers/ plain little flowers/ plain  
7"custard plate! 9-10" footed ICS bowl 9-10"footed ICS bowl!SCARCE! 5-6"footed berry bowl 5-6"footed berry bowl 10 1/2"chop plate RARE!! 10" ruffled bowl 9-10" bowl-3in1 edge 9-10" bowl- 3in1 bowl  
green overspray-nice undamaged! one spot! nice marigold-typical color- mint! no damage! rich marigold- superb condition! no damage! blue-superb condition! blue- superb condition! no damage! marigold-excellent condition- no damage! blue- some minor rubs, no damage! amethyst- superb condition! amethyst- dull iridescence, no damage  
07-141-EB 10-066-EB 06-131-WW 11-092-SK 01-151-SD 08-410-BO 01-255-SD 06-041-SL 04-175-SD  
$ 150.00 $ 135.00 Sold! $ 165.00 $ 120.00 $ 120.00 $ 550.00 $ 130.00 $ 110.00 $ 65.00  
long thumbprint long thumbprint hobnail lotus & grape lotus & grape lotus & grape          
8"tall flared top vase 11" tall flame top vase 2 handled bonbon 9" plate-12sided flat 9" ruffled collar base bowl  
green-radium-superb! green- superb! blue- near mint! amethyst/purple- mint! marigold- this is a mint condition piece- no damage!          
07-040-FN 08-095-EB 05-055-SD 08-822-EB 11-097-EB          
$ 55.00 Sold! $ 105.00 $ 65.00 $ 950.001offer $ 120.00          
mikado/ cherries milady-RARE!!!!!!! norris n. smith- extremely rare!!!!! open edge basketweave-2 row open edge-3 row open edge3 row  open edge basketweave open edge basketweave open edge basketweave
giant stem compote 3- tumblers 6-7" ruffled bowl ruffled hat shape 2 sides up open edge 6-7" open edge bowl JIP hat shape two sides up hat shape    
rich marigold- mint! blue- all superb! mint! amethyst- except for the small typical Fenton inside center straw mark, this piece is mint! What a rare killer item to add to a killer collection! no damage! scarce amberina base glass color! nicely iridized! frosty white- excellent! frosty white- excellent! dark, dark green! gorgeous iridescence! no damage! brick red!!!! And we mean brick red and not cherry, not amberina, not reverse amberina! No damage, period! Superb example!  another photo of piece shown to immediate left. This photo shows the brick red very clearly! Stunning brick red! Better snag it! No damage    
07-116-EB 06-6-7-8-DM 11-855-RN 11-085-SK 07-151-EB 07-107-EB 11-060-SK 96-130-RE 96-130-RE  
$ 120.00 $ 350.00 $ 1250.00 $ 120.00 $ 165.00 $ 150.00 $ 75.00 $ 155.00 $155.00  
orange tree  orange tree/ bearded berry orange tree/ bearded berry orange tree/orange tree orange tree orange tree/ bearded berry orange tree/ bearded berry orange tree  orange tree / orange tree orange tree/bearded berry
9" plate- 12sided- flat blue cobalt 9" plate-12sided- flat 9" plate- 12sided- flat 10-12"footed fruit bowl 1- tumbler 8-9" bowl- 3in1 edge 8-9" ICS bowl standard size mug 11-12"footed fruit bowl 9-10" ruffled bowl with trunk variant center!
superb condition! rich marigold- superb condition! rich marigold- excellent! rich marigold- superb! blue- typical foot nicks, otherwise A-ok! blue- 1 tiny base nick. still superb condition! marigold- excellent condition! marigold- average condition. amethyst- superb condition! no damage!!! blue cobalt- excellent condition! super coloring!
06-326-DM 08-136-EB 06-096-DM 06-043-SL 06-002-DM 06-087-WW 01-057-SD 06-010-WZ 06-340-M 10-036-BO
$ 375.00 $ 135.00 $ 135.00 $ 80.00 $ 20.00 $ 115.00 $ 55.00 $ 15.00 $ 350.00 $ 75.00
orange tree/ trunk center orange tree orchard!!! orange tree orchard!!! orange tree orchard!!! paneled diamonds & bows panther panther panther berry set peacock & dahlia peacock & dahlia
9" plate- 12sided- flat 7 pc. water set- rare!! water pitcher- Scarce! water pitcher-Scarce!!! 81/4"tall flame top vase 5-6" footed berry bowl 5-6"footed berry bowl 7 pc. berry set 7" ICS type round bowl - no damage!  back side view
clambroth- near mint! undamaged!! cobalt blue One tumbler of set has a base nick on the bottom. The rest of the set is undamaged! blue cobalt- near mint! undamaged!! This is a beautiful pitcher. The photos don't do it justice! cobalt blue- with no damage! Beautiful!!! lavender?- superb condition! rich marigold- excellent condition! dark marigold- great undamaged condition! marigold- all mint condition! marigold- superb undamaged condition! berry & leaf circle back
08-090-BO 11-410-EB 08-388-EB 08-388-EB 07-057-EB 07-066-EB 02-253-SD 08-255-BO 09-058B-EB 09-058-EB
$ 145.00 $ 595.00 $ 465.00 $ 465.00 $ 65.00 $ 45.00 $ 45.00 $ 325.00 $ 70.00 $ 70.00
peacock & dahlia peacock & grape peacock & grape peacock & grape peacock & grape peacock & grape peacock & grape peacock & grape peacock & grape peacock tail
7" ruffled bowl 9" spatula foot plate 9" spatula foot plate 8-9" ruffled bowl 8-9" ruffled bowl 8-9" ruffled bowl 8-9" 3in1 edged bowl 8-9" ICS bowl 8-9" ICS bowl 7-8"low ruffled bowl
aqua- excellent shape! green-1 inside foot nick marigold-tiny foot nick green- great condition! amethyst- great cond.! amethyst- excellent! green- mint condition! cobalt blue- superb! has the rare "beardless berry" exterior pattern! has awesome iridescence! no damage cobalt blue- backside view showing the rare beardless berry exterior pattern on this piece! rich marigold- great!
06-031-SL 06-177-DM 08-101-EB 01-177-SD 01-065-SD 01-065A-SD 11-085-RN 11-062-EB 11-062-EB 03-040-A-SD
$ 80.00 $ 170.00 $ 110.00 $ 125.00 $ 80.00 $ 80.00 $115.00 $ 75.00 $ 75.00 $ 35.00
        sold !         sold !         sold !         sold !  
peacock tail peacock tail peacock tail ad peacock tail ad peacock tail ad pc. peacock & urn peacock & urn peacock & urn   peacock & urn
7-8" low ruffle bowl clear stem compote ruffled hat shape hat- Central Furniture hat shape 9"plate- 12sided-flat 8-9" ruffled bowl stem compote   8-9" ruffled bowl
rich marigold- great condition! marigold- excellent condition! green- superb condition! green- superb condition! green- superb! blue-outstanding piece! blue- near mint! blue- mint!   green- no damage!
03-040-SD 06-059-SD 08-043-EB 08-043-EB 05-038-SD 08- 366-SD 04-069-RE 04-088-RE   11-110-SK
$ 35.00 $ 40.00 $ 50.00 $ 50.00 $ 50.00- Sold! $ 390.00- Sold! $ 85.00- Sold! $ 115.00- Sold!   $ 155.00
                Just Listed !!!!!!!  
       sold !  
peacock & urn peacock & urn peacock & urn  peacock & urn peacock & urn pine cone  pine cone  plaid/plain plaid/plain back  
9"plate- 12sided- flat 8-9" ruffled bowl 8-9" ruffled bowl stem compote stem compote 6-7" plate- flat 7" ruffled bowl 8-9" ruffled bowl 9"ruffled 2 1/2"low bowl  
blue- unmatched mint quality & color!!! blue- superb condition! blue-excellent-light cntr. marigold-imbedded ash! marigold- great cond.! blue- great condition! amethyst-center straw! green- a knockout piece! scarce blue- mint!  
06-451-SL 06-083-SL 07-092-EB 03-058-A 07-044-EB 06-058-DM 07-030-FN 03-136-SD 98-210-RE  
$ 485.00 $ 110.00 $ 95.00 SOLD! $ 25.00 $ 45.00 $ 75.00 $ 40.00 $ 245.00 Sold! $ 375.00  
plaid plaid plume panels ragged robin ragged robin   ribbon tie ribbon tie rustic smooth rays
8-9"ruffled bowl-scarce 8-9"ruffled bowl-scarce 101/2" scallop top vase 8-9" bowl- 3in1 edge 8-9" bowl with 3in1 edge!   8-9" bowl- 3in1 edge 8-9" round bowl 16" tall CRE top vase 6-7"bowl- bracket edge
green- superb condition! marigold-1 tiny inside pattern nick. still super green- superb condition! amethyst- excellent condition! cobalt blue!- no damage- excellent color   amethyst- excellent condition! green- has 1 inside pattern scratch 1" long blue- superb condition! marigold-radium- great condition!
08-195-BO 06-024-DM 06-030-DM 07-167-EB 10-135-BO   06-042-SL 07-085-EB 08-080-BO 06-014-SD
$ 230.00 $ 115.00 $ 55.00 $ 190.00 $ 230.00   $ 65.00 $ 70.00 $ 145.00 $ 20.00
spearhead & rib stag & holly stag & holly starflower starflower stippled rays stream of hearts stream of hearts    
12"tall flame top vase 10-11"round low bowl 10-11" round low bowl water pitcher- RARE! water pitcher- RARE! tri-corner card tray frosted stem compote clear stem compote    
blue-superb condition! blue- near mint! marigold- near mint! blue- mint condition! blue- near mint! green- imbedded ash marigold-runny irid. marigold-superb!    
05-049-SD 06-151-SL 06-063-SL 08-1350-BO 08-558-EB 08-017-EB 05-088-B 06-032-SL    
$ 65.00 $ 195.00 $ 120.00 $ 1450.00 $ 1150.00 $ 20.00 $ 35.00 $ 55.00    
thistle thistle banana ten mums ten mums   two flowers  two flowers  vintage  vintage   water lily /plain back  
9-10" ruffled bowl banana oval boat 7-8" CRE bowl-scarce! 10" ruffled bowl 9-10"ruffled bowl 9-10" ruffled bowl 9" plate-12sided-RARE! 7-8"ruffled bowl 6" footed berry bowl  
blue-couple of rubs in, but undamaged blue-dark irid.-superb condition! green- near mint undamaged! blue-superb iridescence a 10+ undamaged piece rich marigold- superb condition! blue-super iridized-superb condition! blue- very near mint undamaged condition! amethyst/lav.-scuffs on back, but undamaged cherry red!!! mint!!! a perfect showstopper!  
01-162-SD 04-300-SD 07-109-EB 06-177-DM 06-045-WZ 01-110-SD 08-425-BO 07-047-EB 10-310-EB  
$ 95.00 $ 365.00 $ 145.00 $ 180.00 $ 75.00 $ 125.00 $ 685.00 $ 45.00 $ 390.00  
waterlily & cattails  wide panel 643 wild blackberry  wild blackberry wreath of roses           
square bonbon clear stem rose bowl 8-9" bowl- 3in1 edge 7-9" CRE bowl punch bowl base          
marigold- no damage!! dark marigold- excellent condition! green- excellent condition! marigold-superb shape blue- superb!          
02-064-SD 03-050-A 07-065-FN 09-090-EB 00-061B-SD          
$ 25.00 $ 25.00 $ 135.00 $ 110.00 $ 55.00 SOLD!