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Endearing Pattern Items That Have Remained Popular For 100 Years,But Are Still
Underpriced Today !
Purchase UNDAMAGED Only!
As a novice collector, undamaged is the only type old
vintage carnival glass you should be purchasing
! Period!

Also, please don't get in the habit of buying other collector's "buying mistakes" either!
Already Sold! Headed for the state
of Pennsylvania!  Ships on 1/3/19
SCARCE! Northwood Daisy & Plume stemmed rose
bowl in green!
No damage! The auctioneer sold
this scarce beauty as a goblet! It is not a goblet,
but a stemmed rose bowl! It is very nice and is
priced affordable. "Killer" grade example!
Item # 14-032-JW     $ 45.00 plus $15 ship
Fenton "Smooth Rays" tricorner candy dish in
No damage! Nice affordable & colorful
piece that could be used as a stand alone display
piece. Real nice clean piece with loads of color!  
Item # 14-015-JW     $ 25.00 plus $ 15.00 ship
Imperial "Heavy Grape" 8" flat plate in pumpkin
marigold! No damage! Period! The key to these is
the iridescence application. Finding a really good
one in rich pumpkin marigold is a chore. We're
offering you an easy top quality choice here at a
good price! Item # 06-023-DM   Price: $ 45.00
Second photo of the Imperial Heavy Grape 8" flat
plate in rich pumpkin marigold. As you see, it is a
beauty indeed! No damage in or out. The
iridescence does have some very minor wear
rubs. Collector grade for sure. Great price!
Fenton "Pine Cone" 7-8" ruffled bowl in deep
amethyst! No damage seen but does have that
typical Fenton inside center straw mark. You can't
hardly avoid this straw mark in this pattern. Just
typical on these. Wonderfully iridized example, and
has plain back. Item # 06-079-DM    $ 45.00
Scarce! Fenton Two Flowers 6" ball footed ruffled
sauce bowl in rich marigold. No damage! No
issues! Just a cute little beauty! "Killer"
investment grade example that is actually quite
hard to find in the marketplace. Really nice piece.
Item # 16-016-TB         $ 25.00 plus $10 ship
Fenton "Coin Dot Variant" 9" six ruffle bowl in
green. No damage but does have some iridescent
wear and some pinpoint iridescent pocks. Nice
affordable, yet colorful, ruffled bowl. Collector
grade. Item # 14-016-JW   $ 25.00 plus $15 ship
Northwood Wild Rose 7-8" open edge bowl in
green. Has a flake sliver off the back side base
ring. It has a odd color green and is actually a
wonderful shelf display piece. Nice inside color!
Item # 14-017-JW     $ 20.00 plus $ 15.00 ship
Northwood "Singing Birds" standard size mug in
deep amethyst/purple. Has a tiny bit of mold
roughness up on the top band as can be seen in
the above two photos. No other issues. This
roughness comes from the making of the piece. A
beauty! Item # 06-026-DM      $ 45.00
Second photo of the Northwood purple Singing
Birds standard size mug. It has more color than
the above photos depict, plus the finish is shiny
enough to look like a radium finish. You be the
judge. All we know, is that this is a super
Westmoreland "Cornith" 7-8" bowl made from the
vase mold in teal! It has several thin iridescent
wear lines that run from the center area up to the
rim. Still a beautiful shelf piece that is really quite
hard to find anywhere! Really beautiful colorful
iridescence! Item #14-018-AL $27.00 plus $10 ship
Fenton Grape & Cable 7" ball footed bowl in
scarce purple!
No damage! Nice affordable yet
quite colorful footed bowl. The back side is plain,
but has beautiful radium finish gold iridescence!
Item # 14-025-JW   $ 40.00 plus $15.00 ship
Already sold to that collector Scott
down in that big state of Texas!
Already sold!
Headed for Geaorgia!
Northwood "Singing Birds" regular mug in purple.
No Damage! Nice colorful shiny super sheen
iridescence with some electric highlights. Solid
affordable collector grade example. Buy with total
confidence. A real nice example at a real nice
price! Item # 14-026-SK   $ 36 plus $10 ship
Dugan "Beaded Shell" regular size mug in purple.
No damage! Nice colorful vintage example. Some
electric purple highlights and is not all silvery like
many of these. Great collector grade example at a
very affordable price. Looks good as a stand
alone piece. Item # 14-022-SK   $ 28 plus $10 ship
U. S. Glass "Palm Beach" 4" tumbler in marigold.
No Damage! These are actually quite hard to find
in the marketplace. The marigold is nice and
evenly applied top to bottom. A nice collector
grade piece. Item # 14-017-SK  $ 24 plus $10 ship
U. S. Glass "Palm Beach" 4" tumbler in honey
No damage! Hard to find any honey amber
Palm Beach pieces. This one is a solid collector
grade example at a very affordable purchase
price. Item # 14-019-SK   $ 26 plus $10 ship
Northwood "Peacock at the Fountain" 6" berry
sauce in purple! No damage!Nicely iridized piece
on the plain inside and on the patterned outside.
Nice collector grade example with above average
iridescent coloring. Very affordable piece! Nice!
Item # 14-020-JW       $ 29.00 plus $12.00 ship
Northwood "Grape & Cable Thumbprint" 6" berry
sauce in purple! No damage! Plain inside has
beautiful iridescent coloring as does the patterned
exterior. The bottom exterior has gold iridescence
on the complete ring of thumbprints! Just a nice
colorful & very affordable Northwood berry sauce!
Item 14-014-JW     $ 23.00 plus $ 12.00 ship
Fenton "Grape & Cable" 7" bracket edge bowl in
powder blue!
No damage, but it does have a
typical Fenton straw mark and a very light mold
line. It is a plain back but is iridized on the
exterior. Pretty scarce to find in this powder blue
base glass color. Don't miss this very affordable
offering. Item # 12-050-JW    $ 65.00  Super scarce!
Fenton "Acorn" 7" bracket edge bowl in powder
No damage! Marigold overlay is rich in color
both inside & out. The backside is plain. This is a
collector grade example and rather scarce to find.
This is a nice affordable, yet it is a very scarce
piece of vintage Fenton carnival glass to find in
undamaged condition. Item # 12-060-JW   $ 75.00
We always try to list some very nice affordable items in this discreet corner of our website, to provide the avid browsers of our site some
real economical buys & Holiday gift ideas for loved ones! Well, Carnivalites, here we present you with a bunch of nice affordable vintage
items we obtained at various auctions over the years gone by. These were carnival glass estate auctions and they contained some
scarce affordable carnival glass items.
Most items are undamaged, and have nice even color. So, review the photos and item
descriptions and decide if you want any of them. We priced them to sell at affordable prices! Congratulations on finding our discreet little
"affordable shop" and have a good shopping experience. Buy with confidence! Buy through Colleywood Carnival Glass Company!!
Fenton "Acorn" 7" ICS bracket edge bowl in blue.
No damage! Excellent lavishly & evenly applied  
iridescence with loads of colors. Yes, you could
call this one a color bath! The backside is plain
but is nicely iridized. This one is a real nice
example, even though it is not a scarce color or
pattern. Item # 12-037-JW     $ 49.00   Affordable!
Fenton "Grape & Cable" 7-8" eight ruffle bowl in
amethyst. Has some spotty iridescence down in
the inside center of this bowl, as shown in the
close up  photo above. No other issues or
damage. Really, still a very nice affordable piece.
Item # 14-019-AL   $ 28.00 plus $10 ship.
Fenton Dragon & Lotus 8-9" ICS bowl in cobalt
No Damage! No issues! Really nice
iridescent coloring throughout the piece with good
good crisp mold strike making pattern stand out.
Item 14-047-AL       $ 68.00 plus $15 ship
Fenton "Orange Tree" big 10" ball footed fruit bowl
in nice evenly applied
pastel marigold. Has the
rare Daisy Ring on the inside center. The only
issuethis beauty has,  is a
very tiny pinpoint
fleabite on one tooth. We tried to show it. Very
nice affordable piece with some nice color to it!
Item # 14-040-JW      $ 65.00 plus $ 20.00 ship
Already sold! Headed to a smart
collector in the state of California!
Fenton "Vintage" 8-9" 3in1 edged bowl in nice
No damage! Look at the iridescent color on
both the front & back! Just because this is a more
commonly found pattern, it is still a superb "killer"
investment grade example! It simply a gorgeous
piece! Item # 14-042-SK    $ 55.00 plus $ 15 ship
Dugan "Raindrops" 8-9" pedestal based 3in1
edged bowl in wonderful peach opalescent with
the nice Jeweled Heart exterior pattern. No
damage! It has mold release roughness at the
mold seam on the bottom base. Not damage. Nice!
Item# 14-039-SK    $ 70.00 plus $15 ship.
Good buy
Fenton Captive Rose 8-9" 3in1 bowl in scarce
amethyst with plain back. It has two sharp teeth
that come from the original making, along
with 1
tiny sliver associated with one of these sharp
. We say all 3 of these issues are from the
original making of the piece,
even the tiny sliver.
A solid collector grade piece! The sharp teeth are
shown in the close up photo. The sliver is about
1/16"-1/8" long & can't be seen without magnifier.
Item# 14-046-EB   $ 68.00 plus $15 ship.
Cheap &
has superb iridescent coloring!
Fenton "Coin Spot" 9" 3 in 1 edged bowl in green.
Has a 1/8" chip on the inside pattern area as
shown in the above close up photo of the 3 in 1
edging.! Real nice colorful piece that is not easily
found in the 3 in 1 edge. Very affordable nice
piece, but as we said, it is damaged! Still nice!
Item # 14-014-JW      $ 18.00 plus $ 15.00 ship
How Can You Tell A Northwood Peacock At The Fountain Pitcher Or Tumbler From A
Dugan Made Peacock At The Fountain Pitcher Or Tumbler?

We have received so many emails over the past five years asking whether we could show all our Carnivalite friends out there an easy way to tell the
difference between Northwood made Peacock at the Fountain water pitchers & tumblers from the Dugan made ones. So, we thought we'd write up this
small article to explain a very easy way to identify a Northwood made pitcher or tumbler from Dugan's  pitcher or tumbler. We can do this easiest simply
utilizing the pictures below! Picture #1 shows both a Northwood water pitcher(on the left) & a Dugan water pitcher (on the right). Picture # 2 shows a
Northwood tumbler & a Dugan tumbler.

In picture #1 above, notice that the both water pitchers have the handles on the right side. Now, if you look at the bottom of the bush on the Northwood
shown on the left, you will see a large attached oval leaf protruding out to the left side of the very bottom of the bush. The Dugan made water
do not have this large bottom oval leaf, as shown on the Dugan water pitcher on the right side of the picture above. We feel this is the easiest
difference to spot quickly. There are other differences as well, but the bottom oval leaf comparison is so simple.

In Picture # 2 just above, we show a Northwood Peacock at the Fountain tumbler to the left and a Dugan made one to the right. If you count the
number of tear drop shaped beads on the front half of the fountain base on the Northwood tumbler on the left, you will see a total of 8 tear drops. Now,
if you count the number of tear drop beads on the Dugan tumbler on the right, you will see only 6 tear drop beads! This is the simplest way to tell the
different makers of these Peacock at the Fountain tumblers.
Dugan Cherries 8" footed ruffled bowl in amethyst
with Dugan's hanging cherries exterior pattern.
This pieces has a couple of very small fleabites
on the feet along with some mold roughness on
the feet. It's a real nice affordable piece for the
money & we still consider it a average collector
grade piece. Don't miss out on a real good buy.
Item 15-038-EB   $ 48.00 plus $15.00 ship
Fenton Kittens 2 sides up saucer with 4 sets of
little kitties in nice marigold. No damage! No
issues! Real nice evenly applied colorful marigold
iridescence. Good mold strike with crisp pattern
elements. Just a cute little child's 2 sides up plate
Item # 14-039-AL       $ 49.00 plus $10 ship
Fenton Kittens child's size cereal bowl in marigold.
Has 4 sets of little kitties.
No damage! No issues!
Nice iridescent coloring. Real nice evenly applied
marigold iridescence. A cute little cereal bowl!!!
Item # 14-034-AL   $ 45.00 plus $10 ship
Fenton Kittens hanky or toothpick holder in
No damage! No issues! Nice iridescent
coloring. Hard to find piece in the marketplace!
Item # 14-029-AL   $ 42.00 plus $10 ship
Presenting.... A Colleywood Exclusive.... "The Affordables"
Advice For Novice Collectors From Colleywood Carnival Glass.
Telling Northwood Made From Dugan Made Peacock at the Fountain Water Tumblers.
Scarce! Fenton Orange Tree shaving mug in lime
green base glass. This is a hard to find base glass
No damage! No issues! Good marigold
overlay iridescent coloring. Solid scarce collector
grade. Item # 11-034-JW    $ 65.00 plus $10 ship
Scarce! Fenton Orange Tree mug in powder blue
base glass color. No damage! No issues! Real
nice overall appearance. Good iridescent coloring
on this very scarce to find powder blue example!
Item # 11-035-JW    $ 49.00 plus $10 ship
Scarce! Fenton Orange Tree mug in sapphire blue
base glass.
No damage! No issues! Nice dark
sapphire blue base glass with dark iridescence.
It's not a colorbath of iridescent color, but it is the
rare sapphire blue you can never locate. Hard to
find! Item #11-046-JW     $ 75.00 plus $10 ship
Scarce! Fenton Orange Tree mug, black amethyst
base glass color.
No damage! No issues! Another
nicely colored black amethyst piece with good
iridescent color. You just can't find these out in
the marketplace. Don't lose your opportunity here.
Item # 11-036-JW      $ 49.00 plus $10 ship
Fenton Orange Tree mug in cobalt blue base
No damage! No issues! Nice iridescent
coloring with great eye appeal. Ever so popular,
this one is really nice, so don't miss it by
hesitating. Item # 11-021-JW  $ 34.00 plus $10 ship
Scarce! Fenton Orange Tree mug in amber base
No damage! No issues! Another hard to find
base glass color. Real nice overall appearance
and remember, it's a amber base Carnivalites!!!
Item #11--33-JW      $ 48 plus $10 ship
Not carnival glass but nice! Fenton Orange Tree
mug in rare Persian Blue!
No damage! No issues!
We purchased this mug along with the rest shown
on this page from Jim Wroda, so we're selling it
here on our affordable page with the rest of them.
Item # 14-031-JW     $ 55.00 plus $10 ship
Fenton Orange Tree Mug in cobalt blue. One
dimensional mundane satin iridescence without
much pop. No damage! No issues! Listing coming
Scarce! Fenton Orange Tree mug in scarce green!
No damage! No issues! Very hard to find green
base glass color. Listing coming soon.
Scarce! Fenton Orange Tree shaving mug in
scarce black amethyst base glass.
No damage!
No issues! Real nice iridescent coloring in & out!
Item # 09-047-AL   $ 65.00 plus $10 ship
Already sold! Headed for
Scarce! Fenton Two row Open Edge Basketweave
5-6" ruffled hat shape in scarce black amethyst!
No damage! No issues! Nice iridescent coloring
throughout. These are kind of very difficult to find!!
Item # 11-043-AL       $ 54.00 plus $10 ship
Fenton Little Flowers 10" ruffled master bowl in
rich marigold.
No damage! No issues! Nice evenly
applied marigold iridescent which is rather
colorful for being marigold. Pretty Little Flowers!!
Item # 11-057-AL    $ 64.00 plus $15 ship
Very scarce! Fenton Little Flowers 6" ICS sauce
bowl in rich marigold! No damage! No issues!
Actually quite a difficult piece to find in the
marketplace. Nice colorful marigold iridescence.
Item # 11-027-AL       $ 37.00 plus $10 ship
Scarce! Fenton Paneled Diamonds & Bows 8"
vase in green! Nice, but has dark iridescence on
a dark green base glass.
No damage! No issues!!
Item # 10-037-AL     $  45.00 plus $15 ship
Now, The Regular Sized  Northwood Peacock at the Fountain Pitcher Versus The Smaller One!!
The pitcher on the top left in the photo above, is the
smaller Northwood Peacock at the Fountain pitcher! It
3/8" less tall than the regular sized Peacock at the
Fountain pitcher! No, it is not the Dugan made version
but a smaller Northwood made pitcher! Now you know!
Regular sized versus smaller size! The two sizes of Northwood's Peacock at the
Fountain pitchers! the larger size is normally 7 1/2 " from bottom to the top of the edge
teeth, with the spout portion of the pitcher  being taller of course. The spout height will
vary some, so the total overall tallness will vary. On the smaller size pitcher, it is usually
7 1/8 " from the bottom base to the top of the edge teeth, with the spout making the
ovrall height taller. Again, the spout height varies, making the overall height of the
pitcher vary some.