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Stag Brewery Centennial oval tray in super near mint
condition! No dents, rust or scratched enamel.
Item # 10-027-AA     $ 55.00 plus $15 ship
Older Iroquois round beer tray in super condition.
No dents! Clean as a whistle and priced right!!!
Item # 10-023-AA    $ 55.00 plus $15 ship
Olympia round beer tray, with beer maiden motif!
Almost mint! No deants, rust or scratches to
enamel! Collector grade example all the way!!!!
Item # 10-025-AA    $ 50.00 plus $15 ship
Blatz older round beer tray. Hard to find! This one
has a bit of backside rust in spots, but certainly
not a junk piece! Wonderful frontal! Good price!
Item# 10-020-AA      $ 40.00 plus $15 ship
Olympia 70s' round beer tray in virtually mint
condition. No dents, rust or scratches! It's a
beauty as is the beer maiden pictured inside!!!
Item # 10-029-AA    $ 50.00 plus $15 ship
RARE! pre 1938 Daeufer's Brewery of
Allentown,Pa. original round  beer tray!! They
were a downtown Allentown brewery for over
90 years! Closed in 1938! Item # 10-374-AA    
$ 475.00 plus $15 ship     RARE!!!!!
Coca Cola "The 1982 World's Fair" tray. Don't
know the vintage on this one. Has a dent up
by the front print, but no rust or scratches on
it.    Item # 10-008-AA   $ 15.00 plus $15 ship
Griesedieck original heavy glass draught
No damage! St. Louis old brewery competitor
to Bud! Sold St. Louis hdqtrs. to Falstaff in
1957! Item # 10-019-AA    $ 35.00 + $15 ship
Griesedieck Brothers Brewery black print draught
goblet! A hard to find G/B coat of arms print! Better
snag this one! Item #
Griesedieck Brothers Brewery unopened bottle of
beer! Went out of business in St. Louis in 1957!
What a conversation piece! Coat of Arms print!
Item # 10-015-AA    $ 35.00 plus $15 ship
Pink Depression Glass footed bowl. Cherry
Blossom 9-10" bowl with 1 ash imbed but no
damage. Item # 10-018-AA   $ 37.00 plus $15 ship
Northwood turn of the century 1900s' enameled
ice green water pitcher. Has internal heat
check, and enclosed bubble, but very scarce
piece. Item # 10-102-AA   $ 125.00 plus $25 ship
Already sold to a very smart collector
in the state of New York!
Blenko Signed 13-14" Heavy red ruby glass vase with
a clear crystal dome base. Simply stunning piece with
superb ruby red base glass! This is not a flashed on
red! Item # 09-078-AA   $ 90.00 plus $30 ship
True original Fenton "vasa murhinna" beautiful
pink cream colored cased vase with no damage!
What a gorgeous piece! Detailed swirl, to the hilt!
Item # 09-063-AA   $ 105.00 plus $25 ship
Contemporary Imperial Red Slag Open Rose 8-9"
low ruffled bowl! Has the I-G logo and just
beautiful. No damage in or out and the red slag is
superb! Item # 09-027-AA    $ 35.00
old signed Kensington # 2063 KBP (rope logo)
enameled pitcher! Kensington England piece. No
damage Beautifully designed pattern that has bold
look! Item # 10-111-AA   $ 135.00 plus $30 ship
Already sold! Headed for the big state
of Texas!
Van Briggle signed bowl with that specia llight glaze
color unique to Van Briggle pieces. Soft finish makes
the piece look stately & expensive. Rare and nice!!
Item # 10-097-AA    $ 165.00 plus $25 ship
Northwood green opalescent spatula  footed 8-9"
3 in 1 edged bowl with unidentified pattern (maybe
Meander). Really well done piece. No damage!!
Item # 10-020-AA    $ 35.00 plus $20 ship
Warwick old pottery milk pitcher with roses motif.
No damage observed. Just a nicely done Warwick
pitcher! Item # 09-029-AA   Price: USD $ 65.00
Fenton ruby red small 6" tall handled basket with
hand painted enameled flora. Nice small shelf
space piece that is undamaged. Ruby base glass.
Item # 09-021-AA  $ 35.00 plus $20 ship
Royal Bayreuth signed rare hand painted handled
creamer. No damage observed! The horse - farm
scene has great detail and is very well done!!!! Item #
10-041-AA    $ 55.00 plus $20 ship
Coors Pottery pot & urn pair! Rim of taller piece
has some glaze crazing, but not that bad. Other
piece is undamaged. Two beauties for one good
price! Item # 09-134-AA     $ 155.00 plus $35 ship
Old crystal Daisy motif matched perfumes with
matching stoppers! Scarce to find matched set! No
damage on bottles, but tiny fleas on each stopper
insert ends. Item # 09-044-AA   $ 85.00 + $25 ship
Fenton Jack in the Pulpit teal base glass vase.
Has fleabite on base ring that can be seen in
photo. Item # 09-013-AA     $ 25.00 plus $15 ship
Fenton contemporary red carnival chop plate issued
for Frank Fenton's 85th birthday! No Damage with
original Fenton sticker. Nice!  Item # 10-056-AA           
$ 85.00 plus $20 ship
Fenton 1970s' contemporary carnival glass
basket in the Persian Medallion pattern inside.
This is the rare peach opalescent one that is hard
to get! Item # 09-039-AA      $ 75.00 plus $20 ship
Fenton 1970s' Burmese satin glass cupped rose
bowl with hand painted scene. It is artist signed &
dated on the bottom. No damage observed in or
out! Nice! Item # 09-022-AA   $ 45.00plus $15 ship
Looks like oval & thumbprint pattern, but not sure
of pattern or maker. Nice ruby red base glass
handled basket that is undamaged. More of a
cherry red! Item # 09-018-AA    $ 35.00 + $25 ship
Headed for California!
Imperial Grape super multi electric purple water
decanter (all made without a stopper). This true
vintage one you need sunglasses for to look it over!
No damage! Item # 09-133-EB   Price: $170
Fenton Compote Ladies Spittoon whimsey shape
in good even marigold. These little gems are very
hard to find without any damage. No damage!!!!
Item # 93-064-RE   $ 75.00 plus $20 ship
Inverted Thistle green 8-9" round bowl with gold
trim. Marked near cut inside bottom. Cambridge or
could be Northwood! You can get a bargain on it!
Item # 09-047A-AA    Price: USD $ 65.00
Ridgeway's classic Coaching Days pottery mug
which is part of a famous dinner set pattern of the
same name! These mugs are scarce to find totally
undamaged and superb in the marketplace today!
Item # 09-031B-AA       $ 40.00 plus $15 ship
Already sold to a smart collector in the
state of New York!
Fenton "Ten Mums" 8-9" CRE Bowl in cobalt blue base
glass. This vintage Carnival glass piece is not
damaged and does have electric blue highlights! Item
# 09-165-EB      $ 285.00 plus $20 ship
Northwood "Rainbow" pattern in with a plain
backside. Amethyst base glass vintage carnival
glass ruffled stemmed compote. No observed
damage. Item # 02-012-SD   $ 20.00 + $15 ship
Fenton "Wreath of Roses" stem compote in deep
amethyst/purple. No damage! Just a nice collector
grade example with good color.
Contemporary carnival glass Imperial grape milk
type pitcher in smoke base glass. Has the I-G logo
on the bottom. Superbly irridized throughout
pitcher! Item # 09-031C-AA       Price: USD $ 39.00
Headed for California!
Northwood vintage carnival glass Daisy & Drape footed
6" vase in aqua opalescent  base glass & buttercotch
highlighting. No damage! Very scarce! Item #
08-323-EB     Price: USD $ 355.00
Plate souvenir 1968 calendar from the very first
carnival glass ICGA convention. Good no damage
piece for your collection. These are real nice!!!
Item # 09-010C-AA       $ 10.00 plus $15 ship
Fenton vintage carnival glass Chrysanthemum big
10-11" ball footed fruit bowl in cobalt blue! No
damage! Super piece with lavish very colorful
irridescence. Item #11-145-EB  $175.00 + $25 ship
Northwood vintage carnival glass Strawberry 8-9"
ruffled bowl in green base glass. No damage!
Really a beautiful satin colored piece inside this
bowl!!! Item # 09-087-EB    $110.00 plus $15 ship
SOLD! Sold in 2013 to a smart
collector in the big stste of Texas!
SOLD! Went to "Swamp Fox" in
Already sold to "Stephanie Gal"
out in Kansas!
Fenton vintage carnival glass for all you Leos! This is
a 7" round bowl in Fenton's classic Lion pattern!
Scarce to find! No damage!!! Marigold!! Item #
09-057-EB     $ 80.00 plus $15 ship
Fenton vintage carnival glass Orange Tree in a 9"
twelve sided plate in cobalt blue. Has the Bearded
Berry backside pattern. Sensational no damage
piece! Item # 06-326-DM   Price: USD $ 375.00
Northwood vintage carnival glass Peacock on the
Fence in marigold. 9" sawtooth flat plate with the
desired ribbed back. No damage front or back!!
Item # 06-226-DM    Price: USD $ 265.00
Fenton vintage carnival glass Peacock & Grape
8-9" eight ruffled bowl in green base glass.
Sensational irridescence and great coloring! Nice!
Item # 01-177-SD    Price: USD $ 125.00
Fenton Pink & White solid cream glass mint condition
7-8" handled basket with original stickers and Fenton
box!!! Never used! Perfect in every way! Item #
08-071-AA    $ 108.00 plus $30 ship
Fenton cased glass (white inside) clear handled
satin red basket! Sensational mint unused
condition with Fenton box! Where would you find
another with the Fenton box! Item # 08- 044-AA  
$70.00 plus $30 ship
Fenton matched pair of cranberry swirl cased
glass handled baskets! Fenton stickers, mint
unused condition! Sensational pair! We want to
sell together. Item # 08-139-AA  175.00 + $30 ship
Fenton hand painted satin glass pair of covered
candy dishes! Both are hand signed by the artist!
Both are in mint unused condition! What an offer!
Item # 08-056-AA    $ 76.00  (for both) + $30 ship
Already sold to "005 Secret Agent Man"
out in California!
Fenton covered sugar in it's topaz base glass color.
Unused mint condition piece! Has a nice wonderful
greenish - yellow glow to the glass!!! Item #
11-016-AA    Price: USD $ 22.00
Fenton newer lily of the valley pattern on a 6-7"
tall stemmed vase in topaz opalescent glass!
These are hard to come by in mint condition as
this one is! Item # 11-019-AA  $ 24.00 + $20 ship
Fenton water pitcher in scarce country cranberry!
This is another mint unused piece with Fenton
box! Just look at it's beauty in the photo above!
Item # 10-019-AA      $ 68.00 plus $25 ship
Fenton 12" giant scarce Cherry Chain handled
basket! Yes, it's mint and unused! Just an
incredibly scarce piece in the desirable cherry red
carnival! Item # 10-056-AA  $ 135.00 +$30 ship
Fenton satin glass hand painted covered candy jar
with hand painted decor. Artist signed and in mint
unused condition! Has inset pressed circles! Item #
10-031-AA      $ 42.00 plus $20 ship
Brilliant wheel cut heavy leaded crystal glass
11-12" low round  bowl. It weigh over 2 lbs.!
Undamaged! Very intricate pattern, but don't know
the maker. Item # 10-165-AA  $ 210.00 + $25 ship
RARE! J. Ridgeway "Pomerania" pattern signed
plate from between 1820s' and 1850s'! English
maker who is famous! This is a rare masterpiece
& we see no damage! Item # 10-118-AA  $ 168.00
Backside photo of rare plate shown to the
immediate left. This shows the J. Ridgeway
documented hand applied logo! Rare English
pattern! Item # 10-118-AA   $168.00 plus $25 ship
Already Sold! Went to Florida!
Fenton Hobnail big 12" reed translucent white handled
basket in cranberry glass! Mint unused condition with
Fenton box! All stickers intact! WOW! Item #  
10-087-AA    $ 145.00 plus $30 ship
It's not marked, but we think it may be Hull. Bird of
Paridise unique donut hole flat footed undamaged
vase in gorgeous bright yellow & gold overtone
green! WOW! Item # 10-094-AA   Price: $ 140.00
Pilgrim Glass Co. original heart shaped ruby red
11-12" tall vase! Incredible mint condition unused
piece! This is simply a showstopper piece! Mint!
Item # 10-033-AA     $ 46.00 plus $25 ship
3 in 1 edging on a ruffled clear stemmed
undamaged cherry red compote! Don't see 3in 1
edge treatment on ruffled compotes that often. This
is a scarce item! Item # 10-017-AA  $ 24.00 + 20
Westmoreland RARE! chocolate satin glass! This is a
undamaged open heart lace heart shaped candy
dish! This is a wife's most cherished gift to receive! I
know! Item # 10-066-AA    $ 115.00 plus $15 ship
Westmoreland Rare chocolate satin glass! This is
a partner covered candy dish to the piece shown
to the immediate left. Undamaged mint condition!
Item # 10-038-AA     $ 49.00 plus $15 ship
Westmoreland hand enameled blue satin glass
handled small 4-5" tall basket. It is in what
appears to be Celeste blue base glass, but not
sure of color! Item # 11-014-AA  $19.00 + $15 ship
Northwood RARE! signed! Strawberry & Cable
water pitcher! Not grape & cable, not cherry &
cable but the rare strawberry & cable! Undamaged
pitcher! Item # 10-142-AA  $ 195.00 plus $25 ship
Hull Pottery's Wildflower hand enamel painted pattern
on a shiny two handled 11'12" tall vase! No damage
Just a gorgeous classic Super Hull piece! Item #
08-116-AA   $ 165.00 plus $25 ship
Hull Pottery's Wildflower pattern on a 6-7" tall
pitcher. No damage! These are very popular and
this one is the shiny hand enameled example with
a superb look! Item # 08-064-AA  $ 95.00 + $25
Hull Pottery's Wildflower pattern on two beautiful
matching cornucopia planters! Sensational pieces
with no damage to either piece. Hand enameled!
Item # 08-183-AA    $ 215.00  plus $30 ship
Brilliant cut leaded glass 12-13" tall pitcher!
Incredible hand wheel cut heavy crystal glass!
Very ornate! Does have a couple of hard to find
nicks to the top rim only issues to this beauty!!
Item # 09-116-AA  Price: $175.00 plus $25 ship
Already sold! Headed for Washington!
Bohemian style ruby cut to clear glass vase with hand
painted Moser style enamel decor. Really a
sensational well done piece of antique glass!!! Item #
11-023-AA    $ 55.00 plus $25 ship
Morton Salt advertising coffee mugs set with hard
to find original metal umbrella stand cup holder!
What a classic from the past! From the 50-60s'.
Item # 11-021-AA   $ 55.00 plus $25 ship
Mortion Salt advertising coffee mugs set with
hard to find original metal umbrella stand cup
holder! What a classic from the past! No damage!
Item # 11-021-AA   $ 55.00 plus $25 ship
Fenton "Blackberry Open Edge" ruffled hat shape
in lime green with a marigold iridescent overlay!
Very scarce to find! Has the Basketweave
exterior. N damage! Has a couple of inside
scratches. Don't miss it! Item # 11-053-SK   Price:
$ 79.00
Imperial "Imperial Grape" water carafe in electric
purple! No damage! Sensational iridescence
throughout the piece. All electric highlights galore!
This is a killer piece just waiting for your killer
collection! You won't be sorry you snagged this gem!
Item # 11-115-EB  $ 195.00 plus $25 ship
Second photo of the Imperial Grape water carafe
shown to the left. What a showstopping example
of Imperial electric purple "shiner" carnival glass!
No damage! Collector grade "killer" piece!
Third photo of the Imperial Grape water carafe
shown in the far left photo. Incredible all electric
purple piece! A true "purple shiner" piece of old
vintage Imperial Glass.
The fourth photo of the Imperial Grape all electric
purple water carafe shown in the first three
photos to the left. A showstopper for sure!
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Rare! Pilgrim Glass vintage floral rose bowl hand
painted by famous Pilgrim Glass long time
commissioned painter Mary Reynolds!
! No issues! "Killer" investment grade!
Item # 16-085-RE   $120.00 plus $15 ship
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Who says Higbee was the only one who
made"Panelled Thistle" iridized goblet / tumblers.
Think  fellow Carnivalites! Here's one in cobalt
blue! We believe it was made on a very very  
limited contemporary basis by St.Clair! This was
made probably in the 1970s' or 80s'.  Where should
we price it? Let's go with $ 30.00 + $ 10.00 ship.
We don't know exactly how many were made, but
we do know it was less than 1000 pieces. Item #
10-024-EB  $ 30.00 + $15 ship
Here's the Higbee rare "Panelled Thistle" goblet /
tumbler that is shown in all the reference books as
the only color known iridized in this rare Higbee
pattern. Looks just like our extremely rare cobalt
blue one doesn't it?!?! That's because it is the
same pattern!  We promised you rare items, so
here you go Carnivalites! Above is a rare vintage,
while at left is a contemporary rarity!
Buyers outside the Continental U.S.A. please do not hit the white BUY NOW buttons. They have shipping charges relating to shipment with the 48 states of
America. Please email us of your purchase intentions before pressing any BUY NOW buttons. We will adjust the appropriate BUY NOW button ship amount
and then you can proceed with the buy now purchase after we email confirm the shipping adjustment . Email us: mo.woody@hotmail.com
These are the rare olive green
old Imperial Grape wines! They
are extreme hard finds at
Don't think they are rare? Try
finding three more!  We want  $
80.00 for these 3 nicely done
undamaged old ones.
Item # 11-060-BO  $ 80.00
Westmoreland all gold finish
creamer. No damage. If you've
never seen one of these, they
are beautiful. Buy this one for
$17.00 + $7 ship. We don't have
the sugar or breakfast tray.
Item# 12-015-TB   $17.00
Rare! Pilgrim Glass vintage peacock rose bowl
hand painted by famous Pilgrim Glass long time
commissioned painter Mary Reynolds.
! Item # 16-086-RE  $120.00 plus $15 ship
A rare Chinese Red Mandarin vintage 1930s' 3
piece perfectly matching centerpiece console set!
Any spots you see on the bowl are camera glare.
Beautiful rare set! No damage! Gorgeous!
We call this Cambridge Inverted Strawberry 8-9" bowl in
purple our "
silver bullet" because it is iridized all in
mirror finish silver on the outside, meanwhile, the inside
has very colorful iridescence with the Cambridge vintage
"NEAR CUT" trademark! If you like mirror silver, this is
your piece.
Rare! Chinese Red Mandarin 3 piece centerpiece console set, probably Northwood, but
not signed. Super sheen finish, which is almost radium finish. No damage or issues!
Just gorgeous! "Killer" investment grade example which is very beautiful in
appearance! A superb three piece set. Item # 16-155-RE    $ 210.00 plus $35 ship
Rare! Cambridge Inverted Strawberry 8-9" scallop edged bowl in purple. Glass is 3/8"
thick! The outside of the bowl is all radium mirror finish silver, while the inside of the
bowl has very colorful super sheen iridescence. There are a few pinpoint pocks to the
outside mirror silver iridescence, but nothing significant. It's all from the original
making, not physical damage. The inside has the "NEAR CUT" block printing, while the
normal floral pattern is on the bottom of the piece. Definitely a vintage piece of
Cambridge! Item # 16-062-RE     $85.00 plus $15 ship
Look at these special very rare items below.... only here at
Colleywood's "Anything at Anytime"!
Presenting 3 Rare "Killer" Investment Grade Consolidated Glass Company
Vases From The Early 1900s'! Absolutely beautiful mint condition examples!
Rare! Early 1900s' Consolidated Glass Company "Dancing
Ladies" 12-13" tall vase in mint condition ! What a
stunning "killer" grade example!
Rare! Old early 1900s' Dancing Ladies 12-13" tall giant vase made by Consolidated Glass Company of Phoenixville, PA. Weighs almost 6 lbs. and has beautiful raised white nude
dancing ladies on a stunning purplish red vase body. The colors are simply stunning, with the vase being completely mint condition! Very difficult to find such a beauty in today's
marketplace. Magnificent "killer" investment grade example which looks awesome when placed on display. Don't lose your rare golden opportunity to own this incredibly rare
popular pattern Consolidated Glass vase. They just don't make art glass vases like this classic anymore. Item # 17-299-RE   $ 340.00 plus $25 ship
Rare! Another "killer" grade Consolidated
Glass Company vase! It's called Flying
Geese" and it weighs over 7 lbs.! Sky
blue and it's all mint! WOW! WOW! WOW!
Rare! A third "killer" grade vase from
Consolidated Glass Company! Beautiful!
Rare! Early 1900s' Consolidated Glass Company 10-11" tall Flying Geese art glass vase in powder blue
body color with raised frosted satin glass flying geese throughout the vase! Absolutely mint condition
"killer" investment grade example that looks outstanding when placed on display! It weighs over 7 lbs.
and is a massive piece of top quality art glass. The Flying Geese pattern is one of Consolidated's most
popular collected vintage patterns. This is simply one gorgeous art glass vase which is very difficult to
find in today's marketplace! Item # 17-293-RE   $ 325.00 plus $25 ship
Rare! Early 1900s' Consolidated Glass Company 12" tall  Leaves art glass vase in tan colored glass,
with raised leaves pattern in frosted satin glass throughout the vase! Mint condition nice old vase from
a renowned early manufacturer the Consolidated Glass Company, whose main product was glass
globes for gas lights, common along the city streets back then.. Weighs over 3 pounds. Nic rare piece
indeed. Item # 17 183-RE     $ 250.00 plus $30 ship
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