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Like everyone else who has ever collected vintage carnival glass, Colleywood Carnival Glass has collected many pieces of nice
vintage carnival glass over the last 43+ years, that frankly, do not meet our high quality standards. We can't just throw it all away,
because after all, damaged pieces or not, you just don't discard 80-100+ year old antique carnival glass pieces! To us, that is
morally wrong. So, we came up with the idea of having our " Bargain Basement" page where you'll find many '
bruised but
' pieces of vintage carnival glass at bargain prices.
Some of these offered pieces are even considered "rare" but  simply don't meet our high quality standards we try very hard to
maintain. We didn't set out to purposely collect these 'bruised but beautiful' carnival glass pieces, but more or less got
'snuckered into' purchasing them over the years!
So, with this in mind, here are some really nice 80-100 year old carnival glass pieces that are less than perfect!
If you purchase any of them, you are doing so "AS-IS" and we will not accept them back for a refund!
Presenting Colleywood Carnival Glass Company's "Bruised But Beautiful
Vintage Carnival Glass For Sale!
Northwood's Drapery rosebowl in tantalizing
aqua opalescence! Signed with the
Northwood original trademark and ready to
be "shown off" in your home!
So, here it is for just $75.00 plus $12.80 shipping versus
the usual $200-$300 asking price. Look it over real good
now! You won't find another that has so little wrong with
it for such an affordable price. We paid $115.00 for it!
Item # 12-115-BS  Bargain priced: $ 75.00 Paid $ 115 for it!
ATTENTION ALL BUYERS! Please, we are not making any item on this site page available for shipment outside the Continental U.S.A. simply because
they are bargain items not conducive of shipment outside the Continental U.S.A! We hope you understand this fact.
Just doesn't meet our listing standards because of two chips
located on two of the square blocks of the three spatula feet. (See
bottom photo close up of one of the two chips). The other chip is
about the same size, but it is located on another of the three blocks.
The spatula feet and  rest of the footed plate are just fine, so the two
chips are the only issues with this rare blue Fenton Grape & Gable
spatula footed 9" plate. Our loss is your gain!  We paid $70.00 for it at
the Reichel Auction House in Boonville, Missouri during March of
2012. We are offering for sale here for just $35.00 plus 12.80
shipping!  It will still make a great shelf display piece, since none of
the damage is visible when showing the piece on display.

Yes, we paid $70.00 for it and are now willing to ship it to you for a
total of $ 47.80! That's certainly a bargain in anyone's book. It is a
vintage Fenton Grape & Cable cobalt blue 9" footed plate with a plain
iridized back! Has pretty iridescence that is colorful and not worn.

Item # 12-070-BO    Price: $ 35.00 plus $12.80 shipping

As you can see in the first photo, it has a enclosed
bubble at 10:30 o'clock and a couple of iridescent
blotchy places on the front of the plate.

Moreover, one of the plate's 3 spatula feet as the
typical chip on the back block of the foot. This is a
rather common occurrence on Fenton spatula footed
bowls & plates.

Other than those two issues, the piece is a solid
example of a fairly scarce Fenton blue spatula footed  
Grape & Cable sawtooth 9" plate!
This back of the foot block
directly above is chipped.
Northwood "Peacock on the Fence" 9" sawtooth plate in
amethyst/purple with ribbed back. No damage except for
several scratches to the front iridescence! Otherwise, this is
a knock out piece with outstanding color, crisp mold strike
and no other issues.
If you can live with a few very minor scratches around the
perimeter of this outstanding 9" sawtooth plate, you can
purchase this beauty for a rock bottom price. We paid
$295.00 for it, however, due to about 4 minor scratches
around the front perimeter of the plate, it just doesn't come
up to our high quality standards for a rare plate listing on our
rareplates_1 page. Therefore, we put it here in the bargain
basement to sell it at a bargain price. Study the photo, and
we think you'll like what you see. It is simply about 4 minor
scratches away from being a killer Northwood Peacocks
plate! You'll have to decide whether this rare plate is good
enough for your collection. As we have already said, it has no
other condition issues except for those darn scratches.
Item # 12-295-JW    Bargain priced at $235.00  We paid $295
Presenting a Northwood Peacock on the Fence 9" plate, a small pith and some enclosed
carbon specks. Nice!
This piece is a beautiful
cobalt blue Northwood
Peacock on the Fence 9"
plate with ribbed back.
However, it has too many
small issues to be listed on
the regular site pages of our
website, hence will be listed
here. It's problem is that it
has a small front side ash
pith imbed in the front side
and has tiny carbon specks
enclosed in the glass itself. If
you study the photos, front
view & back view, shown to
the immediate left, you can
pretty much see all the
"from the original making"
manufacturing issues. We
will wash up this plate and
re-photo it soon. Please
watch for it, since we will be
putting a good selling price
on this bargian basement
piece. There seems to be no
physical damage on the
plate, so it is not that bad of
a collector piece.

Listing coming soon!
Presenting a Northwood Peacock on the Fence 9" plate in purple with rib back and
beautiful iridescence!
Basically it has some iridescent wear lines on some of
the outside ribs and some fleabites on the rim. If you
look closely, you can see the small wear lines on two
of the ribs shown in the photo to the left. They are
hardly noticeable. These are the only issues on the
piece! It's really a nice piece in aqua opalescent!
Here's a beautiful  rare Northwood Hearts & Flowers plate in nice ice blue! It is perfect
except for a small flat flake chip out just inside of two rim teeth on the outer perimeter of
the plate. It's really hard to find on close inspection and doesn't even show up when the
plate is on display. But it is there, so we mention it.

Your gain is our loss big time on this beautiful
very rare ice blue Northwood 9" sawtooth plate.
Frankly, we missed the flake chip, and thus, we
got snuckered!

This can work to your advantage, since the
flake chip is very difficult to find, even when
you are examining the plate closely.

You can't see it
at all when the plate is being
displayed in a plate holder.

The plate, in undamaged condition, is shown
on the David Doty carnival glass reference
site: www.ddoty.com to sell between a price
range of $ 700 & $ 1600! On go there and see
for yourself!

So here's your chance to get a beautiful one
for about half of the low end price David Doty

We paid $ 775.00 for it so the $360.00 price we
want for it is our big loss for not seeing the
damage on the piece to start with!

Like we say, everyone makes mistake buys
when collecting carnival glass and this was
one of our most recent flubs.

So, take advantage, and get a rare beautiful
slightly bruised Northwood Hearts & Flowers 9"
sawtooth true ice blue plate for about 30% of
what they normally sell for.

We promise you will find it very difficult to
even find the flake chip & you won't see it
when the plate is shown on display!

The iridescence is quite colorful and is evenly
applied on both the front and back of this

That's about all we can tell, other than we will
lose our shirt & blouse on this deal!

Take advantage and receive a slightly bruised

Item # 15-775-SK      $360.00 plus $20 Ship
One small nick on
one rare & beautiful
Good Luck bowl in
rare beautiful
horehound base
glass color! This is
our loss and your
One nick between two rim teeth keeps us from calling this a
rare mint Northwood Good Luck 8-9" ruffled bowl in rare
horehound base glass with a superbly iridized Basketweave
back side. No other damage or unsightly manufacturing issues.
Just look at the photos and we think you'll want to add this rare
very slightly damaged ruffled bowl to your collection.
Sadly, we made a big buying mistake thinking it was a beautiful
undamaged bowl, but later found the slight damage. Too late to
cry then, since it was now ours "lock, stock and barrel". Yes,
even we get the shaft once in a while!
Anyway, it's still a rare & beautiful piece with one tiny nick
between two rim teeth. It displays well, not showing the damage
unless you know just where to look for it. We missed it when we
examined it on display at the auction! David Doty shows these in
a selling price range of $275 - $500. We have $325 wrapped up
in it but offer it here and now for the bargain basement price.
Item 14-325-SK                $ 200.00 plus $ 20.00 ship
This Paypal buy now button is for resident buyers of the Continental U.S.A.
only. All other buyers email us for a higher ship charge.
Presenting a rare Northwood Grape & Cable Banana Boat in rare green! Minor issues
hardly seen make this a super "bargain basement" buy! Take a look for yourself! Review
the photos below & buy with confidence.
Our Loss your gain, on this rarely
found Northwood Grape & Cable
banana boat in
This Paypal buy now button is reserved for resident buyers within the
Continetal U.S.A. only. All other buyers please email us for purchase info.
You won't believe how little there is amiss with this beautiful
Northwood Grape & Cable banana boat in rare green, but all
the minor manufacturing issues along with some very minor
foot fleabites, force us to liquidate this beauty here on the
bargain basement page. After we point out these issues, you
yourself, are going to feel maybe we shouldn't even being
selling this marvelous example on the bargain basement page!

We show many photos of this banana boat, so please refer to
them all as we explain the issues. Well, we start with the issues
up around the top rim perimeter. There are some small mold
lines around the rim perimeter and a very small manufacturer's
separation in one location which we show below in the second
to last photo. Please review the photo closely because all the
issues are very minor and all come from the original making of
this piece and all these are hard to even see when the piece is
on display. But, we are honest sellers, so we point them out.

The next issue is a chip in the pattern on the body of the piece.
It is actually a chip from the original making because it is
completely iridized over! We found this when we closely
examined the piece for grading purposes. You can't see it at all,
but rather you have to find it by feeling just the right spot on
the body. We show this manufacturer's chip in the two photos
below which contain our metal "nut pick" pointer. As you can
see in these two photos, the chip can barely be seen.

Finally, in the photos of the banana boat's feet, we try to show
the very tiny foot fleabites that are present. They too are so
small they are hard to even see in the photos.

That all we could find on this rare beauty. The banana boat is
just magnificent in every way. The iridescent colors are all
there as you can plainly see in the giant photos we posted. No
managed photos. What you see is what you get! A beautiful rare
banana boat in rare green that most collectors would sell you
as undamaged! Buy this one with complete confidence,
knowing the beauty of the piece far outweighs the minor issues
with this example.

We paid dearly to obtain this rare example, but did not even
notice all the minor issues until we obtained the piece, cleaned
it up at home & closely inspected the piece for grading purposes
Only then did we discover the issues we explained herein. Our
loss is definitely your gain with this rare beauty.

Item # 14-385-SK     First $ 250.00 plus $25 shipping takes it!
Presenting A  Foot Damaged Fenton Orange Tree Pitcher And 6 Good Tumblers In Cobalt Blue At A Very
Affordable Price. At A Price A Lot Less Than We Paid For It! Two Feet Of The  Pitcher Are Chipped. One
Foot Is Heavily Chipped, While The Other Foot Is Slightly Chipped. This Is A Wonderful Shelf 7 Piece Water
Set Which Is Very Hard To Find OutIn The Marketplace!
Here is a Fenton Orange Tree 7 piece water
set we really got took on at the auction. We
bought the set through absentee bidding
and were told the set had some minor foot
fleas on the pitcher. Well, as you can see
from the many photos to the left, we got
more than foot fleabites on the two feet of
this otherwise beautiful water pitcher, we
got one foot heavily chipped and another
foot slightly chipped. Because of this
damage we simply can't sell this beautiful
water set on our regular site pages. Our
giant $$$ loss will become someone's gain!

Already sold to "CW04Castle"!
We're not ones to sit around and cry over
spilled milk and damaged pieces of vintage
carnival glass we receive from some lying
auctioneer. We graded the set as a nice
shelf example, we price it fairly, and we
make someone happy.

Aside from the damaged two feet on this
very colorful pitcher, the 6 tumblers are all
nice, have little in the way of foot fleabites
and are worth more as a tumbler set than
we are asking for the whole water set!
Review the photos for yourself, we certainly
posted enough of them for you to get a good
idea of how nice this set really is in overall
appearance. Plenty of iridescent pizzaz!

Buy the set and display it properly, and you
and anyone else won't even see the two
damaged feet on the pitcher.

We are going to sell it for over $125 less
than we paid for it, so you better not
hesitate, because we've had plenty of
interest shown in purchasing the complete
7 piece water set, all in beautiful cobalt

So, with all bases covered, all questions
answered and a good Holiday season spirit,
let's ask $225.00 plus $30 shipping for the
whole set as we have it pictured.

The tumblers themselves are worth more
than that!!!! Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here's an "tale of two sides" piece! A Fenton Orange Tree 9" twelve sided plate in
beautiful cobalt blue!
No damage! But, does it ever have one big maufacturing issue! It's
missing most of its back side iridescence! Someone at the Fenton factory feel asleep!
We got snuckered on this piece by buying it in a Seeck on-line
auction where no backside picture was posted in the auction
and it was never mentioned in the auction item description
that the back side iridescence was virtually non existent!

So, there you have it! Our mistake for trusting the auctioneer
to mention the back side problem. Well, they didn't, so we are
stuck with a plate we are calling the "tale of two sides" piece!

Our guess is the guy at the Fenton factory simply had a
problem with his iridescence application sprayer getting
temporarily plugged up and just let this piece slip by him
during his problem time!

Anyway, whatever happened is really unknown, but we now
have the task of finding this piece a new home.

It's just beautiful on the front side with no hint of the back side
It has no physical damage! So, it would make a
excellent shelf display piece or a real conversation oddity.

Either way, here's the bottom line. You get this front sided
beauty for just $ 100.00 plus $20 shipping. We paid $200.00 for
it on-line. Then we had to pay the shipping to be sent here.

Item # 15-212-SK   $ 100.00 plus $20 ship

Already put into layaway by "007 Secret Agent Man" out there in
Already put into layaway by "007 Secret Agent Man" out there in
Here's a very nice Dugan Cherries footed banana boat in electric purple with 1 tiny leg chip
Listing coming soon!