Dugan Glass Company Old Vintage Carnival
Dugan Glass Company: Considered The "King Of Peach Opalescent
Carnival Glass
Back on the market! Please help "Wheat
Boy" in South Dakota!
Already sold!
Headed for the state of Virginia!
Dugan RARE! "Quill" 5 piece water set (all 4
tumblers do match nicely)! No damage anywhere!
Superb iridescence! This is a rare collector grade
5 pc. water set! Where would you find another
comparable one? Good luck finding one like this!
Item # 96-955-RE  Price: $1690.00
Dugan "Vineyard" water pitcher & matching
tumbler in purple with electric highlights.
! This is a different one from the one listed
at the top of this page. This one is more colorful!
So if you like the more colorful pieces, this is the
one for you. These are actually very tough to find
in this electric purple color! Really nice,  tumbler.
Item #13-145-SK    $ 220.00 plus $15 ship
Dugan "Five Hearts" 8-9" deep round  pedestal
bowl in marigold. This piece has several
manufacturing  separation lines that can be seen
in the close up photo above. Almost all of these
Five Hearts examples have these typical short
length lines. This is not considered damage, since
these are from the original making. The marigold
iridescence is really nice front & back Collector
grade! Item # 13-075-SK    $120.00 plus $15 ship
Dugan's Rare Purple "Vineyard" water pitcher
with the hard to find electric highlights you search
for! No damage! Nada! Period! This one is a
knockout collector grade piece with the "grass
band" near the bottom being extra colorful & is a
light yellowish/brownish green, not real dark like
most of these. See more pictures of this beauty
below on this page! Item # 11-178-EB  $ 215.00
Already put into
layaway by a avid
collector right here
in Missouri!
A Rare Killer! Dugan 10" six  ruffled bowl in purple
with plain back &  superb electric highlighted
iridescence! A knock out piece that will rock your
carnival collecting world! Has one issue: very tiny
scratches on back side from plate holder! See
backside photo. Insignificant issue! Beautiful
piece! Item # 13-270-EB     $ 325.00 plus $20 ship
Dugan's "Cherries" interior with the "Jeweled
Heart" exterior pattern! 6" crimp edge plate
inpurple base glass. This is a lovely scarce plate,
has a warpage problem. No physical damage!!!
Item # 07-084-EB     $ 85.00 plus $10 ship
Dugan's scarce "Four Flowers" interior with a
plain exterior! 9 1/4" round smooth edge bowl in
peach opalescent. Beautifully done  iridescence &
opalescence both. Excellent no damage shape!  
Item # 06-137-WW    $ 145.00 plus $15 ship
RARE! Dugan's "Border Plants" 7-8" ten tight ruffle
dome based bowl in supreme peach opalescent.
Has no damage anywhere! A note to you two past
customers who purchased our two purple ones
like this, this "killer" investment piece is just as
rare! Item # 14-085-SK   $ 125.00 plus $15 ship
Dugan's "Pony" interior with a plain exterior! This
is an original old piece.  8 1/4" six ruffle bowl in
marigold. The depicted Pony is gilded! Makes for a
nice old undamaged piece. Has crimp marks !   
Item # 06-074-WW     $ 105.00 plus $15 ship
Dugan's "Apple Blossom Twigs" 8-9" sawtooth
plate in cobalt blue! Has the big basketweave
exterior pattern which is not iridized. No damage,
but it does have a couple of completely enclosed
bubbles in the plate. Really nice iridescent
coloring. Because of the bubbles we are grading
this as a collector grade example. Still beautiful!
Item # 15-133-SK   $ 145.00 plus $15 ship
Dugan's "Petal & Fan" interior with the "Jeweled
Heart" exterior pattern! 6" crimp edge flat plate in
deep amethyst base glass. Has WOW iridescence
and is in excellent no damage condition. Nice!!!!
Item # 06-105-WZ      $ 115.00 plus $15 ship
Dugan's RARE "Malaga" interior with a plain
exterior! 8-9" round sawtooth edge bowl in
amethyst base glass. The grape inside the bowl
are not iridized. It was made that way! Scratches.
Item # 08-097-EB $ 125.00 plus $15
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for "Dalideco" up there in Michigan only!
Scarce! Dugan Petal & Fan 6" sauce bowl in elec.
purple with non iridized Diamond & Fan exterior.
No damage! No issues! Superb colorful front side
iridescence! "Killer" investment grade example!
Item # 15-066-SK   $ 80.00 plus $10 ship
Dugan's "Garden Path Variant" interior with the
"Soda Gold" exterior pattern! 8-9" round deep
sawtooth edge bowl in rich marigold. Lovely
pattern! No damage, piece in excellent condition!
Item # 05-078-SD         $ 85.00 plus $15 ship.
Dugan's "Six Petals" interior with a plain exterior!
8-9" smooth edge ruffled bowl in frosty white.
Good iridescence and is in not damaged excellent
condition. The bottom label tag is showing through
Item # 05-085-SD    $ 85.00 plus $10 ship.
Rare! Dugan Four Flowers 10-11" big ruffled bowl
in true
black amethyst! No damage! Has one !/16"
tiny sand speck pith out in one ruffle valley out
near the rim
. Superb blue iridescence along with
yellows, reds & purples! Electric all the way! Item
# 16-284-TB   $350.00 plus $20 ship
Already sold! Headed to
Already sold! Going to "Tina Girl in
Eastern  Pennsylvania! Ships
Already sold! Headed for
the state of Texas!
Dugan's "Leaf Rays" interior with a similar outer
pattern! This is the scarce round shaped nappy
rather than the typical spade shape. It's in purple
base glass and a beauty! Excellent- no damage!!
Item # 06-034-DM           Price USD: $ 55.00
Rare! Dugan "Cherries" 8-9" footed 10 keyhole
edged bowl in electric purple!
No damage! No
! "Killer" investment grade example with
super colorful electric highlighted iridescence.
This one has unbelievable color inside. Back side
is not iridized. Item#15-066-JW   $115.00 plus $15
Dugan "Constellation" 6" tall stemmed compote in
frosty white. Has the Seafoam exterior pattern.
! Nice colorful iridescence both inside and
out. This is a collector grade example, so buy with
confidence. Item # 13-047-SK        $ 80.00
Dugan's "Butterfly & Tulip" interior with a
"Feathered Scroll" exterior! 9 x 11-12" oblong fruit
bowl with 2 sides upturn in marigold. Scarce item!
It has 2 tiny nicks around the rim tabs. Still a real
beauty of a scarce piece. Nice marigold coloring.
Item # 07-135-EB    $ 215.00
Already sold! Headed for the state of
Now already sold to
"Willow"! Headed to the
state of Oregon and will
ship 11/06/18!
Dugan's scarce "Fanciful" interior with the "Big
Basketweave" exterior! 8-9" flat sawtooth plate in
frosty iridized white.
No damage anywhere!  Well
we'll have it by this Sunday afternoon from the
Seecks. We want $120.00 for it and it's a superb
piece! Item # 15-083-SK     $ 120.00 plus $15 ship
Very scarce! Dugan Wishbone & Spades 5-6" ruffled
berry bowl in very scarce
black amethyst! Has the
desired plain back too! No damage! Has the typical
smooth edge. Superior iridescence on the inside
with the backside being not iridized. Great collector
grade piece. Item #13-042-EB   $ 56.00
great price!
Very Scarce! Dugan "Many Fruits" 10 piece punch
set in rich marigold!
No damage! All pieces have
good color and are undamaged. A solid collector
grade set that is very hard to find as a complete
undamaged set in today's marketplace. Tulip top!
Item # 13-400-SK    $ 435.00
It's huge and beautiful!
RARE! Dugan's "Cherries" footed banana boat in
purple. No damage! This is a collector grade
example that is in satin iridescence. There is
some faint water staining marks that barely show,
but they are there so we are mentioning them.
Otherwise, this is a nice piece with good coloring.
Item # 14-040-BO    $ 75.00 plus 15.00 ship
Dugan's "Double Stem Rose" interior with a plain
exterior! 8-9" dome base deep round bowl in nice
marigold. Good even iridescence. Great no
damage condition! Pretty good mould strike here!
Item #01-043-SD   $ 45.00 plus $15 ship
Dugan's "Double Stem Rose" interior with a plain
exterior! 8-8" 3in1 edged bowl in deep blue. Super
iridescence, but somewhat silvery. In excellent
no damage condition! A winner all the way to your
cabinet!  Item # 10-156-EB $ 185.00 plus $15 ship
Dugan's  "Cherries" interior pattern with a
"Jeweled Heart" exterior! 9-10" ruffled bowl in
purple base glass! The iridescence on this piece
is sensational. In excellent, no damage condition!
Item # 06-112-SL   $ 215.00 plus $15 ship
Dugan's "Single Flower Framed" exterior with a
Dugan "Smooth Ray" interior. 7-8" single handgrip
plate in a superb peach opalescent. In excellent
no damage condition!  Simple but beautiful
patterns! Item # 07-051-EB   $ 60.00 plus $10 ship
Dugan "Puzzle" two handled bonbon in peach
No damage! No issues! Very nice
opalescent application on the backside of this
really beautiful "killer" investment grade example.
Item # 14-029-JW   $ 45.00 plus $10 ship
Dugan's "Beaded Shell" exterior with a plain
interior! Tumbler in purple base glass. The
iridescence is evenly applied from top to bottom.
This tumbler is in excellent undamaged condition!!
Item # 06-037-M       $40.00 plus $10 ship
SCARCE! Dugan's "Grapevine & Lattice 6 piece
tumbler set in electric purple!
No damage! These
are a super iridized set you just can't find easily in
the marketplace! At the price we got on these,
Carnivalites, it's "dealerville" if you don't act
quickly! Item # 12-095-EB      $130.00  A steal!!!!
Dugan's "Starfish" interior with a plain exterior!
Two handled square bonbon in deep amethyst
base glass. Handsomely iridized, strong mould
strike! Typical visible crimp marks but has no
damage! Item # 07-086-EB    $ 95.00 plus $10 ship
Dugan's "Bells & Beads" interior with a plain back.
6-7" crimped edge bowl in a nice peach
opalescent treatment. This piece is in excellent
damage free condition! Comes from auction in
Minden, Nebraska, of a U. of  N. professor's estate.
Item # 06-054-M      $ 65.00 plus $10 ship
Dugan's "Maple Leaf" exterior with Fenton's
borrowed "Peacock Tail" interior pattern! Big 8-9"
stemmed scallop edged round  bowl in deep
purple. Radium silver iridescence finish on the
inside of the bowl. Excellent no damage condition!
Item # 06-056-DM       $ 85.00 plus $15 ship
Dugan's "Ski-Star" interior with "Compass" on the
exterior! 4" x 10 1/2" oblong banana boat in peach
opalescent. Long sides are "puffed out"! In
excellent no damage condition and the peach
opalescent is good throughout this piece! Nice!
Item # 06-059-DM     $ 80.00 plus $15 ship
Dugan "Dogwood Sprays" 8-9" dome based ruffled
bowl in electric purple. Has some roughness on
the pedestal base rim. Most of these are not
iridizd on the back side, however, this "killer"
investment grade example has beautiful electric
highlighted iridescence on both the front & back.
Item # 14-084-JW   $120.00 plus $15 ship
Already sold! Headed to the state of
Dugan's "Question Marks" interior with the plain
exterior! Two handled squarish bonbon in deep
amethyst. Nice colorful iridescence! In excellent
condition overall. Crimp marks are faintly visible.
Item # 07-045-EB     $ 55.00 plus $10 ship.
Dugan's "Starfish" interior with the "Jeweled
Heart" exterior! Two handled square bonbon in
peach opalescent. The base ring has a tiny ding
on it, otherwise no other damage. The iridescence
is good and evenly applied. Looks pretty good!!!!!   
Item # 07-068-EB         $ 55.00 plus $12 ship.
Dugan's "Petal & Fan" interior pattern with the
"Jeweled Heart" exterior! Big 10" ten high ruffles
bowl in good peach opalescent! Scarce shape!
The inside center of this bowl is slightly "pushed
up", otherwise in superb condition. No damage!
Item # 07-201-HA    $ 175.00 plus $15 ship.
Dugan's "Big Basketweave" 12" tall flame top
vase in scarce frosty white. This vase is damage
free and has good iridescence for being a white
piece. These are pretty hard to find in excellent
shape! Item # 02-100-SD : $ 125.00 plus $15 ship
Already sold! Headed for the state of
North Carolina!
Dugan's "Ski-Star" interior with the "Compass"
exterior. Big 10-11" smooth edge ruffled bowl in
nice evenly applied peach opalescent. This piece
is damage free and in excellent overall condition!
Item # 07-061-EB      $ 70.00 plus $15 ship.
RARE! Dugan "Lined Lattice" 11-12" vase in
electric highlighted purple with rare square toes!
Beautiful colorful iridescence top to bottom! Three
of the square toes have flake chips on them, but
the piece is so beautiful, you don't notice the
damage on the toes.
Unbelievably beautiful color!
Item # 13-105-JW   $ 145.00 plus $20 shipping
Dugan's "Apple Blossom" interior with a plain
exterior. 7 1/4" ruffled bowl in rich marigold.
Really nice evenly applied iridescence. Damage
free.   Item # 07-012-FN   $20.00 plus $10 ship
Dugan's "Starfish" interior with the "Jeweled
Heart" exterior. 6" stem compote in nice peach
opalescent. Iridescence evenly applied
throughout the piece. There is one tiny nick on the
base ring!  
Item # 07-035-EB    $ 45.00 plus $10 ship.
Presenting Colleywood's Vintage Dugan Carnival Glass For Sale....
Featured Specials! Colleywood Carnival 's  Sensational & Rare Dugan Carnival Glass Pieces For Sale!
Already sold! Gone down there
to  the state of Al;abama!
Rare! Dugan " Cherries" 6" plate with CRE edging
in rich peach opalescent.
No damage! No issues!
Nice backside opalescenrt application on this
"killer" investment grade example. Crimp edge!
Item # 14-073-JW    $ 90.00 plus $20 ship
RARE! Dugan "Fisherman's Mug" in scarce
No damage! No issues! Nice evenly
applied rich shiny marigold iridescence. Just a
nice clean "killer" investment grade example of a
hard to find color. Don't drag your feet on this one
or it'll be gone! Too nice to last long on here!!!!!  
Item # 15-038-BO    $ 50.00 plus $10 ship
Very Scarce! Dugan Cherries 6" tight crimped
edge sauce bowl in purple with the non iridized
Jeweled Heart exterior! Tough item to find in mint
No damage! No issues! A "killer"
investment grade example! Buy with confidence!
Item # 15-077-SK   $ 90.00 plus $20 ship
Rare! Dugan "Cherries" 8-9" footed bowl in
electric purple.
No damage! This is the three
footed and more commonly found version of the
Cherries bowl. This is not to say it is not a very
beautiful example of this popular Dugan pattern. It
is just gorgeous! Loads of electric highlighted
inside iridescence which has a lot of pop to it.
Review the photos, and convince yourself, this
really is a super piece for the affordable asking
price. Item # 14-069-JW    $ 86.00 plus $25 ship
Already sold to "Stephanie
Gal" out in the state of
Already put into layaway by the
"HOACGA Man" right here in
Missouri! A Colleywood Carnival
"killer" grade piece!
Dugan "Cherries" 5 pc. berry / ice cream set in
wonderful peach opalescent. Set has the Jeweled
Heart exterior and a full opalescent application
showing on the backside.
No damage! Incredibly
nice set! Item # 11-148-JW    $175.00 + $15 ship
Dugan "Cherries" 9-10" six ruffle bowl in electric
black amethyst, with the rarer "Jeweled Heart"
exterior pattern and the magnificent "goldtone"
inside iridescence!
No damage, but does have a
very light inside center light 2" straw mark
. The
great majority of these bowls have the "paneled
cherries" exterior, but not this one! The Jeweled
Heart exterior is not iridized. We owned this piece
a long time ago & we had a chance to buy it back,
so we did! Item #13-285-EB   $ 325.00   
a "killer"!
RARE! Dugan "Rays" 10-11" big eight tight ruffle
bowl in electric purple with the Jeweled Heart
exterior pattern! No damage!
These are extremely
hard to find anywhere
! The Rays pattern pieces
were usually made in peach opal, then hand
enamel painted and used for bride's baskets
! This
rare bird was made up different. It has stunning
electric purple/blue iridescence inside, along with
subtle green, yellow & red hues. Just downright
different! Just downright beautiful! Don't drag your
feet! Item # 13-111-SK    $195.00 plus $15 ship
Very Scarce! Dugan "Ski-Star" 6" ruffled sauce in
purple! No damage! Beautiful and very colorful
iridescence on front while the Compass exterior
pattern is not iridized. Solid collector grade piece!
Does have a little imbalance in iridescent coloring
front one side of the inside to the other, however,
the piece is gorgeous despite this imbalance of
coloring. Study the coloring in the above photos
and then buy with total confidence. The piece is a
beauty! Item # 13-039-SK   $ 52.00 plus $10 ship
Already put in layaway by
"Deltaman" down in Georgia!
Late afternoon with indoor light
Late afternoon by sliding door
RARE! Killer! From our Private Colleywood
All Dugan "Peacock at the Fountain" 7
pc. water set in cobalt blue.
No damage! All
tumblers are Dugan made as well. All tumblers
possess electric highlighting, as does the Dugan
made water pitcher! This is a beautiful electric
green iridescence on the pitcher of this set. The
buyer will have a choice of two tumbler sets. One
tumbler set has electric green iridescence the
other set, shown above, has greens, blues &
purples on each tumbler of the set. Your choice!
Above we show the pitcher with the many colors
tumbler set. Listing coming soon! Enjoy the pics!
In the photo above we show the same rare Dugan
killer grade "Peacock at the Fountain" water
pitcher alongside our Dugan Peacock at the
Fountain  tumbler set that has the electric green
iridescence on each matched tumbler. It is a sight
to behold!! Just look at the electric green
highlights on the whole set! Just a sensational
killer grade set with either choice of tumbler sets!
However, we got to tell you, we just love the
electric green tumbler set. We think it's a perfect
match to the pitcher! This picture was taken in the
late afternoon with little outdoor natural light
available and thus we have regular light bulb
RARE! Dugan "Persian Garden" 6" ruffled berry
bowl (collar base) in amethyst / purple! No  
damage whatsoever. We have two of these that
Both have no damage! There is not a spot
inside this bowl, what you see is glare from the
lighting above the piece. We are selling the two
pristine bowls together. First $ 100 plus $ 12.80
shipping takes both! Item # 12-075-EB   $ 100.00
Already sold! Headed down there to
the state of Georgia!
Already sold to "Race Horse II" down
there in Georgia!
Dugan's "Fisherman's Mug" in shiny purple! No
! No issues! Has some silvery iridescence
areas but mostly nice & colorful iridescence! Real
nice "killer" investment grade example. It won't
last long on here, so don't hesitate or it's gone!
Item # 15-035-BO    $ 47.00 plus $12 ship
RARE! Dugan "Flowers & Frames" 8-9" eight
ruffled dome based pedestal bowl in electric
No damage! "Killer" investment grade
example with "
alive" electric blue/ purple
iridescence! Sensational piece! Even the back
side as electric iridescence that is just awesome!
Item # 14-225-JW     $ 310.00 plus $ 20.00 ship
Very Scarce Dugan "Fanciful" 8-9" low ruffled
bowl in purple. No damage! Nice crisp mold strike
with satin sheen finish colorful iridescence on the
front of this piece. Collector grade example that
will you be happy to add to your best collection. A
really nice affordable piece in a very popular
Dugan pattern. Item # 13-136-JW     $185.00
Dugan "Beaded Shell" handled mug in purple. No
! Hard to find these in undamaged mint
condition. Stunning colorful iridescence! Superb!
Item # 13-023-EB   $ 32.00 plus $10 ship.
Put in layaway by a Missouri collector!
Already sold to a smart collector out
there in Virginia!
Dugan "Flowers & Frames" Stunning  8" dome
base pedestal bowl with extra-ordinary outside
opalescent treatment. The opal goes the distance
on this mint beauty. Check this undamaged one
out! Item # 12-087-EB   $ 120.00 plus $20 ship
Rare! Dugan "Bells & Beads" tri-corner crimp
edge bowl in electric purple!
No damage! A myriad
of electric highlighted iridescent colors! "Killer"
investment grade example! Nice affordable piece!
Item # 14-045-JW      $ 60.00 plus $ 15.00 ship
Very Scarce! Dugan "Cherries" 8-9" ten tight
ruffled footed bowl in
electric purple! No damage!
Nice golden bronze cherries on this beautiful
"killer investment grade example. Look at the
photos! Item # 14-080-JW    $ 130.00 plus $15 ship
Very Scarce! Dugan "Fishscale & Beads" 7"
banana boat in real nice peach opalescent.
! Hard to find in this banana boat shape!
Item # 14-029-JW     $ 38.00 plus $12 ship
SOLD! Wheat Boy bought our
entire 7pc. Quill water set!
Headed to South Dakota!
Scarce! Dugan Fan single handled gravy boat in
peach opalescent.
No damage! Nice collector
grade example with some inside bottom spray
residue particles present. Not a big deal, but we
mention it for description accuracy. Otherwise,
this is a real nice piece to add to a growing
collection. The Fan pattern is not that easily found.
Item # 14-038-JW    $47.00 plus $10 ship.
Scarce! Dugan Cherries 8-9" footed CRE bowl in
peach opalescent.
No damage! Nice collector
grade Cherries footed bowl with nice opalescent
treatment and nice evenly applied iridescence.
These are not easily found in the CRE bowl, so
here is a scarce piece at a very affordable price.
Item # 14-033-JW   $ 42.00 plus $15 ship
Rare! Dugan "Five Hearts" 8-9" pedestal bowl/
plate in nice evenly applied marigold. Has some
tiny cut lines here and there, but most of these
typical have these. This is one of those flattened
dishes that could easily be called a plate, but
because the raised pedestal base makes the
piece higher than 2", most collectors call it a
flattened dish. It is rare! Item # 13-095-SK   $140.00
RARE! Dugan "Quill" tumbler in purple! No
damage, but does have a couple of iridescence
wear rub spots & a few pinpoint iridescent flecks
on the quill feathers. See the above photo
enlargement to see these. Still a wonderfully rare
nice tumbler! Item 12-130-SK       $ 170.00
Already sold to the "Looking Glass
Lady" out there in Pennsylvania!
Scarce! Dugan Cherries 8-9" ten ruffle footed bowl
in peach opalescent.
No damage! Nice opal
treatment along with great iridescent coloring on
the front side. The ten ruffle version is also the
harder piece to find in the marketplace. Superb!
Item # 14-046-JW   $ 53.00 plus $12.00 ship
Scarce! Dugan Persian Garden 6" plate with the
Big Basketweave exterior pattern in nice evenly
applied marigold both front & back.
No damage!
No issues! Really nice iridescence with no fading
in the middle or out at the edges. "Killer"
investment grade example, which is hard to find
in this pristine condition. Superb affordable piece.
Item # 16-028-TB    $ 35.00 plus $10 ship
Very Scarce! Dugan Ski-Star 6" ruffled sauce in
electric purple, and perhaps black amethyst! No
damage, with just one manufacturing issue, a
sharp pointed extra bit of glass up on the rim that
is iridized over. Super dark electric highlights
with blue/purple iridescence. Stunning little
duggar for sure! Solid collector grade example!
Item # 13-049-SK      $ 75.00 plus $ 10.00 shipping
Dugan "Peacock at the Fountain" tumbler in rich
No damage! Nice even coloring from top
to bottom! If you need one here is a nice one. Not a
Northwood. Item # 13-021-EB   $ 29 plus $10 ship.
Where would you find a Dugan Folding
Fan footed banana boat? At
Colleywood Carnival of course!
Already sold to "Stephanie
Gal" in Kansas!
Rare Black Amethyst!
See for yourself!
Already sold to "007 Secret Agent Man" out
there in California!
Although this is technically a Dugan Vintage
perfume bottle & stopper, collector's also
call it a Northwood Grape & Cable perfume
bottle & stopper. Dugan made these for
Northwood Glass! No damage, and stopper
looks good too!
Already $50 + $50 + $175 PD in full. as of
7/4/17 by that smart collector in Pearland,
Texas!  Ship 7/8/17!
A Dugan vintage Heavy
Iris 7 piece water set in
mint condition. This is
not a repro set! It's from
our 1981 Colleywood
Private Collection
Already put into
layaway by the
"Looking Glss Lady"
out there in Eastern
Rare! Dugan Folding Fan -7-8" pedestal base
footed banana boat in peach opalescent! No
damage! No issues! Superb "killer" investment
grade example from our Colleywood Private
collection! Item # 80-036-RE  $ 60.00 plus $15 ship
Rare! Dugan Lined Lattice 10-11" regular toed
flame top vase in full electric black amethyst! Has
no damage, but has one minor issue. The vase
leans about 1-2 degrees off true vertical. It has
super electric colorful iridescence all over! Super
collector grade example. Lean is not seen at all if
flame top turned properly. White dots are only tiny
cotton fibers. Item # 16-070-TB   $ 90.00 + $15 ship
Rare in no damage condition! Dugan Vintage
perfume bottle and good stopper! It is in electric
purple and has superb iridescence throughout!
Stopper may have been ground, but it sure looks
good to us. Very hard to find these in this
condition and superb electric iridescent coloring.
Item # 17-227-EB   $ 260.00 plus $15 ship.
considering what they ask on eBay for them
Hard to find a vintage old complete 7 piece water
set in any color. Here's a rich marigold set where
the pitcher tankard is radium finish while the
tumblers are super sheen finish. Absolutely every
pieces is mint condition! The tankard is somewhat
lighter in marigold color due to the radium finish,
but the set is simply stunning when put on display.
Item # 81-540-RE     $ 570.00 Plus $40.00 ship
Scarce! Dugan Cherries 9-10" collar based ruffled
bowl in amethyst/purple. Has the normal
non-iridized Jeweled Heart exterior pattern. No
real damage, but does have a long inside center
straw mark and a couple of short mold lines. Real
nice iridescent coloring and displays well. Just a
super collector grade example with great inside
color. Item # 15-098-EB   $135.00 plus $20 ship
Dugan Honeycomb & Beads 2 banana boats in
peach opalescent for one money!
No damage! No
! Listing coming soon.
Very Scarce! Dugan "Stippled Petal" banana boat
in peach opalescent.
No damage! No issues!
Listing coming soon.
Scarce! Dugan Folding Fan 6" pedestal base
stemmed compote in peach opalescent. No
damage! No issues! Nice iridescent coloring and
super back side opalescent treatment. These are
hard to find in the marketplace, especially when
they have no damage or issues. "Killer"
investment grade example that looks superb!!!!
Item # 16-021-TB   $ 35.00 plus $15 ship.
SOLD! Staying here in Missouri!
Here's a beautiful Dugan "Fanciful" 8-9" low
ruffled bowl in superb peach opalescent! No
damage!! We'll put a great price on it! For our past
customer! Item # 12-075-BO   Price: $115.00 WOW!
Superb collector grade piece with great
opalescent dusting on back! Better not miss this
bargain! Second photo of the Dugan's Fanciful 8-9"
low ruffled bowl shown to the left. Primo!
Scarce! Dugan Raindrops/Jeweled Heart back 9"
dome based bowl in purple! No damage but does
have some micro fine pocks to the iridescent
coating. These are harder to find than you think in
the dome based bowl. Listing coming soon!
Message to "The Kid" in California. Well here's the
set we talked about on the phone. A Dugan Maple
Leaf 6 piece water set in purple with no damage to
any piece. Looks pretty well matched if you ask
us. We have another purple tumbler, but it doesn't
match as well as all these. The above Paypal buy
now is for the two colorful tumblers only.
Dugan "Peacock at the Fountain" 6 tumbler set in
cobalt blue &
all six are in nearmint undamaged
! If you want the ultimate electric blue
complete Dugan tumbler set, this is one that is
unbeatable! If you have a killer Dugan  made
pitcher with so-so tumblers, upgrade! The best!!!!!!
Item # 91-230-RE     $ 320.00  
worth a lot more!
Where are you going to find any better electric blue
Dugan "Peacock at the Fountain" tumblers than
these in this complete matched set! "
The ultimate"
Absolute WOW! RARE! Dugan Vineyard water
pitcher in purple with obvious electric highlights!
No damage! Period! If you searched all the years
we did for one of these, you then understand the
rare opportunity that is before your eyes! Don't
No damage! Top view of this rare purple electric
Dugan Vineyard water pitcher. It's sensational!
Item # 11-178-EB    Price: $ 215.00  A steal!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The "buy now" buttons for this piece are located at
the very top of this Dugan_1  page!
A "killer" investment grade all mint
7 pc. vintage water set!
Already sold to "HOACGA MAN"
here in MO.
RARE! Our Best! Dugan "Storks & Rushes" 7 pc.
water set in cobalt blue!
No damage on any piece!
This is the vintage beaded water set that has that
famous Dugan dark green iridescence blended
with purples and blues! Just a tantalizingly
beautiful water set that is perfectly matched in that
beautiful velvety green iridescence only Dugan
could do so well! Study all the photos to the right.
Item # 13-390-SK       $ 480.00  
An absolute steal!
Here are enough photos to really see how
beautiful the Dugan Storks & Rushes vintage 7
piece water set in blue shown to the immediate
left actually is. As you can plainly see, the whole
set is matched in that beautiful green dominated
velvet iridescence! The set is all mint condition,
with no damage to any piece. In other words, it's a
"killer" investment grade water set! We cleaned it
up and WOW, WOW! Don't miss your chance!
SCARCE! Dugan "Maple Leaf" original tumblers in
amethyst/ purple!
No damage! These all match the
black amethyst Maple Leaf pitcher we have listed
above on this page but are amethyst base and not
black amethyst. They all come from the same
elderly California woman's estate. She had them
for many years. Don't miss your chance here!!!!
Item # 12-107-EB   $130.00 plus $ 20.00 ship
Very Scare! Dugan Ski Star 6-7" ten tight ruffle
stemmed rose bowl in peach opalescent. No
damage! The only issue is that the inside marigold
iridescence has some run lines and the inside
bottom has light iridescent application. These are
very hard to find in the marketplace, so don't miss
a rare opportunity here. The piece is still easily
considered a collector grade example! Listing
coming soon.
Already sold to "The Kid" out there in
California! What a magnificent "killer"!
It's the best there is!
RARE! Dugan Persian Garden big 10" ten ruffled
bowl in electric purple! We call this beauty our
BBM bowl! That stands for Big, Beautiful, Mint!
That is just what it is! A super "killer" investment
grade example with astounding iridescence on
both the inside and the outside of the bowl. Look
at all the ice blue & gold iridescence. It's just a
showstopping sensational bowl! Unbeatable!!!
Item # 83-468-RE   $ 550.00 plus $ 30.00 ship
Our best! And we think it is the best! Look at the
"neon" ice blue iridescence in side this bowl. It
just glows when exposed to natural outdoor light
coming through our kitchenette sliding glass door.
The back side has super electric highlighted
iridescence as well. Just the most beautiful big
10" ten high ruffle bowl we have ever seen. It's
directly out of our Colleywood Private Collection
Second photo of the Dugan Flowers & Frames 8-9"
dome based pedestal bowl listed to the immediate
right. As you can see, the inside iridescence is
totally electrically charged!!! It just doesn't get any
better! WOW>WOW>WOW!
Dugan Flowers & Frames 8-9" dome footed
pedestal bowl in electric purple with plain back!  
No damage,
near mint condition "killer"
investment grade example! Awesome off the
charts all electric purple iridescence on the inside
while the backside is not iridized. Believe us, the
front side has it all and will awe your senses!!!!!
Item # 13-277-SK    $ 330.00 plus $16 ship
Already sold to "Stephanie Gal" out
there in Kansas!
Already put into layaway by
that smart collector in the
state of Illnois
Already sold! Gone down thre to the
state of Georgia!
Scarce! Dugan Fisherman's Mug in electric
purple! No damage and a "killer" investment
grade example with spectacular iridescence!
These are hard to find with real nice iridescent
coloring. No nicks chips or any damage at all, and
this is one of the best. Sensational hard to find  
mug. Item # 77-35-RE   $ 50.00 plus $20 ship
Very Rare! Dugan Six Petals tricorner smooth
edged bowl in true electric black amethyst! See
for yourself in the photo held to the sunshine
above! No damage! No issues! Truly a electric
showstopper "killer" investment grade example.
Has the normal plain non iridized back that has no
issues. Buy this cabinet keeper with confidence!!!
Item # 15-127-EB   $ 155.00 plus $15 ship
RARE! Dugan Four Flowers 10-11" smooth edge
chop plate in nice peach opalescent!
No damage!
It's been over two years since a
nice one of these
has even come up for auction. Very difficult to find
these this nice. Superb white opal more than half
way down the back side. Just a gorgeous rare
collector grade example with plenty of iridescent
colors. Item # 13-340-SK      $ 395.00
Super buy!
Dugan's very rare "Quill" exterior Pattern with a
plain interior! A rare water pitcher indeed and in a
rare color, purple! Now, for the rest of the story:
It's in rare mint condition!  Nice radium finish!!! Not
the same Dugan Quill water pitcher shown above!
Item # 08-1100-BO       Price U.S.D.: $ 1450.00
See our new "KILLER" Carnival pages, where you'll find super killer vintage carnival pieces from every major American former carnival glass making
companies! Your collecting dreams can come true!
Already sold to"Stephanie Gal" in Kansas!
Already a pending sale by "HOACGA MAN"!
purple! Has the rare Feather Scroll exterior pattern! This is out of the Miller collection &
has no damage or issues! More photos of this "killer" coming very soon! One of the best
there is! It won't last long! Item # 15-1285-JW     $1470.00 plus $ 30 ship
Another Dugan electric purple "killer" investment grade example. You will have to act
quickly or it'll be gone!
No damage! No issues! Stretchy iridescence abounds! Totally
electric! Absolutely one of the best! Item # 82-270-RE    $ 350.00 plus $25 ship
Indoor Light pictures at night. Still a Killer!
Already put into layaway by Stephanie Gal out there in Kansas!
Extremely Rare! Mint! Dugan Quill water pitcher
in Radium finish shiny marigold! WOW! WOW!
Already put into layaway by "Stephanie Gal out in Kansas!
Extremely rare! Dugan Quill water pitcher and two matching tumblers inradium finish electric purple!
No damage! This is a "killer" investment grade example hardly ever sold! The iridecent color is very
good and the pitcher is hardl;y ever sold with accompanying matching tumblers! Just a Incredible 3
piece water set! See listing directly above on this site page!
Extremely rare! Dugan Quill water pitcher in radium finish shiny & dark marigold! No damage! No
issues! Mint condition! From our Colleywood Private Collection pieces. Sensational radium finish
shiny & colorful rich marigold iridescence which does not fade top to bottom. You just don't find these
at auctions, and if you do they are usually always beat up with physical damage. Not this gem! It's
simply perfect and will not last long listed here.
REMEMBER: "You gotta pay for the very best"!!!!!!!
Item # 87-537-RE    $ 640.00 plus $ 20 ship
Already put in layaway by "Stephanie Gal"
out there in Kansas!
The only one we've ever seen in full radium finish
! Dugan Quill water pitcher in radium finish
electric purple! Absolutely mint condition, with no damage
and no issues! Simply put....it's perfect! The radium finish
iridescence is super "killer investment grade example looks
just heavenly! It is unbeatable! Directly out of our 1984
Colleywood Private Collection and not seen by anyone
since that time. Could be a one of a kind! Lines & spots you
see are camera glare only! There is black looking radium
finish iridescence around the bottom body of the pitcher.
We believe this piece was made to take home with pride
and not meant to be sold by Dugan. It is so, so beautiful!
Item # 84-1480-RE    $ 1600.00 plus $ 30.00 ship
ATTENTION BUYERS RESIDING OUTSIDE THE CONTINENTAL U.S.A.: Please do not use the white "BUY NOW" buttons located on this website. They are
states of the Continental U.S.A.! Please, be patient!
We have already received a
pending sale on this "killer"
grade radium finish electric
purple pitcher from our avid
collector out there in Kansas:
"Stephanie Gal"!
All we can say is she has beat
all of you to the punch! She
called here and asked us what
item we were in the process of
listing! She said, "It's mine!" And
so it was!!!!!!!!!!
Pending sale by "Stephanie Gal"
in Kansas!
Already sold to that smart collector up there in  the state of Michigan!
Already sold to "Len" over in the United Kingdom! A beauty! Will Send Monday Len!
RARE! Dugan "Formal" 7-8" hatpin holder in electric purple! No damage! The piece itself has a very
t bend in the body of the hatpin holder, otherwise this is still graded as a"killer investment grade
example. The bend in the body is not easily noticeable, but if you stare long at the body you can see it.
The iridescent coloring on this piece is superb and it exhibits electric highlights on the top 1/3 of the
piece body. These are extremely hard to find.
NICE! Item # 14-485-JW      $ 535.00 plus $15.00 ship
RARE! Dugan "Formal" hatpin holder in nice evenly applied marigold. No damage! Good even
iridescent coloring from top to bottom. It is a "killer" investment grade example. Just don't miss a
very rare opportunity to add this piece to your best collection pieces. These are extremely hard to find
in the marketplace.
This one is mint! Item # 14-255-JW     $ 360.00 plus $15.00 ship "Len", ship to the
UK will be $47 total, so it will be $360 plus $47 to your door. A bargain!
Rare! Dugan Wishbone & Spades 11" chop plate in electric purple. Has the normal plain non-iridized
back side, but as you can see the front is a color bath of iridescence! No damage! No issues! "Killer"
investment grade example with sensational display appearance. "The Kid" had this piece in his
buying corral, but because we found him one in green iridescence, he purchased it instead of this
one. There is not a thing wrong with this one, and we re-listed it here to sell it, and it won't last long!
Superb!!!! Item # 15-800-SK   $ 850.00 plus $25 ship
EXTREMELY RARE! Our Best! Dugan Garden Path Variant big 11" flat chop plate in full radium finish
rich marigold front & back! Absolutely no damage. Has two very faint center straw marks that keep us
from calling this a mint condition example. It is, however, a "kiiler' investment grade example which
is extremely rare to find & even rarer to find in radium finish marigold. And it's radium finish marigold
both front & back! It also carries the Soda Gold stippled exterior pattern. Other than the two faint straw
marks, this plate is mint. We've only have seen three in 43+ years of collecting & this may even be one
of those we encountered earlier! Please don't ask for discounts, we don't like embarrassing extremely
rare examples like this!!! It's spectacular!!! Item # 14-1450-SK     $2050.00 plus $ 30.00 ship
Already sold! Staying here in
Missouri! What a beautiful electric
purple plain back mint condition
piece! Outstanding purchase! Ships
on 6/8/2020!
Dugan's rare Jeweled Heart water
pitcher & 1 tumbler in  marigold!
Already sold! Headed for that big state of Texas!
Rare one of a kind! Dugan Bells and Beads/plain back  7"ruffled bowl in total electric purple! Mint
condition one of a kind, as it was owned by Rose Presznick, the famous carnival glass collector of the
1970s'! This is a "killer" investment grade example with sensational iridescent coloring on the front
only, as the back is not iridized at all. Item # 78-050-RE    $ 80.00 plus $15 ship
Rare! Dugan Jeweled Heart pedestal base water pitcher & 1 matching tumbler in nice marigold. No
damage! The one side of this pitcher is somewhat darker marigold iridescence than the other side.
This is shown in the photos above. Therefore, we must grade this piece as a collector grade example.
This still is a very hard to find water pitcher! Tumbler has no damage & is rich marigold satin sheen
iridescence that doesn't fade anywhere. Item # 15-215-SK   $ 235.00 plus $ 20 ship
Sensational iridescent coloring, no damage or issues! Huge
11" square footed bowl! Superb colorful electric iridescence
"Killer" grade from our Colleywood Private Collection!
Already sold to "Lone Star L"!
To be shipped this July week
by 7/14/18! What a super,
super piece!
Sensational iridescence, no damage or
issues makes this a real winner example!
Already sold to "Stephanie Gal" out there in Kansas!
Extremely rare! Dugan Butterfly & Tulip big 11" square bowl in
electric purple! No damage or issues! Sensational iridescent
colors throughout the inside of this "killer" investment grade
example. Just look at all the colors! Superb! From our Colleywood
Private Collection! Item # 83-1055-RE   $
highlights throughout! You don't find these very often, but when you No
damage or issues! Sensational iridescence with oodles of electric
find one like this, you'd better buy it when you have the opportunity.
They are very difficult to find at auctions! Superlative display example!
Item # 83-989-RE   $1170.00 plus $30 ship
Try finding one of these! Dugan Weeping Cherries 8-9" stem base
pedestal bowl with rare keyhole edging and in a rare radium finish
marigold both front and back!!!! You won't find one of these at your
carnival glass estate or collection auctions. All mint condition,
with absolutely stunning radium shiny rich marigold iridescence
on front and back. Item # 12-074-BO   $ 110.00 plus $15 ship
You guessed it! It's the 9-10" SkiStar rare 3in1
keyhole edged bowl in electric purple! No damage
or issues! Has super iridescence throughout the
front and back! WOW! WOW! WOW!
Rare! Dugan SkiStar 9-10" 3in1 keyhole edged bowl in electric purple! No
damage or issues! Just pure eye candy all the way! You can't imagine
how nice this piece really is until you actually see it in person. An
incredible work of art, with colorful iridescence throughout the front and
backside of this "killer" investment grade example. The iridescent
coloring is superior and is full of electric highlights! Can't ask for more!
We paid $325.00 for this beauty over 6 years ago, so we are not going to
sell it for less than $335.00 plus shipping. These are very rare in this
shape, size, keyhole edging and electric purple base glass. Beautiful
investment grade example with no damage anywhere! Item # 11-325-AL   
$ 335.00 plus $20 ship
RARE! Dugan Round Up 9" ICS low bowl in total electric lavender!
Already put in layaway by "HOACGA MAN" in Missouri!
SCARCE! Dugan Flowers & Frames 9" dome based bowl, in oxblood!
Very Rare! Dugan Round Up 9" ICS low bowl in all electric lavender! Yes, it is lavender all the way, and
it is the first I have ever seen! Mint condition! No damage anywhere! Sensational electric purple ICS
bowl with low sides, and has spectacular electric iridescence as well. "Killer" investment grade
example in a very hard Dugan vintage beautiful pattern! Item # 77-290-RE   $ 370.00 plus $25 ship
Rare! Dugan Flowers & Frames 9" dome based bowl in total electric oxblood purple! Mint condition!