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All items are currently listed Colleywood website items, that were selected to sale discount a full 20%!
Super Beautiful Moser Art Style,
Hand-painted Glass Casket Box!
Purhased for over $550.00 back in
2014! Now 20 % off during our
sale event! Better hurry!
Already sold to "The Kid" out there in
Ca;lifornia! Thank you so much, as I want
you to know this was Miss June's most
favorite treasured antique! She kept it on
her dresser always!
Beautiful handcrafted old hand
wind clock, works excellent! All
brass case &over 100 years old!
Beautiful workmanship! Don't
miss your chance here! 20% off
during our sale event!
Beautiful mint condition 100+ yr.
old Consolidated Glass glass art
vase "Dancing Ladies"! It is
12-13" tall and is listed on our
"Anythinganytime" page! 20% off
during our sale event.
Beautiful baby blue colored mint
condition 100+ yr. old 12" art vase
from Consolidated Glass, called
"Flying Geese"! Awesome rare
piece and is listed on our
"Anythinganytime" page. Better
not drag your feet on this lovely
antique, as it is very rare to find
and just exquisite! You won't find
another for quite some time, now
20% off during our sale event!
Already Sold! Sold to "The Kid" out there in
California! Thanks you so much for your
continued support in these trying COVID
times! This is a heavy art glass vase weighing
about 7 lbs.! Very rare and very beautiful! No
damage or issues! Pristine!
Rare Antique all beveled glass, hand crafted snd
hand painted Mosser Casket Box! No damage! All
panels hand enamel painted! This is beyond
beautiful! It is signed with the Moser trademark in
upper case block lettering. This is a magnificent  
casket box, I believe is a Moser original piece!
Item # 89-550-CG   $750.00 plus $45 ship
20% off sale price = $ 600.00 plus $45 ship
Swiss made Bucherer compact all brass dresser
clock. Works perfectly! Beautiful, cute and very
well made Swiss little compact clock with swing
around design! Inside a very ornate polished
brass holder. This is a rare piece indeed. It was
purchased way back in 1989 at a estate sale in
Kansas City! Item # 89-375-CG  $ 475.00 +$40 ship
20% off sale price = $ 380.00 plus $40 ship
Rare! Old early 1900s' Dancing Ladies 12-13" tall
giant vase made by Consolidated Glass Company
of Phoenixville, PA. Weighs almost 6 lbs. and has
beautiful raised white nude dancing ladies on a
stunning purplish red vase body. The colors are
simply stunning, with the vase being completely
mint condition! Very difficult to find such a beauty
in today's marketplace. Magnificent "killer"
investment grade example which looks awesome
when placed on display. Don't lose your rare
golden opportunity to own this incredibly rare
popular pattern Consolidated Glass vase. They
just don't make art glass vases like this classic
anymore. Item # 17-299-RE   $ 340.00 +  $25 ship
20% off sale price = $ 272.00 plus $25 ship
Rare! Early 1900s' Consolidated Glass Company
10-11" tall Flying Geese art glass vase in powder
blue body color with raised frosted satin glass
flying geese throughout the vase! Absolutely mint
condition "killer" investment grade example that
looks outstanding when placed on display! It
weighs over 7 lbs. and is a massive piece of top
quality art glass. The Flying Geese pattern is one of
Consolidated's most popular collected vintage
patterns. This is simply one gorgeous art glass
vase which is very difficult to find in today's
marketplace! Item # 17-293-RE  $325.00 + $25 ship
20% off sale price = $ 260.00 plus $25 ship. Will
USPS Insured Priority Mail ship this item after the
Thanksgiving Holiday, so it will ship completely
safe! Will send you the USPS tracking number very
soon after Thanksgiving!
Beautiful 12" tall long necked
bulb bottom vase 100+ years old
from Consolidated Glass. It is
called "Leaves" and has a cream
color to it. Rare to find anywhere!
20% off during our sale event!
Beautiful Fenton Glass post 1970
"Hobnail" pouring pitcher done
in rare plum opalescent glass.
Pitcher has clear handle, no
damage or issues! It was never
used, still new! 20% off during
our sale event!
Heavy wheel cut old leaded crystal
glass low serving bowl with very
intricate cut pattern, but do not
know pattern name or maker of
this wonderful rare example! It
weighs about 4 lbs! 20% off
during our sale event!
Unmarked Fenton Glass ruby red
original "Dancing Nudes"
pattern glass pressed non iridized
vase. I believe it is a pre 1940, but
am not sure, as Fenton did
remake this pattern. 20% off
during our sale event!
Rare! Early 1900s' Consolidated Glass Company
12" tall  Leaves art glass vase in tan colored
glass, with raised leaves pattern in frosted satin
glass throughout the vase! Mint condition nice old
vase from a renowned early manufacturer the
Consolidated Glass Company, whose main
product was glass globes for gas lights, common
along the city streets back then.. Weighs over 3
pounds. Nic rare piece indeed. Item # 17 183-RE     
$ 250.00 plus $30 ship
20% off sale price = $ 200.00 plus $30 ship
RARE! Fenton Art Glass Company clear handled
flame top pitcher 4 1/2" round body diameter x 14"
tall, in rare plum opalescent glass. Less than 100
of these made into handled pitchers, as most were
made as ruffled and flame top vases. Mint new
condition, still has original factory tags attached.
This is rare indeed! Absolutely breathtaking piece!
Item # 19-335-FM      $ 395.00 plus $40 ship
20% off sale price = $ 316.00 plus $40 ship
Brilliant wheel cut heavy leaded crystal glass
11-12" low round  cut glass bowl. It weigs over 3
lbs.! Undamaged! Very intricate pattern, but don't
know the maker. Item # 10-165-AA  $ 210.00 + $25
ship. Bargain Priced!
20% off sale price = $ 168.00 plus $25 ship
Extremely rare! Fenton Art Glass Dancing Ladies
vase in beautiful ruby red glass! This vase was
made between 1921 and 1935! Mint condition! No
Fenton oval stamp on the bottom! It is a vintage
example according to Fenton Glass factory
records! What a prize 8 1/2" tall ruby red Dancing
Ladies original vase. Absolutely stunning vase!
Item # 19-305-FM      $395.00 plus $40 ship
20% off sale price = $ 316.00 plus $40 ship
Ultra rare! Crystal Glass
Company of Australia "Piping
Shrike", a.k.a. "Thunderbird" 8
piece master sixteen ruffle berry
set in radium black amethyst! May
be the only 8 pc.set in the U.S.A.!
20% off during sale eveent! WOW!
Rare! Cryustal Glass Company of
Australia 12 ruffle "Kookaburra"
master berry bowl in radium
finish black amethyst! Has the
Fern & Wattle exterior pattern.
This is a rare piece indeed. 20 %
off during our sale event! WOW!
Very rare! Crystal Glass Company
of Australia, "Emu" eight ruffle
master berry bowl in radium
finish black amethyst! No damage
or issues! These are very rare to
find anywhere! 20% off during
our sale event! WOW!!
Already sold! Headed back to Australia!
Ships insured Priority Mail 11/19/2020!
Super Imperial "Grape"carafe in
electric purple! No danage or
issues, a super duper piece from
the Colleywood private collection!
20% off during our sale event!
Extremely rare! Only known 8 piece 16 ruffled
bowl set in America
! Crystal Glass Piping Shrike,
a.k.a. "Thunderbird" 8 pc. 16 ruffled bowl set in
black amethyst! All pieces mint condition! No
damage to any piece in this fabulous set! It is
directly from our Colleywood Carnival Exclusive
Private Collection! What a sensational looking
extremely rare set, and with a highly desirable
pattern! The back sides of all pieces have a
radium high shine gray iridescent finish. Buy with
total confidence! You will have to only set!
Item # 97-2360-RE   $2850.00 plus $80 ship. A total
bargain price!
20% off sale price = $ 2280.00 plus $80 ship
The very best! Very Rare Australian Kookaburra
12 ruffled 10" master bowl in radium finish black
No damage or issues! "Killer"
investment grade! Fantastic crisp clear mold
strike! Out of this world iridescence! The best
we've ever seen! The stippling pattern within the
center is somrthing we've never seen before! Also
the tail feathers of the Kookaburra seem longer
than others we've seen! Very Rare Australian
Pattern! Unbeatable example! Listing coming soon!
20% off sale price = $ 520.00 plus $40 ship
Very rare! Crystal Glass Company Australian Emu
9-10" eight ruffled master bowl in radium shiny
finish black amethyst.
No damage! No issues!
Super colorful radium shiny iridescence
throughout. We had a very difficult time taking
photos of this "killer" investment grade example
due to camera glare from the very shiny radium
finish iridescence present. An absolute
"showstopper" piece! These are very hard to find,
even in Australia, and the pattern is very popular,
so here's your very rare opportunity to own one.
Item # 83-815-RE    $ 950.00   plus $40 ship
20% off sale price = $ 760.00 plus $40 ship
Imperial "Imperial Grape" water carafe in electric
purple! No damage! Sensational iridescence
throughout the piece. All electric highlights galore!
This is a killer piece just waiting for your killer
collection! You won't be sorry you snagged this
gem! Item # 11-115-EB  $ 195.00 plus $25 ship
20% off sale price = $ 156.00 plus $25 ship
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