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The Fenton carnival glass items listed on this page are all unsigned vintage items. These items were manufactured
by Fenton Art Glass before 1920. Fenton is known as the carnival glass manufacturer who developed the most
vintage patterns made during the vintage carnival glass era. Brought to by C
olleywood Carnival Glass
Company!       www.colleywoodcarnival.com
Fenton's "Holly" interior with the  exterior in nice
marigold. 8-9" bracket edge ruffled bowl. No
damage! Excellent irridescence & is very rich
applied inside. Collector grade quality example!
Item # 01-046-SD    $ 45.00 plus $15 ship
Fenton's "Orange Tree" interior with the Bearded
Berry exterior. Has the scarce trunk variant
center! 9"  flat sawtooth edge plate in clambroth
base glass! Superb, no damage, overall condition
!!!! Item # 08-090-BO    $ 150.00 plus $15 ship
Fenton's "Captive Rose" 8" CRE bowl in cobalt
blue! No damage! Really nice colorful satin  
iridescence with lots of pizzaz. Super collector
grade example with plain nicely iridized back.
Just a nice solid example of this scarce CRE  
piece. Item# 13-058-JW    $ 95.00 plus $15 ship
Scarce Color! Fenton Peacock & Grape 8-9"
spatula footed  eight ruffle bowl in scarce green.
No damage! Very nice colorful frontal iridescence
with that hard to find dark green Fenton base
glass color. Nice collector grade example with no
issues. Item # 14-058-JW       $ 80.00 plus $15 ship
Fenton's "Panther"6" footed berry bowl with the
Butterfly & Berry exterior in rich marigold! No
damage! Great collector grade example of this
classic Fenton pattern! Good mold strike as well!  
Item # 06-040-WW    Price:$ 35.00 plus $10 ship
Fenton "Peacock Tail" two handle stemmed
bonbon in green. No damage! Nice dark green
example with plain iridized back side. The base
and handles are not iridized. Superb iridescent
coloring with a nice crisp mold strike. Nice piece!
Item # 14-022-SK   $35.00 plus $ 15 ship
Fenton's "Orange Tree" 4 footed tumbler in cobalt
blue! Yes, it has 2 of the normal foot dings but
otherwise is in excellent shape! Most have dings!
Item # 06-002-DM     $35.00 plus $10 ship
Fenton "Captive Rose" 8-9" ruffled bowl in
marigold It is in superb overall
. It is also iridized on the backside. This
is a real nice colorful marigold piece! Superb!  
Item #01-050-SD    $ 40.00 pus $15 ship
Fenton "Orange Tree Trunk Extensions Variant"
8-9"ICS bowl in electric blue!
No damage, but if
you look closely at the above photo, when it is
enlarged, you will see a small iridescent cooling
wrinkle line at about 9:30 o'clock in the photo.
This is from the making and is not considered
damage. This is a sensationally electric iridized
piece with purple, blue, green, yellow and orange
hues! Bearded Berry back is also superbly
iridized  Item 12-155-TB     $170.00 plus $15 ship
Scarce! Fenton Little Fishes 9" footed eight ruffled
bowl in rich marigold. No damage but the piece
does have that typical Fenton center straw mark
you find on almost all of these. Just look at the
gorgeous colorful marigold iridescence on the
inside of this bowl. WOW! Solid collector grade
example! Item # 13-121-SK   $ 245.00 plus 15 ship
Fenton Holly 8-9" eight ruffle bracket edge bowl in
amber! Sadly, this one has been damaged and
ground and re-polished on the rim edge to make it
look better. We don't do that sort of thing, but we
bought this one and the Wroda auction personnel
didn't call this damage. So we won it absentee
and are now stuck with it. It is a very scarce nice
amber color base glass, and has a gorgeous
appearance. We photoed the repaired area above.
Item # 13-049-JW   First $ 32.00 plus $15 ship
Scarce! Fenton "Feather Stitch" low ruffled bowl,
almost a plate, in rich marigold.
No damage! No
! Nice evenly applied dark marigold
iridescence with the famous Fenton bracket edge.
Item # 15-047- JW   $ 65.00 plus $15 ship.
Already put in layaway by a smart
collector who is also a Korean Vet!
Fenton's "Butterfly & Fern" 7 pc. water set in
amethyst! No damage! The pitcher is a little bit
silvery in relation to the tumblers, but it still looks
good as a set. Great iridescent coloring on all
pieces of the set. This is a highly sought after
Fenton pattern and will not last long on here!!!
Item # 12-295-SK    $ 330.00 plus $20 ship
Fenton's "Little Flowers" 10" ruffled bowl in cobalt
blue! Has no chips, nicks,  cracks or repairs! But
it does have several small wear rubs on the
inside iridescence. Superior color & iridized
nicely. Item #01-255-SD     $ 160.00 plus $15 ship
Fenton "Butterfly & Berry 7 pc. water set in rich
marigold. No damage on any piece! Really a
beautiful set at a very affordable price! Tumblers
match the pitcher to a tee! Doesn't get much better
than this set. Collector grade with nice even
marigold. Item #12-105-TB   $ 165.00 plus $25 ship
Fenton's "Fentonia" exterior with a plain interior.
9" footed berry master bowl in blue base glass. If
you look closely at the upper legs of this piece you
will see some white residue in the line grooves.
This is from the making of it. Piece is all of great.
Item # 08-102-EB       $ 105.00 plus $15 ship
Already put into layaway by
"Lisa Gal"!
It's a rare bright red, and
it's "killer" grade!
RARE! Fenton's "Concord" 8-9" 3in1 edged bowl
in dark green!
No damage! The iridescence has a
neat teal hue to it, which makes the piece really
look unique. You can especially see the teal hue
on the grape clusters! It does have 1 color spot on
the back side, as shown in the close up photo.
Item#14-110-SK   $170.00 plus $20 ship
Rare! Fenton Orange Tree mug in rare red! Very
hard to find as nice as this one out in the
marketplace! No damage! No issues! Really nice
iridescent coloring with bright red base glass!!!
Item # 15-130-JW         $170.00 plus $15 ship
Fenton's "Two Flowers" interior with plain
outside. Big 10" footed ruffled bowl in rich
marigold. It has 1 open foot bubble, not noticeable.
Item # 06-045-WZ       $ 45.00 plus $15 ship
Fenton's "Paneled Diamonds & Bows" exterior.
5-6" flame top vase in blue base glass. Wonderful
iridizing and piece has no damage. Nice clean
pattern that is not all stretched out. Solid piece!  
Item # 06-053-SD         $ 70.00 plus $15 ship
Already sold! Headed for the state of
Fenton's "Coin Dot" or Westmoreland's "Pearly
Dots"! 9" plate in amethyst. The plate was
misshapened during the manufacture and 4 dots
in the center are smashed down. Still a nice
plate!!! Item # 06-070-WZ     Price USD: $ 75.00
Fenton's "Enameled Cherry Blossoms" hand
enameled cannonball type water pitcher in blue
base glass. Couple of missing specks in the
enameling but no damage to pitcher! It is in
excellent overall shape! No glass damage!!!!!!!
Item # 06-111-DM     Price USD: $ 130.00
Fenton's exterior "Beaded Star" pattern with plain
interior. 6-7" four sides up bowl in light marigold.
Excellent overall condition! Not many collect it.
Item # 06-018-BA     Price USD: $ 25.00
Rare! Fenton Holly 8-9" bracket edge ruffled bowl
in red!
No damage anywhere! This is a iridescent
color combination of yellow, orange and silver
which frankly does not really over excite your
color senses, but does present a unique look. The
silver color is mostly used to highlight the pattern
elements, while the yellow/orange is used as
background. Some of the pattern elements have
light iridescence. This is a nice collector grade.
Item # 14-278-SK    $ 365.00 plus $20.00 ship
Fenton's "Pine Cone" 6 1/2" twelve sided  plate in
blue base glass! Has 1 typical Fenton center
straw mark, otherwise,  it's in superb undamaged
shape! Item #06-058-DM      Price USD: $ 75.00
Fenton's "Peacock Tail" 6-8" ICS bowl in rich
marigold. It has no damage! Superior iridescence
with average color. It's in A-1 superb condition!!!
Item #03-040-SD      Price USD: $ 30.00
Fenton's "Blackberry Bramble" interior with plain
exterior in amethyst base glass. 6" stem compote
is in excellent condition! No observed damage!!

The white in the photo is only our camera glare
and not any iridescent discoloration or spotting
Item # 06-048-SD     Price USD: $ 55.00
Fenton's "Long Thumbprint Hobnail" 11" vase in
green base glass. This differs from the Knotted
Beads vases in that the hobs in the clusters do
not interconnect! Nice superb condition example!!!
Item #08-095-EB     Price USD: $ 110.00
Already sold to a collector in Florida!
Already sold to the "Wheat Boy"
in South Dakota!
Already put into layaway by "Lisa Gal!
Fenton "Two Flowers" 7-8" round deep spatula
footed bowl in beautiful cobalt blue. No damage!
Wonderfully iridized both inside and out. Nice
colorful satin sheen iridescence that isn't so
silvery like many of these. Solid collector grade
example that would join nicely into any growing
collection. Simply put, the piece is just gorgeous!
Item # 14-059-SK    $73.00 plus $16 ship.
A beauty
Fenton's "Orange Tree/Orange Tree" 10" footed
fruit bowl in scarce amethyst with the rare "Daisy
Ring" center. The bowl is wide 10" because it is
simply pulled up higher& tighter than the 11" wide
bowls. No damage! Above average color &
iridescence inside & out & no areas of missing
iridescence. Item # 06-340-M   $ 385.00
super buy!
Fenton's "Leaf Chain" interior wirh Bearded Berry
exterior. 9" flat 12 sided plate with sawtooth edge
in a nice frosty white!
Superb overall condition!!!  
Item # 07-122-EB     Price USD: $ 145.00
Fenton's "Leaf Chain" interior with Berry & Leaf
Circle exterior. 8-9" ICS  bowl in a dark rich
marigold. Nice pumpkiny coloring! Superb
undamaged overall condition! Sits nice &  flat!
Item # 11-033-JW     Price USD: $ 40.00
Already put in layaway! Great price for a
very scarce & beautiful Fenton vintage 3
piece water set! Congrats!
Already sold to the "Wheat
Boy" in South Dakota!
Fenton "Butterfly & Fern" water pitcher with  two
matching tumblers in cobalt blue!
No damage!
Nice colorful 3 pc. water set with good
iridescence. These are scarce and are always in
high demand. Nice collector grade example for
you. Item # 12-247-JW    $ 275.00
Fenton "Fentonia" 7pc. complete berry set in
cobalt blue! Looks unused! No damage! Superb
irridescence! All pieces undamaged! Collector
grade! Item # 93-275-RE  Price: USD $ 355.00
Fenton "Cherry Circles" two handled bonbon in
No damage! Irridescence is pretty silvery but
does have some other colors to it. Just a nice
typical example of this pattern that is a bit silvery.
Item #10-023-BO          Price: USD $ 50.00
Fenton "Orange Tree" Trunk Variant 8-9" ruffled
bowl in cobalt blue!
No damage! Nice colorful
irridescence in and out with the desired  trunk
extensions in the center area. Good collector
grade example! Item #10-036-BO   Price: $ 75.00
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WOW to
the nth
Alright "Wheat Boy", here is the killer blue Fenton
"Orange Tree" footed fruit bowl we promised to
show you! It is a non-damaged example, has the
rare daisy ring variant center inside, and has
beautiful green iridescence! We'll give the
standard fifteen days to get in touch and let us
know if you want the piece. After that, we'll list it &
we're pretty sure it'll sell quickly! Really nice!!!
Item # 11-278-SK    $ 320.00 plus $25 ship
Fenton "Orange Tree" 8-9" ICS bowl with Bearded
Berry back side in blue.
No damage! Nice
collector grade example with good iridescent
coloring both front & back. Good clear & crisp
mold strike and has no issues. Superb example!
Item # 14-077-EB   $ 120.00 plus $ 20 ship
Fenton "Orange Tree with trunk extensions" 9"
twelve sided plate in cobalt blue.
No damage! This
is a piece with super iridescence and is in near
mint condition. It even has some stretchy frontal
iridescence and beautiful iridescent coloring on
the front side. It has one issue, a very slight push
up to the inside center area, leading to a slight out
of round base ring.
A real nice showpiece! The
super iridescent coloring is simply incredible. It's
worth $600-$800!
Item # 14-210- EB     $ 325.00 plus $ 20.00 ship
Scarce! Fenton Grape & Cable 10-11" ball footed
fruit bowl with the Persian Medallion interior
pattern in scarce green! This is the smaller footed
fruit bowl.
No damage! Nice satin iridescence both
inside and out on this "killer" investment grade
beauty. Just review the above photos, then
purchase with total confidence. This one is a
keeper. Hard to find in dark green. Fabulous
piece! Item # 14-138-JW    $ 185.00 plus $15 ship
Already sold! Headed for the state of
Already sold! Headed to that smart
collector out there in California!
Fenton's "Fantail" interior with Butterfly & Berry
exterior. 9" footed bowl in blue base glass. A little
bit bronzy colored, but in a no damage condition!
Item # 07-090-EB     Price USD: $ 95.00
Fenton "Kittens" 2 sides up saucer plate in
marigold. Nice cutie piece with no observed
damage. Nice even marigold that is not dark and
not too light. Normal marigold coloring that is
evenly applied. Four sets of kitties. Nice collector
grade example. Item # 12-046-JW   $ 51.00 WOW!!
A super bargain for a very popular piece!
Fenton "Lady's Spittoon" compote whimsey in
light color marigold. This is a very scarce item
that is tough to find. No damage! It is more of a
conversation piece of carnival glass than it is a
designated pattern.  What did ladies use spittoons
for?!? Item #93-064-RE   Price: USD $ 75.00
Fenton "Illusion" two handled  bonbon in rich
No damage! Nice crisp mold strike
piece with evenly applied dark marigold with
colorful iridescence! It has a nice outside
iridescence too! Item # 11-036-EB   Price: $ 45.00
Super popular &"cute" Little
Fishes pattern. Very scarce in
the footed ICS bowl!
Rare pattern! Nice example!
Rare in this ICS shape! It just
has a paper ID tag on back.
Fenton "Lion" 7" round ICS type bowl in rich
No damage! Just a super clean example
for your collection! My partner is a "Leo", so you can
imagine how many of these we have amassed over
the 40+ years of collecting! Right now, however, we
are just trying to find a good home for this superb
piece! Item #09-057-EB    Price: USD $ 80.00
Fenton "Peacock & Grape 8-9" ICS bowl in rich
No damage, although it does have a tiny
manufacfturing flaw on one of the arcs inside the
bowl. These are commom in carnival glass
pieces, but it does not detract from the stunning
beauty this piece possesses. Astonishing colors
inside & out! Item #11-062-EB      Price: $ 75.00
This is the ever popular Fenton "Little Fishes"
scarce pattern. It is a 9-10" footed master berry
bowl that has
no damage. The iridescence is
nicely applied in a lavish fashion both inside &
out. The rich marigold iridescence is close to
pumpkin status, so this is overall a super
example of this pattern. Better angle to catch the
deal we're offering! Item #06-131-WW    $ 190.00
RARE! Fenton "Dragon & Strawberry" 8-9" ICS
No damage! Has a inside center area that
was made with no iridescence there. This was
done in the making for one reason or another. It is
a fine marigold example of this elusive rare
pattern. The mold strike is good and it has a plain
iridized backside. There is a paper ID tag we left
on the back side. Item # 02-500-SD   $ 400.00
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Scarce! Fenton "Dragon & Lotus" 9" ICS bowl in
green on with a silver plate bowl mount!
. Good iridescent color and nice crisp &
clean mold strike. It does have some sizable mold
lines or cooling lines on the plain iridized back
side of the bowl. The silver plate pedestal could
use cleaning as well, but this is still a really nice
unique type piece of collector carnival glass!!
Item # 14-046-JW    $ 75.00 plus $ 20 ship
Fenton "Fine Rib" 11-12" flame top vase in cobalt
No damage! What makes this vase special
is that it has color bands as you go up the height
of the vase. As you can see, the top band is
electrically highlighted making the flame top
appear like a blue flame of a fire! Kind of a unique
vase  piece that really stands out! Sits nice and
flat. Item # 01-040-SD   Price: USD $ 70.00
Fenton "Little Fishes" 6" footed sauce bowl in
scarce amethsyt.
No damage, but does have a
typical Fenton center straw mark. Superb
iridescent coloring along with a good mold strike
make this piece a solid collector grade example.
These are very scarce in the amethyst base glass
color, and we are lucky to be able to offer it here!
Item # 13-073-SK     $ 80.00 plus $10 ship.
Fenton "Stream of Hearts" frosted stem ruffled
compote in marigold.
No damage! The frosted
stem produces a unique contrast with the dark
marigold ruffled top bowl. It really draws your
attention when you give it a look while it's on
display. Nice! Item # 06-032-SL    Price: $ 60.00
Fenton "Acorns" 7-8" bracket edge ruffled bowl in
dark marigold.
No damage! Nice soft satin silver
overtone  irridescence with a good clear mold
strike. Item # 05-045-SD  Price: USD $ 45.00
Fenton "Acorns" 7-8" bracket edge flare top round
bowl in cobalt blue.
No Damage! Superb colorful
irridescence on the inside. Collector grade piece.
Item # 01-055-SD        Price: USD $ 60.00
Fenton " Peacock & Urn" Stem Compote in
marigold. No damage, but has some blackish ash
specks in glass. This is a nice  typical example,
but it is not of a collector grade example. Still OK!  
Item # 03-058-EB       Price: USD $ 25.00
Fenton "Orange Tree" Big 10-11" footed fruit bowl
in amethyst.
No damage! Nothing electrically
exciting about the color or the irridescence on the
but this bowl is a very, very scarce
amethyst color! It also has the variant daisy
center decoration
!! Great table centerpiece fruit
bowl that looks good and is actually quite rare to
find! See Doty's site! Item # 06-340-M    $ 350.00
RARE! Fenton "Fluffy Peacock" 7 pc. water set in
No damage! The pitcher in this set is more
colorful than the 6 matching tumblers. This is a
collector grade set where the water pitcher has
way above average iridescent coloring but the
tumblers are typically average iridescent colored.
We are not saying the set isn't nice, it simply isn't
what we'd call sensational. The pitcher makes the
grade! Item # 13-765-EB     $ 810.00
No damage!
Fenton "Captive Rose" 9" twelve sided plate in
cobalt blue! No damage, but it does have some
plate warpage at one end, where it tails upward
somewhat. It rocks when hand manipulated while
sitting on flat surface A teeney bit silvery but not
like most. Has good colors in the iridescence with
the silver color being like a overtone. Has a plain
back which is also iridized. Collector grade piece
at a very good price! Item # 11-097-BO   $ 155.00
Fenton "Orange Tree" hatpin pin holder in cobalt
blue. Very minor very typical foot fleabites. Nice
colorful iridescence, with the typical lower 1/4th
portion of the hatpin holder being a bit silvery as
shown in the above photo. Many of these are
mostly silver, so this one is actually pretty nice.
Has that nice shine to the iridescence. Collector
grade example! Item # 13-142-EB     $175.00
To our friends from Sarurday's Fenton auction in
! Heres's the green Fenton Butterfly & Fern
tumblers we have. They are all good to excellent
shape, with the bottom one in the large group
photo having a large heat check crack in the
base. Three have
very small nicks on the base &
most of them have tiny  iridescent wear to the
butterflies, as shown on the segregated photo of
one tumbler. Three tumblers are excellent. We
want $ 46 apiece for those. Email us any intentions
Staying here in Missouri!  In
"HOACGA Man's" layaway!
Already sold to "HOACGA  MAN"
right here in Missouri!
Scarce! Fenton Butterfly & Fern 7 pc. water set in
cobalt blue!
No damage! The pitcher is a very
colorful one with all the matching tumblers not
quite as colorful. But make no mistake, this is a
very nice collector grade set with a lot of color.
Study the photos and we think you'll agree this is
a really nice Fenton water set for the listing price!
Item # 13-365-JW    $ 450.00 plus $ 25 ship
Fenton "Holly" 9" plate with bracket edge in very
colorful rich marigold. No damage! Superb satin
iridescent coloring throughout this plate, with a
desired stretchy appearance on the front side. The
back side is plain, but also nicely iridized. We
grade the piece a "killer" investment example
which has a soft satiny stretchy look to it. Superb!
Item # 14-076-JW    $ 105.00 plus $15.00 ship
Our Best! Fenton Paneled Dandelion tankard
water pitcher in cobalt blue. Mint condition! No
damage, wonderful deep iridescence coloring that
is downright sensational! You won't find one nicer
if you search for several years! Don't miss your
opportunity to own a real nice one. It has the
standard center seam attached handle and the
coloring is superb. Item #86-275-RE   $ 325.00
Our Best! Fenton Wild Blackberry 8-9" ruffled bowl
in amethyst with plain back.
No damage! This is a
"killer" investment grade example from our own
Colleywood Private Collection! Superbly done!!!
This is one of the best we've ever seen in years!
Item # 84-101-RE   $ 145.00 plus $15 ship
Already put in our layaway plan!
What a super rare piece!
This Personalized Paypal
buy now button to the right
is now reserved for the
"Sunshine Girl" only!
RARE! Ice Green Vaseline base glass that glows
wildly under black light! Fenton 5-6" two Row
Open Edge with Basketweave exterior. No
damage! No cracks either! Gorgeous collector
grade piece you just can't find out there in the
marketplace. Yes, it's ice green! The whole piece!
And all of it glows!!!  Item # 12-037-BO     $ 55.00
Rare! Fenton Butterfly & Berry footed master berry
bowl in rare green!
No damage! No issues!
"Killer" investment grade example with beautiful
iridescence inside and out! Rare hard to find
color! Don't miss your opportunity here. Superb
piece!!! Item # 15-087-JW   $ 135.00 plus $20 ship
Scarce! Fenton Butterfly & Fern water pitcher in
green! Has a iridescent wear ring around the
bottom body of the pitcher. It is not very
noticeable but it is there, so we are going to
mention it. No other issues with this wonderful
collector grade example. Has way above average
iridescent coloring, and good coloring all around
& top to bottom. Superb collector grade piece!!!!!!
Item # 15-245-SK      $ 295.00 plus $20 ship
Fenton "Orange Tree" 8-9" eight ruffled bowl in
cobalt blue.
No damage! No issues! Real nice
iridescent coloring with loads of different color
hues. Nice iridescence on the Bearded Berry back
side too. Item 15-077-JW   $ 95.00 plus $15 ship
Sapphire Blue!
If it looks this good at night under our regular
kitchenette incadescent lighting, imagine this
radium finish beauty under display lighting!
Fenton's "Butterfly & Fern" cobalt blue water
pitcher! No damage anywhere in or out! Period!
The iridescence is colorful, but it's not a color bath.
The radium finish is what's talking on this beauty!
Item # 12-225-BO   Price: $ 310.00   A bargain!!
Fenton Holly 8-9" six ruffled bowl in scarce green.
No damage! No issues! super iridescent coloring
on both the front & the plain back side. Nice
collector grade example which is very affordably
priced. One of Fenton's most popular patterns!!
Item # 14-039-JW    $ 55.00 plus $15 ship
Very scarce!Fenton Holly 8-9" 3 in 1 edged bowl in
sapphire blue!
No damage! No issues! Nice
sapphire blue base glass which is very hard to
find in this Fenton pattern. The 3 in 1 edging on the
bowl is also very difficult to find in this base glass
color. Real nice colorful iridescence on both the
front & back of this collector grade piece. Item #
14-072-JW    $ 130.00 plus $15 ship
Fenton Holly 8-9" bracket edged eight ruffled bowl
in scarce green.
No damage! No issues! Piece
has concentric color rings of iridescent color,
which makes the piece stand out in the crowd.
Very pretty collector grade example at a very
affordable price. Item # 14-037-JW   $ 57.00 plus
$15 ship
Already put in
layaway by a
buyer in
Already put
into layaway
by a buyer in
Will the real red Fenton pieces please stand up!!!!
We tire of all the on-line auctions selling amberina
and reverse amberina vintage Fenton pieces to
our Carnivalites as if they were real red pieces!
Here is a piece that will show you what real red
base glass is supposed to look like! Fenton
Blackberry Spray 6-7" ruffled hat shape in real
red! No damage! Don't miss it! It's a real cherry
red!!!!!! Item #12-110-BO $ 150.00  A bargain!!
Rare real cherry red iridized carnival glass!
Fenton "Open Edge" 5-6" vintage ruffled hat
shape with Basketweave exterior. No damage, no
cracks and no repairs! Superbly iridized so as not
to hide the real cherry red base glass! These are
RARE! Don't miss it! Item # 12-115-BO   $ 155.00
Fenton Wreath of Roses 6" stemmed ruffled
compote in green.
No damage! Nice collector
grade example with nice color and good mold
strike. Nice affordable piece of Fenton green
vintage carnival glass. Outside is plain and is
iridized. Item # 14-023-SK   $ 35.00 plus $12 ship
Fenton Peacock & Grape 8-9" spatula footed
ruffled bowl in scarce green. Has plain very
superbly iridized back side.
No damage! No
! Beautiful evenly applied very colorful
iridescence inside & out! "Killer" investment
grade example! No damage to the spatula foot
blocks that usually show damage on these.
Item # 15-052-EB   $ 70.00  plus $15 ship
Already sold! Headed for the
Keystone state of Pennsylvania!
Fenton "Little Flowers" 9" ruffled bowl in green.
No damage! Plain wide panel exterior is also
nicely iridized. Superb iridescent coloring
throughout the front & back side. Loads of color.
Nice! Item # 15-073-JW   $ 90.00 plus $15 ship
Scarce! Fenton Feather Stitch 8-9" bracket edged
Those who have tried to find this Fenton pattern
know how difficult it is to find a good one. This is
a good collector grade one and at a very bargain
price. Item # 14-031-JW    $ 49.00 plus $15 ship
Fenton Holly 8-9" six ruffled bowl in cobalt blue.
No damage! Has a lot of beautiful green
iridescence on the inside of the bowl, however,
there are many other color hues present as well.
This collector grade example is a gorgeous piece
at a great price. Buy with complete confidence!
Item # 14-037-JW   $ 56.00 plus $15 ship
Fenton "Captive Rose" ruffled bowls marigold &
green! No damage to either. Both nice collector
grade examples.
Fenton's Lily of the Valley in blue!
SOLD! Now in California!
Already sold to"HOACGA Man"!
This item already sold to "Willow"!
Headed for the state of Oregon!!! It will
be shipped by 4/4/2019!
Extremely Rare & Near Mint! No Damage! The
! If you got a better one Mr. Collector, send us
a picture and we'll post it next to this one! Bet you
don't! If you want a killer's killer piece, for that so
called perfect collection, here it is! The best!
Simply put, this one is as perfect as you will ever
find! Period! No heat checks in the handle! No
bubbles! No stress cracks! No rim edge nicks or
fleabites! No damage to the base ring! No blah
color, just superbly colored iridescence!
Scarce! Fenton Lotus & Grape 6" footed round
sauce bowl in scarce aqua base! No damage or
issues! "Killer" investment grade example from
our 1982 Colleywood Private Collection pieces!
Superb iridescent coloring with nice crisp mold
pressing. Item # 82-049-RE   $ 85.00 plus $12 ship
RARE! Fenton "Orange Tree Orchard" 7 pc. water
set in cobalt blue!
No damage on any piece! Look
at the multi color iridescence in this set! Simply
awesome! These sets are very hard to find 7 pc.
complete, so don't miss a rare opportunity here.
Marvelous collector grade set with superb color!!
Item # 14-457-SK     $ 565.00 plus $30.00 ship
Fenton "Paneled Dandelion" tumbler in scarce
green! No damage and has way above average
iridescence and coloring. If you need one for your
set, this one will fill the bill! Very nice green one!
Item # 12-038-JW       $ 42.00
Rare! Fenton Orange Tree handled mug in cherry
red! Has the tiniest of a rim pinpoint with no other
issues. Cherry red base color is intense with no
yellow! The iridescence is real nice and evenly
applied throughout. Super collector grade
example you will look long to find another! Don't
hesitate! Item # 16-183-SK   $ 250.00 + $10 ship
Fenton "Butterfly & Fern" tumbler in rare purple!  
Yes, it's in purple and not the typical amethyst.
Has a little iridescent wear on the butterfly's body,
but it is still a wonderfully rare piece! Nice electric
highlights. Item # 12-032-JW     $ 39.00
Fenton "Butterfly & Fern" tumbler in green. If you
can live with two tiny fleabites on the underside of
the top rim, this is the tumbler for you. It has
superior iridescence, a good ground base and
electric highlights! Item # 12-040-JW   $ 42.00
Fenton "Orange Tree" in rich marigold. Hard to
find undamaged like this one. Nice even marigold
iridescent top to bottom.
No damage! Nice piece!
One foot may have been polished, but not sure.
Item # 12-039-EB     $42.00
Fenton "Blueberry" tumbler in blue! Hard to find as
colorful as this one.
No damage! Fill out your
water set or just have one of these very scarce to
find tumblers. It is a very popular water set
pattern! Item # 12-043-JW          $ 47.00
Fenton or Dugan "Floral & Grape" tumbler in blue!
Nice coloring, with just a very slight wear to the
iridescence, but not excessive. No other issues.
Nice! Item # 12-033-JW        $ 36.00
Fenton "Butterfly & Fern" tumbler set in amethyst.
We have the whole set of 6 matching with no
damage on any of them! Good above average
coloring, and well matched in appearance. All
factory ground. Item #  93-145-RE     $ 245.00
Already sold to that smart collector down
in Robstown Texas!
Fenton "Paneled Dandelion" water tumbler in
cobalt blue!
No damage! Super iridescent coloring
on this tumbler. Just a beauty! Has a ground base
as many of these do. No other manufacturing
issue Item # 14-023-SK   $ 29.00 plus $10 ship
Scarce! Our Best! Fenton "Butterfly & Fern" 6 pc.
matched  tumbler set in radium amethyst!
! Remember, most of  these have factory
ground bases, and thus will have tiny pinpoints on
the bottom. All the factory ground ones have such
base pinpoints. The radium finish iridescence is
simply stunning! Item # 12-205-EB   $ 265.00
Scarce! Fenton Bouquet 4 tumblers in blue! One
tumbler has an ash imbed up near the top of the
tumbler. Otherwise, the set has no other quality
issues. These are hard to find undamaged out in
the marketplace. Better snag them! Scarce
tumblers! Item # 12-067-EB    $ 95.00
Really nice Fenton 4 legged Orange Tree tumbler
in cobalt blue with electric blue highlights. Has
some very minor foot fleabites but these are very
typical on the great majority of these 4 legged
tumblers. Enlarge the photo and we think you'll
come to agree this is a really nice one! Scarce!!!!
Item # 12-034-SK   $ 42.00
Very rare! Our best! Fenton Milady 7 pc. water set in cobalt blue. No damage or
issues with any piece! The iridescent coloring is off the charts on all pieces of this
set. Just review the totally unmanaged photos! This is our best complete Fenton
Milady water set! Period!
Already sold to "Race Horse I" down there in Georgia!
Here's The majestic tankard directly from our Colleywood Private Colleywood
that goes with these sensational tumblers! Worth the wait, wasn't it
"Stephanie Gal"!?
Already put in layaway by "Stephanie Gal" out there in Kansas!
Very rare! If you want the best, you have found it! Fenton Milady 7 pc. tankard water set in cobalt blue!
This set has iridescent coloring that is out of this world. The set is virtually mint condition, with one
color spot on the pitcher right above the top handle attachment as being the only thing preventing us
from calling the entire water set mint condition! Most of the tumblers you ever find are not like these.
Most have very one dimensional iridescent color on them and thus many lack the beauty of these
colorful tumblers. The whole set is simply spectacular, and we are proud to present it here for sale!
Item # 16-778-RE   $ 840.00 plus $30 ship
Very reasonable!
From our Colleywood Private Collection! A sensational Lattice & Grape seven piece water set with out
of this world iridescent coloring! And you know what??? It's entirely a mint set! Yup, no damage to any
piece! If you can't relate to this "killer" investment grade water set, we truly feel sorry for you! These
blue sets are extremely rare in mint condition and with this truly superb coloring! Sensational
appearance! Item # 84-489-RE   $ 555.00 plus $30 ship
Lime Green
Already sold! Headed for Washington!
This item already sold to "Len"
in the UK!
Rare Fenton Coral
Paypal button
reserved for
"Black Luxin4"
RARE! Fenton "Grape & Cable" 7-8" footed bowl
in rare lime green! No damage! No issues! "Killer
investment grade example which is very difficult
to find in the marketplace! Real nice rare piece!!
Item # 15-041-SK   $ 60.00 plus $15 ship
Fenton's "Dragon & Lotus" 9" ICS bowl in true red!
No damage! Nice soft satin sheen light gold & light
silver iridescence combination really sets this
piece off! The red base glass with a light gold &
silver combination really grabs anyone's attention,
even from across the room. Just study the above
photos. Item # 13-527-SK   $ 560.00 + $50 ship
Very Scarce! Fenton Coral 8-9" 3in1 edged bowl in
nice marigold. No damage! No issues! Does have
the typical Fenton inside center straw mark, but
who cares? Nice evenly applied marigold
iridescence of this very scarce collector grade
bowl. Item # 06-086-DM   $ 110.00 plus $15 ship
Scarce! Fenton "Holly" ruffed hat shape in true
No damage! No issues! Superb red color that
you can see from across the room. Really nice red
ruffled Holly hat with a lot of pizzaz. These are very
popular, so you better not hesitate! Buy it! Item #
15-145-JH   $180.00 plus $10 ship!
From our Colleywood Private Collection!
The Best Fenton Blueberry 7 pc. water
set in marigold on this planet!
U   M
N    I
B   N
E   T
T    S
A   E
B   T
L    !
Already put in layaway by "Stephanie Gal" out there
in Kansas! Congrats on a super, super water set!
The best there is! Extremely rare & direct from our Colleywood Private Collection!
Fenton Blueberry 7 pc. water set in rich marigold! All mint condition!
No damage! No
! Absolutely the best water set we have ever seen in Fenton Blueberry!
Sensatioanl super sheen marigold iridescence which is evenly applied to all pieces
of this spectacular set. Item # 87-485-RE    $595.00 plus $30 ship
means "nothing better" in PA. Dutch
Already sold to "Gemini One" up there in Northeast Pennsylvania!
Already sold to "Looking Glass Lady" out there  in Pennsylvania!
Very Scarce! Fenton "Plaid" 8-9" low ruffled bowl in green! No damage! No issues! In mint condition!
These low ruffled bowls are very difficult to find in mint condition & this one is a "killer" investment
grade example in every way! It has three small enclosed bubbles as shown in the close up photo
above. They do not show up in the display of this beauty nor do they hurt the value of this beauty. This
is a rare green out of our Colleywood Private Collection. Item # 87-266-RE   $ 335.00  plus $15 ship
Fenton "Holly" 9" ICS bowl in cherry red! No damage except for two minute pocks to the back side
iridescence as shown in the close up photo above
! Look at the beautiful concentric iridescent color do
not detract in any way in displaying this "killer" ICS bowl. The iridescence and coloring are just
awesome! Sensational piece for the most avid collector. It's a "killer" investment grade example in our
book and is not the same piece we show elsewhere on the site pages.  A magnificent piece!!!!!!!!! Item
# 14-578-SK    $ 660.00 plus $20 ship
Another super, super piece at a bargain price!
The Paypal buy now button above is reserved for  "Sunshine Girl" out in California!
Rare! Fenton Lions 7-8" ICS bowl in cobalt blue! Has the normal Berry & Leaf Circle exterior pattern
which is also nicely iridized!
No damage! No issues! Iridecence is slightly on the silvery side, but has
plenty of other colors inside as well. The iridescence is way above average for these blue ones.
These are really hard to find in blue and in the ice cream shaped bowl. "Killer" investment grade
example! Item # 15-146-SK   $ 200.00 plus $15 ship
Scarce! Fenton Two Flowers footed 9-10" master bowl in cobalt blue! Beautiful inside colorful
iridescence, just as shown in the photos above. Plain exterior, which is also superbly iridized with
very colorful satin iridescence.
No damage! No issues! Tough to find these master sized bowls with no
damage & with this great iridescent coloring inside & out. Item # 15-055-SK   $ 90.00 plus 15 ship
Has very colorful marigold
Has exceptional pink
iridizing; pink marigold!
Already sold! Plate staying here
in Missouri! What a beautiful
plate you are getting! Will ship
on 3/30 2020!
How many years are you
avid collectors going to
one of these extremely
rare ad bowls in this
"killer" investment
condition? Doty shows
none sold since 2009!
Fenton's "Lotus & Grape" interior with plain
exterior. 9" ruffled  bowl in rich marigold. Nice
coloring!  Superb overall condition!! No damage!
Real looker! Item #11-097-EB    Price: USD $
120.00 plus $20 ship
Pink Marigold! Fenton Holly 91/2" bracket edge
plate in pink marigold! No damage, but does have
a couple of tiny enclosed bubbles and 1 very  tiny
completely enclosed ash residue speck. Unless
you hold this
sensational pink iridescent piece up
to the outdoor light, you don't see the tiny bubbles
or the tiny ash speck. This is a collector grade
example! Item #13-117-JW   $185.00 plus $15 ship
Some very minor roughness on the rim edges but
they are not nicks or chips. Beautiful collector
grade example with rich marigold iridizing
throughout both matching pieces. The saucer has
4 sets of kitties while the cup has two sets of
kitties. Item # 14-105-EB     $ 145.00 plus $10 ship
Extremely Rare! Fenton "Norris N. Smith"
Advertising  6-7" ruffled bowl in amethyst.
! There are also rare  plates in this pattern,
so the pattern is not what is extremely rare, it's the
ruffled bowl without any damage that is hardly
ever found undamaged! Does have one typical
Fenton straw mark. Superb mold strike! Real Nice!
Item # 11-855-RN     $ 1250.00 plus $15 ship
Look how orange the front side iridescence
is, yet, see how red the back side is in the
back side photo above! One of a kind!
Already put in layaway by
"Stephanie Gal" out  there in
No damage, some iridescent wear on handles, and has a little
askewed look between the stem and the bowl. So what!!! Nice!
It's a rare one of a kind that has a rare pumpkin orange iridescence on front! Fenton Dragon & Lotus
8-9" ICS bowl in rare cherry red! The front has all dark orange iridescence inside! It has a plain red
iridized back side which is also beautifully iridized. It has no damage,
but does have a sizable
completely enclosed bubble as shown in the photo above at around 6:30 o'clock in the picture
. We
think this piece was actually made as a Halloween Special piece, by a very creative Fenton factory
worker. Item # 88-355-RE    $ 445.00 plus $15 ship
No damage, but where the stem base got attached to the 2 handled bowl, the bowl got attached to the
stem base slightly askew. No harm, since you hardly notice it when loving cup is on display. The
iridescence is full of electric highlights and is very colorful. It has the peacock tail interior pattern,
and a very faint inside straw mark on the inside bottom. Again. who cares? This is a very colorful
pretty loving cup, which is very difficult to find this colorful. Listing coming soon!
Fenton's  Orange Tree
Orchard 7 pc. water set
in regular marigold.
"Killer" investment grade water set! Fenton Butterfly & Berry 7
pc. water set in cobalt blue!
No damage on any piece!
When you look these complete sets up on the www.ddoty.com reference site, his prices make no
sense at all! He shows complete sets selling for under $500, yet he shows single blue pitchers
selling from a low of $325 up to a high of $2300! He has no clue where the market is for these sets!
Already put in layaway by "Stephanie Gal" out there in Kansas!
Scarce! Fenton Orange Tree Orchard 7 pc. water set in regular marigold. No fading of iridescent color
on the pitcher. No damage! No issues! Hard to find in the marketplaceFour tumblers match perfectly,
while the other 2 are darker in iridescent coloring. Because of the darker 2 tumblers we grade this
set a a super collector grade example. We could come up with two other matching tumblers, but we
show this set, just as it came out of our 1978 Colleywood Private Collection box. We would gladly
substitute two other matching tumblers if you so desire. No damage on any piece, however the
pitcher has a small bit of smooth extra glass on the neck of the pitcher. No other issue. If we
substituted the two other matching tumblers, we would change the grading to "killer" investment
grade. Listing coming soon!
Rare! Fenton "Butterfly & Berry" 7 pc. water set in cobalt blue. No damage! Superior set with great
color and superbly done iridescence. Hard to find a complete undamaged totally well matched set
such as this beauty. It won't last long on our site, so don't hesitate on it. "Killer" investment grade set
that is really sensational! The pitcher, especially, is a real "killer" example and is worth way more
than we are asking for the complete water set! "Deltaman" had this set in his layaway items but has
had over two years to act on it and he hasn't, even though it was at $100 less than we are asking
now! So, here is a showstopper "killer" grade complete 7 piece water set at a "super duper" price!
Item # 13-495-SK     $ 645.00 plus $30 ship
Remember, a pitcher, not as nice, sold for $925 in 2013!
A Fenton rare Dragon & Strawberry 9" footed eight ruffled bowl in rare green! It's
almost perfect except for one very minor manufacturing indent tool mark and a tiny
color spot, both from the original making! You can see both marks in the large
photo above at about 8 o'clock in the photo. Nothing else wrong with this rare
beauty! Look at the iridescent coloring, it's just sensational!
Already sold to "Race Horse II" down there in Georgia!
Rare Green!
Already a pending sale by "Stephanie Gal"  out there in Kansas!
Rare! Fenton Dragon & Strawberry 9" footed eight ruffled bowl with plain radium finish iridized back in
rare green. Has no damage but does have one tool mark indent that has dragged a small bit of
iridescence off a tiny area of the bowl. About 1/16" in size. It also has about a 1/16" dark iridescent
color spot in the same ruffle valley. We show these 2 very, very minor issues in the close up photos
above. Super, super example! Item # 88-500-RE   $ 580.00 plus $20 ship
Rare! Fenton Thistle banana boat in rare green! No damage! No issue! Nice iridescent coloring inside
and out. "Killer" investment grade example. We added photos taken on our well known kitchenette
chair with the blue/grey towel. As you can see, this is one sensational Fenton Thistle banana boat in
rare green. The colors inside & out are stunning, as is the entire piece. What a beauty! Carnivalites,
you are letting some "killer" pieces get by you! Item # 80-215-RE        $ 255.00 plus $25 ship
One of the best amethyst  Fenton 1910 Detroit Elks we ever seen! No damage! No issues! Just a  
beautiful "killer investment grade example!
Already sold to "Gemini One" up in Northeast
It's a rare "killer" investment grade green! WOW!
This item is already sold to "Gemini One" up there in
Northeast Pennsylvania !   Will ship this item on
Very Rare! Fenton 1910 Detroit Elks ruffled bowl in rare amethyst! No damage! No issues! A real clear
crisp mold strike and a true "killer" investment grade example! The iridescent color on this rare bowl
is just incredible! Please review our unmanaged photos of this rare beauty and understand, most of
these we've ever seen just don't have the crisp mold strike or the sensational colorful iridescence
present on this "killer" example. Item # 16-855-SK    $ 950.00 plus $15 ship.
A bargain for this beauty!
Extremely rare! Fenton 1910 Detroit Elks ruffled bowl in extremely rare dark green! No damage or issues!
Has beautiful iridescent coloring, with the outside even having a radium finish! Also, has  good clear
lettering with a nice goldish lettering banner. Don't miss a once in a lifetime opportunity with this
extremely rare Elks bowl. They don't come up for sale.very often, but when they do, everybody wants to
purchase, but since the auctions don't sell them on layaway terms, it's cash and carry at the auction
conclusion. Item # 17-689-JW   $ 850.00 plus $15 ship.  
Absolutely a bargain for this extremely rare bowl!
Already sold to
"Race Horse II"
down in Georgia!
This "killer' grade piece will light up your cabinet! A Dragon & Lotus in
true amber! From our 1981 Colleywood Private Collection!
You won't top this red masterpiece!
Coming Soon and it won't be cheap!
One of the best there is, and it's a
highly sought after 9" ICS bowl!
Already sold to "Race
Horse II" down there in
1981 Colleywood Private Collection! A "killer" investment grade example with superb iridescent
coloring inside and on the plain exterior. Hard to find this nice and in mint condition! Just a gorgeous
piece when placed on dsiplay, a real conversation piece!
with the plain back nicely iridized as well. Superb iridescent coloring with colors very vivid and
nicely balanced throughout the front and back side of this "killer" investment grade example. Super!
Item # 86-572-RE
"Killer" grade 1914 Parkersburg Elks plate in blue! No
damage or issues! A "killer" investment grade example by
our standards! What a rare find! And what a sensational
iridized beauty both front & back!
The best there is! This is direct from the Carlton
Tarkington Collection, just recently sold by Seeck
Auctions! You want the best, well you're staring at it!
WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW! It doesn't cost you to stare!
Already sold and shipped to Gemini One up in
Northeast Pennsylvania! What a super rare Fenton
1914 Parkersburg Elks plate in cobalt blue!
Extremely rare! Fenton 1914 Parkersburg Elks plate in blue! No damage or issues.
This is the first one of these where the second eye of the elk seems visible on the
right side! The second eye can be seen upon close examination. See our small photo
#5! Whether this was a experimental piece or what, it is there for you to see! Look
close and you can see the eyeball! This is an incredible & sensational looking
example when displayed properly! Item # 17-1560-RE   $ 1850.00 plus $25 ship
Extremely rare! Have you got the moxie to buy the best there is? If so, you won't want
to miss this blockbuster once in a lifetime opportunity! A super "killer" investment
grade 1914 Parkersburg Elks plate in cobalt blue! No damage or issues! You have to
see it to believe the "out of this world" iridescence! Just an incredible "killer"grade
example! Item # 17-1775-RE     $ 1970.00 plus $ 25 ship
Now, A Colleywood Blockbuster Exclusive you'll never see
again, anywhere! Two super "killer" 1914 Parkersburgs'!
It's a radium finish blue "killer"!
Already sold to the "Kid" out in California!
Extremely rare! "Killer" investment grade Fenton
Strawberry Scroll water pitcher in cobalt blue! No damage
or issues! Super nice iridescent coloring top to bottom!
Already sold to "Looking Glass Lady" out there in Eastern Pennsylvania! What a
super rarity! Looks magnificent! Already received first payment of $330.00 on
2/25/18, a second payment of $330.00 on 3/20/18 & a final payment on 4/23/18!
Total paid as of 4/23/18= $ 990.00 To ship first week of May 2018!
Super rare! Fenton Illinois Soldiers and Sailors Home 7-8" twelve sided advertising plate in radium
finish blue! Has the normally found Berry & Leaf Circle pattern on back, which is also iridized in a satin
No damage or any issues! Sensational radium shiny, very colorful iridescence on front, with all
kinds of color hues, while the back side has a nice soft satin colorful iridescence! Just a incredible
showpiece and one of the best we've ever seen! Item # 16-1650-SK    $ 1950.00 + $20 ship
Extremely rare! Fenton Strawberry Scroll water pitcher in dark cobalt blue! No damage or issues!
"Killer" investment grade example from our Colleywood Private Collection pieces. Superb iridescent
coloring throughout, with no faded areas or non-consistent iridescence. Sensational "killer"
investment grade example! Don't miss your rare opportunity here! This one is one of the better
examples around. Item # 18-855-RE       $ 960.00 plus $30 ship
Absolute bargain for this beauty!
So, you want even more vintage Fenton Elks "killer" investment grade pieces? Boolyah!
So, you want even more vintage Fenton Elks? So, be it! Only here at Colleywood!!!