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1.41 carat round Royal Blue Natural Sapphire:
didn't even get a chance to list this one and it
sold to a gentleman from Houston, who had also
bought  our Siam Blue Sapphire!
2.21 carat rovel Padparadscha Natural Sapphire
with VVS2 clarity. Clean & has amazing color.
You'd be one proud princess to adorn this stone
in a solitaire setting! #150455927006    $576.00
7.72 carat pear shape Natural Orthoclase
Feldspar with VS1 clarity!! Wonerful big ring  or
pendant stone that will draw a lot of attention!  
Item # 1105-4685-4571    Price: USD $ 99.90
2.41 carat oval with VVS clarity! Cupprian Paraibi
Natural Tourmaline. 9.84 x 8.25 x 5.04 mm
dimensions. Super looking attention getter! WoW!
Item # 1105-4736-3736  Price: USD $ 376.00


9.55 carat VVS2 clarity! Green Natural Kunzite
from Afghanistan! Giant 11.8 x 9.7 x 8.8 mm
dimensions. Incredible big  beauty! For Pendant,
or ring! Item # 1105-4804-9527  Price: $ 345.00
4.74 carat oval VVS clarity Natural Orthoclase
Feldspar 13 x 10 x 6.5 mm big! These sparkle
with wonderful colors! Attention getter size! Nice!
Item # 1105-4894-0352   Price: USD $ 60.00
7.10 carat VVS2 trillion Natural Spessartite
Garnet unheated / untreated! Big! 11.2 x 11.2 x
6.8mm Not as orange as in photo! Brownish
orange. Nice!  # 1205-8286-8178  Price: $ 472.00
2.35 carat VVS2 clarity oval Padparadscha heated
only Natural Sapphire! WOW! Good color, good
cut! Kennedy Jewelers appraisal= $2000.00! For a
gal ring!  Item # 1504-5391-2937  Price: $ 583.00
Already Sold! Gone to West Virginia!
oval Blue Sapphire: coming!
oval Blue Sapphire: coming!
2.03 carat VVS2 oval Padparadscha Natural
Sapphire, heated only. Super color! Clean stone!
Madagascar. Item # 1504-5610-8420    $ 466.00
2.51 carat oval VVS2 Padparadscha Natural
Sapphire, heated only. Unbelievable color! Clean!  
Madagascar. Item # 1504-5610-8434   $ 673.00
heat! but
no glass

4.05 carat round Blue Sapphire: coming!
1.20 carat SI1 Clarity B Natural Pink Ruby oval
with 6 x 7 x 3mm dimensions! Nice transparency
for a ruby! Ladies ring type color! Great stone!!!!
Item # 1704-9729-4141    Price: USD $ 315.00
1.10 carat SI1,2 clarity Pinkish Red Natural Ruby
oval 6 x 7 x 2.5mm Super nice stone! The red
emanates from inside the stone! Really Nice!!!
Item # 1704-9773-6509     Price: USD $ 295.00
1.10 carat SI1,2 clarity Blood Red Ruby Natural
Ruby pear 5 x 6 x 4mm! This is a dark deep color
which is hard to see into but still transparent.
Nice! Item # 1704-9773-8402  Price: USD $ 300.00
1.0 carat SI1,2 clarity oval Blood Red Natural
Ruby oval 4 x 7 x 3mm Nice ladies ring or
pendant gem size! Quite a deep red but still nice
& transparent. Item # 1704-9815-6503   $ 280.00
1.10 carat VVS1,2 oval Light Blue "Unheated"
Natural Sapphire oval 5 x 7 x 3mm dimensions.
From Madagascar, and it is light blue & a clean
stone. Item # 1704-9983-4392     Price: $ 239.00
2.30 carat VVS2 trillion Unheated Natural
Scapolite trillion from Brazil! 8.0 x 10.9 x 5.9mm
and is a beautiful golden brownish yellow! Really
nice! Item # 1705-0073-2729  Price: USD $ 165.00
2.55 carat VS1,2 Unheated Natural Petalite round
from Brazil!
Scarce to find! Super 10x10x6.5mm
round gemstone. Wonderful clean to the eye gem!!
Item #1705-0073-3660   Price: USD $ 185.00

2.48 carat VVS1 5A quality Unheated Green
Natural Chrome Diopside emerald cut! Perfect  
for men or ladies 9.1 x 7.1 x 4.3mm Very Clean
stone Item # 1705-0097-1563   Price:$ 175.00
2.42 carat VVS1,2 Unheated Deep Green Natural
Chrome Diopside emerald cut! 9.1x7x4.2mm Nice
dark  transparent stone that is rated 5A quality!!
Item # 1705-0146-0735   Price: USD $ 165.00
0.35 carat SI1, I Natural Non-enhanced Diamond
round cut! Nice 1/3 carat eye clean stone! Good
affordable price!!! Double $ anywhere else! ICE!
Item # 1705-0795-6841   Price: USD $ 388.00
1.21 carat VS2,L-M Greenish Yellow No enhanced
Natural Diamond! Round cut! Eye Clean! Super!
Ideal for solitaire ring for ladies or men! Won't last
Item # 1805-2050-6217   Price: USD $ 1980.00


5.73 carat VVS1 White Natural Zircon. What a big
round cut rock!  9.5x9.5x5.8mm They look much
like a diamond! WOW! This is a huge hunk of
round rock! Item # 1805-2185-2386    $ 165.00
2.54 carat SI2 oval Pigeon Blood Red Natural
Ruby! It's not a Mogok, but 90% of the lookers will
think it is! Heated & filled. 9.2x7.0x4.2mm! Nice!
Item # 2004-7970-5332    Price:  USD $ 396.00
4.78 carat oval Mandarin Orange Natural
Spessartite Garnet (Cabochon) super orange
color! Pendant standout stone for sure! WOW!
0.61 carat SI2 oval Vivid Red (scarce) Natural
Ruby, unheated & untreated! From Madagascar! If
you need one that is completely 100% natural, this
is it! Item #2206-0249-9308   Price: USD $ 145.00
1.37 carat SI2 oval Pigeon Blood Red Natural
Ruby. Burma! Heated & filled natural ruby
gemstone that is gorgeous. Ideal size for ladies
ring! Item # 2206-0560-4071   $ 180.00
0.68 carat SI2 oval Maroon Flush Red Natural
Ruby, unheated / untreated! 5.5 x 4.6 x 2.6mm
Deep Red stone, nice for earring setting or a  
stone in a ring. Item # 2206-1707-9552   $ 87.00
1.75 carat VVS2 emerald cut Natural Scalpoite
from Brazil! 8.52 x 5.97 x 4.62mm This is a pale,
pale yellow gemstone that is very pretty! Nice!!
Item # 2206-2129-6991   Price: USD $ 39.00
22.0 carat VS1 cushion cut Greenish Blue Natural
Aquamarine. What a rock! 19.5 x 16.1 x 9.3mm
The color is awesome and the clarity is stunning!
Item # 2206-4433-7140   Price: USD $ 205.00
We have
for $8010

1.53 carat VS2, M,N Pale Yellow Natural
(non-enhanced) If you want an
affordable "rock" round solitaire for a nice
engagement ring, here is the best! Item #
2304-8108-3382   $ 2840.00
3.96 carat SI2 emerald cut Vivid Red Natural
Ruby. Heated & filled, but who cares with this
kind of color and clarity! Almost 4 carats! Great
for man's ring. Item # 2304-8345-5656   $ 479.00
3.11 carat emerald cut Green Natural Tourmaline!
Super color and awesome VS2 clarity! Ideal for
ladies or man's ring as main presentation stone!
Item # 2104-3438-7173      Price $ 289.00
2.28 carat near IF clarity! round! Purplish Pink
Burmese! Natural Spinel from Burma pre embargo!
Simply stunning violet looking stone that sparkles
to no end. Item # 2304-8881-5415  Price: $ 355.00
8.62 carat, near IF, trillion Yellow Natural Beryl!
Oh that one of a kind golden color of Beryl! You
can't miss it & neither will anyone else! It's all
about 5A! Item # 2506-0721-0289    $ 437.00
0.34 carat round VS2, L-M Yellow Natural
Diamond (non-enhanced) As close to being a
canary as you can get without the price of a
canary yellow!
0.67 carat trillion Purplish Blue Natural Tanzanite
3.19 carat, VVS2 clarity, oval Natural Greenish
Yellow Orthoclase Feldspar, 11.5 x 9.0 x 5.7mm.
From Brazil! Nice clean stone with cool color!!!
Item # 2506-4433-7140   Price: USD $ 86.00
9.45 carat, near IF clarity, pear Green Natural
Kunzite from Afghanistan! Another near IF giant
pear 11.7 x 9.7 x 8.7mm WOW! What a looker!
Item # 2506-4926-0713   Price: USD $ 92.00
7.53 carat, near IF clarity, trillion, Yellow Natural
Beryl! Another golden hunk of Beryl that will get
you conversation! Sensational gemstone rock!
Item # 2605-7827-1943    Price: USD $ 354.00
3.33 carat, VVS2 clarity, oval Canary Yellow
Natural Sapphire from Africa. 9.0 x 8.0 x 5.2mm.
Heated only! Wonderful stone! Looks like a canary
diamond! Item # 2606-1627-2929    $ 316.00
2.31 carat, VVS2 clarity, oval cut, Medium Yellow
Natural Sapphire from Africa. Heated! Showy
stone! Great size: 8.5 x 6.3 x 4.7mm for a ring!
Item # 2606-1627-4137    Price: USD $277.00
This gemstone has
been color
enhanced through
0.96 carat, VS2 clarity, round Canary Yellow
Natural Sapphire, heated to enhance color. From
Sri Lanka(Ceylon)! Color was classified canary!
Item # 2606-1780-4328   Price: USD $ 127.00
3.87 carat, VVS1 clarity, oval, Medium Yellow
Natural Sapphire from Africa. 9.3 x 8.2 x 5.7mm.
Nice deeper yellow color which shows well in a
ring. Item # 2606-1876-2898   Price: $361.00
2.82 carat, VVS1 clarity, oval cut, Pink  Natural  
Sapphire. Heated, not filled. 8.99 x 7.5 x 4.4 mm
Super colored stone & big enough to easily get
recognized! Item # 2606-1876-2936   $ 287.00
1.42 carat, SI2 clarity, heart shape, purplish blue
Natural Iolite from Africa! 8.8 x 8.0 x 4.1mm which
is a good size for a ladies ring. 100% natural gem!
Item # 2606-1968-7110   Price USD $ 85.00
1.06 carat round Siam Blue Natural Sapphire.
This is a medium blue color that is virtually
flawless. Appraised at $ 2600.00 by Kennedy's
GIA Gemologist!!                               $285.00
12.50 carat, near IF, emerald cut, Pink Patroke
Natural Kunzite! Giant pendant stone 21x11x9mm
that will be seen but not heard! It is near IF! Nice!
Item # 2805-2180-6235   Price: USD $ 87.00
0.33 carat VS2, round curJ-K Pale Yellow Natural
Diamond (non-enhanced) natural tint! Lovely &
affordable engagement round cut stone of good
clarity. Item # 3205-5560-4204    Price: $ 299.00
0.34 carat, SI2 ,oval, Dancing Red Natural Ruby
from Madagascar! 4.8 x 3.9 x 1.9mm Small 1/3
carat stone that is high quality! Great for use as
earring stone! Item # 3304-3807-8492   $ 56.00

0.36 carat, SI2, oval, Dancing Red Natural Ruby
from Madagascar, 5 x 4 x 2 mm! High quality
stone ideal for earring or as a complimentary
stone. Item # 3503-6263-8971    $ 60.00
33.35 carat VVS1 cushion cut Natural Orthoclase
Feldspar! This ia a collector stone that should be
in a gem museum or on special display at a retail
jewelry outlet! Item # 3501-8087-9253   $ 555.00
4.90 carat investment grade Natural Kornerupine!
This one is for the avid collector who wants a
killer gem no one else has! You won't find one
better! RARE!
5.64 carat SI2 10.6x10.6x5.5mm round Purplish
Pink Natural Ruby.
Heated and glass filled. It's a
giant round cut that will garner attention! BIG! BIG!
Item # 3503-6263-8934   Price: $ 385.00

4.50 carat, near IF, octagon cut, Canary Yellow
Brazilian Natural Beryl! WOW, what a rock! It
won't go unnoticed at 8.5 x 11.7 x 6.2mm! NICE!
Item # 3503-6760-6966   Price: USD $ 267.00
1.34 carat oval Bi-colorBrazilian Natural
Andalusite. Excellent two color stone, 8.18 x 6.25
x 4.0mm. Color changes with turning of stone.
Item # 3702-7959-7393   $ 94.00
0.34 carat VS-2, K-L Pale Yellow Natural Diamond
(non-enhanced). coming soon!
0.87 carat round VS-2, K-L Pale Yellow Natural
Diamond! Super eye clean pale yellow diamond
that is so affordable! Can't beat this good deal! 7/8
carat!!! Item # 3205-4443-9127    $ 745.00
1.15 carat, VVS1,  round Yellow Ceylon Natural
Sapphire 6.1 x 6.1 x 3.7mm which matches well
with the 1.14 carat twin sapphire to the far right!
They would really make a great earring pair!!!
Item # 3802-4012-5244    Price: USD $ 280.00
5.02 carat, VVS2, cushion cut, Mandarin Orange
Natural Spessartite Garnet from Namibia, Africa!
8.76 x 9.97 x 6.26mm! Big rock! Wonderful
unheated garnet! Item # 3802-4012-5297  $545.00
1.14 carat VVS1  round Ceylon Blue Natural
Sapphire. Virtually flawless gemstone with that
beautiful light Ceylon Blue color we have come to
adore! Item # 3802-4312-2214   Price: $ 278.00
1.14 carat, VVS1, round, Ceylon Yellow Natural
Sapphire 6.1 x 6.1 x 3.5mm which matches well
with the 1.15 carat twin sapphire shown to the far
left. They would really make a great earring pair!
Item # 3802-4373-1320   Price: USD $ 275.00
2.04 carat, SI2, cushion cut,  Piegon Blood Red
Mogok Mines Ruby! Heated & Filled. 4.7x6.2x4.2
Pre-embargo stone! A real Burmese natural ruby!
Item # 3902-0471-0297   Price: USD $ 378.00
1.55 carat,VVS1,  pear, Mandarin Orange Natural
Spessartite Garnet, 8.8 x 6.0 x 3.5mm. Heated!
Beautiful color, but as orange as in photo. More
burnt orange. Item # 3902-0581-8470  $216.00
2.64 carat, VVS1,  trillion cut, Golden Natural
Beryl from Nigeria! Great size: 10 x 10 x 5.5mm
for ladies ring. Beautiful brilliant golden color!  
Item # 3902-0807-7583     Price: USD $ 188.00
10.56 carat, near IF, trillion cut, Pink Natural
Kunzite from Afghanistan! Huge 15 x 12 x 10mm
hunk that no one will miss! Beautiful purplish pink
color! Item # 3802-1008-8475   Price:   $ 187.00
0.68 carat oval Natural Red Ruby: coming soon!
4.55 carat, IF, cushion checkerboard cut Pink Lab
Sapphire! No one will ever know unless
you tell them it's
a lab created stone. Just a real
gorgeous lab stone! Big 10 x 7.9 x 6.3mm stone!
Item # 2506-4947-6564    Price: USD $ 19.00
3.96 carat Heated & Glass Filled Natural Red
Ruby: coming soon!
2.25 carat, B clarity, oval cut, Medium Green
Zambian Natural Emerald! From Zambia, Africa.
Unheated, unfilled natural emerald. Has nice
darker green color! Ideal for a ladies solitaire ring!
Item # 2506-1296-8753    Price: USD  $ 134.00
Have U.S.A.
appraisal at over
$1200 that will be
included free with
2.25 carat, B clarity, emerald cut, Medium Green
Zambian Natural Emerald! From Zambia, Africa.
Unheated , unfilled natural emerald. Has nice
darker green color! Ideal for men's solitaire ring!
Item # 2506-1296-8778    Price: USD $ 134.00
1.06 carat round Royal Blue Natural Sapphire:
coming soon!
1.41 carat rovel Royal Blue Natural Sapphire:
coming soon!
2.82 carat, IF, oval Purplish Blue Natural
Tanzanite AAA gemstone! D' block from Tanzania!
Gentle heating only! Super nice color and still
good  transparency to the stone. Good ring stone!
Item # 1606-0916-9679   Price; USD $ 425.00
Item # 07-777-GM
2.15 carat, SI1, pear shape, Padaradscha
Natural Tourmaline from Mozambique! 8.4 x 7.1 x
5.4mm Nice size for ladies ring! Scarce in this
color! Item # 2508-4527-0265   $ 92.00
oval shape  Blue Natural Sapphire: coming soon!
round shape Natural Tanzanite Purplish blue:
coming soon!
We get these made up in China and they are worth
way more than we sell them for. Solid 14K ring
mount with quality Sapphire gemstones and VS to
SI1 diamonds!  Affordable! email us for estimate!
3.51 carat, IF, cushion cut, 5A D' block Natural
Tanzanite, Greenish Blue deep color! Heated!
Beautiful huge stone will make an unforgettable
ring! Top Gem! Item # 3103-2834-1895   Price: $
NOTE! Have USA appraisal @
2.65 carat, IF, cushion cut, Purple Ceylon Natural
Spinel! From Sri Lanka (Ceylon)! 8.3 x 7.5 x
4.6mm Just the right size for a beautiful ladies
ring! The Violet purple color is stunning and the
stone is clean! Item # 1105-6117-8769   Price: $
2.32 carat, VS2, oval cut, Ceylon Yellow
Unheated &Untreated Natural Sapphire 8.29 x 7.02
x 4.43 mm. Bright cheerful yellow stone that will
garner attention with its' bright glowing
appearance!!! Item # 1504-6744-6094    Price:
USD $ 234.00
We get these made in India and have had nothing
but good reviews from our customers. They can
have a Star Ruby or Star Sapphire which you
choose. The cost varies with custom choices of
gems & gold weight. $1500.00 and up
Email us with your custom specs. We have the
#1 shop in Mumbai, India making these at very
affordable prices. 14K or 18K gold, vs diamonds
and quality colored gemstones! $1300-$2200+
price range with 3/4 carat of diamonds! Include
the above design number in your email request.
Email us with your custom specs. Free estimate!
Just include the design number above in your
email request, and we will respond with the
Email us with your custom specs. Free estimate!
Just include the design number above in your
email request, and we will respond with the
7.20 carat VS1, modified trillion cut, Red Natural
Hessonite Garnet! From Africa! 10.5 x 14.2 x
6.8mm. Unheated all natural big stone waiting for
a pendant or ring assignment! It's so gorgeous!!!!
Item # 1705-1786-2375   Price: USD $ 78.00
1.90 carat, VVS2, oval shape, Green Natural
Sapphire from Australia! 9.0 x 6.0 x 4?mm
Beautiful light green color with super
transparency! Item # 1705-2869-2215   $ 167.00
3.40 carat, VS2, oval cut, Midnight Blue! Natural
Kanchanburi Sapphire from Thailand! This is a
deep blue transparent that is  8.2 x 10.5 x 4.1mm
Unheated!! Item # 1705-2868-6070  Price: $ 290.00
2.63 carat, VS2, octagon cut, Purplish Pink
Natural Rhodolite Garnet! From Madagascar!
Unheated/ Untreated! 8.79 x 5.98 x 4.14mm Super  
color! Item # 3704-1272-7053   Price: $ 64.00
1.63 carat, VS2, oval shape, Paraiba Natural
Tourmaline! From Mozambique! Great greenish
blue stone that is somewhat neon! 9.22 x 5.67 x
4.58mm. Item # 1705-1812-6758  Price: $ 62.00
oval shape Blood Red Natural Ruby! coming
1.61 carat, VVS1, oval shape, Light Blue Natural
Sapphire from Madagascar! Certified $100 test
report showing, no heat process indication! That
means no treatments!! 7.33 x 5.93 x 4.11mm.
Nice! Item # 2206-5183-2246   Price: $ 242.00
0.69 carat, VVS1 (A) clarity! Oval cut, Vivid Red
Natural Ruby! 5.70x4.75x2.75mm Test Report
comes with this beautiful oval shape unheated/
untreated natural red ruby! Perfect Red Ruby!         
Item # 2206-4531-4778   Price: USD $ 160.00
This is the copy of the free Gemological Lab test
report you will receive with the purchase of the
sensational natural Vivid red ruby shown to the
0.64 carat, VVS1 (A) clarity! Oval cut, Vivid Red
Natural Ruby! 5.50x4.80x2.55mm. Test Report
comes with this beautiful oval shape unheated/
untreated natural red ruby! Perfect red ruby!!!   
Item # 2206-4685-6671   Price: $155.00
This is the copy of the free Gemological Lab test
report you will receive with the purchase of the
beautiful unheated / untreated ruby shown to the
0.72 carat, VVS1 (A) clarity, oval cut, Vivid Red
Natural Ruby! 6.50 x 4.51 x 2.92mm. Test report
comes with this beautiful oval shape unheated/
untreated natural red ruby. This is a high, high
quality stone! Item # 2206-4793-7671   $ 193.00
This is the copy of the free Gemological Lab test
report you will receive with the purchase of the
awesome pinkish red natural ruby shown to the
Item #1705-2153-9738  $139
pinkish vivid red
Item #1705-1993-4387  $ 129
pinkish vivid red
Item #1705-1952-4593  $ 129
pinkish vivid red
1.15 carat, SI2 (B) clarity,
5x6x4mm oval unheated!
0.98 carat, SI1 (B) clarity,
5x6x3.5mm oval unheated!
0.95 ct., SI1 (B) clarity, 5x6x3.0mm
oval unheated!
Our gemstones were hand chosen from suppliers worldwide. Most of our gemstones were purchased from
Thailand or India, where earth mined gems are always in plentiful supply. We have made every effort to bring
these high quality gemstones to you at really affordable prices. Many have been appraised for way, way more
than our listing prices, with quite a number of them having been appraised right here in the good old U.S.A.
So, browse the page as long as you want, email us any questions you may have, and we'll do everything we
can to help you answer any concerns you may have about these beautiful gemstones.
All we can say is they are all high quality stones, many of which we have already sold and/or have made into
rings, pendants and earrings for many of our own family members.
Enjoy the site page. We hope you take advantage of some of the excellent buys we've made available to you.

Three nice oval cut
natural earth mined
rubies that are about
1 carat in size. They
all have very good
clarity and are ready
size for standard
sized mountings. All
are just gorgeous!
See our new listing of a 20.48 carat, violet/blue, cushion cut, VVS, 4A+ D'block, natural
earth mined Tanzanite from D' Block region of Tanzania, Africa! It's a world class
gemstone, and we have a current G.I.A. report for it, as well as a current USA appraisal
for a whopping $ 38,900.00! See this world class gem featured below bottom of page!
I bought both these gemstones and allowed my beloved older sister pick which one she wanted. I bought
them together from the same dealer at the same time. Of course, my sister wanted the 24.01 carat one, so
we are selling the 20.48 carat gemstone here. By the way, both the gems were entered in a gem
competition in the Annual Beijing, China gem fair which ended April 9, 2017. We had to wait for the gems
to be sent to us only after they were returned to Thailand after the gem fair was over! These are both truly
world class gemstones!! Although the gems did not win in competition, we felt they had to be very high
quality gemstones to even to considered being entered in this worldwide competition. The 17 year veteran
G.I.A. trained & certified gemologist, said these two Tanzanite gemstones were the nicest she's ever had
the pleasure of appraising. She did seven separate tests on these stones during her full G.I.A. appraisal.
The 24.01 carat Tanzanite stone G.I.A. appraised out at $ 47,500.00 for insurance purposes! It was
considered a 5AAAAA  stone from Tanzania, Africa. Found in area D block.
The 20.48 carat G.I.A. appraised out at $ 38,900.00 for insurance purposes! It is considered a 5AAAA
stone from Tanzania, Africa. Found in area D block.