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Our Colleywood Carnival Glass "General Store" page is designed to give you a unique and special browsing experience across
the entire product spectrum that can be found on our many website pages of We wanted to let you
see more than just our carnival glass, although many vintage carnival glass pieces are shown on this page as well. We show
vintage carmival glass, gemstones from our gemstone 1 page, and odds & ends from our anything anytime page! Enjoy our special
browsing experience, and just maybe you'll find something different that you just love. We have spent considerable time
constructing this unique shopping & browsing page, so sit back and enjoy this browsing & shopping web page!
Let's get you started with a "killer" investment grade piece of carnival glass that we
don't have listed on any other page but right here on the "General Store" page.
Direct from our 1987 Colleywood Private Collection box!
A absolutely spectacular Northwood Dandelion 7 piece water set in electric purple!  
Absolutely a "super" mint amethyst/purple Northwood Dandelion 7 pc. water set! No nicks, fleabites, scratches,
iridescence losses, repairs, mfg. issues, nada!
One of the best Northwood amethyst/purple water sets there is!
Note: Pitcher & tumblers are normal & not the ultra rare interior ribbed type.
Extremely rare in this well matched high quality mint condition purple 7 piece water set! Northwood Dandelion 7 piece water set in purple! Mint condition with no manufacturing issues! One of the best Northwood Dandelion water set
in purple there is! Direct from our 1987 Colleywood Private Collection pieces. Just unpacked for the first time since 1987! You are looking at the best we have ever seen. Every tumler and the pitcher, are a color bath of iridescence, as
you can see from the totally unmanaged photos we took 4/25/17. Remember, if you want the best you gotta pay for the best. Item # 87-815-RE      $ 1150.00 plus $35 ship
Cheap considering the mint condition.
Now let's turn your browsing attention to  a stellar 20.48 carat giant 4 A+ D' block Tanzanite  loose
gemstone, which we have a April 18, 2017 current USA appraisal for $38,900 and a current G.I.A.
documented report showing that this gemstone is a true violet blue natural Tanzanite (zoisite) from
Tanzania, Africa. It is truly a world class gemstone of highest quality & color.
In first photo, 20.48 carat 4A+ D' block cushion cut Tanzanite gemstone is the bottom stone. In the other two
photos, gemstone is the stone on the left side. By the way, the other stone was a 24.01 carat 4A+ D' block cushion
cut Tanzanite appraised  at $45,400! It was a gift to my older sister in Pennsylvania, who I love dearly.
This is a world class gemstone, so please treat it with the respect
it deserves. Please, don't email us unless you have the ability to
afford this wonderful gem. It's here to sell, not to have every
Harriett, Tom and "Dick" waste our time discussing something
they'll never be able to afford to pay for anyway. And to the
incessant "braggerts" who always seem to find the time to email
us saying they have a better, please save your B.S. lines .... okay!?
Next up: A truly rare beer tray from an old, now defunct, downtown Allentown, Pennsylvania brewery
which was in business over 90 years, before it finally closed it doors before WWII. Started in 1846!
It's been in our family since the Great Depression, but we offer it for sale to those who know how rare this beer tray is to find. As you can see by the year on the rare beer tray, the beer was brewed in Allentown,
Pennsylvania for almost 30 years before Anheuser Busch began brewing its beer in St. Louis, Missouri!  Where would you find another Daeufer's beer tray???? Answer: Wish you the best of good luck in
doing so!!! "This Daeufer's for you!" Item #  32-475-RE    $ 475.00 plus $20 ship
Next up.... A mint "killer" investment grade vintage Northwood Wishbone 7 piece water set in green!
Now let's take a look at our very rare Northwood Stippled Grape & Cable 9" PCE bowl in dark ice
blue! It is in mint condition, has superb iridescent coloring and the desired Ribbed backside pattern.
What a super rare mint condition "killer" investment grade example of a Northwood Stippled Grape &
Cable 9" PCE bowl in dark ice blue! Unbeatable display appearance, gorgeous and super rare to find!
Extremely rare! Northwood Wishbone 7 piece water set in
green! No damage or issues on any piece! "Killer" investment
grade water set with four tumblers perfectly matching the
colorful pitcher and two tumblers having somewhat lighter
iridescence, but still very good. We will replace the two
lighter iridescence tumblers with two "killer tumblers" from
our own collection. This will be a super "killer" set then!
This is a super rare water set in green! Northwood Wishbone 7 piece water set in rare green! No damage or issues to any piece of this super rare water set. The pitcher is very colorful with satin finish iridescence that is evenly applied
throughout. No faded areas and no missing or light iridescence. Four of the six tumblers are a perfect match to the colorful pitcher, while the other two have somewhat lighter iridescence than the other four, but are still nice tumblers.
We will replace these two tumblers with two "killer" tumblers from our private collection pieces. Item # 17-1265-TB    $ 1530.00 plus $35 ship.
Cheap considering this is all mint condition super rare complete water set!
Very rare in this carat size and high quality! All natural earth mined Tanzanite 20.48 carat, violet blue, cushion cut, VVS clarity, 4A+ D'block area gemstone. Have current G.I.A. report, along with a current USA qualified gemologist
appraisal of $ 38,900.00! Item # 17-6895-EB   $ 8995.00 plus $20 ship. Comes with current G.I.A. report & current USA appraisal as shown above.
Non layaway item only. No return policy.
Now let's view a pottery set mint from William Moorcroft pottery! Potterer to the Queen of England.
Extremely rare! 1920s to early 30s William Moorcroft hand painted 9 piece tea serving cup & saucer set! Mint condition set! William Moorcroft was "Potterer to MM the Queen" and every piece of this set is signed. Really pretty hand
painted set, which is really hard to find in the marketplace. We have had this set for over 40 years and have always had it on display with our finest pieces of pottery. Simply beautiful when on display. You may also see the full listing
of this set currently on our Home (Index page). You won't find another set for many, many years! Only one we have seen in 45 years of collecting!
"Killer" investment grade example. David Doty shows these recently selling for over $ 700.00 when the examples are in top notch condition like this one is. Absolutely a gorgeous piece when placed on display. A real cabinet keeper!
Iridescence is a satin finish very colorful, lavishly applied coating. Simply one stunning piece when on display. Just review the totally unmanaged photos of this mint condition beauty. We think you'll agree, this is one of the best!!!
Item # 17-645-RE    $ 750.00 plus $20 ship
Coming Soon! An extremely rare "killer" investment grade Northwood Greek Key water set in rare
green! No damage or issues anywhere! It's absolutely the best we ever collected.
Extremely rare! Northwood Greek Key 5 piece water set in extremely rare green! No damage, but their is a piece of clear tape applied over small area on the bottom of the pitcher covering a small ares that the glass didn't fill in just right.
We are not going to attempt to remove the thin clear tape, since it is on the bottom of the base and is harmless there. Other than this, the pitcher & 4 tumbl;ers have no damage or other issues.The iridescent coloring on the pitcher is
sensational! The iridescence on the 4 tumblers is somewhat lighter than on the fabulous pitcher. Item # 86-1085-RE   $ 1235.00 plus $35 ship
Next, let's offer up a nice old English signed J.Ridgeway plate from the early 1820s -50s! It's all mint!
Rare! J. Ridgeway 9-10" semi porcelin plate which looks like transfer art. This is not our expertise, but the plate is in mint condition and we've had it for many, many years. It simply one beautiful rare old plate and we never have seen
another in our 45 years of collecting. It has the Pomerania pattern on the backside, along with the JR. old English potter trademark. It seems to be in mint condition! A full listing for this rare old beauty can currently be seen on our
"AnythingAnytime" site page. Don't miss your very rare opportunity here! When it's gone, it's gone forever. Item # 10-118-AA       $ 168.00 plus $25 ship
Now, let's view another piece of extremely rare carnival glass. How about this extremely rare old
vintage Imperial Loganberry vase in electric purple?! Well, here it is in all its glory!!
Rare! Original Vintage Imperail Loganberry 11-12" bulbous vase in sensational electric purple! Nop damade "killer" investment grade example with all the colors of the rainbow! The iridescence coloring is just incredible, as the
purples, reds, yellows, golds, greens, blues  and reds blend perfectly to make this spectacular class Imperial bulbous vase a absolute standout! You will search for many years to find a comparable to this electric Imperial master[piece.
Usually, these Imperial Loganberry vases are iridized with one or two main dominant colors, but this one is ever so special. Open your eyes to it inhwerent beauty Carnivalites, as this sensational example blossoms with all the electric
colrs you'd ever desire in a vase. It is just a incredible creation! I've been its loyal keeper for many years, as I have always had it in my personal dining room china cabinet! It is the kind of piece that makes you stop and stare every time
you pass by your china cabinet! From my Colleywooid Private Collection! WOW! WOW! WOW! Item # 77-1020-RE   $1120.00 plus $30 ship
Next up! A pale yellow non enhanced natural earth mined Diamond round cut that is 1.54 carats, SI2
clarity, M-N color, and was recently USA appraised at $ 8010.00! It's a stunning beauty! Eye clean!
You may see the full listing for this beautiful 1.54 carat, SI2 clarity, round cut, natural non- enhanced Earth mined natural Diamond on our Gemstone 1 page. We include the copy of the professional USA appraisal we had done on
this natural brilliant cut diamond. Don't miss a rare opportunity to purchase this natural pale yellow large  Item # 2304-8108-3382    $ 2845.00 plus $20 ship.
A super price for a 1.54 carat, SI2, M-N color, pale yellow round cut all
natural brilliant cut diamond
! This is a super once in a lifetime price! If you don't believe us, go on the biggest diamond website "blue nile" diamonds and see what they want for one of these.
Next, another "killer" investment grade vintage carnival glass water set. How about this Millersburg
Marilyn 7 piece water set in amethyst in
super sheen finish! No damage or issues to any piece!
Rare, when found in this mint condition! Millersburg Marilyn 7 piece water set in amethyst with super sheen finish on all pieces! No damage or issues to any piece of this sensational looking water set. Hard to find Millersburg Marilyn
in complete water sets that are both colorful and in all mint condition! We replaced 4 of the 6 tumblers because those 4 tumblers didn't have the iridescent color we needed to grade the entire set as "killer" investment grade. Now, with
the 4 new replacement tumblers we got out of our Colleywood Private Collection pieces,  the water set is "killer" investment grade! In fact, as you can see in our photos above, the tumblers are all now more colorful than the pitcher!!!
Now, another NorthwoodItem # 17-745-RE     $ 820.00 plus $30 ship. NOTE! To show you what the water set looked like, before we replaced 4 tumblers, directly above is the 2 actual auction photos of this set as posted on Auction Flex
by Jim Wroda Auction.
As you see, if you compare
the Jim Wroda auction photo
of this "killer" investment
grade water set, you wil see
that we replaced the 4 one
dimensional iridescence
tumblers with "killer" grade
colorful tumblers from our
own Colleywood Private
Collection pieces. Since we
did this, we can now grade
the water set as a "killer"
investment grade water set.
There is no damage or issues
to any piece of this awesome
Millersburg Marilyn set!
Now, for another vintage carnival glass Northwood 7 piece "killer" investment grade water set! How
about this Singing Birds, in deep green? All pieces are in mint condition! No damage or issues!
Absolutely no let up on iridescent coloring!
Very sarce in this mint condition! Northwood Singing Birds 7 piece water set in deep green! All pieces are in mint condition! No damage or issues! Superb color bath water set where all pieces are a color bath of iridescent coloring.
There is no weak areas of iridescence on any piece of this "killer" investment grade water set... period! You won't find much better than this. Top of the line set, which look super when put on display. Above photos are all
non-managed, with no color added to photos. This is how the set looks! Item # 87-567-RE   $ 710.00 plus $30 ship.
Cheap for a mint condition "killer" investment grade "color bath" water set!
Now let's turn our attention to a absolute stunning vintage 1909 Imperial Queen's Vase in clear crystal
glass! It's in all mint condition, weighs about 7-8 pounds and it is simply stunning when put on display!
Rare! Imperial vintage 1909 Queen's Vase in clear crystal glass! All mint condition! Not even a scratch! Absolutely breathtaking when put on display! Sits about 10" high and weigh over 7 pounds! The glass is about 3/8" thick and
clear as day! Simply gorgeous! You won't find one in this condition at any local antique mall, shop or auction. Item # 81-233-RE          $ 275.00 plus $35 ship
Now let's offer up a rare sapphire blue Northwood Good Luck 8-9" ruffled bowl that'll capture your
eye for sure! It has a very small area between two teeth that has been buffed and re-polished. So what!
You can't see it on display... you have to closely examine the piece to even find it!
Extremely rare! Northwood Good Luck / Ribbed back 8-9" ruffled bowl in sapphire blue! Nick damage between two rim teeth was professionally buffed and polished so that you cannot see any former damage. Really well done repair,
which you can't even see unless you closely examine the piece. This is a beautiful collector grade example in a extremely rare sapphire blue. The example does not have any cleat damage, but does have two tiny center area straw marks.
We love the piece and will gladly hang onto it if we don't sell it. The iridescence is superb throughout the inside and outside. One awesome looking piece when on display. Item # 17-300-SK    $ 380.00 plus $20 ship
Okay, one more vintage carnival glass piece before we switch to another category. How about an
absolute "killer" investment grade Northwood Peacock at the Fountain big compote in electric blue!
Well, here's a killer electric blue,
so now the ball's now in your
court! Remember this though,
"you gotta pay for the best"!
Northwood Peacock at the Fountain large
stemmed compote in electric blue. No
damage or issue, so essentially it's in mint
condition! These normally bring well over
$500.00 at auctions and carnival glass
estate sales. Part of the stem is iridized in
gold! It's a beauty on display and hard to
find completely undamaged. Superb
"killer" investment grade electric blue
Item # 17-356-EB  $425.00 plus $20 ship
Rare! Northwood Peacock at the Fountain big compote in electric blue! No damage or issues! Mint condition! Superb iridescent coloring which is a little imbalanced from one side to the other, but this is still one beautiful example!
Here's your rare opportunity! Recently these sold for over $ 500.00 and up to $ 800.00 for those in this condition. These are not easy to find in this condition in the current marketplace and are always popular with avid carnival glass
collectors. Item # 17-356-EB   $ 425.00 plus $20 ship
Next up, a carnival glass Northwood Grape & Gothic Arches complete table set in
rich marigold! All mint condition! From our Colleywood Private Collection!
Northwood Grape & Gothic Arches complete 6 piece table set in rich marigold. All mint condition! Any spots you see on the rims of these pieces are simply iridescence that is on the rims of the pieces. There are no nicks or fleabites on
the rims or anywhere else on these pieces. Also, all pieces are the same rich marigold color. The butter dish and covered sugar are the same marigold color as the creamer and sugar. This is a beautiful rich marigold mint condition set.
Item 87-139-RE   $ 170.00 plus $35 ship
Already sold to that smart collector
HOACGA man right here in the Kansas
City, Missouri area.
Already sold to "The Kid"
out there in California!
What a super rare water
set and a super, super buy!
Now, let's awe your carnival glass senses with a mint Dugan Flowers & Frames 9" ten ruffle dome
base bowl in double electric purple! Fresh out of our 1981 Colleywood Private Collection boxes!
Absolutely electric purple perfection
inside & outside! Unbeatable total
electric bluish/green iridescence all
over the inside, with multi colored
electric iridescence outside! Then
you have the rim, it's totally gold
iridescence!  Mint condition! This is
the nicest example of this pattern we
have collected, and has sat in a box
since about 1981. WOW!
Rare to find in this stunning appearance! Dugan Flowers & Frames 9" ten ruffle dome base bowl in double electric purple! Mint condition piece directly from our 1981 Colleywood Private Collection box. You won't beat this
mint"killer" investment grade example! Electric iridescence both inside and out! Supreme iridescent coloring all over! Listing and more photos coming soon! No we are not selling it cheap! Absolutely perfect iridescent application! If
you want a perfect 10 ruffle Dugan Flowers & Frames 9" dome base bowl in perfect electric purple highlighted with blue/green fantastic iridescence, this should be your choice! It is one incredible electric purple "killer" grade piece!
Item # 81-255-RE   $ 325.00 plus $15 ship
A HUGE 13 1/2" X 7" X 8 1/2" piece of
glass that is 5/16" thick and weighs in at
over 8 lbs.! This Imperial Zippered Heart
Giant Banana Boat is stunning! It's a mint
condition "killer" investment grade from our
1982 Colleywood Private Collection pieces.
What a stunning mint beauty!
This huge piece of crystal glass is absolutely incredible looking when put on display! Imperial 1909-1912 Zippered Heart pedestal based banana boat bowl in clear crystal! Mint condition with not even a nick to the huge pedestal base
or a scratch anywhere. Just pure perfection and over 8 lbs. of  glass glass that is crystal clear! How they made this incredibly large heavy piece is simply amazing in itself. A "killer" investment grade piece that is very hard to find in
the marketplace, and extremely difficult to find it in mint condition. How long would you have to search to find another mint example? We can tell you from experience it would be many years! Listing # and price coming soon!
Let's go to an incredible 8 lb. behemoth Imperial Zippered Heart footed banana boat in crystal! Mint!
Okay now, more Imperial Zippered Heart Crystal glass! Let's show 4 more mint "killer" grade pieces!
How about this 12" six sided
chop plate in mint condition!
WOW! From our Colleywood
Private Collection pieces!
Look at this square or diamond
shaped 9-10" bowl in mint
condition! Again, from our
Colleywood Private Collection!
Here's a mint condition 10"
round deep bowl!
WOW!WOW!WOW!  From our
Colleywood Private Collection!
And, here's a 10" eight ruffled
bowl in mint condition! Super,
super, "killer" grade piece from
our Colleywood Private Collection!
Listing # and price coming soon!
Listing # and price coming soon!
Listing # and price coming soon!
Listing # and price coming soon!
This Personalized Paypal buy now Layaway
Payment button is now reserved for "Secret
Agent Man 007" out there in California only!
Already in "HOACGA Man's layaway right here in Kansas City, MO.
Alresdy sold to our long time established customer down there in South Carolina!  Shipped this beautiful item on 10/14/17
Now, let's turn to a Northwood Peacock at the Fountain water pitcher in bright blue that is in mint
condition and has superb iridescent coloring! Would you call it an electric blue?
An electric blue Northwood Peacock at the Fountain water pitcher in mint condition!
Scarce! Northwood Peacock at the Fountain water pitcher in electric blue! It's in mint condition, no damage or issues! Listing description, item # and price coming soon!
Already sold to "Len" in England of the United Kingdom!
What a rare green Northwood premier water set! Where have you seen another?
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Already sold! Sold to "The Kid" out there in California! I sent them a complete 7 pc. set!!!!!
I did so to thank them for all the business they have done with me over the past 8 years!