Imperial Glass Carnival glass for sale! This page is dedicated to the Imperial carnival glass we collected over the last
40+ years. This is a unique opportunity to purchase investor & collector grade carnival glass items at very reasonable
prices. Most pieces are undamaged, with better than average iridescent applications. These are vintage pieces of
Imperial and not the reissues that are commonly found in the marketplace. So browse and shop till you drop, but
remember, although the browsing is free to enjoy, the shopping part will cost you. Brought to you exclusively by
Colleywood Carnival Glass Company  @
Imperial Glass Company Vintage Carnival Glass For Sale
Presenting Colleywood's Imperial Glass Vintage Carnival Glass.....
Already sold! Went to Arkansas about two
months ago. Liz. We simply forgot to mark this
piece sold, and then you hit the buy now
again. We will issue you a refund in full and
we are very sorry, but we are only humans.
Imperial "Ripple" 9-10" tall vase in electric purple!
No damage! Super irridescence colors  that shine
intensesly. Just an excellent clean example. Item
#08-092-EB   $ 100.00 + $15 ship
Imperial "Starspray" 7-8" round deep flared rim
bowl in rich marigold.
No damage! These are
scarce to find in undamaged condition. Collector
grade piece with pattern on exterior. Just a
beauty! Item # 12-025-JW    $ 30.00 plus $10 ship
Imperial "Hattie" 8-9" round deep bowl in purple!
Wonderful irridescence in and out!
No damage!!
Has the Hattie pattern on the exterior as well. Nice
collector grade example! Beautifully colored
piece! Item #09-099-EB    Price: USD $ 120.00
Imperial "Scroll Embossed" 7-8" eight tight ruffle
bowl in electric purple!
No damage! Sensational
irridescence with radium finish! This is what you
call a "purple shiner"!! Has the file exterior and is
irridized! Item #06-134-DM  $ 145.00 + $15 ship
Rare! Imperial old "Fashion" breakfast sugar &
creamer in very scarce green! No damage to
either piece and they are really nice. See photo
above. lists the last one of these
to sell in green was 1997 for $ 275.00! Don't miss
this rarity! Item # 12-120-SK   $ 185.00 + $15 ship
Imperial "Heavy Grape" 7-8" eight tight ruffled
bowl in green.
No damage! Real nice affordable
piece with a lot of iridescent color. If you like dark
green, you'll love this example. It's all about the
green! Item # 13 016-SK    $ 28.00 + $15 ship
Imperial "Heavy Grape" 7-8" plate in rich colorful
marigold. No damage! Shiny irridescence that is
evenly distributed throughout the piece. Very Nice!
Item #06-023-SL    $ 45.00 plus $15 ship
Imperial "Acanthus" 8-9" ruffled bowl in marigold.
Nice evenly applied marigold irridescence making
it a soft looking piece. No damage! Nice
inexpensive carnival example for your collection!
Item # 06-077-SL   $ 70.00 plus $15 ship
Imperial "Ponsettia" water pitcher in amber base
glass. No damage! Nice dark even irridescence
with clear sharp mild strike. Wonderful collector
grade example ready for your collection cabinet!
Item #06-044-M         $ 60.00 plus $ 15.00 ship
Imperial "Four Seventy Four" milk size pitcher in
nice evenly applied marigold. It has some very
minor fleabites here and there, but considering
how hard these are to find, we think it would make
someone happy! Someone like you!!!!!!!! Item
#06-055-WZ  $ 115.00 plus $15 ship
Imperial old "Fashion" 2 piece breakfast set in
marigold. These are scarce to find as a set and in
undamaged condition. So, here they are, awaiting
a killer collection to join! Both sugar & creamer
are nice! Item # 12-045-SK    $ 55.00 + $15 ship
Imperial "Propeller" 5" diameter stem compote in
radium rich marigold.
No damage! Just a real nice
piece that we need to find a home for! It's  cute!!
Item #08-015-BO   $ 30.00 plus $10 ship
Already sold to "Texas Girl" in Texas!
Imperial vintage "Octagon" wine decanter 7 pc.
set in rich marigold. Real nice set with no damage
except for a little to the stopper. Stoppers always
seem to have damage, so no real big deal. Real
nice collector grade set which is very hard to find!
Item #12-078-SK        $115.00 plus $ 20 ship
Imperial "Broken Arches" punch bowl & base with
4 punch cups. It has a couple of minor dings here
& there, but still is a nice solid example in purple!
From the Dorothy Joseph estate in Southern
Missouri. Item #11-400-AL  $ 550.00 + $30 ship
Imperial "Scroll Embossed" 8-9" flat plate in
green with plain back.
No damage! Has average
irridescence but is adequate enough to make this
a fairly nice example. Not a lot of electric
highlights, but more of a nice soft satin finish.  
Item #06-056-SL  $ 75.00 plus $15 ship
Imperial "Oval & Round" large rosebowl in rich
No damage! No they are not rare, but
they are kind of hard to find in this condition! Just
a wonderful example that needs a new home!!!!!!!
Item #06-015-SL   $ 30.00 plus $15 ship
Already sold! Headed to the
commonwealth state of Virginia!
Imperial "Shell & Sand" 7-8" ruffled bowl in
No damage! Has awesome dark yet
colorful electric highlighted iridescence. Has a
plain exterior that is also iridized nicely. Collector
grade piece! Item # 07-155-EB  $180.00 + $15 ship
Imperial old "Ripple" 12" tall vase std. base in
No damage! Some electric highlights, great
iridescence, but not as radium as a purple shiner
piece. Just a nice typical green vintage Ripple
vase. Item #08-085-EB   $ 110.00 plus $15 ship
Imperial "Star Spray" 7-9" flat plate in nicely
applied marigold. Sadly, this is one we nicked
ourselves when removing it from a display
holder.The nick is on the rim edge. Still a nice
example! Item #08-038-EB    Price: $ 35.00
Imperial "Pansy" in lavender with the Arcs
exterior pattern. This example has a large totally
enclosed bubble in one ruffle out about 2/3 of the
way to the rim. it is about 3/8" in diameter. No
other issues. Item #09-037-EB  $ 45.00 + $15 ship
email us for your needs
Imperial "Shell & Sand" 8" ruffled round deep bowl
in electric purple. Awesome coloring !
No damage!
Collector grade example for your favorites cabinet.
Item #08-128-EB     $ 185.00 plus $15 ship
Imperial "Shell & Sand" 8" eight ruffled bowl in
electric amethyst. Awesome coloring with good
sharp mold strike. No damage except for the
tiniest of nick on one shell within the pattern. This
was probably done in the making of the piece. A
beauty! Item #08-186-EB  $ 190.00 plus $15 ship
Scarce! Vintage Imperial Pansy 9" low ruffle bowl
with the typical Arcs exterior pattern in helios
green! No damage! No issues! "Killer" investment
grade example with superb iridescent color on
front and nice radium finish front & back. Super!!!
Item # 16-031-TB      $ 40.00 plus $15 ship
Imperial "Diamond Lace" tumblers in electric
None are damaged! We are selling them
for $ 45.00 apiece for those who are looking to fill
out water sets. Simply email us a digital of your
pitcher and we'll email you back a tumbler(s) that
best match your pitcher! 17 to choose from!
Already sold to "Lone Star L" down there in
the big state of Texas !
Imperial "Ripple" 11-12" vase in electric purple.
No damage,
but does have a sharp  base ring due
to some extra glass that was left on the base ring
when the piece was originally made
. It is not
damage. This is a beautiful example and is a solid
collector grade example. Nice electric highlights!
Item # 14-038-SK     $ 69.00 plus $15 ship.
Imperial "Diamond Lace" 7 pc. water set in dark
electric amethyst! WOW! What a
perfect condition
set that matches perfectly! Just look!!! It has that
original "shiner" irridescence Imperial is famous
for! Item #08-368-EB   $ 425.00 plus $25 ship
Imperial "Diamond Lace" 6 tumbler set that goes
with the pitcher shown to the immediate left.
These are all electric amethyst and match very
nicely with the electric amethyst pitcher.
All are
Imperial "Ripple" 11-12" tall std. base vase in
electric purple.
No damage! Has superb colorful
electric highlights top to bottom! Just a wonderful
collector grade example! Ripple vases make
great gifts! Item #06-082-SL  $ 135.00 + $15 ship
Scarce! Imperial "Cobblestones" 8-9" ruffled bowl
in electric purple!
No damage anywhere! This is a
true Imperial purple "shiner" which we grade as
a"killer" investment example. The color is "off the
charts" & the bowl is simply  fabulous! One look at
the above should convince you beyond any doubt.
The electric highlights are on both the front & back!
Item # 14-220-EB   $ 275.00 plus $ 20 ship
Scarce! Imperial Four Seventy Four 4 pc. water
set in rich evenly applied marigold. No damage on
any piece. We are going to add three of our
tumblers from our private stock and make this a
full 7 pc. water set! Watch for it soon.
Imperial "Pansy" 8-9"ruffled bowl with the arcs
exterior pattern. In scarce amber base glass!
! Really a nice looking piece that is really
beautiful! Item #98-038-RE  $ 60.00plus $15 ship
Imperial "Shell & Sand" 7-8" ruffled bowl in
electric amethyst. Has a plain exterior that has
radium finish gold iridescence! It does has some
cooling lines in the iridescence on the backside.  
Nice piece! Item #11-095-EB   $130.00 + $15 ship
email us for your needs
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"Up in Irons" only!
Sensational yellow
hobstars with electric
purple iridescence! WOW!
Imperial "Zippered Heart" 5-6" sauce(s) in electric
purple. All with factory ground bases. All in no
damage condition. For sale at $60.00 apiece for
those looking to fill out a berry set. Have several!
Imperial "Beaded Bullseye" 12-13" tall flare top
vase in electric purple!
No damage! Iridescence is
lavishly applied and
example is a super "killer"
electric "shiner"
! This is a collection grade piece!
Item #96-115-RE   $ 165.00 plus $15 ship
Imperial "Beaded Bullseye" 7-8" tall flare top vase
in electric purple!
No damage! This is a " purple
shiner" with blue overtone irridescence
! Yes, it's
the kind you've been lookin' for! Better snag it!!!
Item #96-165-RE   $ 185.00 plus $15 ship
Imperial "Diamond Lace" 7 pc. water set in
sensational electric purple.
No damage! Superb
iridescent coloring with yellow hobstars on
pitcher and all tumblers. "Killer" investment grade
set. It won't last very long here on this website.
Item # 98-366-RE     $ 460 plus $25 ship
Very Scarce Smoke
Already sold to a smart customer
out there in the state of
Preparing to ship 11/16/17!
Already  sold! Staying right here in
the state of Missouri! Ships
Imperial "Hattie" 10-11" chop plate in nice even
No damage! Nicely irridized with
wonderful color! Just a stunning appearance on
this piece! Item #11-280-SK   $ 325.00 + $15 ship
Imperial "Hattie" 8" flared rim round deep bowl in
scarce smoke!
No damage! Has the same Hattie
pattern on exterior! "Killer" investment grade
example that is just superb! Wonderfully iridized &
colorful. Item #10-063-EB  $ 90.00 plus $15 ship
Imperial "Zippered Heart" master berry bowl! In
electric purple!
No damage! Hard to find piece!
Plain inside. Yes, it's electric purple highlight
iridescence! Item #11-147-EB  $185.00 + $15 ship
Imperial #Morning Glory" 7" vase in very scarce
No damage! Iridescence isn't as electric as
a purple radium shiner, but, it does have electric
highlights! Item #98-029-RE   $35.00 + $15 ship
NOTE! When you "uplight" these
rolled rim pieces from below, in a
display cabinet, the uplighting
reflects off the rolled rim, into the
bowl center. The effect becomes
volcanic! Looks like magma inside!
Imperial "Soda Gold" big rolled rim bowl in scarce
No damage! Really this is a beautiful and
affordable vintage carnival glass piece! Don't
miss this sensational collector grade piece. They
are very scarce to find in any color, but the smoke
base color ones are very scarce! Item
#12-025-JW   $ 40.00 plus $15 ship
Imperial "Zippered Heart" 7 pc. berry set in grape
electric purple!
No damage on any pieces! Keep in
mind these had factory ground bases and you will
see some mirco fine fleabites on some bottoms!
RARE! Item #97-266-RE  $ 325.00 plus $20 ship
Imperial "Zippered Heart" 7 pc. berry set shown to
the immediate left. This is an inside view of this
grape electric purple RARE set! The true grape
color is extremely hard to find! A whole matched
set in grape is nearly impossible! Better buy it!
Imperial "Ripple" 10 1/2" tall flared & ruffled top
vase in electric purple.
Mint! Photo doesn't do this
one justice. Nice shiny "shiner" iridescence from
top to bottom has larger base diameter than the
std. base. Item #08-091-EB   $ 120.00 + $15 ship
Already put in our layaway
plan by "HOACGA MAN" right
here in Missouri!
Already sold to "Race Horse II" down
there in Georgia!
Imperial "Ripple" 9-11" tall vase in true electric  
No damage whatsoever! Camera glare
makes it look like spots on piece. We can assure
you there are no spots! Sensational all electric
"shiner"! Has std. size base & is collector grade.
Comes from a very  avid collector in South Africa!
Item #10-102-EB    $ 115.00 plus $15 ship
Imperial "Diamond Lace" water pitcher in electric
purple with rare gold overtone irridescence!
This gold overtone irridizing is rarely found and
this example is one of the best we've ever seen.
Most new collector don't realize these mint
diamond lace pitchers are valued by the "gold"
standard! Item #11-196-JW  $ 250.00 + $15 ship
Imperial "Zippered Heart" 5-6" berry sauce bowl in
electric purple.
No damage! Remember, these all
have factory ground bases, so you will always
find micro fleas on the base rings of these. This is
from the making of the piece and is not considered
damage. This one has sensational electric
highlights as well as being of a collector grade!!!
Item #07-076-EB  $ 60.00 plus $10 ship
Imperial " Imperial Grape" 8-9" low ruffled bowl in
No damage! Has the grape pattern on
the exterior. Just an average nice example with  
average irridescence. It needs a new home! It has
no damage so it's not a bad piece to add to your
collection. Item #00-036-C   $ 35.00 plus $15 ship
Imperial "Freefold" 12" tall flared flame top vase
in light marigold!
No damage anywhere! Scarce to
find in this light marigold irridescence treatment!
The lighter hue is golden appearing and makes the
vase look very stately and expensive! Better snag
this beauty! We originally had a matched pair of
these, but the other we already sold! So here it is!
Item # 06-11-2-DM     $ 75.00 + $15 ship
Imperial "Beaded Bullseye" 10-1/2" tall (with 6"
top flat flared top) vase in rich marigold.
damage anywhere but does has a tiny particle in
the glass rim
! Lovely flat top vase which is so
desirable these days. These were very popular in
the early 1970s' and this one has exceptional
iridescence! Item #06-062-DM    $ 75.00 + $15 ship
Imperial "Beaded Bullseye" 10-1/2" tall as shown
to the immediate left! These are more photos of
this beauty!
Imperial "Fashion" water pitcher in marigold.
Sadly the pitcher has
one chip on the base ring. It
can be seen in the photo above. We've owned this
pitcher for some time, and bought it damaged
because we liked the marigold color! Well it's time
to find it a new home! The chip is the only issue
with pitcher. Item #06-086-M   $ 70.00 + $20 ship
A "killer" investment grade Fashion
water pitcher in rare smoke! Where
would you find one better?
Absolute "killer" color
bath showpiece!
Already sold to "Stephanie Gal" out there in
Has the rare "Eastern
Star" exterior pattern!
Rare! Imperial Fashion water pitcher in rare
smoke base glass!
No damage! No issues!
Beautiful "killer" investment grade example with
ideal colorful iridescence throughout! This is a
"showstopper"! Impossible to find one any better!
Item # 15-185-SK     $ 245.00 plus $20 ship
"Killer" grade plus!
Rare! Imperial Scroll Embossed stemmed
compote with the rare "Eastern Star" exterior
pattern in electric "shiner" purple!
No damage! No
! Absolutely a "killer" investment grade
color bath example! Hard to find in marketplace!
Item # 87-097-RE    $135.00 plus $10 ship
Already sold! Going to a collector in
the state of Tennessee!
SOLD! The Wheat Boy Bought it!
Headed for South Dakota!
Imperial "Pansy" 9" low ruffled bowl with the Arcs
exterior in electric purple! Wonderful collector
grade example with some blue overtone electric
highlightling on the inside!
No damage in or out!
Item # 11-048-EB     $ 65.00 plus $15 ship
Imperial "Zippered Heart" 9-10" ruffled master
berry bowl in amethyst / purple with the plain
interior. These are very scarce to find! The 6"
small berry bowls are easier finds but even they
are scarce. No damage in or out! Just a perfect
mint condition master looking to build a family of 6
youngins'! Item # 94-104-RE   $ 165.00 + $15 ship
Second photo of the Imperial Zippered Heart 8-9"
ruffled master bowl in electric amethyst / purple.
First of all the rock under the base does not mean
the piece is warped! It sits level and flat! The light
was just right on the giant rock outside so the
photos were taken there! The giant rock slopes
downward, hence the need for the little stone
Fact! These all have factory ground bases!
Imperial "Fieldflower" tumbler in electric purple.
No damage! As you can see, this is a really nice
one with a lot of multicolor to it. Collector grade
example which could easily be added to a
incomplete purple water set.
Not easy to find in
this condition
. We have one more electric purple
available as well. Item # 12-036-JW       $ 42.00
Already sold! Headed to that smart
collector who knows a true shiner! Will
ship by 12//17/18!
This item is now already sold to
"G5r7b12" in Arizona ! It will
ship week of 9/9/2019!
We want to show the really avid carnival glass
collectors of this world, the many different kinds of
what we call "various overtones" of irridescent
highlighting that you can find on Imperial Diamond
Lace "purple shiner" water pitchers. Once you get
into them, you realize there are at least 6 uniques!
Imperial "Diamond Lace" 7 pc. water set in
electric purple! No damage on any pieces of this
water set! Stunning iridescence with a lot of
subtle blues, reds and greens that show
themselves differently under different lighting
sources! Item #08-368-EB   $ 425.00 + $25 ship
Imperial "Diamond Lace" full electric purple water
pitcher! No other company could match the look of
Imperial "purple shiner" carnival glass pieces!
This pitcher is proof of that fact! A
Unbeatable for the $!
Just look at the photo above!
Not the same piece as others shown.
No damage!
Item # 14-172-SK    $ 210.00 plus $15 ship
Imperial "Diamond Lace" 7 pc.water set in electric
No damage! This set is multi-electric with
superb electric blue  iridescence! Just incredible
electric iridescence throughout all pieces of the
set. Just study the photos! Item # 14-322-TB   $
405.00 plus $25 ship
Already sold! Went down to
the state of Georgia!
Already put into layaway by "Stephanie
Girl" out in Kansas!
Already sold to "Tina Girl"!
Imperial "Tiger Lily" vintage water pitcher in
green with radium shine iridescence.
Wonderful collector grade piece that is an old
one! So many of these are not old. Green
means green & not a helios green new one!
Don't miss your opportunity! Item # 12-135-JW     
Price: $ 175.00 plus $15 ship
Imperial "Diamond Lace" 7 pc. water set in
electric purple "shiner" iridescence that is totally
No damage mint condition!
Awesome mint condition water set
with all
perfectly matched tumblers that have no issues
From our own Colleywood Private collection in
PA. Item # 93-435-RE      $ 475.00 plus $ 22.00 ship
Attention: Tina Girl! We are going to put two full sets of
Imperial Diamond Lace water tumblers in electric purple
up on here for you to pick from. Group A and Group B.
Both will be mint condition,
no damage! Either way, we
want $ 38 apiece for these plus $20 ship because of
their mint condition and electric purple "shiner"
Either group is sensational!
Already Sold
Already Sold!
Imperial RARE! "Flute & Cane" milk pitcher in
radium finish rich marigold. This is the rare 7" tall
milk sized pitcher and not the more common big
water pitcher. It has a manufacturing split on the
top rim, as shown in the close up photos above.
This split has been iridized over, so we know it
from the original making and not damage. The
marigold is rich top to bottom and has that shiny
radium finish! Item # 14-050-JW  $70.00 +$ 20 ship
Imperial "Morning Glory" little 7" tall vase in dark
No damage! These smaller height vases
are always in high demand, and this one is a
beauty! Nice dark iridescence from top to the very
bottom. No fading! They are just so cute in these
smaller heights! Won't last long, so you better act.
Item # 13-017-MW      $ 55.00 plus $15 ship
Imperial Grape carafes ( 2) in electric purple. None
have damage, both are electric highlighted. Both
are really nice!! You can buy one or two, the
choice is yours. They are slightly different in
iridescent color tone, so they are not a perfectly
matched pair. If you display them farther apart
from each other, you won't notice the color tone
differences. Both are superb collector grade!
#12-125A-TB   $175  or #12-125B-TB  $175 + $15
This is a scarce marigold piece of Imperial "Star &
File"!! It is the flared deep round 6-7" nut bowl in
nice evenly applied deep marigold. It has no
damage and the pattern is on the exterior of the
bowl. This is a vintage piece and not some
reissue piece.
No logo! It is a very affordable
piece that looks very expensive. We will price it
to sell. Item # 12-012-TB   $18.00  + $ 10.00 ship!!
Already sold to "The Kid" out there in
Already Sold!
Staying in
Our camera isn't as good of a quality as the one
used to photograph the Imperial Shell & Sand plate
from the Samantha Prince Collection that just sold
5/4/12 at the Keystone Carnival Glass Convention
auction by Jim Wroda.
To the right is the actual
auction photo of that plate
! We can assure you,
that it sold for $2600.00 and wasn't as colorful
around the entire outer perimeter as this beauty
shows & it isn't in any better condition either.

!!! We are going to have the
piece re-photographed with a $2000 camera, and
then we will raise the asking price considerably!
This plate shown above, is the actual
Keystone Carnival Glass Auction Shell &
Sand plate sold from the Samantha Prince
Collection for $2600.00! It was sold on
5/4/2012 by Jim Wroda Auctions right there
at the 2012 Convention Auction in
Chambersburg, Pa.
Note the lack of
iridescent color at the plate's edge!
This photo above proudly shows the plain
backside of our plate,!
Meanwhile, the
backside of the plate sold at the Keystone
Convention Auction was never even shown
in the pre-auction photos
! An internet live
bidder bid $2500.00 without even being able
to see the backside! This bidder could have
bought ours at our at $1200! Not anymore!!!
Very Nice & Short 6 1/4 " tall mini ! Imperial
Morning Glory mini vase in rich marigold! It is in
mint condition and is so very cute! It is from my
own Colleywood Private Coilection pieces and is
almost pumpkin marigold! These are hard to find
this short length of less than 7" tall!  The top is
flared out wider than most of these as well. Buy
with total confidence! It's a winner anyway you
look at it!! Item # 90-060-RE   $ 65.00 plus $15 ship
Scarce! Vintage Imperial Star & File water pitcher
in nice even marigold. No damage! Has a couple
of tiny short line cuts up near the top rim, but are 2
very minor manufacturing issues. Nice light
marigold iridescent coloring, but it's not light on
iridescence. The color of the marigold is the
lighter shade we are all familiar with on Imperial
items. Item # 16-046-TB   $ 65.00 plus $15 ship
Imperial "Colonial" pedestal breakfast mug in
deep marigold.
No damage! Great collector grade
example with intense marigold iridescence. Super
collector grade example. Some light iridescent
cooling lines, but they do not detract from the
appearance of the piece on display.
Imperial "Crackle" pedestal tumbler in nice evenly
applied marigold iridescence. Stippling is good as
No damage! Super collector grade example.
Nice coloring from top to bottom.
Imperial "Flute" tumbler in rich marigold. No
! Nice even coloring from top to bottom.
Great collector grade example
This is a "killer"
investment grade
Imperial Star of David!
See this "killer" investment grade
Imperial Cobblestones 8-9" ruffled bowl
in full electric purple on our Killer_1 page
Already sold! Headed to a new
customer out there in Arizona!
Imperial "Star of David" 8-9" ruffled bowl in
radium finish purple!
No damage! No that is not a
spot of missing iridescence you see in the above
photos, just the light fixture on the ceiling above!
Fabulous example with that great Imperial shine!
This is a full radium purple "shiner" with "off the
charts" iridescent coloring. It has a tiny dot of
spray dirt down by the side of the center star. It is
fully iridized over and really doesn't even show
when the piece is displayed. Otherwise the piece
is near mint. The outside iridescence is superb, as
This beauty is in the spectacular class! Item
# 14-255-TB   $ 315.00 plus $20.00 ship
SCARCE! Imperial vintage "Cobblestones" 8-9"
ruffled bowl in electric purple!
No damage! See the
listing for  this "killer investment grade example
on our Killer_1 page! Out of this world iridescent
electric colors!
Scarce! Imperial "File" 5 water tumblers in rich
marigold! No damage! We need to wash these up
and re-photo them. Years of storage has made that
a necessity. We'll list these soon, but understand,
we paid $ 140.00 for these, so we are not going to
give them away! These are very difficult to find in
this dark marigold!
RARE! Imperial "Ripple" 12-13" vase with 3 3/8"
base in electric purple.
No damage! This is a true
"purple shiner" iridized example and it is truly
awesome! The blue iridescence on top of the
electric purple sets off this piece perfectly. You'd
be hard pressed to find one better. The mold
roughness shown on the base in the photo of the
bottom is from the original making, and therefore,
is not considered damage. Very colorful! Study the
photos, then buy with total confidence. Superb!
Item # 14-055-SK    $ 70.00 plus $15 ship
This item is now
already sold to
"G5r7b12" in Arizona!
It ships 4/8/19!
Already sold! Headed for the state of
California! Ships 4/5/19!
Already sold to a collector right
here in Missouri!
Killer Piece! Imperial "Diamond Lace" water
pitcher in electric purple. No damage! Super
iridized coloring top to bottom with lots of color
hues. This is a "killer" investment grade example
from our Colleywood Private Collection.
Item # 87-154-RE    $ 225.00 plus $ 15 ship
Very Scarce! Imperial Smooth Rays 7-8" round
deep ruffled bowl in very scarce smoke!
damage anywhere
! No issues anywhere!
Absolutely the most beautiful smoke base Imperial
Smooth Rays bowl you will ever find!
Item # 14-031-AL   $ 75.00 plus $12 ship.
Killer Piece! Imperial vintage "Pansy" pickle
relish in electric purple with the Quilted Diamonds
exterior pattern which is also electrically iridized!
No damage! Take a look for yourself, it's old, it's
pristine and it's a "killer" example!! Don't miss out
on this beauty!! Item # 84-039-RE     $ 95.00
Scarce! Imperial Pansy pickle dish in electric
purple! Mint condition! Spectacular electric purple
"shiner" iridescence! It is simply a very superb
example! Item # 78-045-RE   $ 75.00 plus $20 ship
One side of this beauty is pulled out
just a little farther than the other side.
It was from the making and is the only
issue this piece has.
Yes, it's a vintage, electrically
highlighted, green Pansy pickle
relish that will go great with the
"killer" purple one above!
Another vintage Imperial Pansy
piece, but this one is a scarce nappy
in true aqua! Just a super example in
a very scarce base color!
Already sold to an avid collector right
here in Missouri!
It's aqua, it's
iridized, and it's
an old one!
Scarce! Imperial vintage "Pansy" pickle relish in
scarce green. No damage, but one side is pulled
out slightly more than the other side. Has the
typical Quilted Diamonds exterior that is also
iridized. Very nice piece with electric highlights
both front & back. These are not easy to find
undamaged! Item # 84-032-RE     $ 60.00
  Very Scarce! Imperial vintage "Pansy" handled
nappy bowl in true aqua! It has the typical Quilted
Diamonds exterior pattern.
No damage! Just can't
find these in undamaged condition in this beautiful
aqua base glass color. Yes, it's iridized, but a little
on the light side. But when you have this beautiful
aqua color as a base, who cares! It's a knockout
piece!! Item # 84-012-RE    $ 50.00  
A steal!!!
Back on the market! Please help
"Wheat Boy" in South Dakota!
Already sold to "Race Horse I"
down there in Georgia!
Already put
The best rare vintage unmarked  Imperial
"Fieldflower" 7 pc. water set in electric
highlighted purple you'll see in years to come! It's
an old completely unmarked set that is so difficult
to find amid all the new reproduction ones that
flood the contemporary marketplace. If you still
desire the "good old Imperial purple shiners", this
is your rare set!
No damage to any piece! The pitcher has a few
short mold lines, but nothing more than you can
see right in the posted photos. No smke & mirrors,
no hocus pocus here, just a sensational old set!
Item # 84-555-RE   $660.00 plus $30 ship.
RARE! Imperial's Imperial Grape 3 piece vintage
decanter set in electric purple! What makes the set
rare is the stopper in pristine condition!! No
damage!!! You won't find another for years with a
pristine condition stopper! Go ahead and try! Good
Luck!! This is a killer set you can build to a full
7pc.killer set! Item #12-148-EB   $ 200.00 a steal!
Very Scarce! Imperial 's Imperial Grape 7 piece
wine cordial decanter set all in electric purple!
damage on any piece
! Listing coming soon! Watch
for this "killer" investment grade set soon!
Rare & Big!
Already Sold! Headed for the state of
California! Will ship by 4/5/19!
This Imperial Diamond Lace  
is now sold to "Phoenix" down
in Texas! I will ship it
Very Scarce! Imperial "Cobblestones" 8-9" low
ruffled bowl in electric highlighted purple!
! Very colorful electric highlighted
iridescence on front of this superb example. Has
the typical Arcs exterior that is also iridized
nicely. All in all, this is a solid collector grade
example that is in high demand. Not many come
up for sale, so don't miss your opportunity here.
Item # 13-170-JW     $ 225.00 + $15 ship. It's
Imperial "Flute & Cane" 7" tall giant stemmed
compote in beautiful radium marigold!
No damage!
No issues
! These are very hard to find anywhere!
Superb radium shine iridescence second to none!
Awesome looking example worthy of anyone's
best carnival glass collection!! These are rare &
beautiful! Item #08-060-BO   $ 80.00 plus $15 ship
Scarce! Imperial Diamond Lace water pitcher in
No damage, but the bottom of the base
ring has a tiny spot where the glass didn't
completely fill in when the pitcher was originally
. Many of these Imperial vintage pitchers
have this same manufacturing issue. The pitcher
has excellent electric highlighted iridescence
from top to bottom. Solid collector grade piece!
Item # 13-125-EB   $ 165.00 plus $20 ship
Already sold to "Cheddar Head" up
there in Wisconsin!
Imperial old vintage "Lustre Rose/ Paneled Rose"
exterior 11-12" footed ruffled bowl in rare smoke!
No damage anywhere. Wonderful colorful
iridescence both inside & outside. Superb
affordable piece for being so scarce to find. This
is a vintage Imperial "killer" investment grade!
Item # 14-060-BO       $ 100.00 plus $25.00 ship
Already sold! Headed for the state of Florida! What a super  beautiful rare lavender!
Very Rare! Imperial Colonial Lady 6" tall vase in electric radium finish purple! Has a minor pinpoint
sized fleabite on one vase body rib & one, from the original making, a iridized over very faint scratch
line and that is it
. You have to search for both issues, so they do not detract from the displaying of this
vase. Has very beautiful mirror shiny gold/purple iridescence on the ribbed body & very colorful shiny
iridescence on the flared top & on the inside too. These are highly sought after by collectors, so don't
hesitate or it might be gone. This is a really beautiful rare vase with only very minor issues.
Item # 13-336-EB    $ 475.00 plus $20.00 ship.
A Rarity of old Imperial! Imperial Scroll Embossed 8-9" octagonal plate in rare true lavender! The best
lavender base we have ever encountered. Mint condition, no damage, no issues. Has double electric
iridescence on front, while the plain back side is not iridized at all. Believe us the front side double
electric iridescence is all you need! All the coloring you could dream for and all in lightning bolt
electric! A thing of Imperial electric shiner beauty! Will soon add a picure of it held to direct sunlight
so you can see the complete pink lavender base color! Amazing piece with stunning display appeal!
Item # 16-224-RE    $ 270.00 plus $ 25 ship
Already  put in layaway by "Stephanie Gal"
out there in Kansas!
This is a sensational
"killer" investment
grade example with
totally Supreme
"shiner" blue  electric
purple iridescence!
Already sold to "Stephanie Gal"
out in Kansas!
Item # 15-259-EB   $ 320.00 plus $15 ship.
Super Rare! Imperial Chatelaine tumbler in total electric purple! No damage! No issues! "Killer
investment grade example with super "shiner" iridescence! Item # 15-156-EB   $ 200 plus $15 ship.
Rare! Imperial Windmill milk size pitcher in rare electric purple "shiner" iridescence! Has one area on
the base ring that the glass didn't fill in properly. It's iridized over so it is not damage. Sensational!
The best
the world
has to offer!
From our 1985 Colleywood Private Collection A
mint condition "killer" investment grade Imperial
vintage 1910-1913 Nu Art signed Homestead
10-11" chop plate in beautifully iridized frosty
white. Sensational!
Already sold to "Stephanie Gal" out there in Kansas!
Carnivalites, again you are too slow respond. Lasted only
about 2 hours!
The best the
world has to offer!
From our 1985 Colleywood Private Collection! A mint condition "killer"
investment grade highly sought after vintage 1910 -1913 Imperial Nu Art
signed Homestead 10-11" chop plate in extremely rare reddish amber! These
were made to honor America's Midwest  great "Homestead" settlers
movement of the early to mid 1800s. The NuArt signed examples of this
Imperial Homestead plate are very rare and are highly prized by all carnival
glass collectors. Amber was also a rare color made.
Already put into layaway by "Stephanie Gal" out there in Kansas!
Carnivalites, you are too slow to act on these Colleywood Private Collection
"killer" investment grade examples!
Rare & prized among all collectors! Imperial's Nu Art Homestead 10-11"
chop plate in frosted iridized white. Has the authentic fine rayed back
which dates the plate to the early 1900s. These plates were reproduced
starting in the early 1950s, but they were plain backs with no fine rayed
pattern on the back sides. This is a "killer" mint condition investment
grade example with no damage or issues. Superb iridescent coloring, that
displays with a myriad of iridescent colors. Just an incredible example!
Item # 78-850-RE   $ 910.00 plus $15 ship
Extremely Rare & prized among all carnival glass collectors! Imperial's Nu Art Homestead
10-11" chop plate in highly iridized reddish amber base glass. Has the authentic fine rayed
back which dates the plate to the early 1900s. These plates were reproduced starting in the
early 1950s, but they were plain backs with no fine rayed pattern on the back sides. This is a
"killer" mint investment grade example with no damage or issues. The iridescent application
is awe inspiring, has electric highlights galore and is a virtual color chart on the front side!
Unbeatable! Item # 78-1900-RE   $ 1960.00 plus $15 ship
A True Imperial Electric Purple Shiner "Killer"
Grade Diamond Lace 7pc. set!
Vaseline glass glows under black light. Would
you say the above Imperial File 8-9" ruffled bowl
no I-G logo is vaseline? Only known one
that is! Has a marigold overlay and no damage!
Already put in layaway by "Stephanie Gal" out there in Kansas!
Imperial Diamond Lace 7pc. water set in electric purple with blue "shiner" iridescence & with rare
yellow highlighted hobstar iridescence throughout all pieces
. All pieces are mint condition! No damage
or manufacturing issues
. Pitcher has a tiny color spot or two, but that's it! The tumblers on the left side
are shadowed, but in reality, they are exactly the same iridescence as the right side tumblers. Perfect!
Promise! Item # 16-288-EB   $ 405 plus $30 ship
old vintage bowl with no logo and the star rayed bottom. No damage! The only one we've ever seen in
all the years we have collected carnival glass. The piece glows wildly under black light, just as
shown in the photos above. Otherwise, the bowl displays just like a regular marigold piece of
carnival glass. Item # 16-094-EB     $ 120.00 plus $15 ship
This "killer" investment
grade Imperial electric
purple shiner Star of David
9" ruffled bowl from our
Colleywood Private
Collection might just change
your mind as to who made
the best radium mirror shine
iridescence finish on
carnival glass! Search all
you want, you won't beat
this incredible purple
shiner! This is our best!
Listing coming soon!
Already a pending sale to
"Stetphanie Gal" out there in
Scarce! Imperial Star of David / Cut Arcs exterior, 8-9" ruffled bowl in electric purple with mirror shiny radium finish iridescence. Super shiny & colorful iridescence on front and superb colorful super sheen
iridescence on back. From our 1985 Colleywood Private Collection and is a "killer" investment grade example of world class quality and our best. It will draw your attention from across the room, and might
just change your mind about which company made the best mirror shiny radium finish carnival glass pieces 100+ years ago. Item # 85-305-RE    $ 360.00 plus $15 ship.
Our best! Directly from our 1982 Colleywood Private Collection!
A pristine mint condition Imperial Ripple 12"  x 3 3/8" base vase
in radium finish double electric purple! You may think you can
find one better, all we can say is good luck!
Colleywood's best Imperial Diamond Lace electric purple water set!
Rare! Imperial Ripple vase 12" x 3 3/8" base in the most shiny radium finish electric purple you have
ever seen. Any spots you see are camera glare only. This is a double electric purple radium finish
color bath of colors from top to bottom and all around! Just review the unmanaged photos of this
absolutely sensational vase. It has the scarce 3 3/8" base! Item # 82-175-RE   $ 235.00 + $35 ship
Scarce! Imperial Diamond Lace 7pc. water set in electric shiner purple! Mint condition spectacular
water set with yellow iridized hobstars on all pieces! Reddish purple water spout on this incredible
pitcher! Just a "killer" investment grade set with a sensational iridescent colring throughout! You will
look a lifetime for a comparable Diamond Lace water set! Item # 77-295-RE   $395.00 + $40 ship
Already sold to "Race Horse II" in Georgia!
A rare pumpkin marigold Imperial corn
bottle with stopper and in mint condition!
Super rich pumpkin marigold "killer "
investment grade example from our
1981 Colleywood Private Collection!
Already sold to that smart collector down in Pearland,
Texas! Pd.= $25 + $60 + $80 = $165

The only carnival glass pattern that has the
identical pattern  on the  inside and out! Look
at this purple beauty in the rarer 8-9" deep
round bowl! Imperial Hattie/Hatie! The photos
just don't show the electric purple iridescent
colors, but we can assure you they are ever
present! Photos taken at night. Will retake!
Very Scarce! Imperial Heavy Grape 11" chop plate in electric
purple! Does have a couple of rim pinpoints and rim mold line, but
who cares! "Killer" plate! Item # 81-317-RE  $ 350.00 + $15 ship.
Rare in pumpkin marigold! Imperial Corn Bottle novelty in pumpkin
Mint condition "killer" grade example from our 1981
Collrywood Private Collection! Not hard to find without stopper & in
regular marigold. Item # 81-126-RE   $ 155.00 plus $10 ship
A lot harder to find in the marketplace than you may think!! Imperial
Hattie/Hattie 8-9" deep round bowl in electric purple! Mint condition!
"Killer" investment grade example with superb iridescent coloring
inside & out! Item # 17-115-SK   $ 205.00 plus $20 ship.
Already sold to "The Looking Glass Lady"
up there in Pennsylvania! Preparing to ship
Rare to find in stretchy amberina red!
Absolutely a mint condition "killer" investment grade
of the best quality!
Scarce! Imperial Sand & Shell 8-9" eight tight ruffled bowl in
electric purple! Super electric iridescence throughout this "killer"
investment grade example! Very crisp mold strke with vivid
pattern. Item 17-138-AL     $ 176.00 plus $15 ship
Very scarce! Imperial Floral & Optic 7-8" footed base bowl in
amberina base iridized stretch glass! No damage or issues! Super
amberina color with nice iridescence and stretchy look. Stunning!!
Item # 17-269-RE   $ 315.00 plus $25 ship
Rare with this high quality! Imperial Star of David / with the Cut Arcs
backside 8-9" eight ruffled bowl in total electric "shiner" purple!
Mint! Item # 17-262-RE    $ 310.00 plus $25 ship
Imperial Scroll Embossed/File
back 7" round bowl in TRUE
Doty shows only three lavender
sales  since year 2000! We call
that very rare indeed!
Very rare! Imperial Scroll Embossed/File back
pattern 7" round bowl in electric highlighted true
lavender! No damage or issue! "Killer" investment
grade example from our 1982 Colleywood Private
Collection pieces! Don't miss your rare opportunity
here. These are extremely rare bowls to find
anywhere! Superb radium finish iridescence. The
back pattern is the normally found File pattern. Item
# and price coming soon!
A Imperial Scroll Embossed "purple shiner"
plate! No damage or issues! From  our
Colleywood Private Collection!
Has the rare gold iridescence on the back
side of this "killer" grade example of  this
Hattie/Hattie ICS bowl in electric
highlighted purple!
Rare! Imperial Scroll Embossed 8-9" saw=toothed octagonal plate in electric purple with electric blue/
purple/green "shiner" iridescence over entire front. The back is plain and not iridized as normal for
these. They are rarely found with shiner iridescence.! Item # 18-185-RE   $280.00 plus $15 ship
Very Scarce! Imperial Hattie/ Hattie 8-9" ICS bowl in purple! No damage or issues! "Killer" investment
grade example with beautiful colorful iridescence inside and out. The rare Dugan outside gold
iridescence is just magnificent! You better not pass this rare example up, or your collector buddy will
gladly add it to their "killer" collection! Item # 18-086-RE   $ 135.00 plus $25 ship
A rare beautiful Imperial Colonial Lady
vase in electric purple! See photos!!
A superb Imperial File 5 pc. water set in rich
marigold! No iridescent fading from top to bottom!
Rare! Imperial Colonial Lady vase in electric purple! Has some iridized over inside mold marks from the
original making process, but no damage! Please see the close up photos above of the inside mold
marks, which do not detract from the display beauty of this beautiful rare vase. The photos make the
piece look like it has iridescence loss on the vertical ribs and vertical valleys. There is no loss of
iridescence, as this piece is so radium shiny, I could nor photo it without the glare of the radium shine. It
is perfect, no iridescent loss anywhere! Sensational piece! Item 06-486-RE      $ 605.00 plus $20 ship
Rare! An Imperial File 5 pc. water set in rich marigold. All iridescence on all pieces , does not fade
from top to bottom. Nice even and uniform iridescent on all pieces! The pitcher has a small mold line
as shown in one of the close up photos above. No damage or other issues on any piece of this rare
beautiful 5 piece water set. Item # 18-156-RE   $ 190.00 plus $45 ship. An absolute bargain for this
rare Imperial File 5 pc. water set!
Very rare to find a complete 7 pc. water set!  Imperial File 7 pc. water set in dark marigold! No damage
or issues! This is a "killer" invetment grade complete 7 pc. water set in rich marigold. No damage
anywhere! Hard to find this Imperial Glass vintage File pattern as a complete water set in the current
marketplace! Superb "killer" investment grade water set. Item # 86-175-RE   $ 255.00 plus $45 ship
Only one known! Imperial Shell 9" eight sided plate in smoky blue! Mint condition! No damage
anywhere! This ius the only known example in this extremely rare base color! Doty doesn't even list