Colleywood's Carnival Glass "Killer 1 Pieces"!
Brought to you exclusively by Colleywood Carnival Glass Company
"A Fenton Holly 9" bracket edge plate with outrageously colored iridescence front & back! A
rare green "killer" investment grade that is one of the best! See for yourself!
If you've been searching for a "killer" investment
grade example of a 9" green Fenton Holly bracket
edged plate, you must know by now, just how hard
they are to find. Then, when you finally do find one,
it seems like every other collector in the auction
that day, is also looking for the same! Zoom go the
prices, and you end up going home empty handed.
Finally, just when you are completely frustrated,
you find someone like us, who is offering one of
these rare beauties up for sale. So, to make a long
story short, here's your rare opportunity to own one
of the best 9" green bracket edged Fenton Holly
plates in the country.
No damage! No issues! The
best colored iridescence, front & back, you could
ever hope for, and at a great selling price,

considering the world class quality of the piece.
If you hesitate, you will lose your opportunity on
this sensational beauty. No doubt about it, in our
minds. So, mull it over and act quickly, and just
maybe you'll be able to add this world class plate to
your best collection pieces. As you can see from
the totally unmanaged photos, it's a prize winner!!
Item # 16-235-JW  $ 280.00 plus $15 ship
A bargain!

Remember: You gotta pay for
the best, and this beauty is
no exception to that rule!
Rare Green!
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resident buyers of  
Continental USA only.
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us for purchasing it.

Already sold to "The
Kid", out there in
Presenting.... From our 1981 Colleywood Private Collection.... A stunning
absolutely "killer" Northwood Oriental Poppy 7 pc. water set in
super sheen green!
Presenting.... A absolutely mint condition Northwood Dandelion 7 piece complete water set
in electric purple! The pitcher is completely done in a stunning radium finish color laden
shiny radium iridescence and it also has the super rare interior ribbing, which is so hard to
find! The tumblers, meanwhile are all perfectly matched with the magnificent pitcher, and
although they do not possess radium finish iridescence, they all have electric purple super
sheen iridescence that is out of this world. Tumblers' color have no bad side! All superb!
Already a pending sale by "Stephanie Gal" out there in

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Presenting.... A"killer" investment grade Imperial vintage "Cobblestones" 8-9" ruffled bowl
electric purple!
Absolutely the best "purple shiner" Imperial "Cobblestones" bowl we have ever seen! All
photos are totally unmanaged and taken with no special display lighting! Imagine that!

This button is for Resident Buyers of the Continental U.S.A. only.
If you want one of the best one of these there is, then this piece
should enter your equation.
Yes, it is considered a "killer" investment grade example by us
even though it has 3 very faint "iridized over" thin, line like, tool
indents down in the inside center area of this piece.
They are much fainter then they appear in these photos shown to
the left, in fact, in person, you hardly even take notice of them.
They are from the original making, so they will never be
considered as damage to this sensational showstopper piece.

This is a true Imperial "purple shiner" example with the best
electric purple iridescence we have ever seen.
The photos to the left are completely unmanaged, with the
iridescent colors being just as you see them.

This example is a complete color bath of a myriad of electric
colors throughout the entire inside of this eight ruffle bowl.
The exterior is the standard "Arcs" pattern which is also nicely
iridized; however, the outside iridescence can't hold a candle to
the inside totally electric color show.

You name the color, and you can probably find it somewhere on
this piece.
It's simply an extraordinary color show throughout!

Other than the 3 faint tool "line-like" indents that are completely
covered with iridescence, the piece has absolutely no other

If you want one of the best of these Imperial "Cobblestone" pieces
in electric purple, this should be your choice.
You will never be sorry you purchased this purple shiner!

ITEM # 14-165-JW       $225.00 plus $20.00  shipping        
Presenting a "killer" investment grade example: Imperial's "Star Of David" 8-9" ruffled bowl
electric purple!
Want a mint condition
Imperial "Star of David",
with a perfect true radium
shine gold star in the
middle? This should be
your choice! It's a "killer"
investment grade example!!
No, the central star is not discolored in any
way. The photos simply can't be taken
without camera glare making the star look
discolored. We can fully assure you the star is
solid shiny radium finish gold, with one part
being stippled and the other part being
smooth finished.
This is a incredibly stunning masterpiece in
every way. It is in mint condition with no
issues at all! So if you want one of the best,
make is one your choice before someone else
does. The back side is the Arcs pattern which
is also nicely iridized. It won't last long
because it is a real beauty!
Item # 14-269-JW    $ 315.00 plus $20 ship.
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A "Killer" Investment Grade Red Fenton Holly 8-9 " ruffled bracket edged bowl in mint
Premium true red!
Fenton Holly 8-9" bracket edge ruffled bowl in
beautiful true red! This is a premium "killer
investment grade example from the Poucher
Collection. It's one of the best  true red examples
we have seen in a long, long time. Don't miss a
very rare opportunity to own one of the best
there is.

Already sold to "Race  II" down there in Georgia!
Here is one fabulous Fenton 8-9" bracket edge
ruffled Holly bowl in rare true red. Aside from
having a bright red base glass, it also has a
beautiful satin finish colorful iridescence that
includes reds, yellows, greens and purples. Just
look at the photo to the left and we think you'll
agree, this bowl is simply magnificent.
Moreover, the back side of this beauty has a
wonderful very shiny radium finish iridescence
dominated by red, orange and yellow. It's like
looking into a colored mirror. See the photo of
the back side below, to see one of the best
mirror radium finishes we've seen in a long
time. Our photos were all taken with our old 5.0
megapixel camera, so the photos really don't
show the vivid colors this bowl possesses. It's a

We've owned quite a few of these red Holly
ruffled bowls in our 43+ years of collecting
vintage carnival glass but not many have been
comparable to this undamaged, no issues
"killer" investment grade example. It has
everything it needs to light up your display or to
be your best stand alone piece. It will gain
everyone's attention and certainly bring all the
compliments & adulations you'd expect from
even the most discerning onlookers. It's the
kind of piece that grabs the show!

If there is one thing that would hold this piece
from being called the "perfect" red Fenton
Holly bowl, it would be the slightly lighter coat
of iridescence applied to the inside center area
of the bowl. It's not that the iridescence is void
on the inside center, but rather, it's just not as
intensely apparant as it is on the rest of the
inside surface. See the photo to the immediate
left which depicts this lighter inside center
iridescence. This lighter colored inside center,
is a typical Fenton feature found on the great
majority of Fenton made vintage carnival glass
bowls. This condition is minimized on this
example because the base color of the glass in
the very center area has a yellow-red cast and
its colored background serves to "shore up"
any negative visual effects of the lighter inside
center iridescence. The net result is that the
bowl displays like the true showpiece it was
made to be!

We examined the bowl closely, and can find no
physical damage or obvious manufacturing
issues. It's a clean & colorful "gem" of a bowl
with super display appearance front and back.
It looks sensational in plain natural window
light, display cabinet lighting or even just plain
light bulb lighting. We have shown the piece
just as it appears in plain natural daylight
laying on a plain gray bath towel. All the photos
are unmanaged, just enlarged to help you see
the bowl better. If it looks this fabulous in plain
daylight, you can imagine how it would light up
in your display cabinet or lighted curio. Believe
us, no one would pass by your display venue
without taking notice of its presence.

So, we come to the part of the description
where we turn our attention to what this piece
will cost you to own it. As with any beautiful
piece of rare vintage carnival glass, the
purchase price becomes the bottom line final
consideration. You know, over our many years
of collecting carnival glass, we've found that
people are very unpredictable as to what they
are willing to pay for things in general. For
example, put a $50 pair of shoes in the right
high end store, and by gosh you can sell the
same pair of shoes for $200 or more. Put a
designer name or logo on a piece of apparel
and you can sell it for triple! It is just the way of
life we lead here in America. Marketing peer
pressure rules!

In the vintage carnival glass selling business,
however, we found a different set of selling
circumstances. In this business, we find
collectors and dealers alike, search endlessly
for a high quality piece that they can garner for
a better price than the previous buyer paid for
a like piece. Then, you hear them at all the  
carnival glass auctions, conventions and shows
bragging about how little they gave for the
piece they purchased. We've heard this
bragging for all the years we gone to such
events. But you know something interesting,
whenever these auctions begin, and the
auctioneer comes right down to selling the
pieces at hand, those same bragging buyers
have to "crap or get off the pot"! You either
beat the high bid or go home empty handed!!
The reality is there and now, with the bragging
about this buy & that buy suddenly taking a
silent back seat.

With this in mind, we are not going to become
some collector's future buying conversation,
where we become his or her victim for their
bragging purposes. This is a very high quality
piece for which we intend to receive a fair
price. If it doesn't sell at this fair price, we'll
keep it for ourselves and pass it on to our
relatives after we're long gone. It's that simple.

Item # 14-800-SK    $ 875.00 plus $20 shipping
Announcing Coming Very Soon... A mint"killer" investment grade Fenton Blackberry Block
water pitcher and two amethyst matching tumblers in scarce amethyst! Yes, it's amethyst,
and yes they are in mint condition! This is an
extremely rare three piece water set by any
collector's standards!
All we can say is.... "You gotta
pay for the best!" . This
pitcher & two tumblers are a
rare amethyst beauty, looks all
mint, and will be your best
keeper. Better give it a good
look because you won't match
its beauty!

Already put in layaway by "Stephanie Gal" out there in

What a super, super beautiful water set!

If you call it a perfect water set, you would receive
the prize for the closest description of this all mint
"killer" investment grade Fenton Blackberry Block
three piece tankard pitcher water set! No, it's not
the same set as we sold to "The Kid" out in
California. This is a completely different set, and it
is sensational! Promise!

Just look at the iridescent color on the tankard!
Just incredible!

Photos of two tumblers  that are included in this set
show they are mint condition as well. The tiny mark
shown in the photo of the top rim of the tumbler on
the left side is not pinpoint nick, but rather a small
dot of iridescence that got on the top rim. It is from
the original making.

All in all this three piece water set is extremely rare
to find anywhere in the marketplace. We have sold
a 7 piece "killer" investment grade set to "The Kid"
out in California for a lot more than we are asking
for this sensational set. The photo listing of that set
still appears on our Rare_1 page if you would want
to see a direct comparison. The listing description
and selling price also still are posted there

Please, don't miss a extremely rare opportunity

It'll be years before you find another one like this


Item # 15-990-RE   $1090 plus $ 30 ship

Already a pending sale by "Stephanie Gal out there
in Kansas!
Presenting a "killer"  investment grade example Fenton Ten Mums 7 piece
water set in cobalt blue! Electric highlights everywhere! Every piece is mint
condition! No damage! No issues! Sensational showstopper set!
Presenting... An extremely rare absolutely "killer" investment grade Millersburg Big Fish
8-9" ruffled bowl in mirror radium finish amethyst! Unequivocally the best there is! See for
yourself! You won't believe your eyes!
REMEMBER: you gotta' pay
for the very best! This is the
best, and it's in mint
condition! The photos are
completely unmanaged, and
yes, the iridescent colors are
this intense! It's a total mirror
for Heaven's sake!
If you don't like this piece,
please schedule a mental
Absolutely! Millersburg radium finish amethyst/purple at it's very best!

Already put into layaway "Stephanie Gal" out
there in Kansas!
First of all, we have never encountered a better
Millersburg radium finish piece than this "killer"
mint investment grade example. It is perfect in
very way imaginable! Simply world class
If you can't get into this beauty, you need to see
you therapist immediately! You won't find a like
piece... PERIOD! So, please stop procrastinating!
Your hunt comes to an end with this mirror
radium finish example!
The radium mirror finish is better than most
mirrors you would have in your home. Kid you
not, it is superb!
The iridescent coloring is simply unparalleled, un
beatable, unmatchable and in a class all by itself.
Just look at the unmnaged photos and try to think
what you'd do better to color up this bowl. It is
perfect in every way imaginable. World class!
This will be a legacy piece for the proud new
owner, no doubt in our minds. The piece will
demand it!!!!! And it will prevail! Yes, it's that
kind of piece... awe-inspiring, magnetic to any
eyes that set upon its material beauty. You could
put a label on it..."The best there is" And we feel
you would not have erred! It is the best!

Many collectors miss the subtle differences in
this pattern, from its cousin pattern "Trout & Fly".
Well, the two main things are the absence of the
fly by the mouth of the fish, and the three
background water flowers instead of just two on
the "Trout & Fly" pattern. Most of all, however, it
is a much rarer pattern to find examples by far!
Item # 15-1055-SK   $ 1450.00 plus $25.00
Already put into layaway by "Stephanie Gal" out
there in Kansas!
gotta' pay for the very

Already sold to "Race Horse II" in Georgia!
Just review the totally
unmanaged photos to the left
and below. The smaller photos
are all enlargeable.

This mint condition "killer"
investment grade 7pc. water set
is a complete color bath of
iridescent color everywhere on
all pieces!

All the tumblers match the
tankard perfectly.

The camera glare on the bottom
of the tankard makes the tankard
appear not to have full iridescent
coloring at the bottom.
We can
assure you the tankard has
superb iridescent coloring
throughout the tankard

The background iridescence is a
beautiful green on all pieces!

The raised pattern elements are
full of many iridescent colors!
Just incredible!

We are not going to give this set
away, so remember:
You gotta' pay for the best!

David Doty's reference site
shows a pitcher alone in 2012
sold for $1100.00!

Compare this tankard with the
junk" tankard David Doty
proudly displays on his carnival
glass reference website!
It doesn't even begin to compare
to this mint beauty!

Item # 15-968-SK   $ 1250.00 plus $35 ship
Presenting....A very rare "killer" investment grade Millersburg Hanging Cherries 7 piece
water set in rare green!
No damage on any pieces....not even a fleabite on any piece!
Our best mint condition 7 piece
Millersburg Hanging Cherries
water set in rare green! World
class set with no damage & no
issues on any water tumbler!
Sensational eyepopping set! Not
even a fleabite or pinpoint on any
tumbler or the pitcher! Two tiny
holding tool faint indentations on
the handle are the only issue that
keep us from calling the entire set

REMEMBER: you gotta' pay for
the very best there is.

We have seen no complete seven
piece set even come close to this
absolute showstopper water set in
all the years we have collected
carnival glass!

If you have a
better looking mint
condition Millersburg Hanging
Cherries complete 7 piece green
water set than this one, we'll buy
it from you immediately for what
we are asking for this superb set.
Listing coming soon! Enjoy all the completely
unmanaged photos! Most of all, brace your
wallet doubly, because we are not going to give
this once in a lifetime super rare 7 piece green
Millersburg Hanging Cherries water set away!

Remember, not even a fleabite or pinpoint on
any piece! Then look at the absolutely
sensational showstopping iridescent coloring on
every piece. Just a incredible sight to behold!

The tumbler are all matching flared top tpye of
tumblers that match very nicely with the
iridescent coloring on the pitcher. They have no
rim or base damage which is very rare in itself
to find, since they are very thin & dainty glass.

The pitcher, meanwhile  is totally undamaged
with not even a fleabite or pinpoint to the top
rim or the base of the pitcher. Moreover, the
iridescent coloring on the pitcher is simply
spectacular and without any missing spots or
faded areas. The attached handle does have two
or three tiny holding tool indentation faint lines
on it, but they are hardly noticeable when the
pitcher is on display. It is just a incredible work
of art, as is the entire water set.

As you know, complete mint condition water
sets in this pattern are very difficult to find
anywhere, and especially so, in the rare base
color green. This is a once in a lifetime water
set, a legacy set, which we have painstakingly
collected over years of searching throughout
the country. We will not give this set away for a
cheap price.

As we have said many time before... "You gotta'
pay for the best!"

With that in mind, and realizing just how rare
this set is in the carnival glass collecting world,
we are pricing the set very fairly at $ 2000.00.

Yes we saw the David Doty prices listed from
$1300 to $2400 for green 7 piece water sets. We
saw the $1300 set sell at auction and can tell
you honestly, 4 tumblers had top rim fleabites
and the pitcher had all sorts of base and top rim
fleabites and pinpoint damage. The set wasn't
even in the same league as this set is!

We did not see the $1800 set which David Doty
lists as selling back in year 1995 or the $2400
set he lists as selling back in year 2008, but they
were probably not mint condition either.

To find a set such as this is a once in a lifetime  
happening! We know, we personally did the

So, please understand, we are proudly offering
this super rare "killer" investment grade set
from our Colleywood Private Collection.

No, it isn't from our 1980-1989 private collection
pieces, but we only completed putting the set
together this year, but it is the culmination of
years of searching for just the right pieces tpo
make this set the "killer' investment grade set
that it is.

Item # 15-1785-HO    $ 2000.00 plus $35 ship
Already a pending sale to "Stephanie Gal"
out there in Kansas!
When the set is mint condition, like this one is, it doesn't matter how large you make the
photos! It is virtually flawless! No, not just the
interior rib tankard. All the tumblers are too!
REMEMBER: You gotta' pay for the
best! The best Northwood
Dandelion  set I've ever seen!
Already sold to "Stephanie Gal" out there in
You got the best set there is Stephanie!
No smoke & mirror photos, no managing the photos
to add color, no super expensive light box with
black background to enhance the iridescent
colors and no hiding any manufacturing issues in
any photo. You see the best there is and you will
get the best there is....period! Don't embarrass this
"killer" investment grade set by asking for any
discount! This is the best there is!
Item # 15-977-RE   $ 1225.00 plus $35.00 ship
One of the best matched water sets we
have ever collected. No damage  on
any piece of this "killer" investment  
grade 7 pc. water set. The issues are:
one tumbler has a couple of tiny color
spots and the pitcher has a very faint
mold release area up by the rim.
Otherwise the set is mint condition!
Nothing can compare with this perfectly matched 7 pc.
water set which looks like the whole set is the original
set made right at the factory some 100+ years ago. The
match between all pieces is simply perfect! Just look at
the totally unmanaged photos yourself. It's undeniable!

You won't find a set like this at any carnival glass
estate or collector auction, just impossible to
accomplish. They just don't come up for sale in this
near mint condition, people keep them, or pass them
down within their family. This is a old set from our 1981
Colleywood Private Collection, and we are telling you, it
is the best we've ever collected in 44+ years! You can
take that to the bank!

All tumblers are signed, and they all look like the day
they were made! No damage on any of them! Super
iridescent coloring in the super sheen finish. They
even are inside iridized in radium finish mirror
iridescence! Incredible! One tumbler, as shown, has a
couple of tiny color spots, which are from the original
making. So, what!!!! In the photos to the left, it is the
middle tumbler of the left row of the tumblers. As you
can see they are tiny color spots. Harmless! That's just
part of vintage carnival glass. The character of the set.

No chips, no nicks, no pinpoints, no fleabites, no heat
checks, no iridescent cooling lines, no big enclosed
bubbles, no missing iridescence, no epoxy glue
present, no repairs, no "nothin"!

You have to remember: "You gotta pay for the very
best".... and that is exactly what you are looking at with

Full listing coming soon! It won't be cheap!!!