Colleywood's "Killer" Vintage Carnival Glass, page 2
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Presenting "Killers", 'The Gold Standards' of Vintage
Carnival Glass!
Remember! About 85 % of all vintage carnival glass has some sort of physical damage, restoration or has manufacturing flaws.
Because of this fact, we here at Colleywood Carnival Glass, have always searched for & collected as many undamaged pieces as
we could afford. We always made "damage free" our top priority, when collecting carnival glass. Sure, we got stuck with some
damaged pieces now & then, but they were certainly not purchased on purpose! So, when you look at our "killer" carnival glass
pieces, you can be assured they are some of the finest carnival glass examples in the entire country, because we traveled just
about anywhere to find good vintage undamaged carnival glass! The tremendous amount of legwork we did all those years, are
the benefits you can reap now!
Presenting a Rare Near Mint Northwood Grape & Cable Thumbprint
Tankard Pitcher in electric purple!
Presenting a rare "Killer" investment grade radium finish purple " Quill "
water pitcher by Dugan Glass! Asolutely a mint condition beauty!
Presenting a absolute "killer" grade ice blue Northwood Peacock & Urn
10" ICS master bowl.
All Mint!
You gotta' pay to get the best!
This is a
"killer" investment grade example, not just a run of
the mill rare carnival glass tankard.

You gotta' pay to get the best!
This is a extremely rare example
which is in extremely good condition!
Whether you know it or not, this pattern is rare. It is hardly ever
seen at auctions and we just can't understand why David Doty's
reference site doesn't realize just how rare the pattern really is.
We've seen about seven or eight of these water pitchers with
radium mirror-like finish and even less complete water sets in
the Quill pattern. So, to all you experts, we ask: "if these are
deemed to be just 'scarce', where in the world are you people
finding all of them? We sure as heck haven't seen them come to
the marketplace in the 42+ years we gone down the collecting
roads, so where's the big stash you are alluding to by calling
them 'scarce'?"
We think you all need your heads examined calling the Quill
pattern scarce!
Reality Check: it's a rare pattern, period!
This true purple pitcher is a sensational showstopper, has no
damage, but it does have a couple of very minor manufacturing
marks on the body of the pitcher. All are so small that you must
search for their presence. There's a couple little spots of darker
colored iridescence, a slight checking of the iridescence on the
inside spout lip and some silvery iridescence around the bottom
base of the pitcher.
NOTE! The long darker line like areas in the
photos are not iridescence discoloration, but rather reflections
of the picture taker, me
! Taking pictures of high shine radium
finish pieces are very difficult to do right. It is almost impossible
to keep the picture takers' reflections out of the photos!
I can
assure you the iridescence on this beauty is nothing less than
That's all we find on this rare "killer" investment grade beauty.
You'll spend many years finding one comparable, that's for sure.
Item # 08-1100-BO      $ 1450.00
Try to find one!

Already sold to the "Race Horses I & II" down in Georgia!

This button for Continental U.S.
Resident Buyers only.
Presenting A Perfect "Killer" Grade Northwod Peacock &
Urn 10" Master ICS Bowl In Bright Blue!!
Our Best! RARE! Northwood Grape & Cable Thumbprint tall
tankard water pitcher in
true purple! We are calling this one
near mint, but we know you are going to see a couple of
scratches down in the thumbprints in photo # 2 (to the left and
down one). However, notice that they are iridized over, so they
came from the original making, and therefore, this is not
considered damage. The iridescent coloring on this "killer"
tankard is out of this world! In fact, it's the best we've ever
seen. Actually, what keeps it from being called mint condition,
is some very slight iridescent wear on the handle, as shown.
You can spend years finding one better, or you can end your
search with this "killer" grade. The ball is now in your court!
We know Doty shows some lower prices, but Doty also lists
some much higher prices too! This is a nice rare tankard size
pitcher! Item # 13-290-JW      $ 425.00 plus $20.00 shipping
You gotta' pay for the best! This
one is perfect mint and the
iridescence is "off the charts"! Just
look at the unmanaged photos

Already put into layaway by "Stephanie Gal" out there  in
Presenting... A "Killer investment grade Northwood Peacock on the
Fence 8-9" ruffled bowl in beaytiful aqua opalescent! Absolutely
sensational example with super iridescent coloring!

It's perfect! It's mint! It's very colorful!
It's truly a "killer" investment grade
example you'll be proud to display!

As you can see from the photos, this Northwood Peacock & Urn
10 " master ICS bowl in bright blue is one one the finest
around. It is in virtually mint condition, with only a very tiny
speck in the iridescence at about 2 o'clock in the photos to the
left. It is so tiny we hate to even have to mention it.

We've owned several of these in the "killer" grade class, but we
like this one because of it's beautifully done colorful iridescence
and the really bright blue base glass color used to make this
beauty. You can feel the presence of Harry Northwood's genius
when you stare at the piece. His artisan perfection is right there
in the piece. You can't help to take notice. The piece easily
convinces you Harry Northwood was the king of carnival glass!

The photos are completely unmanaged. Superb examples such
as this one need no camera help to beam their beauty to your
eyes. They grab your senses and make you remember that they
are special ones in your presence. I'm sure you know that
feeling, because it's what you feel when you stare at a piece
like this one. Call it eye candy, call it memorable, call it perfect.
They all apply here! Perfection in carnival glass is very rare in

So, study the photos till your heart's content, but we know if
you do that, this beauty will speak to you as it did to us when we
first laid eyes on it. We can say for sure, it's beauty never ends.

Putting this "killer" into your collection will not be a mistake,
it's a investment you'll always be glad you made. It's over 100
years old this year, more fragile than any human body, but it
lives a good life, because it has been cherished by passionate
people throughout it's past, and will still be cherished long after
all of us are gone! That is the kind of piece you are considering.

Northwood's Bright Blue base glass is very scarce in carnival
glass and so it is in this scarce pattern. Moreover, to find a
immaculate piece such as this one, really is rare. 100+ years
and still perfect. What a sight to behold.

Purchase this one with total confidence. You'd search a long
time to find one better and you'd spend a lot of money doing so.
Take it from us, we know just how expensive those long
journeys can be in reality. Why spend half your money looking
when you have this beauty staring right back at you, right here
and now.

These perfect blue examples sell at auction for between $550
to $900+, so don't expect us to give this one away. You gotta'
pay for the best, but you are probably already aware of that.

We've seen so many of our Carnivalites buy carnival glass
without really seeing the piece front and back. Carnivalites will
bid hundreds, and sometimes thousands of dollars, without
even seeing the back of the piece they are bidding on. All we
got to say is "GOOD POT LUCK"!

Here you have the entire piece you can examine, with no
hidden damage or issues. You won't have to worry on this one.

ITEM #14-495-SK    $ 675.00 PLUS $20 SHIPPING
If you've always
wanted a rare "killer"
aqua opalescent
piece, this just has to
be your choice. It's got
all the goodies you
want to see in a
"killer" aqua
opalescent piece.
Super color, dark aqua
base glass, lavish
opalescent treatment,
great butterscotch
overlay and of course
no damage or issues
to worry about. Just
remember, you gotta'
pay for the best! Yes,
this is your piece, if
you want one of the

Already a pending sale to "Stephanie
Gal" out there in Kansas.
What a piece of rare aqua opalescent!


Presenting a "killer" investment grade Fenton Holly 8-9" bracket edged
ruffled bowl in red, from our Colleywood Private Collection!

Our Best! A rare
"killer" red reverse
amberina 8-9" bracket
edged ruffled bowl in
mint condition!

This Personalized Paypal buy now layaway payment
button is now reserved for "Iowa Man" only!
Already put into layaway by "Billy Boy" up there in
the state of Iowa!
Here is a rare & beautiful Fenton Holly
8-9" bracket edged ruffled bowl in
reverse amberina red. We've had it a
long time but now offer it as one of
the best there is. Study the photos to
the left and below left and see for
yourelf. The piece is as red as red can
be and the frontal and back
iridescence is superb! You'll see this
red bomber from across the room! No
doubt about its red credentials.

It is, however a reverse amberina red
piece, which is hardly ever found or
sold. By reverse amberina, we mean
there is evidence of orange at both
the center area and the outer rim tips
of the bowl. This is shown very vividly
in the photos. Notice the orange tips!

There is no damage, and the piece
has no issues. Just a sensational
showstopper red piece that will light
up your display cabinet or shelf. If you
light this up properly, it will be the
center of attraction in any carnival
glass display! Just drop dead

Anything in the photos that look like
fleabites, or rough edges are simply
from the camera glare. There is no

You gotta pay for the best!

Item # 89-445-RE   $ 500.00 plus $20

Full radium shiny finish
electric purple
Presenting Our Best  "killer" investment grade Northwood Hearts &
Flowers stemmed compote in very rare Renninger Blue! No damage &
no issues on this sensational cabinet ready Northwood rarity!

Our Best! Northwood Hearts
& Flowers stemmed compote
in very rare Renninger blue!
This Paypal buy now button is for Continental U.S.A.
Resident Buyers only!
Yes we sold this piece once before, and guess
what? A eBay seller offered it up on his eBay site
at a no reserve price! Without us knowing it, our
son purchased the piece back for less than we
sold it to the eBay seller, just 3 months ago! Our
son saw the piece for sale on eBay but didn't tell
us who the seller was. He asked us if we wanted
him to try an buy the piece, and we gave him our
bid instructions. By gosh if he didn't win the
piece! Well when it came time for us to pay the
eBay seller for the win, it was only then we
realized we had bought the same 'killer' piece
back that we had sold the eBay seller three
months previous!! We were very apologetic, but
he said that it was his fault for listing the piece
without a reserve! Well, here is the same "killer'
investment grade  sensational  Northwood Hearts
& Flowers stemmed compote in Renninger Blue
at the same price we sold to for three months ago!

There are no issues at all with this "killer"
investment grade mint condition! Sensational!!!!!

Item # 14-400-EB      $ 525.00 plus $20.00 ship
Extremely Rare Renninger Blue Base Glass! We want you to
know the magic marker initials you see on the bottom base
of the stem have been completely removed from the base.
We removed it with warm soapy water then rinsed & dried
the piece. The piece is "killer" mint condition!
A perfect mint Northwood Peacock & Urn 10" ICS master bowl. And we do mean perfect!
You can end your search for ice blue perfection right here
& now! This Northwood Peacock & Urn 10" ICS master is
just that... a mint condition perfect "killer investment grade

It has colorful iridescence on both the front & back side
and the ice blue base glass is a superb medium dark ice
blue color. You simply won't find a comparable one for
years to come. They just don't come up at auction in this
color & condition very often.

It has the normal wide panel exterior pattern which is also
This piece was very well cared for, loved and cherished,
living a better life than most of us!

Well, that's about it, except you will have to do the rest.
You can purchase this "killer" with complete confidence!
You will never be sorry!

Item # 15-438-SK       $ 505.00 plus 30 ship

Already put into layaway by "Stephanie Gal" out there in
What a stupendous "killer" piece you're purchasing!

Absolute mint "killer" investment grade Fenton Dragon & Lotus 9" ruffled bowl in the
brightest cherry red imaginable!!
Our Best!  A Colleywood customer "buy back" piece from
a very avid collector and originally from our Colleywood Private Collection!
For whatever reason
other than collector
impatience, one of our
very good customers has
decided to use several
Colleywood Private
Collection pieces to buy
even rarer Colleywood
Private Collection pieces
from us!! Here is what he
says: "Absolutely
nothing wrong with the
piece, I just want
Colleywood's even rarer
pieces and want to be in
a sound positon to
purchase them outright
when they are listed

Well, there you have our
own customer's analysis
of the piece. He had
purchased this piece last
year but has been buying
even rarer pieces from us
and now is impatient to
get them. So he offered
three of our pieces back
on a buy back deal we
could not resist while he
gets $$$ to get his rarer
pieces out of layaway!
His impatience is your
ticket to one of the best
cherry red Fenton Dragon
& Lotus eight ruffled
bowls in the world!
One look at the
unmanaged photos and
we think you'll agree!
Unbeatable piece!
REMEMBER: You gotta'
pay for the very best!

Absolutely Fenton
Cherry Red
This is a rare "killer" investment grade
example of a bright cherry red Fenton
Dragon & Lotus 8-9" ruffled bowl! It is in
mint condition with no damage or
manufacturing issues. Just pure beauty!

You won't find one comparable to this
showstopper for years to come. It has that
yellow & red frontal iridescence that all
collectors vie for, along with superb
backside red iridescence as well.

The mold strike is exceptional, with good
crisp pattern detail clearly visible.

You can see this red from across the room
for heaven's sake.

We want a fair price and we think we'll
quickly get it.

Out of our Colleywood Private Collection!

Item #89-638-RE  $$700.00 plus $15 ship


Already in layaway by "Stephanie Girl" out
there in Kansas!

This is a exceptional "killer"
investment grade example with ice
blue blue iridescence on the center
peacocks. Just a stunning piece! The
butterscotch overlay is superbly
applied as well. The opalescent
treatment on the back side is simply  
exquisite and comes way down close
to the center ring of the bowl! It is
truly a fabulous looking bowl!

Item #15-595-SK  $ 670.00 plus $15 ship
Presenting.... One of the best rare Northwood Peacock at the Fountain 7 piece water sets
in bright blue in America! We'll prove that claim with the unmanaged photos we provide
below! Don't miss your rare opportunity to purchase this all mint "killer" investment grade
set. It's
not completely from our Colleywood Private Collection, the pitcher is from our
private collection, but the tumblers all come from one of the top carnival glass collectors
in America from the state of New York. No fleabites, no chips, no cracks, no repairs and
no manufacturer's issues to any piece in this mint set. Enjoy the perfection!

Just remember, "you
gotta pay for the best!"


Nothing is amiss with
this "killer" water set
Remember: The pitcher comes from our
Colleywood Private Collection, while the 6
tumblers come from a famous New York carnival
glass collector.

Item # 85-665-RE    $ 745.00 plus $30 ship
No, this is not cobalt blue, but
Northwood's bright blue base
glass! This is the base glass color
from which Northwood made most
of their electric blue pieces!

Go ahead, jet set around the country to all
the estate auctions coming up in 2016 and
search closely for a water set to rival this
all mint "killer" investment grade
Northwood Peacock at the Fountain 7
piece water set in bright blue. Yeah, go
ahead! Make sure you keep track of all the
money your spending on plane fares,
rental cars, hotel rooms, meals and oh
yes, all the valuable time you will be
spending to accomplish all this

When you get done with all that, you still
won't bring home a set which will
compare to this magnificent mint
condition water set.

Look closely at all the electric highlights,
look closely at the top gold bead band
versus the silver bottom bead band. Look
closely at the color bath of iridescence on
every piece of this spectacular set and
how perfectly all tumblers match to the
pitcher. Yes, look very closely indeed. We
welcome that because we know the more
you look the more sure you'll become you
won't find a better overal quality
Northwood Peacock at the Fountain water
set in bright blue.

We promise, it will light up your world
when put on proper display with your best
cabinet collection pieces.

It will own your attention by earning every
minute of it, with a neat electric highlights
show of true carnival glass beauty!

All the photos are totally unmanaged
except for size enlargement. No there isn't
a enclosed bubble in the tumbler shown
directly to the left. It's just camera glare.
As you might already suspect, it doesn't
matter how large we make the photos, a
"killer" grade water set like this will look
supreme at any photo enlargement size.

We are going to want a healthy but fair
price for this sensational set, so when we
post the price, please don't embarrass it
by emailing us for discounts!

Item # 84-665-RE   $745.00 plus $30 ship

Remember, you hesitate, you will surely
lose out. Buy with total confidence!
Nothing could prepare you for this Colleywood Private Collection exclusive!!!!! One of the rarest Fenton
water sets in the world! The Extremely rare Fenton Lily of the Valley in cobalt blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only 13
tankards are known to exist in the world. Only 5 tankards known are undamaged! Here my Carnivalite
friends is an entire 7 pc. water set, and guess what????????? It's all  mint except for one tumbler has a rough
base ring. Who cares???????? Look at the iridescent color on this "killer" investment grade extreme rarity!

First off, you will never
come close to beating
this near mint Fenton
Lily of the Valley water
set in cobalt blue. One
tumbler with a rough
feeling base ring is the
only issue preventing
us from grading this a
mint condition water
set. The tankard pitcher
does have some lighter
iridescent areas but
nothing that make it
less than a showpiece!
Then there are the
tumblers!!!!! You've
never seen tumblers as
colorful as the 5 of the
6 tumblers in this
"killer" set! Yes, one
tumbler needs some
iridescent color help,
but we will take care of
that very soon! We have
another tumbler that
will replace the lighter
colored one. Once we
replace it, game
This world class extremely rare water set has
now been sold to "Race Horse I" down there in
the state of Georgia!

Congratulations to "Race Horse I " for obtaining
best of only 3 known complete cobalt blue
Fenton Lily of the Valley water sets in the world!
The set is one of only 3 known
to be a complete water set in
the entire world!

Contemplate again!

This complete set is considered
the top set in the world.

No damage, No issues and
beautiful colorful iridescence
all pieces of this set!
When you recover from the
shock of just seeing this
extremely rare world class set,
only then  can you contemplate
how you will pay for it. We
certainly aren't going to give it
away! Remember our
motto..."You gotta pay for the
very best!
For this set, you will never be
sorry you did.

Item #90-4325-RE   $ 4950.00 plus $30 ship
Already sold to "Race Horse II" down there
in Georgia!
Already sold to "Race Horse II" down there
in Georgia!
Already Sold To that Smart Collector
in Pennsylvania