Presenting Another Dugan Glass Company "killer" Piece Of Carnival Glass!
The Cute Little "Mini"!
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Dugan's rare Amaryllis small shield  tri-corner shaped
compote with the rare Poppy Wreath exterior in purple
base glass! Back is not iridized.
Colleywood Carnival Glass can make your dreams of owning "killer" vintage carnival glass collection pieces come true...
Here and Now, we stand ready to offer YOU the best quality at the most affordable price! Please, go ahead and compare!
* These are RARE! It is a small shield shaped pedestal
compotes are always in high demand. This one has a
purple base glass and carries the rare poppy wreath
exterior pattern. The backside is not iridized.

* The bottom center contains a straw mark and it is not a
crack! The iridescence is superb with gold, green ,brown,
copper, red & purple being the colors contained in the
iridescence on the front of the piece.

* The back side has a very small straw line as well, but it
also is not a crack! There are no repairs to the piece, nor is
it physically damaged in any way. The straw lines are not
considered damage in the carnival glass collecting realm.

* The bottom shown in the lower photo to the left is not
damaged! What you see on the bottom is part of the poppy
wreath pattern which includes a central poppy on the
bottom, along with surrounding leavery on the bottom!

* This rare little gem is a killer piece for sure! They are
extremely hard to find in the carnival glass marketplace.
Only about one per year come up for sale at auctions. Many
of those are damaged in some way or another.

* These are also found in compotes with plate like tops
which auctioneers call plates!. That is stretching the truth a
bit, but they do it anyway! They are also found in tri-corner
whimsey pieces, of which, we have one in marigold, for
sale elsewhere on our site!

* Remember, these are mini compotes and are only about
4-5" in width and about 4" tall! They are, however, cute
little gems that collectors vie for actively! Please don't let
the $ 465.00 price we are asking for it floor you, we actually
paid $ 395.00 to get it!!!
Use our 12 month same as cash layaway plan to easily pay for a "killer"carnival glass piece! We don't charge interest! We
now even take Paypal for your layaway payments! We are the first to do this on the world wide web!!
Presenting.... From Our Colleywood Private Collection.... A Millersburg Glass Company
10" 3in1 edged bowl Seaweed "killer" investment grade example! This piece was originally
placed into layaway by a Missouri buyer who has now had to give the piece up due to
unforseen financial hardship.
Millersburg's Rare! Seaweed 10"
3in1 edged bowl in pastel
marigold with the Wide Panel
Absolutely Mint condition!
* Many collector seriously feel this is Millersburg's
most creative pattern they ever made! Pieces in this
pattern are very difficult to find because everyone who
has the pattern seems to adore it so much that they
don't like to part with the pieces they have!
Looking at the sensational appearance of this piece, it
easy to see why individuals want to keep Seaweed
pieces! This is a showstopper Seaweed example, and
although it is not a radium finish piece, it posseses all
the colors of a radium! Just look at the photo to the left
if you have any doubts!!

* We can't find a thing wrong with this outstanding
Seaweed example. It's simply perfect as far as we can

* The 3 in 1 crimp edge 10" bowl is also really hard to
find in the Seaweed pattern. It carries the Wide Panel
exterior which is also nicely iridized!

* It appears to be pastel marigold, however, we'll let
you be the judge of that. To us, it is pastel, but the
backside iridescence sort of mutes the front pastel
appearance. Judge it for yourself.

* All of the above factors make this piece a real rare
showstopping "killer" piece of Millersburg carnival

Buy with complete confidence and give it a loving
home just like we have for many years now.
Yes, this is a piece from our own Colleywood Private
Collection and it is a rare Millersburg Seaweed 10" 3
in 1 edged bowl in rare pastel marigold. This bowl also
carries the wide panel back side pattern. The bowl is
in absolutely mint condition! This is a killer example
that is the best we have ever seen! Don't miss this
rare opportunity to own one of the best in America bar
none! It has perfect everything!
Item # 81-264-RE   Price: $ 355.00 plus $20 shipping
Why this example is a KILLER piece?
Yes, this is a piece from our own collection and it is for
sale at a reasonable price, considering it is a killer status
piece. These are hard to find in this undamaged condition
and come up at carnival glass auctions about once every  
year. Don't miss your chance to own this super "killer"
Item # 11-395-JW    Price: $ 465.00
Why this example is a KILLER piece

Already sold to  "Race Horse I"  down there in Georgia!
Presenting  Our Best Fenton Stag & Holly True Red "Killer"! A No Damage 8-9"  Spatula
Footed Ruffled Bowl from our Colleywood Private Collection! Red Bowl With Amberina

Red Spatula Feet!
This button for Continental
U.S.A. Resident Buyers only.
This button only for Buyers
outside Continental U.S.A.
You gotta' pay to get the best!
You can't get much better than
No damage. One enclosed
bubble on one of the spatula
feet. True Red bowl with
Amberina Red attached spatula
feet! An absolute fantastic
"killer investment grade
example Fenton Stag & Holly
8-9" spatula footed bowl in true
red with Amberina red attached
spatula feet!
From our Colleywood Private
Spectacular World
Class Example!
No, you are not going to purchase
this "killer" for the price you might  
see on one of the "run of the mill"
tankard pitchers you find selling on
eBay these days! That is just not
going to happen; so if that's you 're
motivation is, please, simply go to
eBay and browse there!

"You gotta' pay for the very best!"

Presenting a "killer"  investment grade Northwood Singing Birds 7 piece water set in rare
green, from our 1986 Colleywood Private Collection!
Not seen by anyone since 1986! It's
all mint!
The best we've ever seen!
Presenting a "killer" investment example! A Crystal Glass Co.
Buck Kangaroo 9-10" sixteen ruffle bowl in shiny radium
finish black
amethyst! Mint!
You can't top this one!
It's just as perfect as
perfect can be! A
magnifcent showstopper
"killer" investment grade
example that will make
you awe its true beauty!
This Paypal buy now button for Resident Buyers of
the Continental U.S.A. only. All other buyers please
email us first for purchasing instructions.
Remember, you gotta pay for the best! This
one is in orbit, just out of this world with
unbelievable radium finish iridescent
coloring. You'll wonder just how they put all
the coloring, just in the right places. A
work of art with all the trimmings!

This is the rarer sixteen ruffled pie crust
edge master bowl version!

From the golden large buck kangaroo, to
the reds, purples, aquas, yellows, greens,
blues and silvers, you will be completely
awed how they all are placed just in the
right places on the inside this beauty! The
outside, meanwhile, has the Fern & Wattle"
pattern, which is done in high shine radium
finish gold! Just mind boggling, but here it
is in all its glory, waiting to light up your
best collection cabinet! It will become your
central conversation piece of your
collection pieces. We promise it will!

The condition of the piece is simply pristine
mint. No issues we find! You won't top this
beauty. This is as good as it gets!
By the way, the auction where we obtained
this beauty, they had two smaller "doe"
kangaroo bowls, each of which sold for
$625.00! The bigger "buck" kangaroo bowl
we show here, ought to be worth at least
that amount, so it is what we are asking for
this mint showstopper.

Any spots you see in the photos are camera
glare only. There are no color spots or
missing iridescence on this piece, front or
back. The piece is a stunning showstopper
and is totally mint condition.

Item # 14-560-BO   $ 625.00 plus $ 25 ship

Please don't ask us to discount this "killer"
investment grade item.
With a "killer" investment grade example, the bigger the photo the better it looks!
You'd better snag this rare buck kangaroo, before he jumps into someone else's cabinet!
This is a incredible true red Fenton Stag & Holly 8-9"
spatula footed  ruffled bowl with a plain back in true
red, with red amberina spatula feet. We call it red,red
amberina because Fenton would every once in a
while, take a all true red bowl and added amberina red
spatula feet to the bottom of the all red bowl.

You can call it a Amberina Red Stag & Holly if you
wish, but this would technically be incorrect. You see,
to be a true Amberina Red piece, the bowl itself would
have to be Amberina Red base glass. The attached
spatula feet are separate from the base glass color of
the bowl. Ask any avid collector if you don't believe us.

This "killer" red piece is superbly complimented with  
the addition of beautifully applied blue, purple, green,
yellow & red iridescent hues as well. It is this red, blue
combination which defines this stunning piece.

It has no silver iridescence, which the great majority of
these red examples have. This one was made different,
to be a special piece of unbounded beauty.

To us, it sits boldly, full of innocent pride, like a
supermodel sits confidently for a photo session,
knowing full well, everyone will just adore the photo

The piece has that quiet confidence that it will wow
you and all others who choose to adore it.
Yes, it's that kind of rare natural beauty piece, which
everyone ends up wanting.

The back of the piece is also very nicely adorned with
superb red iridescent coloring. The piece does not quit
you or disappoint you on the back side. It beams out  
its back side iridescent coloring just as proudly as it
does on the front side.

We all know this example will not last on our site very
long. This is just the way it happens on Colleywood
Carnival Glass.
So, you better understand, this type "killer"
investment grade piece is highly sought after by most
every collector and dealer alike.
Therefore, the question becomes... Just who will end
up purchasing this sensational "supermodel "vintage
Fenton Stag & Holly 8-9" spatula footed ruffled bowl in
true red, with amberina red feet?

We know it won't be us, but if we didn't already own it,
we'd be first in line buyers of this wonderful "killer"
investment grade example.

Item # 14-773-RE   $950.00 plus $ 25.00 ship
This Paypal buy now button is now reservedfor the listed
Resident Buyer of the Continental U.S.A. only. All other Buyers
please respect.
Presenting ....Our Best! From our Colleywood Private Collection! A  absolute "killer" mint
Fenton Butterfly & Fern 7 piece water set in amethyst! All pieces mint!
Absolutely, a match
made in Heaven!

All Mint Perfection!

REMEMBER: You gotta'
pay for the best!
This Paypal buy now button is for Resident
Buyers of the Continental U.S.A. only. All other
Buyers email us first for purchasing instructions.

Already sold to "The Kid" in California!
When you come accross a water set like
this super sensational Fenton Butterfly
& Fern 7 piece water set, you simply
keep bidding until you win it! You know
from your endless travels that this set is
a once in a lifetime find.

Simply put, every piece of this beautiful
showstopper set  looks as though it was
the original pieces made right at the
Fenton factory way back in the early
teens! We really have no way of knowing
that for sure, but when you consider
how perfect every piece looks together
as a set, you begin to see how that is
completely possible.

You are looking at a set we purchased
way back in 1979, and no one else has
even seen it since then, until now!
That's right, in our collection since 1979,
stored away all those years in a box
marked 1979 in our storage in

You might not know my brother
Matthew, who was caretaker of our
private collection pieces we had in
storage in Birdsboro, PA. right outside of
Reading, PA. He had been taking care of
all our collection pieces until he died in
November of 2014 of a apparant heart
attack. He had worked at Carpenter
Technology's huge stainless steel &
metal alloys foundry right there in
Reading, PA. He retired in early 2014,
after 22 years of working their 12 hour
rotating shifts. Some retirement he got!
Anyway, his death caused us to have to
recently  transport all 118 boxes of our
Private Colleywood Collection out here
to the Kansas City area. Now, we face
the daunting task of opening these
boxes, one at a time, finding what is in
them, examining them, cleaning them up
again, and finally listing each new find
on our Colleywood Carnival Glass
website. So, far we have emptied just 5
boxes! All are chocked full of "killer"
investment grade pieces.

In the coming years, we have decided to
list one piece at a time, rather than
flooding the site with "killer" grade
investment pieces! So, it will be up to all
who visit our site, to browse the site
thoroughly for the latest listed "killer"
As for this magnificent water set, we
think you'll be able to conclude it is the
best out there. So, you'll have to
determine what that is worth to you in
today's market, since this is a throwback
collected set back to 1979!
No damage, no issues on any piece,
PERIOD!  No, that is not a crack you see
in the photo looking down into the
pitcher! As you can see, the iridescent
colors present on each piece are "off the
charts" and match perfectly piece to
piece. Essentially, your search would be
over with this set. It would become your
immediate legacy set!
Anyway, now you know the complete
story, therefore, we now have to price it.
Item # 79-461-RE  $ 625.00 plus $30 ship
Already sold to "The Kid" in California!

Please don't embarrass this "killer"
grade set by asking us for a discount
Click on above photo to enlarge!
Click on above photo to enlarge!
Click on above photo to enlarge!
Click on above photo to enlarge!
Presenting An All Mint Condition Northwood Peach 7 Pc. Water Set in dark bright blue! All
! Not even a chip, nick or fleabite on any piece! No manufacturing issues!
You gotta pay
for the very best!
This Paypal buy now button below is now
reserved for "Sunshine Girl" only!
It just might be an entire set just as made at the Northwood Factory, because when we bought it from Mrs.
Hafer in 1986 in Norristown, Pennsylvania, she told us at that time she had it for over fifty years but she had
gotten it from her own mother! So, it could very be a original set from the factory!
It's stupendous!
REMEMBER: You gotta pay
for the best! This is the best
we've ever seen for total
iridescent color, overall
matched set and overall
physical condition. all
photos are totally
unmanaged except for
enlarging them. All the
colors are
absolutely real!
You can't top this! Period!

Already sold to the "Mississippi Redneack"
down there in Southern Mississippi!!
First of all, we are not going to give
this set away. It comes from Mrs
Nadie Hafer, then of Norristown,
Pennsylvania. She said her maiden
name was Reifsynder). She claimed
to us she had gotten the set given to
her from her own mother right after
the Great Depression started and
she had it until 1986, when she sold
it directly to us. We have had it in
our possession ever since, and in
fact, we had the entire set packed
away in a box since 1986! So, you do
the math! All we know is you won't
find a set like this at any carnival
glass auction
you'll ever attend! It is
a unbeatable set.
Period! We think
it is a matched original set right
from the old Northwood factory. Like
we say, you do the math and you
review all the photos!

Item # 86-469-RE   $820.00 plus $30
What can you say when you know
you are taking photos of one of the
best Northwood Peach 7 piece water
sets that was ever made. You just
take a deep breath and begin
snapping pictures, being careful to
catch all the beauty instilled in this
fabulous "killr" investment grade
water set. Just review our totally
unmanaged photos and we think
you'll agree, this set is truly a work of
art. It's all mint condition to boot!
To find a blue Northwood Peach
water set in all mint condition with  
perfectly matching color bath
tumblers is next to impossible. It was
a 10 year hunt for us!
Yes we sold one previously from our
1982 Colleywood Private Collection
pieces, but we thought so much of
this set, we put it into our 2015
Colleywood Private Collection! It is
immaculate! Please don't send us
emails telling us we are overpriced!
We sold the last set for more!
So, we are telling you now this set
has already been put into pending
sale by the "Sunshine Girl out there
in the fast lane of California!
Congratulations on a super rare
super buy "Sunshine Girl! Your
soaring with the eagles with this buy
Item #82-1050-RE $1100 plus $35 ship
Another rare vintage Northwood  Wishbone "killer" 7 piece water set in rich marigold that is guaranteed to
trip your collecting passion trigger! All mint! No damage! No issues! Another Colleywood Private Collection
exclusive! Extremely hard to find a complete mint condition Northwood water set in any color!
When we say mint we mean
Not even a fleabite,
pinpoint or any other issues
In the one photo of the clear
handle, the camera glare
makes it look like a heat
check within the glass
handle. We can assure you,
there isn't any!
"You gotta pay for the best"!

Already a pending sale to "Stephanie Gal"
out there in Kansas!

What a rare mint set!
We begin by saying the only thing we can
find any fault with is that this pitcher is
somewhat lighter in marigold iridescence
than the 6 tumblers. It is not overly lighter
in marigold coloring, but noticeably
lighter in marigold coloring. To be more
specific, the neck and top half of the body  
of the pitcher is dark and rich iridescent
marigold color, however, as you go to the
lower half of the pitcher's body, the
marigold iridescent coloring lightens a
shade or two.

It is no big deal considering how hard it is
to even find a complete 7 piece mint
condition Northwood Wishbone water set
in any base color. But since we are
completely honest sellers, we mention this
situation for complete accuracy.

The set comes out of our 2015 Colleywood
Private Collection, so, it is not one from
our former Reading, Pa. store closing
items. It's still been put into our private
collection because of it's true mint "killer"
investment grade status, and we offer it as
one of the best we've ever come across.

You just can't find mint condition sets.
The pitchers we have seen over the 43+
years of vintage carnival glass collecting,
usually have heat checks in the handles,
heat checks in the neck area of the
pitcher, right where the neck collar  
expands into the body of the pitcher, or
they simply are all banged up with base
ring and/or rim chips. The tumblers,
meanwhile, usually have base ring chips,
rim pinpoints & fleabites or they have
chips on the raised pattern elements on
the tumbler bodies.

If you could ever find a darker marigold
mint condition pitcher, we feel you would
not have the least problem getting your
money back out of this mint condition
pitcher if you would sell it later. However,
good luck finding the better pitcher! We
sure didn't find one in the 43+ years we

The tumblers are all dark rich marigold
and are all in mint condition.
Where in the world would you even find
comparable ones? Don't think so!

So, there you have our complete
description of this magnificent mint
condition 7 piece Northwood Wishbone
water set in rich marigold. We'll leave the
rest up to you Carnivalites. We know if
you tried to find a set like this, you have
been looking a long time.

If you check David Doty, the last sale on
record was back five years ago, in year
2010, for a selling price of $900.00! Better
not hesitate or you will surely lose it at
this price!

Item # 15-635-SK    $ 725.00 plus $30 ship

Good luck trying to find a better marigold Wishbone mint 7 pc.water set!
Presenting... From our Colleywood Private Collection... Another extremely rare "killer" investment grade
Northwood Dandelion tankard pitcher and 1 matching tumbler,
both with rare interior ribbing in electric
radium finish purple! Mint condition except for 3 tiny interior fully enclosed residue 1/32" diameter dots!
That's it just 3 tiny fully enclosed dots on the inside top of the tankard, as shown in our close up photo.


Here is a sensational Northwood Dandelion tankard
pitcher with rare interior ribbing in radium finish
electric purple. We include a matching tumbler
which also has the rare interior ribbing. So, we are
offering the tankard and 1 matching tumbler
together. The iridescent coloring on the tankard
pitcher is "out of this world" as you can easily see
in the unmanaged photos we posted to the left.
The iridescence on the tumbler, meanwhile, is also
superb, but not quite as colorful as the incredible
tankard in total radium shine electric highlighted

If you've ever tried to purchase one of these, you
know how hard it is just to find a "killer"
investment grade example like this one. Then,
when you do locate one at a estate or convention
auction, you have to compete against the many
other collectors, who all know quite well what the
beauty is worth. Just to win the competitive
bidding, this a thrill in itself, and it's a feeling we
still have not lost, after all these years of collecting
vintage carnival glass.

Anyway the both pieces are in mint condition, with
no issues found anywhere.

If you've always dreamed of having a perfect
Northwood  Dandelion tankard, with rare interior
ribbing, in radium finish electric purple, this is
your calling.
Remember, the tumbler also has rare
interior ribbing as well.

Item # 81-766-RE   $825.00 plus $25 ship
The close up photo below shows the
3 tiny fully enclosed 1/32" diameter
residue specks. You can't even see
them from outside. It's the only
thing keeping this tankard from
being graded totally mint condition!
This Paypal buy now button is reserved for
"007 Secret Agent Man" out in California"!
Already sold to "Angelita 10"! What a
beauty it is indeed! Ships 7/29/2020!
Congratulations, and thank you!