Killer Colleywood Carnival Glass! page 4
Maybe we do have all those pieces we say we have?
What do you think?? Keep gossiping about
Colleywood, all you want auctioneers, we just love
it! Meanwhile, please look at this Northwood Hearts
& Flowers 9" sawtooth plate in rare green! No
damage or issues!
Extremely Rare! Northwood Hearts & Flowers 9" sawtooth plate with the desired Ribbed back
side, in very rare green! Just a back side tiny rub to the iridescence and a few very small wear
marks to the ribs, and a small ink string in the glass are the only three issues on this beautiful
example. The front display side is perfect with supreme iridescence. The back side is also
superbly iridized as well, with plenty of colorful super sheen iridescence. Just a rare sensational
Northwood Hearts & Flowers plate. Item # 81-966-RE   $ 1260.00 plus $ 30 ship
Some of these pieces are from our Colleywood Private Collection boxes. As we open more of these boxes, we will add them to the
various "Killer" pages we will be putting up on our website. We have over 1200 pieces in the unopened boxes, all "killer"
investment grade examples! It should be very interesting to see what we post! Remember: you miss out, there aren't any more"!
Extremely hard to find one that is multi-colored like this "killer"
investment grade example!
Already sold to that long established customer of ours down there in South Carolina!
Rare! Northwood Poinsettia & Lattice with rarer Ribbed back 8-9" footed bowl in multi-colored electric blue! It is a
highlighted electric under normal indoor display, but when lighted correctly, it becomes an electric blue stunning
beauty! It is in mint condition and has the rare Ribbed back side which also has nice iridescent coloring. The front
is a multi-colored full array of iridescence colors, while the backside is superb iridized in silver radium finish
iridescence. Most of these Poinsettia & Lattice footed bowls are dominated by one or two iridescent colors. Not this
beauty! You'll find all the colors you can think of! Stunning on display! Don't miss your unique opportunity!!
Item # 81-489-RE     $ 570.00 plus $25 ship
From our 1980 Colleywood Private Collection! Two rare Northwood Poinsettia & Lattice 8-9" footed
bowls with the rarer Ribbed back one in electric blue and the other in rich marigold! Both are
with super nice iridescence you don't see on these rare bowls very often. Enjoy our "killer"
investment grade examples! Both are WOWs!
From our 1980 Colleywood Private Collection box! A Northwood
Greek Key with Basketweave back pattern, 8-9" PCE bowl in electric
horehound base color! Yup, horehound, and yes it has elctric green
iridescence on the inside! Absolutely a stunning electric beauty with
the only issue being a few iridescence tiny pinpoint pocks from the
original making.
Rare! This Northwood Greek Key 8-9" PCE bowl has an odd base color we are calling horehound, because when
held to the light, that is what we see. It is in mint condition except for a few tiny pinpoints to the iridescence which
we call pinpoint pocks. They are located on a couple of the pie crust edge ribs. We tried to custom match the above
text box background color with the color of this base glass. It may be construed by others as brownish/amethyst,
but to our eyes, it is definitely horehound, so that is what we are calling it. The green dominated inside iridescent
color is full of electric highlights! The back side Basketweave is the typical silver iridescence. This is one stunningly
beautiful piece in a very scarce base glass color. Don't miss a rare opportunity here! Item # 17-148-JW   $ 170.00
plus $25 ship. A bargain!
Beautiful rich marigold "killer" investment grade
example! No damage or issues! One not as nice,  just
sold at the 6/17/17 Wroda Auction for $ 500.00!
Already sold to that long established customer of ours down there in South Carolins
What a beautiful rich marigold mint condition Northwood Poinsettia & Lattice 8-9" footed bowl! The color is
almost pumpkin, but not quite. It is very beautiful, probably one of the best we ever collected. From our 1980
Colleywood Private Collection, this mint "killer" investment grade example will make you proud to display it. These
are very hard to find in rich marigold and in mint condition. We only seen less than a half dozen rich marigold
examples in the 45 years we've been collecting vintage carnival glass. Beautiful iridescent color, both inside and
outside, this example is a stunning sight when put on display. Superb marigold iridescence all over! Item #
81-369-RE   $ 465.00 plus $25 ship
Electric Blue "Spectacular
" Northwood Stippled
Three Fruits 9" Plate! From
Our 1980 Colleywood Private
Collection. A Primo Example!
Sensational spectacular class Northwood Stippled Three Fruits/Ribbed back 9" sawtooth plate in total electric blue! No
damage or issues! Stunning electric colorful iridescence abounds on this "killer" spectacular grade example from our 1980
Colleywood Private Collection pieces. They say the iridescence is what counts and that is just what is plate has in a royal
flush! Don't miss a very, very rare opportunity to own one of the very best there is. It's the "boss" when shown in a display
cabinet! Item # 80-386-RE   $ 460.00 plus $25 ship. An absolute steal!
Electric Blue "Spectacular Class"
Northwood Wishbone 8-9" footed
bowl! From Our 1980 Colleywood
Private Collection.
Rare "killer" grade! Northwood Wishbone/Ruffles & Rings back pattern 7-8" footed ruffled bowl in electric blue! No
damage or issues! Superb iridescent coloring on both the front side and the back side. This piece rivals the famous like
example sold back in 2006 by the Morgans at the HOACGA convention auction. Looks just as nice as that example which
was touted the best and sold for high $$$. This "killer" investment grade example is from our 1980 Colleywood Private
Collection pieces. Don't miss a rare opportunity here! Item # 80-467-RE      $ 550.00    plus $ 30 ship
Already  sold to  "Robyn Hood"
across the pond in Australia!
Preparing to ship this week!
Already sold to that smart collector
in Western Pennsylvania  
Another "killer" purple
town pump with no
damage or issues!
Electric Green! No damage! Has only one very minor
issue! A spot of missing iridescence on part of the
underneath area of the spigot as shown in close up
Otherwise it is mint! Because of the tiny area of
missing iridescence, we cannot grade it as mint "killer"
example, but it is still a superb collector grade example
of highest quality! Item # 80-1827-RE   $ 1920.00 + $30
Electric Purple! Mint condition! No damage or issues!
What a superb piece this couple purchased. They
emailed they are ecstatic with this" killer" town pump.
And I am very happy that they wiil take care of this
wonderfully rare piece.
Electric purple! Mint condition! No damage or issues!!!
If you want a superb town pump in purple base color,
then haer is a real nice one. It has good iridescence all
around it which is somewhat darker around the top half
of this piece, but has plenty of nice iridescence
throughout this town pump. No missing iridescence
under the spigot as many do, or on the end of the
handle. Item 84-485-RE   $ 550.00 plus $20 ship
All 4 of the "killer" grade pieces shown below are from our 1980 Colleywood Private Collection Box!
What a Delight to Find All 4 in One Box!!! One "killer" investment grade electric green, two "killer"
investment grade electric purples and another "killer" grade marigold!!!!!
Electric Blue All The Way!! From Our
Colleywood Private Collection. Northwood
Grape & Cable/Basketweave Back 10-11"
Ruffled Master Bowl, Electric Blue! Mint!
Listing coming soon! Northwood Grape & Cable 10-11" ruffled master bowl with Basketweave back pattern in total  
electric blue! No damage! No issues! Superb electric highlighted iridescence throughout the front side. As you can see
from the photos, this "killer" investment grade lights up like a Colorado Blue Spruce Christmas tree! An absolute
stunner when placed on display. Big and bold, from our Colleywood Private Collection.
Listing coming soon! Northwood Stippled Grape & Cable 10-11" ruffled master bowl with the Ribbed back pattern,
in electric blue! No damage! Does have slight iridescent wear to all 4 grape clusters as shown in above close up
photos of each of the four grape clusters. It also has a scratch on the back side that is iridized over, meaning it is
from the original making of this piece. It is still a beautiful electric blue stippled example, which are very hard to
find in the marketplace.
Scarce! Northwood Greek Key 8-9" PCE bowl in green! No damage or issues!
Superb iridescent coloring on this "killer" investment grade example! The darker
multi-colored iridescence around the outer perimeter makes this piece seem to glow
in the central part of the bowl. Listing coming soon!
Scarce! Northwood Greek Key 8-9" PCE bowl in green! Has the Basketweave
exterior pattern which is also nicely iridized.No damage or issues! Darker
iridescence, but has nice color to it
Listing coming soon!
Rare in the Horehound base glass color!
Northwood Three Fruits 8-9" ruffled bowl
in horehound. From our Colleywood
Private Private Collection. Mint!
The only lavender ever found! Look at
all the pink in this one of a kind!
This item now  
already sold to a
couple in Colorado!
Listing coming soon! Northwood Three Fruits 8-9" eight ruffled bowl in rare horehound! No damage! No issues!
Just Gorgeous iridescence throughout the front side, with the back having nice iridescence as well. Has the
Basketweave back pattern, which is typical on these bowls. "Killer" investment grade example from our Colleywood
Private Collection. Try finding another as nice as this "killer" ruffled example!! Good luck and happy hunting!
Item # 17-156-RE          $ 225.00 plus $30 ship
First and only known lavender example! Northwood Peacock at the Fountain 5 pc. water set in lavender! All pieces
are damage free, except one tumbler has a extremely small top rim flea bite probably from the making! This is the
only known lavender example! It is from the Colleywood 1984 Private Collection and now we proudly show it!!!!
Item # 84-675-RE     $ 875.00  plus $25 ship.
Where would you find another?????????????
Fiery Amethyst "Spectacular
" Northwood Good Luck
9" plate! From our 1980
Colleywood Private Collection .
A Primo Example!
Sensational spectacular class Northwood Good Luck 9" plate in fiery amethyst! No damage or issues. "Killer"
investment grade example from our Colleywood 1980 Private Collection Pieces. Has spectacular class iridescence!
Has the Basketweave exterior pattern which is also nicely iridized. It is as close to red as Northwood ever made! Item
# 80-344-RE   $ 425.00 plus $25 ship. Way underpriced!
Two "Spectacular Class" Northwood 9" Sawtooth Plates: One a Northwood Stippled Three Fruits in
Electric Blue & The Second One on The Right is a Northwood Good Luck in Fiery Amethyst! You
won't find any better examples than these two "killer" investment grade spectacular plates!
Ice Blue "Spectacular Class"
Northwood Wishbone 8-9" footed
ruffled bowl! Just listed! Absolutely
Stunning "Killer" Grade!
Rare "killer" grade! Northwood Wishbone/Ruffles & Rings back pattern 7-8" ruffled footed bowl in beautiful ice
blue! Mint condition! Stunning appearance when placed on display. Simply a gorgeous "killer" investment grade
example in a very rare base color. Don't miss a unique opportunity to add this stunning piece to your "killer" grade
collection pieces. Superb piece!!! Item # 80 -448-RE    $ 525.00     plus $30 ship
Two rare footed ruffled "killer investment grade examples of Northwood's beautiful Wishbone pattern.
One on the left is in stunning electric blue, and the one on the right is a gorgeous ice blue!
Already sold to "Robyn Hood"
across the pond in Australia!
Preparing to ship this week1
Extremely rare! Yup, we found another rich marigold
"killer" investment grade Northwood Town Pump
novelty vase! No damage or issues!
A mint beauty! Looks
absolutely stunning when put on display! One of the
best we ever collected! From our 1980 Colleywood Private
Collection! Item # 80-1235-RE   $ 1430.00 + $30 ship
A rare beauty! Northwood Greek Key/Baketweave back  9" sawtooth plate in rare green! No damage or issues
and is a super "killer" investment grade example! Superb satin finish iridescent color throughout the front
with the Basketweave back side also nicely iridized. Hard to find a mint condition example in the marketplace.
Rare! Northwood Greek Key/Basketweave back 9" sawtooth plate in scarce satin finish green! No damage or issues! Mint condition "killer" investment grade example with superb iridescent coloringing throughout the front & the
bBasketweave patterned back side. These are a lot harder to find then you may think, in this scarce green base color and in this mint "killer" investment grade condition. Looks fabulous when placed on display with proper lighting.
The iridescence, although being satin finish, is lavishly applied, giving the plate a classical style appearance. Can't ask for much for in this Greek Key pattern, where most of these pieces are found with this same satin finish
iridescence. Item # 17-369-SK        $ 435.00 plus $25 ship.
Two "killer" investment grade Northwood Greek Key 9" PCE bowls in scarce
green, along with one "killer" investment grade Greek Key ruffled bowl, in purple
Two electric blue Northwood Grape & Cable ruffled master bowls, one with a Basketweave back, one
that is Stippled & has a Ribbed back. Both beautiful!
Scarce Horehound base color Northwood Three Fruits 8-9" ruffled bowl with the Basketweave back
pattern. "Killer" investment grade example with superb iridescent coloring throughout! A beauty!
If you like nice colorful, dark satin iridescence, this is a piece for you.
This is a Northwood Greek Key 8-9" eight ruffle bowl in purple from
our 1981 Colleywood Private Collection. It has a small inside center
scratch and a faint wash line to the inside iridescence, both of which,
are shown in the photos above. The wash line is very faint but can be
seen upon close examination. Still a super collector grade example!
Northwood Greek Key 8-9" eight ruffle bowl in purple. A center screatch and a faint iridescent wash line to the inside
iridescence are the only issues with this beautiful dark iridescent example. If you like the dark classical look in satin finish
carnival glass, this is one to consider. When on display, you have to look hard and close to see either issue on this bowl.
Yes, it is a collector grade, but garner anyone's attention in the display cabinet. A great classical looking Northwood!!! Item
# 81-187-RE   $ 230.00 plus $25 ship
Bet you've never seen one of these!
So, you think you know your carnival glass patterns? Well, we
know what pattern this is, and this is a
super rarity when found
in carnival glass! May even be a OOAK in this super rare
pattern called simply "Handled Mug"! It's cobalt blue, handled,
with a wide flared top, factory etched personal message, and has
super colorful
radium finish iridescence. Come on now experts,
who made this pattern piece!!! It is a listed rarity pattern and is
in this blue base color!! No Doty listing or record of any sales on
this beauty! This is a
one of a kind super rarity when found in
radium finish carnival glass, and is from our 1984 Colleywood
Private Collection, and moreover, to top it off, it's in mint
condition! Camera glare causes etchings to appear white. They
are not white, but rather, blue, due to blue base glass color.
These photos were taken before this piece was cleaned up, after
being in our 1984 box for 33+ years.
Michael Sanchez of Pearland, Texas, gets the credit for
correctly  identifying this mystery piece. He also correctly points
out the pattern can be found in stretch glass, but admits this is
the first example he has ever seen in radium finish carnival
The above photos were taken after we cleaned
this piece up with luke warm Dawn dishwater.
A one of a kind piece in a super rare pattern! We think this is an Imperial Art Glass made pattern and the base glass
is blue! It has mirror radium finish coloful iridescence and it is even iridized on the inside. It is 4 7/8" tall and is
considered super rare. No records of a blue one ever selling! We'll let you have some time to research the pattern name
before we tell you what it is. Very interesting, super looking mint "killer" investment grade piece! Only one we have
ever seen in 45+ years of collecting. Item # 84 -256-RE           $ 325.00   plus $20 ship
A good friend of ours and good customer, has called us just weeks ago and has
related an interesting conversation he overheard at a recent carnival glass
auction, between the well known auctioneer running the auction and a well
known so called "carnival glass expert" attending the auction. Both names of
these individuals you would recognize immediately. As our friend relates, he
heard the two laughing aloud and then tuned into their conversation. The
auctioneer starts out saying Colleywood Carnival Glass is nothing but a "smoke
& mirrors" website where they don't have half the pieces they say they do. They say
they have all these pieces, but that is all bullshit just to draw you in. The carnival
glass expert responds by saying, "I know that, and that's why nobody that knows
carnival glass well, ever deals with them... they're simply bogus liars".
Already sold to a very smart collector who is a long time customer of Colleywood
down there in South Carolina. Preparing to ship by 5/12/18!
Details about "Your Convention Auction Reality Check" are recounted above! Please read
carefully what a well known auctioneer and very well known "carnival glass expert" is spreading
around about our website! We ought to sue them for business defamation! We buy over $150,000
a year from these auctioneers and this is how they gossip about us behind our backs. What do
they say about you when you are not around! You may be surprised, especially if you had a
friend there at the auction when you weren't there, to tell you what they said about you. Well, we
photo two ice blue Northwood Peacock at the Fountain pitchers above just to show the "wayward
gypsy gossipers", we are not liars! Moreover, we think they're actually scared of us and our
potential! What do you think? This isn't the first gossip that's gotten back to us either!
A "killer" investment grade Northwood Greek Key 9" sawtooth plate in rare
green! No damage or issues!
Northwood Greek Key Corner Store!
Fraternal Twins are one of  nature's true
rarities, but here we have a rarer sight! True
man-made fraternal twins "Buck and Doe"
Australian Kangaroo 16 ruffle 9-10" master
bowls in radium finish black amethyst! Perfect
twin pieces that have virtually identical
iridescence  applications on both front & back!
Only from Colleywood!
In all the 46+ years we've collected, we've
never come across two more perfectly matched
bowls showing Fraternal Twins! We feel the
maker teamed up with the factory artisan to
make these twin pieces on purpose to do
something special & spectacular that they knew
had never been done before. Amazing fraternal
twin "killer grade mint examples !
You will never find two more perfectly iridized twin bowls in all of vintage carnival glass! These are man-made
fraternal twin pieces which happen to also depict fraternal twin Australian Kangaroos, the larger Buck and the
Smaller Doe! If you can't see the perfect iridized match, you either need a new set of glasses, or you are legally blind!
We want to sell them together because they were created to be a perfect pair! The Buck Australian Kangaroo bowl is
not the same Buck bowl we show on the "Killer" 3 page. This bowl has a much brighter iridescence on it, which
matches perfectly with the bright radium finish iridescence on the Doe bowl. Both pieces are out of 1982 Colleywood
Private Collection boxes, are both mint condition and are "killer investment grade examples. I would really like to
sell three "buck" and "doe" kangaroo bowls together, so if you are interested in purchasing them together, then
email me an offer for them. Item # 17-387-RE        $ 475.00 plus $30 ship
These are both the special rarer 9-10" diameter 16 ruffle master bowls with both bowls containing the same RD 4696
identification number shown on the inside center area of each bowl, even though they have different sized
Kangaroos depicted in the inside center of each bowl. Having the same I.D. RD 4696, with two different sized
Kangaroos, is another interesting story in itself. Two sensational looking bowls that have the same visual iridescence
coating applications. Truly an amazing feat, we have never seen before. The photos don't do the "twin" looks any
justice. Due to lighting intensity differences, the pieces look much more "twinish" looking in person than they do in
the above photos. We did the best we could with the lighting condition we had on our display chair at the time we
took these photos. Item # 17-386-RE        $ 375.00 plus $30 ship
The best Northwood 7 pc.
Peach electric blue water set
we have ever seen! Coming
soon, right here on our
"Killer" 4 page!

Just stare in awe!
All pieces mint condition!

We took a photo of just one
tumbler of this all matching six
tumbler piece set and put it
aside the pitcher.

The best!

We took more photos of entire
set together.

Stare all you want for free but
we're not giving this "killer"
grade set away! Perfection
You may never find a better Northwood Peach
7 piece water set in electric blue. Ever!
Rare! Northwood Peach 7 pc. water set in electric blue! Mint condition! Electric highlights everywhere! Iridescence is "out of this world on every piece of this "killer" investment grade water set. The tumblers are from our 1980
Colleywood Private Collection while the pitcher was purchased earlier this year at a Seeck Auction. We are proud and pleased to offer this beautiful Northwood Peach water set, since it is the best we've ever put together for sale. As you
can plainly see, the entire set is electric blue, and if display properly, actually glows electric blue! If you want the best, this should be your choice because we have never seen a set prettier than this beauty or in as super mint condition!
Item # 80-1560-RE   $ 1800.00 plus 35 ship
An absolute "killer" mug usually only seen in stretch glass, this is a superb example in radium finish
carnival glass! Its name  is called simply "Handled Mug" and to date the maker is unknown. Mint!
Amethyst Perfection! How could
you ever find a better 7 piece
amethyst Northwood Acorn
Burrs water set? You won't!
Perfection, the best there is! All
original set right from the factory!
Already sold to a couple in the state Colorado!
Rare! From our 1978 Colleywood Private Collection pieces! Northwood Acorn Burrs 7 piece water set in amethyst that
is very close to a lavender color! You must get expert advice to call it a lavender pitcher, but it is very close in my
opinion to being lavender! But we'll play it safe and call it a amethyst water set! No damage to any piece, with all
but a couple tumblers being signed. They may even be signed but I can't be positive as they ere iridized inside. The
set has no issues except one tumbler has a bottom from the making mold mark as can be seen in one of the photos
above. Item # 78-680-RE      $ 830.00 plus $25 ship
a bargain price!
Rare! Northwood Acorn Burrs 7 piece water set in rare green! Original factory picked up set not seen for over 40
years! Purchased in 1972 from Mrs Adams of Norristown, PA. who at that time was 87 years old. She stated that her
husband had picked this entire water set up fom the Northwood factory and presented it to her on her birthday
when she was still under the age of 30! This is a set of perfection, as all pieces are undamaged, signed and all match
perfectly as made. What a set to behold! Item # 72-675-RE       $ 750.00 plus $ 25 ship
a bargain price!
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