My profile page...Forrest "Woody" Schaefer
ME, outside my home outside Holden, MO.
All Photos below of the house were taken during the late Fall of the
year 2019.
All photos of me were taken in the Winter months of 2019.
My 30' X 40'storage shed back
south wall is filled with boxes of
vintage carnival glass.
Thank you for your valuable time and consideration, as now you
can see I certainly have a ton of carnival glass I collected over the
last 55 years of my life. I have sold many pieces of this beautiful
pressed and iridized glass, but still have thousands of high quality
vintage examples remaining in my Colleywood Collection. In the
coming months, I plan to run with some new marketing ideas, to
boost the sale of my collection pieces. I will also run some holiday
sales on some of the non-carnival antiques I have also collected over
the years, so I hope you browse my website frequently, as I will soon
begin placing holiday sale discounts on many of my antiques.
Stay tuned as I will begin big discounts on many hundreds of high
quality items for the 2020 holiday seasons of Thanksgiving and
Christmas .

Thank you taking the time to browse the Colleywood Carnival

Forrest "Woody" Schaefer, Owner & Webmaster

Colleywood Carnival Glass Company
Now, Let's Disspell Once And For All, The Lies That Carnival Glass Auctioneers, Other Carnival
Glass Collectors & Ebay Sellers Have Been Spreading About My Colleywood Private Collection!!!
Just rare complete water sets and rare pitchers!
Staging storage below for when I search an
unopened box for a special requested piece.
About half of my tumbler collection.
Lower level dining room 2' X 8' storage rack.
Dining room floor on lower level of my home.
4' X 8' rack I just completed building in lower
level living room. Ready to load it up pieces.
Staged pieces I am going to load into the newly
made rack I show in the previous photo to the left.
More staged pieces for loading onto the new rack
shown to the left.
Lower level bedroom # 1 floor, photo # 1.
Lower level bedroom # 1 , photo # 2.
Lower level bedroom # 1, photo # 3.
Lower level storage room # 1, photo # 1.
Lower level storgae room #1, photo # 2.
Lower level bedroom # 2, photo # 1.
Lower level bedroom # 2, photo # 2.
2' x 8' rack on southwest wall of the main lower
level 24' x 30' utility room, along with 2' x 6' rack
on the west wall.
Racks 2' x 12' and 4' x 16' long in lower level
utility room.
Double wide racks of 4' x 16' long or 8' x 16 ' total
in middle area of lower level utility room.
Rack 2' x 12' long on east wall of lower level
utility room.
Rack 3' x 16' on north wall of lower level utility