Here is another page dedicated to the Northwood vintage carnival glass we collected over the past 42 years. Don't miss this unique opportunity to
purchase these reasonably priced high quality vintage carnival glass "for sale" items we have listed on this page. Once sold they are gone from our site
forever, so if you see an item you like, you'd better snag it! We also offer a interest free same as cash 12 month layaway plan that allows you to
purchase items you would not be able pay in full for all at once! Take a look at our high quality pieces, they represent the result of our lifetime passion
for carnival glass! June A. Colley & Forrest "Woody" Schaefer; owners: Colleywood Carnival Glass
Already Sold! Preparing to ship to
"Len" in the UK!    NICE!
Northwood "Grape & Cable" large dresser tray in
purple/amethyst. No damage! Picture speaks for
the piece! Item # 96-185-RE    $ 285.00+ $15 ship
Northwood "Grape & Cable" hatpin holder in
purple with superb iridescence! No real damage,
however, the feet have a couple of those typical
micro flea bites found on 99% of these. Really, a
beautiful piece. If you do find one with good feet, it
has probably been buffed & polished anyway!
Item# 13-205-SK     $ 265.00 plus $15.00 shipping
SCARCE! Northwood Corn Vase (Plain Base) in
No damage anywhere! Superb iridescence
and beautiful coloring throughout the piece. Many
of these just don't have the electric highlights like
this one exhibits. See for yourself, study the
photos! The highlights abound on this "Killer
investment grade example. Simply a very
gorgeous plain base corn vase! Nice corn vase!
Item #13-415-EB       $ 490.00 plus $15 ship Len,
the ship to UK will be $45, so total = $ 535.00.
Northwood "Wishbone" 10" PCE collar base bowl
in either black amethyst or oxblood. You be the
judge. See the close up photo of the bottom base  
with direct sunlight shining in from the other side.
Piece has the Basketweave exterior.
No damage!
Has a couple of very small faint wear marks on
some ruffles out near the rim. They are very minor,
but are there. Really a gorgeous collector grade
piece, which is beautifully iridized front & back!!!!
Item # 14-070-SK   $ 115.00 plus $20 ship
Northwood "Raspberry" gravy boat in purple! Has
a sizable chip on one foot, as shown in the close
up photos above. The iridescent coloring is
superb! Most all of these have foot damage, as
they are easily damaged with use. Still this is an
excellent shelf grade piece with a lot of pizazz. We
price it accordingly with the presence of the chip.
Item # 14-045-TB    $ 55.00 plus $15.00 ship
Northwood "Raspberry" 6 pc. water set in dark
No damage on any pieces!!! Pitcher, just
incredible iridescence & colorful throughout with
nicely matched colorful tumblers! Superb, colorful!
Item # 11-340-TB         $ 385.00 plus $20 ship
Northwood "Raspberry" milk size  pitcher in
amethyst. No damage inside or out. Nice
average example
that, although it is not as
colorful as some we've seen,  it's still a nice
collector grade example at a super bargain price!
Item # 12-100-EB     $ 115.00 plus $15 ship
Scarce! Northwood Nippon 8-9" PCE bowl in dark
rich marigold. Has the Basketweave exterior.
! No issues! "Killer" investment grade
example with superb marigold really colorful
iridescence on both the front & back. Hard to find
in this bowl in the PCE edging! Don't miss out!
Beautiful! Item #15-076-JW   $ 105.00 plus $15 ship
Already sold to "Looking Glass
Lady" in Pennsylvania!
Northwood Good Luck 9" PCE bowl in bright blue!
Has a non-iridized ribbed back. The horseshoe
has one tiny nick on two of the three raised cleats
of the horseshoe. You can't see them when bowl
is on display. The big top cleat and the left side
bottom cleat. You have to examine closely to see.
Item # 15-216-JW   $ 255.00 plus $20 ship
Northwood "Grape & Cable handled whimsey dish
made originally from a tumbler! In purple! These
are scarce to find. It has some edge roughness
and what looks to be a pinpoint on the rim Super
color! Item # 11-060-TB      $ 70.00 plus $10 ship
Northwood "Grape Arbor" tankard pitcher in rich
marigold! No Damage! This is our newest addition
and the third one on our site pages. Nice even
marigold coloring from top to bottom. No real
appreciable fading of iridescence on this beauty.
Item # 14-090-SK        $ 125.00 plus $15 ship
Northwood "Acorn Burrs" 7 pc. water set in purple
with some electric highlights. No real damage
except a couple of the tumblers have tiny pinpoint
irridescent loss on some acorns. You have to
examine!  Item # 11-450-TB   Price: USD $ 680.00
Already sold to a repeat very smart
collector down there in that big state
of Texas! Miss June says..."what a
beautiful "killer" investment grade
Northwood Corn vase you bought!"
Already sold to that smart collector in
western Pennsylvania!
Northwood "Corn Vase" with plain base in purple!
No damage! Electric highlights! No the the two
other pieces don't come with the corn vase!
Superb iridescence! Item # 11-405-TB   $ 465.00
Scarce! Northwood "Grape & Cable" tankard size
tumbler in electric purple! No damage.Tthese are
hard to find this colorful and electric highlighted to
boot. if you're looking for one of the best, this
should be your choice.
A real color bath tumbler!
Item # 14-060-SK    $ 80.00 plus $ 10 ship
Northwood "Fruits & Flowers" bonbon in electric
blue! Full electric highlights on this baby! No
damage! It's a showstopper killer piece, ready for
display! Item # 06-091-SL      $ 100.00 + $15 ship
Northwood "Grape & Cable"  large dresser tray in
dark, dark purple! This is one that also has dark
irridescence to go along with the dark purple base
glass. No damage! Item # 11-180-JW   $ 215.00
Already sold to "The Kid" out there in
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Very scarce! Northwood Corn Vase in rich dark
marigold! Has beautiful iridescent highlights!
! No issues! Listing shown in "The Kid's"
buying corral on collector corner 2 page.
Northwood "Luster Flute" two handled bonbon in
scarce green.
No damage! Nice iridescent
coloring. Item # 14-022-JW   $ 26.00 plus $10 ship
Northwood "Peacock on the Fence" 8-9" ruffled
bowl with the desired ribbed back side pattern, in
rich, rich marigold.
No damage! Super nice
iridescence on this collector grade piece. Just
look at the photo!
A sensational showstopper!!!
Item# 13-130-SK      $ 175.00
a super deal on this!
Northwood "Luster Flute" creamer & sugar in
green. No damage! Both have nice iridescent
coloring! Item # 14-023-JW    $ 29.00 plus $10 ship
Already sold to "len" in the UK! Preparing to
ship on 3/30/18! Congrats Len on the
purchase of a super piece!
Northwood "Grape & Cable" 2 pc. Sweetmeat in
purple. No damage! Superior color with even
irridescence top to bottom! No mismatch here!!
Item # 10-091-EB     $ 140.00 plus $15 ship
Northwood "Peacock at the Fountain" tumbler in
electric blue! No damage! Superb lavishly applied
irridescence! A killer tumbler looking to fill out a
killer water set! Over 30 to choose from $ 30-50ea.
Very Scarce! Northwood Wild Strawberry 9-10" six
ruffled bowl in very scarce green! No damage! No
issues! Really a nice colorful master berry bowl
with superb iridescence both front & back. Has
the Basketweave back. "killer" investment grade!
Item # 15-154-TB    $195.00 plus $15 ship.
Northwood "Corn Vase" in ice green with stalk
base. No damage! Very scarce base color with a
undamaged scarce corn vase! Doubly scarce!!!  
Nice! Item # 94-285-RE    $ 365.00 plus $15 ship.
Len ship to UK=$45.00. Total = $ 410.00
Northwood extremely rare "Oriental Poppy
Variant" tumbler with interior ribbing in rare lime
green! This is a double rare undamaged tumbler
that will help you collection! The last one of these
sold in 2004 for $900! This one is truly a mint!!!
Item # 10-292-EB      $ 415.00 plus $10 ship
Northwood "Greek Key" 8-9" ruffled bowl in purple
with the basketweave back. No real damage, but
has a very faint spiral-like scratch near the inside
center. Item # 06-192-M   $ 200.00 plus $15 ship
Northwood "Wishbone" 8-9" footed ruffled bowl in
blue. No damage. Nice & colorful but it does have
more color to one side than the other inside. You
can see this if you study the photo. Still a nice rare
blue piece that is undamaged & a collector grade
piece! Item # 12-262-GR   $ 265.00 plus $15 ship
Northwood "Peacock on the Fence" 8-9" ruffled
bowl in aqua opalescent! Piece has a small flake
off the outer rim backside. It also has a warped
mis-shapened base ring.Still a beautiful piece!
Item # 94-486-RE     $ 270.00 plus $15 ship
Carnivalites, you are missing the
boat here! This is a
fully stippled
Northwood with no damage!!!
Northwood "Leaf & Beads" footed rosebowl in
rare electric blue!
No damage! This is a killer
example and has sensational electric blue
iridescence with bursting out all over electric
highlights. It'll light you up carnivalites! A real
prize! Item # 12-158-JW    $ 210.00 + $15 ship
RARE! Northwood "Stippled Peacock & Urn" 9-10"
ICS master bowl in cobalt blue! Piece has a tiny
enclosed bubble that makes small bump inside
under iridizing.
Super colorful! Back is bright blue!
See the tiny bump in photo at 7 o'clock.
Very nice!
Item # 10-533-EB        $ 630.00 plus $20 ship
Northwood "Peacock & Urn" second photo of
piece to the left. Shows beautiful bright blue
backside! It is not iridized, but the front more than
makes up for it with a just lavishly iridized inside
that has super color! Remember,  this is the rare
fully stippled 10" ICS master bowl! Worth $750-975
Northwood "Peacock at the Fountain" water
pitcher in dark purple! No damage! This one is one
of those dark base glass ones! Outside it shows
plenty of iridescent color, while inside it is darker!
Item#11-480-OK      $ 525.00 plus $20 ship
Northwood "Wishbone" 9-10 " ball footed ruffled
bowl in green with Ruffles & Rings back side. No
physical damage, but has very tiny bubbles inside
the glass! Item # 10-127-EB    $ 145.00 + $15 ship
Northwood "Wishbone" 9-10" ball footed ruffled bowl
in green. second photo shows backside. It has tiny
bubbles inside the glass from the making with no
physical damage to the piece.
Northwood "Peacock & Urn" 6" ICS  bowl in deep
amethyst! No damage! Golds and reds dominate
the scene inside this beauty. If you need one, here
it is! Item # 09-059-EB   $ 95.00 plus $10 snip
Northwood "Diamond Point" 10-12" vase in black
amethyst! No damage! Hard to find in this base
glass color. Stately looking piece of carnival
glass! Item # 08-071-BO   $ 95.00 Plus $15 ship
Already sold to our long
established customer down in
South Carolina! Super piece!
RARE! Northwood "Oriental Poppy" 5 piece water
set in purple with electric highlights!
No damage
on any piece
! Beautiful iridescent coloring on
each piece on this "killer" investment grade set.
No manufacturing issues to have to deal with
either. Item # 15-466-SK   $ 575.00 plus $20 ship
Northwood "Grape Leaves" 8-9" 3 in 1edged bowl
in green!
No damage! A bit silvery with the
iridescence but not overly silver. This is a rare
teal colorof iridescence, which is hardly ever
No issues! It has a beautiful back pattern
called blossom & palm which is also nicely
iridized. Really, it's a investment grade example!
Item # 14-035-SK   $ 65.00 plus $ 20.00 ship.
Northwood "Three Fruits Medallion" 8-9" ruffled
bowl in electric purple!
No damage! Super colored
iridescence! Collector grade example with a nice
iridized back! These are hard to find in the market.
Item # 97-100-RE       $ 165.00 plus $15 ship
Very Scarce! Northwood Acorn Burrs water
pitcher in hard to find green!
No damage! No
! Except for a little wear to the iridescence
on the handle itself, this pitcher would be mint! It
has beautiful colorful iridescence on all sides of
this "killer investment grade pitcher! Just a
fabulous blend of colors which are very nicely
distributed throughout the pitcher. Signed inside
bottom! Item #14-337-SK   $ 420.00 plus $25 ship
Already sold to our long established
customer down in South Carolina!
RARE! Northwood Old Rose Distilling Company 9"
ad plate in the Stippled Grape & Cable Variant
pattern with ribbed backside. Really nice & quite
colorful iridescence on this plate. No damage! No
issues! "Killer" investment grade example! Super!
Item # 12-290-JW     $ 335.00 plus $20 ship
Northwood "Peacock on the Fence" 8-9" PCE
bowl in amethyst. Sadly, it has a long straight  
mold line inside that is visible in the enlarged
photo. 12-225-SK       $ 235.00 plus $15 ship
Rare! Northwood Peacock on the Fence 9" PCE
bowl in purple! No damage! No issues! Superior
iridescence with enough color to keep you
looking. Iridescent colors are dominated by golds,
purples, blues and reds. "Killer" investment grade
example with a more classy appearance. Some
highlights. Item # 15-257-SK   $ 335.00 + $15 ship
Rare! Northwood Springtime spooner in purple! No
damage anywhere
! Just beautiful with plenty of
iridescent colors. This is a "killer" investment
grade example with no issues. Just mint perfect.
You won't find one like this in the 2014 auctions!!
Item # 14-260-BO   $ 315.00 plus $ 15.00 ship
Already sold to that smart collector
down there in Robstown, Texas.
What a super bargain! It will ship
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reserved for the "Carney from
Kentucky" only!
Northwood "Three fruits Medallion" 8-9" dome
based ruffled bowl in green. No damage but has a
couple of tiny ash specks in glass & a couple of
tiny enclosed bubbles. Item # 98-047-RE  $ 45.00
RARE! Northwood Banded & Stippled Grape &
Cable cologne bottle/stopper in rich marigold. Yes
the stopper has a couple of chips & small nicks,
however almost all of these do have stopper
damage. Super piece & it's rare to find. Won't last
here! Item # 13-123-SK     $ 155.00  plus $15 ship
Northwood "Peacock & Urn" 10" ICS master bowl
in ice green (possibly lime green). Has one tiny
pinpoint in between two rim scallops. This
pinpoint is so small it took us 5 minutes of intense
searching to find it. Otherwise this is a colorful
beauty of a piece. Outstanding iridescent coloring!
Item # 14-525-SK   $ 625.00 plus $ 20.00 ship
Northwood "Peacock at the Fountain" killer big
11" ball footed ruffled fruit  bowl in rich marigold.
No damage anywhere! Super rich colorful evenly
applied iridescence throughout this piece. Inside
iridescence is nice as well. Buy with confidence.
Item # 13-184-SK    $ 240.00 plus $25 ship
Northwood Peacock at the Fountain water pitcher
in blue! This isn't a "killer" investment grade
example because of one tiny pinpoint. Has electric
blue highlights throughout the pitcher. Has no
damage except for a 1/32" pinpoint inside the
spout. It's a color bath with all the color hues you
look for! Almost forgot, it does have two tiny
iridescent wear marks on the handle. Superb!!
Item #15-257-SK   $295.00 plus $25.00 ship.
Northwood "Beaded Cable" footed smooth edge
candy dish in green with the scarce rays interior!
No damage! Nicely iridized with good color.
Actually a hard to find item in this nice green
base. Item # 10-033-EB    $ 45.00 plus $15 ship
Northwood "Wishbone" spatula footed flat 9" plate
in deep amethyst! No damage seen! Not a color
bath. Nice soft satin colorful iridescence inside!
Item #10-157-EB   $ 290.00 plus $15 ship
Northwood "Peacock at the Fountain" 6 tumbler
set that is all undamaged! Great matched set that
is full electric! Over 30 individual tumblers to
choose from. $30-50 for each tumbler, and in
some cases more. We will not split up above set!
In the big group photo starting top row, left to right,
item numbers are 13-030A-RE thru 13-030W-RE. In
the photo of eight tumblers starting top row, left to
right, item #s are 14-040A-RE through 14-040H-RE
Already sold! Gone to the state of
South Carolina!
Already sold to that smart long
established customer down there in
South Carolina!
Already sold to a smart collector down
in Georgia!
Very Rare! Northwood Hearts & Flowers 9"
sawtooth plate in ice blue! Has one small nick out
by two rim teeth and it is heavily twist warped.
Beautiful! Due to the presence of a front side flake
chip and the heavy twist warping of the plate, we
have listed this Northwood Hearts & Flowers 9"
rare plate in ice blue on our Bargain Basement
site page for a real bargain. See it listed there.
Very Scarce! Northwood Old Rose Distillery ad
plate in the Stippled Grape & Cable Variant 9"
plate in green!
No damage! No issues! Has good
iridescent coloring on both front and back. "Killer"
investment grade example and is a very popular
collector favorite. Hard to find plate ad piece
lately.Item # 15-288-SK   $335.00 plus $20 ship
Very scarce! Northwood Grape & Gothic Arches
creamer & spooner in blue.
No damage! No issues!
Great iridescent color on both pieces with no
apparant wear to the grapes. Nice clean set that
matches fairly well. Both are even iridized on the
insides of each piece. They won't last long on this
site. Item # 15-093-EB   $120.00 plus $15 ship
Northwood Raspberry footed & eight ruffled candy
dish with the Daisy & Plume exterior in purple.
! Nice colorful satin finish iridescence
inside and out. Solid collector grade example as
well. This candy makes a nice stand along display
that doesn't take up a lot of display space. NICE!
Item # 13-041-SK      $ 65.00 plus $14 ship
Northwood "Hearts & Flowers" 8-9" PCE bowl in
rich marigold. No damage! Ribbed back! Nice
even applied rich marigold iridesence allover!
Item #07-217-EB  $ 255.00 plus $15 ship
Very Scarce! Northwood "Dandelion" pitcher and
two tumblers. No damage! We are going to add 4
tumblers to make this a complete 7 pc. water set.
Listing coming soon! Be patient now!
Northwood "Good Luck" 8-9" ruffled bowl in multi
electric blue!
1 tooth on backside of rim teeth is
epoxy filled. You can't see it on front. Still an
absolute multi-electric showstopper! Super color!
Item # 07-350-BO         $ 295.00 plus $15 ship
Northwood "Peacock & Urn" 6" ICS bowl in
amethyst. No damage! Way above average
iridescent coloring and a very good mold strike.
Item # 07-058-EB     $ 90.00 plus $10 ship
"6 From Outer Space"! Colleywood Carnival's Vintage "Killer" Northwood Carnival Glass!
Use our 12 months same as cash layaway plan! Pay 15% down, make payments when you want! We don't care! Just pay it off in 12 months & we send
you the item! No interest charged! Simply email us to request the item to be put in your layaway, then we email send you down payment remittance
Northwood "Hearts & Flowers" stemmed compote
in frosty white. No damage! Nicely irridized with
good color. Base ring is good. Piece is collector
grade. Item # 06-076-SL     $ 105.00 plus $10 ship
Northwood "Grape Leaves" 8-9" ruffled bowl in
deep amethyst. Has 1 tiny nick on rim. Dark purple
colored irridescence with the center area having
nice color. Item # 06-057-WW  $ 50.00 + $15 ship
Northwood "Fruits & Flowers" two handled
bonbon in electric blue! No damage! Fantastic
irridizing with an abundance of electric highlights!
Great collector grade example for your best
collection! Item # 07-080-FN   $ 100.00 + $15 ship
Northwood "Tree Trunk" 8-10" vase with 3 3/8"  
base in amethyst. No damage! Bronzy colored
irridescence with gold overtone. Nice solid
example! Item # 07-081-FN  $ 90.00 + $15 ship
Already put in layaway
by that smart collector
down in Robstown, Tx.!
Northwood RARE! "Harvest Poppy" 6" stemmed
compote in green!
No damage! Seldom seen very
scarce Northwood pattern, especially in green.
Nice soft satin iridescence with just the right  
colors! Item # 08-250-BO     $ 285.00 + $15 ship
Scarce! Northwood Strawberry 8-9" PCEbowl in
rare emereald green! It has a plain back! The only
issue is some black string like carbon residue
fuly enclosed within the glass. We show 2 close
ups of the same area which shows the residue.
Item # 15-127-TB    $ 160.00 plus $20 ship
Northwood "Blossomtime" threaded stem
compote in deep amethyst.
No damage! This is a
close cousin to the harvest poppy pattern shown
to the left. Superb iridescence where the inner
floral wreath is light & bright while outer area is
very dark! Item # 02-325-SD    $ 285.00 + $15 ship
Very Scarce! Northwood Grape & Gothic Arches 7
pc. water set in cobalt blue! No damage on any
piece of this entire set. It has electric highlights
on all pieces! Colorful, skillfully applied, superb
iridescence throughout all pieces. A "killer" grade
set. Item # 13-298-JW    $ 425.00 plus $25 ship
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Northwood "Poinsettia & Lattice" 9" footed ruffled
bowl in rich satin finish marigold.
No damage!
This is a collector grade piece with outstanding
marigold iridescence throughout the piece, front &
back! Item #10-427-EB  $ 490.00 plus $15 ship
Northwood "Peacock at the Fountain" big 11-12"
ball footed ruffled fruit bowl in ELECTRIC purple!

No damage
! The electric highlights are right in the
photo! "Killer" investment grade example with a
very colorful iridescent coloring inside & out!
Nice! Item # 14-526-JW     $ 600.00 plus $30 ship
Northwood "Grape & Cable" 2 pc. sweetmeat in
purple! No damage! Way above average color.
Evenly applied irridescence that matches top to
bottom! Item # 96-120-RE    $ 155.00 plus $15 ship
Northwood "Grape & Gothic Arches" complete set
of 6 tumblers in cobalt blue! No damage! Just in
fresh from Jim Wroda Auction, from late Snarky
collection! Superbly iridized 6 pc. water tumbler
set! Item # 11-277-JW   $ 305.00 plus $15 ship
Put into layaway by a smart
buyer right here in the Show
Me state of Missouri!
Already sold to "The Looking Glass
Lady" out there in Pennsylvania!
Already sold to "Chasing Carnival
Man" up there in Maine!
Northwood "Three Fruits Medallion" ruffled bowl
in super electric purple base glass! No damage!
Put on the sunglasses for this floodlight! WOW!!!
Item # 11-083-JW     $ 145.00 plus $15 ship
From our private Colleywood Collection. A superb
Stippled Grape & Cable 9" sawtooth plate in very
scarce green! No damage whatsoever. Has a very
slight rock to it when sitting on a flat surface. No
other issues. Super collector grade!                     
Item # 96-235-RE    $ 275.00 plus $15 ship
Northwood "Grape & Cable" cologne bottle with
stopper. Beautiful piece, but as always, the
stopper has substantial chip damage. No damage
or issues on the bottle. Really nice colorful
iridescence and no other issues. Don't miss your
opportunity here! Pretty nice cologne bottle!!!!!!!
Item # 14-096-JW    $155.00 plus $15 ship
Northwood Stippled Grape & Cable Thumbprint  
water tumbler in purple. No damage! Signed!
Beautiful example with tons of iridescent color,
both inside and out. Buy with total confidence!!!
Item # 14-030-BO   $ 45.00  plus $ 10.00 ship
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Northwood "Peacock at the Fountain" 3 piece
matched water set in deep purple! No damage on
any pieces of this matched set! If you like dark,
dark purple, this is the one for you! Sensational!
Has one swirl line in the inside bottom, which is
from the making. Item # 85-410-RE   $ 465.00
Our Best! Northwood "Peacock on the Fence"
with ribbed back, 9" sawtooth plate in dark ice
green! Supreme iridescence on top of a dark ice
green base glass.
No damage! Gorgeous example
with superb backside iridescence as well. This is
a "killer investment grade example. All mint
piece!  Item # 13-325-EB     $ 375.00
Mint killer!
It's electric purple+++!! Northwood "Peacock on
the Fence" 9" sawtooth flat plate with the rib
back! No damage! Please don't miss your
opportunity to own this wonderful piece of
Northwood carnival. Many more photos upon
request! Item # 82-380-RE    $ 470.00
Rare! Northwood Corn Vase (stalk base) in dark
No damage! No issues! Way above average
iridescent  coloring. Real nice iridescent coloring
that is even throughout the piece. Superb all the
way! Item # 15-455-JW    $ 505.00 plus $15 ship
Already sold to "Race Horse II" down
there in Georgia!
  Scarce! Northwood Grape & Cable 10-11" big
master ICS bowl in nice rich marigold.
! Just look at the unmanaged  photos
above to see the gorgeous rich marigold
iridescence on this piece. Colors galore! A "killer"
investment grade mint condition example! It won't
be on here long, so don't drag your feet! Superb!!!!
Item # 13-041-SK     $ 90.00 plus $15 shipping
Very Scarce! Northwood Peacock & Urn 10"
master ICS bowl in ice green! If you study the
above photo, you'll see the piece has 1 small
enclosed bubble around 4 o'clock in the above
photo. It is the only issue the piece has!
damage anywhere
! Superb iridescent coloring in a
well done satin sheen iridescence. This is a
showstopper piece. We are calling it a "killer"
investment grade even with the small bubble!!!!!
Item # 13-553-SK   $ 610.00 plus $15 shipping
Scarce! Northwood Peacock & Urn 10" master ICS
bowl in purple. No damage! This is a "killer"
investment grade example with superb iridescent
coloring. We like the touch of rarely found black
over sprayed iridescent between 7 and 8 o'clock
on this beauty as shown in the larger thumbnail
photo above. Black iridescence was very rarely
used by any vintage carnival glass manufacturer.
We know of only one other Northwood piece that
has black over spray. Just a fabulous piece!!!!
Item # 14-325-BO    $ 375.00 plus $20.00 ship
Nice collector grade example.
Northwood "Oriental Poppy" tumbler in electric
purple! No damage! You won't find many better
than this one. It has all the pizazz you need to add
to an electric purple water set or to proudly be
displayed by itself! Look at the color in this
tumbler. Superb! Item # 96-047-RE   Price: $ 75.00
Northwood "Nippon" 8-9" ruffled bowl in scarce
No damage! It does have two minor
manufacturing issues: a enclosed bubble in the
base ring & 2 small circular scratches on the
back side that are iridized over.Superb iridescent
coloring, beautiful iridescent highlights. No harm!
Item # 14-075-JW    $ 120.00 plus $ 20.00
Note: This is not the same piece shown elsewhere
Northwood "Stippled Peacock on the Fence" 9"
collar base plate with ribbed back in nice
marigold. No damage! The line you see around the
plate near the edge is the mold release line from
the making. This is a great piece with superior
iridescence! Item # 11-159-EB   Price: $225.00
Second photo of the Northwood Stippled Peacock
on the Fence 9" flat plate in marigold. This photo
shows the ribbed back and the undamaged
backside. Plate is a beauty and is certainly priced
right. Better "giddy-up" to the "buy now"  button on
this one! It won't last long!!!
Already sold to "Kit Kat" up in the
state of Wisconsin !
Already sold to our long established
customer down in South Carolina!
Now, this is a true
Northwood Grape
& Cable amethyst
PCE salad bowl!
See what David
Doty's website
shows these rare
bowls selling for.
Very Scarce!  Northwood Rspberry 7 piece water
set in green!
No damage! Let us receive this
beautiful set in & get it ready for listing at the end
of November. Please be patient.
Very Scarce! Northwood Greek Key 8-9" ruffled
bowl in amethyst/purple. Has the basketweave
exterior pattern which is also nicely iridized.
! No issues! Superb iridescent coloring on
this "killer" investment grade example! Just look
at the unmanaged photos above! Buy with total
confidence. This is a real nice colorful example.
Item # 15-179-JH   $ 230.00 plus $20 ship.
RARE! Northwood Grape & Cable 10-11" big PCE
true salad bowl in amethyst. No damage! Its only
manufacturing issue is a bottom side center straw
mark that can be seen in the backside photo
above. Otherwise, the piece is mint. Solid, nice
collector grade example which is very hard to find
in the marketplace. Superb iridescent color, both
front and back. Nice stand out classic satiny
finish. Item # 14-207-JW    $270.00 plus $20 ship
Here are more photos of the Northwood amethyst
Grape & Cable /Basketweave out, 10-11" PCE
salad bowl shown to the immediate left. This is a
really scarce bowl indeed and it's in near mint
condition. No damage, but does have a backside
bottom straw mark. It does not show through to
the front side when the piece is displayed. Buy it
with total confidence!
Already sold to "Len" in the
United Kingdom!
RARE! Northwood "Poinsettia & Lattice" 9-10"
footed eight ruffle bowl, in amethyst, with ribbed
back! Perfect near mint condition! No damage! It
has a few tiny pinpoint dots on backside where
the radium gold iridescence is missing. It could
be from  tool marks from the original making!!!
Item # 12-215-BS  $ 490.00 plus $30 ship
Second photo of the front side of this Northwood
Poinsettia & lattice 9-10" footed eight ruffle bowl.
This is a "killer" piece with no damage anywhere!
Sensational inside blue electric iridescence with
superb gold radium iridescence on the outside.
The exterior has the desired ribbed back.
Scarce! Northwood "Strawberry" 8-9" PCE bowl in
electric purple.
No damage! The only issue is a out
of round base ring. Beautifully applied green / red /
blue colorful iridescence that is bright and
cheerful. Add to your collection, this collector's
grade beauty! A beautiful satin sheen example!
Item # 14-110-SK   $ 125.00 plus $15 ship
Rare! Northwood "Tornado" large sized vase in
scarce green!
No damage! No issues! Really
nicely colored with beautiful iridescent coloring
all around and top to bottom. Does have a few of
the typically found iridized over faint scratch lines
as the great majority of these are found with
having. We photoed them as shown above. This is
a beautiful large sized tornado vase with super
color! Item # 15-450-JH   $ 505.00 plus $20 ship.
Len, we now have your Int'l. Paypal button posted!
Attn. buyers residing outside the 48 state Continental U.S.A.: please do not use the white "BUY NOW" buttons on this page!
Yours are grey, so if the item doesn't have a grey button, simply email us & request it!
Already sold to a smart Carnivalite
buyer who just moved to Colorado
from Missouri!
Already Sold! Headed for the State of
Pennsylvania!   Ships 1/3/19!
Just a little bit of minor glass webbing between a
few edge teeth, as shown in the above photo, is
the only issue this "electric sign" of a piece has!
Just look at the total electric highlights coming out
of this Northwood Peacock on the Fence 9" blue
sawtooth plate! It has the desired rib back as
well. You won't find many with better highlights
than this one. Live with a tiny bit of edge webbing
& get a superb piece!    Item # 96-400-RE   $ 485.00
A backside view of the sensational Peacocks
piece shown to the left. All we can say is
Rare! Northwood "Peacock at the Fountain"
10-12" footed & ruffled fruit bowl in cobalt blue.
damage anywhere
! Super nice bowl with great
electric iridescent highlights both inside and out.
"Killer" investment grade example, with superb
iridescent coloring. Just study the photos above
and purchase with total confidence. This is a real
showpiece! Nice desirable gold bottom exterior!!!
Item # 13-392-TB    $ 625.00 plus $22 ship  
Very Scarce! Northwood "Singing Birds" 6 tumbler
set in very scarce green! No damage on any
tumbler. 1 tumbler (top left in large photo above) is
light on superior colorful iridescence as the other
5 have, but it still is quite nice.
The bottom row
three tumblers are absolute "killer" examples
! We
want to sell them any way you want to buy them.
One , two,  three or all! We want $ 30.00 for the
top left one & $ 50.00
apiece for the rest them.
Please keep in mind, these
pictures were taken at night under
incandescent light bulbs only!
This is a really nice blue
Northwood Grape & Gothic
Arches 7 pc. water set that is
None of the pieces
are damaged
, however, the
water pitcher has some of  
those typical iridescent cooling
wrinkly lines on both sides of
the top of the pitcher. It is the
only issue with the entire set!
Northwood "Grape & Gothic Arches" water pitcher
in cobalt blue with electric highlights! This pitcher
has several very minor issues that we will point
out one by one in the above photos. First, it has a
small nick to one of the vertical ribs as shown in
the first small picture (top row left). Secondly, it
has a tiny indent in the rim edge that is fully
iridized over, as shown in the second small
picture (top row right). Thirdly, there is a very tiny
burnish mark on the inside lip of the spout as
shown in the small bottom row left photo. Finally,
there is a small scuff under the handle as shown.
This is a different Northwood Grape & Gothic
Arches water pitcher than the one shown in the
water set to the immediate right.
Scarce! Northwood "Grape & Gothic Arches 7 pc.
water set in blue! No damage, however, there are
several iridescent cooling lines on both sides of
the top panels of the pitcher. See them in the
close up photos shown to the above immediate
right. We feel the tumblers are all well colored, as
is the water pitcher itself. So many of these set
are all silvery, but not this one. It has electric
highlights as well. It is not a killer grade set, but
certainly easy makes the collector grade level of
overall quality! The pitcher shown to the
immediate left is a different pitcher! Real nice set!
Item # 13-277-SK       $ 315.00  A super duper buy!
Already sold to
in Missouri!
Rare! Northwood Springtime butter/lid in purple!
No damage, but does have a pushed in piece of
glass along the inner rim of the butter base, from
the making, as shown in the 2 close up photos.
Has nice above average iridescent coloring, but
not a color bath. Listing coming soon.
Rare! Northwood Peacocks 8-9" PCE bowl in rare
bright blue!
No damage! No issues! Has the
desired ribbed back with the
rarer thin base ring!
Multi colored superbly applied iridescence
throuhout this "killer" investment grade example!  
Item # 15-333-SK         $ 385.00 plus $15 ship
Scarce! Northwood Greek Key 8-9" ruffled bowl in
dark rich marigold. Has the Basketweave  
exterior pattern which is also nicely iridized.
! No issues!  "Killer" investment grade
example with good iridescent coloring front &
back. Item # 15-046-JW   $ 75.00 plus $15 ship
Rare! Northwood Peacocks 8-9" PCE bowl in purple.
Has the desired ribbed back. No damage but does
have some heavy mold lines on the iridized back
side of this bowl. They are from the original making
since they are all iridized over. Nice iridescent
coloring. Item # 15-167-EB   $ 222.00 plus $ 15 ship
Already put in layaway by "Stephanie Gal" out
there in Kansas!
We call this sensational beauty our "colored mirror"
tankard! Any colored spots or lines are camera
reflections! One inside light tool mark, keeps us from
grading this "killer" investment grade piece, as mint!
Rare! Aqua opalescent! Has the desired ribbed exterior pattern which is pearlized.
This is a world class top "killer" investment grade spectacular example.
! No issues!  Beautifully applied colorful iridescence, which is perfectly
balanced on the inside of the bowl.
NOTE: Rare examples of these have sold at
auctions in the past for up to $1200.00, and in fact, shows one of
these selling at auction during the year 2010, for $ 2900.00!  So, we are not going to
just give this piece away. We paid $ 725.00 for it, plus we had to travel to St.Louis
and back in order to attend the auction where we purchased it. So, with that in mind,
we fairly price this mint beauty at:  Item # 15-743-SK   $ 825.00 plus $20 ship
Rare! Northwood Dandelion tankard pitcher with rare ribbed interior in mirror radium
finish electric purple! No damage! Near mint! Has one light tool mark on the inner body
about 2-3" down from the rim. That's it! We call this beauty, very appropriately, our
colored mirror tankard! The radium finish iridescence is mirror shiny throughout the
piece. No fading anywhere! Even the top portion of the inside is radium finish
iridescence. From our 1986 Colleywood Private Collection! It has the rare ribbed
interior as a added bonus!
No bottom area faded iridescence, just a beautiful shiny
mirror gold radium finish iridescence all around the bottom area. You can't beat it, so
why not buy it! All photos are totally unmanaged and were all taken by Colleywood.
Item # 86-593-RE     $ 740.00 plus $40 ship
Sensational Stippled Peacocks PCE!
Already put in layaway by "Stephanie Gal" out there in Kansas!
A "killer Northwood blue Poppy Show plate is coming
Now, see what you missed Carnivalites! One of the
best electric blue Poppy Show plates there is! Photos
taken right on our blue/grey towel and unmanaged!
Already sold to"Stephanie Gal" out there in Kansas! Congratulations on a super,
super buy! This is a spectacular class piece of "killer" investment grade
carnival glass!
Very Rare! Northwood Stippled Peacock on the Fence 8-9" PCE bowl in electric bright blue! Has the
rare thin base ring! Has the desired ribbed back which is not iridized! No damage! No issues! "Killer"
investment grade example with sensational multi-colored superbly applied iridescence throughout the
front. It just doesn't get any better than this Carnivalites! We paid to get this piece, but it is one of the
best we've ever seen in 44 years! A legacy piece for sure! Item # 15-495-SK   $ 565.00 plus $15 ship.
A bargain!
Very rare! From our Colleywood Private Collection! Northwood  Poppy Show 9" plate in blue with
electric highlights galore! One of the very best!  Iridescent color everywhere. We took this photo in the
outdoor light and it still shows plenty color! No damage & no issues! This is a super "killer"
investment grade mint example from our 1984 Colleywood Private Collection. Back side is nicely
iridized too. It has it all and then some! Item # 84-579-RE   $ 780.00 plus $15 ship
Electric Purple "Killer"
Electric blue to the hilt!
Rare! Northwood Peacock at the Fountain big 10-11" footed fruit bowl in beautiful
electric highlighted purple.
No damage! No issues! Sensational & colorful super
sheen iridescence both inside and outside. No bad side to the iridescence, no wear
to the inside iridescence. Bowl looks like it led a better home life than you or us!
Someone cherished it and took care of this beauty with a lot of love. Pristine!!!!!
Item # 15-460-WW   $ 525.00 plus $40 ship
Doesn't have that color bath appearance to the front side iridescence, but what it impresses
you with is a electric blue glow when displayed properly. The piece comes electrically alive
with that electric blue glow that collectors are always searching for. See for yourself in the
above unmanaged photo of this beauty Has the typical Basketweave" exterior which is also
nicely iridized . Item # 15-265-WW    $ 335.00 plus $20 ship

You can't
beat this!
Already put in
layaway by
"Stephanie Gal"
out there in
Another "killer" investment grade Northwood large size green
Tornado Vase from our 1987 Colleywood Private Collection!
The ice blue Northwood Peacocks plate above has two slightly shorter teeth
right next to each other as shown in the above close up photo of the rim
teeth. It has no other issues and is a super collector grade example! Since
the two slightly shorter teeth are from the original making, this is not
considered damage to the plate, but rather, simply a minor manufacturing
issue. It is a very beautiful plate with sensational iridescence.
Already a pending
sale to "Chasing
Carnival Man" up in
Rare! Northwood Tornado large size vase in dark green! No damage! No issues! One of the best
we've ever seen. Direct from our Colleywood Private Collection! This one is a real sensational
prize! Super iridescence throughout!
REMEMBER: You gotta pay for the very best there is!!!!!!!
Unbeatable! Item # 87-503-RE   $ 570.00 plus 15 ship
Rare! Northwood Peacock on the Fence/Ribbed back 9" plate in rare ice blue! No damage, but it does have
two slightly shorter edge teeth than the rest of the edge teeth. They are at the about 10 o'clock position on
the rim edge in the above photos. Honestly, you hardly notice them, but they are about 3/32" shorter due to a
tiny enclosed bubble at each tooth. Otherwise, a "killer" grade example! Item # 15-615-JW   $ 650.00 + $20
Presenting... More Rare Northwood Vintage Carnival Glass For Sale!
A rare complete Northwood Springtime table set
in rare green! No damage on any piece of this set!
It is not from our private collection but is nice.
Already put in
layaway by
"Stephanie Gal" in
Already put in
layaway  by a
collector in
Robstown, Tx.!
For those who don't want a radium shiny tankard, but
rather, desire a softer super sheen, yet very colorful
iridescence! Here's your set! No damage to any piece!
Rare! Northwood Springtime 6 pc. complete table set in rare green! No damage to any piece of this
rare set. The iridescent coloring on the butter lid is somewhat less colorful than the other pieces, but
then, where are you going to find a rare green complete 6 piece table set in Springtime?? It is not from
our private collection, but is still a nice set! Item # 16-387-SK         $ 465.00 plus $30 ship
Rare! Northwood Oriental Poppy 7 piece water set in purple with a super sheen finish very colorful
iridescence throughout! The tankard is as shiny as the full radium finish, but still posseses a fair
amount of softer sheen. No damage! No issues! Just a real nicely matched "killer" investment grade
complete water set. Buy with confidence. Lots of color! Item # 16-585-SK        $ 665.00 plus $30 ship
Northwood Vintage Carnival Glass For 2
Already sold!
Headed for the
Hollywood of
California! "The
Rare! Northwood Rose Show 9" scallop edge
plate in ice blue! Loads of iridescence color
on front of this beauty. Nice dark ice blue base
glass! No damage or issues! Mint condition!
From our Colleywood Private Collection!
Rare! Perfect ice blue Northwood Peacocks 9"
sawtooth plate in ice blue! Mint condition with
plenty of iridescence both front & back.
"Killer" investment grade example from our
Colleywood Private Collection. Superb!
Already sold
to "Race
Horse II" in
Rare! True Fiery Amethyst! Northwood  
Peacock on the Fence/Ribbed back 9" PCE
bowl with no damage or major issues. Does
have a couple of tiny back side tool marks, but
who cares? From our Colleywood Private
Collection! A "killer" colorbath piece!
Very rare! Northwood Rose Show 9" scallop edged plate in dark ice
Mint condition! Sensational iridescence! "Killer" investment
grade example from our Colleywood Private Collection! They just
don't come any better than this Carnivalites! It was teleported to us
from outer space! Item # 83-642-RE    $ 725.00 plus $20 ship
Rare! Northwood Peacocks 9" sawtooth plate with ribbed back, in
rare ice blue!
Mint condition "killer" investment grade example
from our Colleywood Private Collection! Beautifully iridized inside &
out with no damage or issues! A super duper looking display piece!
Item # 83-474-RE   $ 535.00 plus $20 ship
True Fiery Amethyst! Northwood Peacock on the Fence/Ribbed back
9" PCE bowl in fiery amethyst!
No damage, but does have two tiny
tool marks on the back side. "Killer" investment grade example
with sensational iridescence! Color bath iridizing in & out! From our
Colleywood Private Collection! Item # 83-288-RE $355.00 + $15 ship
Outer Space pink iridescence! No, we
didn't manage the photos & no there are no
missing areas of iridescence & yes the
plate is a mint condition "killer" grade  
investment example from our own
Colleywood Private Collection!
Direct teleportation from outer space! The
best Northwood Stippled Good Luck 9"
ruffled bowl with the rare thin base ring we
have ever seen! It's a mint bowl & it's in
rare Renninger Blue! From our Colleywood
Private Collection! Sensational on display!
Already sold to the "Crimson Tide Man"
down there in Alabama!
The best! This piece will be shipped
Tuesday 9/26/17 since we are out of town
till then.
Very rare! Northwood Good Luck 9" sawtooth plate with ribbed
back & in pink marigold! This is a
mint condition "killer" investment
grade example from our Colleywood Private Collection! We haven't
Super rare! Northwood Stippled Good Luck 9" ruffled bowl with
ribbed back & thin base ring in rarely found Renninger blue!
Absolutely the best we've ever seen!
Mint condition "killer"
investment grade example with iridescence from outer space! From
our Colleywood Private Collection! Incredible looking on display!!!!
Item # 83-447-RE   $500.00 plus $20 ship.
Cheap for rare thin base!
Our best! Spectacular class! Northwood Peacocks 9" ruffled bowl
with ribbed back in butterscotch laden aqua opalescent!
condition world class
"killer" investment grade example with the
best butterscotch treatment we have ever seen! "Outer space"
iridescence! Pastel aqua opal bowl from our Colleywood Private
Collection! "Outer Space"! Item 83-788-RE   $ 870.00 plus $20 ship
A rare sight indeed! A Northwood Grape & Gothic Arches 7 pc.
water set in rare green! The pitcher has a tiny area on one
vertical rib that didn't fill completely in when press molded. Not a
chip since it is iridized over! This means it is from the original
making. WOW!
Already sold to "Race
Horse II" in Georgia!
An Electric Blue "killer" Northwood Wishbone in
mint condition! What a rare sight to see! WOW!
Not the same piece we show elsewhere!
Rare! Northwood Grape & Gothic Arches 7 pc.water set in rare green! The pitcher has one tiny area on
one vertical rib where the glass didn't fill completely in when the piece was press molded. We know
this because the tiny area is iridied over, thus this happened in the original making of the piece. The
iridescence is off the charts, with all knids of color hues! From our Colleywood Private Collection!!!
Superb complete all pieces matching perfectly water set! Item # 83-397-RE   $ 425.00 + $35 ship
Rare! Northwood Wishbone footed ruffled 7-8" bowl in electric blue! No damage or issues! Mint
condition! Super "killer" investment grade example with outstanding iridescent coloring on front . The
back side is not iridized! Electric blue highlights everywhere when lighted correctly. Listing # & price
coming very soon! This piece is pure eye candy!!!
    RARE! Northwood 6" Corn Vase (stalk base) in
emerald green! Mint condition! Superb iridescent
coloring, and "killer" investment grade example!
Item # 74-675-RE    $ 755.00 plus $30 ship
Rare! Northwood Poppy Show 9" scallop edged
plate in rare ice blue! Mint Condition! Superb
"killer" investment grade example, with plenty of
iridescence! Item # 74-