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The background on this page is our commitment to a greener environment. It is an actual photo of our back yard which we call
Colleywood Park. It is nearly five acres, and by the way, we don't use a lawn care service or a landscaper! We care for the entire
park ourselves!!!!!!!!!!!!
Northwood Concave Diamonds 13 piece water set in the
darkest most beautiful Celeste blue I have ever seen! The
pitcher does have a small insde rim rim chip which you
cannot see at all, from the outside, and you have to feel the
chip to even see it at all! The pitcher also has a very small
fully enclosed air bubble within the glass. All the six
tumblers, and 5 coasters and pitcher top are matched
perfectly to the dark color of the pitcher, and no pieces have
any damage. It is so beautiful this set! So dark and gorgeous!
Item # 12-300-TB   $ 300.00 plus $30 ship.
A Super Bargain!
Northwood Three Fruits/plain back 9" sawtooth plate in
amethyst. No damage, but you must like a silver overspray
iridescence on the plate, as this is what dominates the
appearance of this beauty. It is a different kind of appearing
piece, and it will always be a superbly sterling Three Fruits
plate. It is somewhat unique, as I have not seen another with
such classy silvery appearance. I always liked it, so it will
grow on you! I've had this piece many years, and always
liked its appearence. Item # 02-225-SD   $ 75.00 + $20 ship
Northwood Three Fruits/plain back 9" plate in amethyst. No
damage and has a very strange appealing iridesence
application that the more you look at it the more you are
drawn to its unique appearance. I have never seen another
with this strangely colored iridescent application. I think the
factory worker wanted to create a different effect from the run
of the mill appearance! All I know is that the piece is very
intriguing! I found is beauty in St. Louis years ago, and
immediately purchased it, as I was drawn to it with a
passion. Item # 06-051-SL   $ 95.00 plus $20 ship
All three beautiful Northwood vintage carnival glass items shown above, are now reserved for "Willow" in a combined
layaway! The Paypal buy now layaway payment button is now reserved just for "Willow"! This allows or a single
layaway Paypal buy now layaway payment for all three items combined! All just for your convenience "Willow"!