Vintage Carnival Glass By Various Makers!
Already sold! Headed for the state of
New Jersey!
Rare! U.S.Glass Palm Beach 5-6" small berry
bowl in honey amber. No damage, but does have
some tiny carbon specks in the glass on the
inside. Still a rare find indeed. It's a real cutie.
Item # 14-019-SK   $ 26.00 plus $12 ship
VERY RARE! McKee Glass 6-7" iridized celery tray
in marigold!
No damage! We couldn't determine
the press glass pattern name on this beauty, but
we're sure with a little research, the new owner
will be able to identify this rare "killer" investment
grade. Item # 89-039-RE   $ 65.00 plus $10 ship
Westmorland "File & Fan" exterior pattern on a
large 7"-8" giant compote in superb peach
opalescent that comes halway down the exterior!!
No damage! Rich marigold inside and out! Good
opal! Item # 06-005-DM   Price: $ 50.00
Second photo of the File & Fan giant compote
shown to the left. This shows the clear stem base
and the lavish opalescent application on the
outside of the piece. The interior is plain without a
pattern, but has a rich marigold overlay inside.
Already sold! Headed for the state of
Westmoreland "File & Fan" stem compote with
scarce  inside marigold overlay on milk glass! No
damage in or out. The inside is plain while the
exterior has the file & fan pattern. Milk glass is the
base glass color. Item 97-026-RE    $ 35.00
Second photo of the File & Fan stem compote,
showing the exterior non-iridized pattern on the
milk glass. No damage anywhere. These are hard
to find in the marketplace.
Unknown Maker "Martha" 7-9" round deep
pedestal bowl in nice evenly applied marigold.
Plain interior is also iridized. No damage! Nice!
Item # 08-077-EB   Price: $ 55.00 plus $30 ship
Second photo of the Martha pedestal bowl shown to
the left. Nice clean undamaged collector grade
piece. This is considered a scarce pattern.
Already sold! Headed for the state
of Washington!
Dunbar "Aramis Six Ring" flare top tumbler/vase
in marigold flash. Late carnival era 1930s'.
! These are scarce to find in the market in
this undamaged condition! Collector grade piece.
Item # 06-011-DM    Price: USD $ 25.00 + $15 ship
Maker unknown. "Minuet" late carnival era 1930s'
tumbler flashed similar to Dunbar carnival glass
item shown to the left!
No damage! Very scarce!
Item # 09-018-EB         Price: $ 30.00 + $12 ship
Sowerby "Thistle & Thorn" 7-9" four footed flared
rim deep bowl in marigold. It is not in mint
condition, having a nick on the flared rim & some
feet roughness. Give it a good home- we did!!!
Item # 01-100-E   $ 35.00
Cambridge "Inverted Feather" lidded cracker jar
in green. Near mint, has some "fleabite"
roughness on lip of inner base. We still call it a
very collectible piece. Great classic favorite
piece in superb condition! Most have fleabites!!!
Item # 07-104-LY    Price $ 120.00 + $35 ship
Already sold to "Stephanie Gal"
out there in Kansas!
Already sold to the "Dallas
Round-Up" down in Texas!
Already sold to a smart collector
down in North Carolina!
Sowerby "Hen on Nest with Chicks" RARE! 2
piece hen on nest with cute little chicks peeking
out from under hen's wings!  10" x 7" in rich
colorful marigold! . Actually,  these are quite
scarce and list for $200 to $300! Nice no damage
piece!! Item # 12-038-SK   Price: $ 60.00
Fostoria! Brocaded Summer 6" gardens covered
dish in frosty white! No damage! Quite a hard
piece to find. Fostoria is well known for its
Brocaded line of patterns. This pattern is a nice
one. The 2 pieces have no damage & have
beautiful iridescence on each piece. Beautiful!!!
Item # 14-038-JW   $ 48.00 plus $12 ship.
U.S.Glass "Buzz Saw & File" tumbler in scarce
No damage! These are hard to find, so if
you need one, here's your opportunity to purchase
a nice one. Collector grade example with good
coloring. Item # 12-041-JW    $ 48.00
RARE! U.S.Glass "Palm Beach" creamer in white!
No damage! Nice colorful iridescence on this rare
find! These are very difficult to find out in the
marketplace. See Doty's reference site to find how
many were sold since 2002! They sell from $60 to
$160. Has some tiny no harm rust spots on inside
spout area, that's it! Buy with total confidence!
Item # 13-050-EB   $ 75.00 plus $10 ship
U.S. Glass "Headdress" stem compote in rich
marigold. Some say this is European made. No
damage! Item # 06-034-SL  $ 45.00 plus $15 ship
Hazel Atlas "Checkers" large rose bowl in rich
marigold. Scarce! This ia a collector grade
example with
No damage! Not a easy find by far!
Item # 06-013-SL   Price: $ 25.00 plus $15 ship
Jeannette? "Golden Honeycomb" large rose bowl
in rich marigold. Scarce!
No Damage! These are a
hard find in the marketplace, but are always way
underpriced. Item # 03-026-AL  $ 35.00 + $15 ship
English Made. Kokomo large footed 6-7" rose
bowl in rich dark marigold.
No damage! Pattern
seemingly named after Kokomo, IN. is very nicely
done. Item # 07-028-AL    $ 40.00 plus $15 ship
Already sold to a collector in the state of
New York!
Unknown maker "Canada Dry" large size soda
pop bottles stippled and iridized in nice marigold.
No damage to either bottle. Later vintage carnival
glass. Item # 05-022-AL   $ 25.00 plus $15 ship
Imperial "Rays" interior with "File" type exterior
chop plate with radium marigold finish! No
damage! Late carnival era (1930s). Radium finish!
Item # 11-027-AL    $ 40.00 plus $15 ship
Unknown maker "Columbus" 8-9" plate in a
strange colored radium marigold irridescence that
is somewhat smoky appearing. No damage! Base
glass is a strange very light greenish crystal! !
Item # 09-023-EB      Price $ 35.00 plus $15 ship
Westmoreland "Leaf Swirl" 6" tall stem compote
in Teal base glass! No damage! This one is a nice
one! Perfect! Item # 06-021-SL  $ 55.00 + $15 ship


Already sold to  "HOACGA MAN" right here in
A Gift To A Kansas City Shriner!
Crystal "Australian Swan 9" 16 ruffle master bowl  
in radium finish black amethyst! No damage!
Super iridescence! Fern & Wattle exterior. Electric
highlights throughout! Simply a sensationalsuperb
example! Simply review the photos and see for
yourself! WOW!   Item #13-220-EB   $ 275.00
Unknown Maker! RARE! Omnibus large mug
water pitcher in rare green! No damage!
This is the little known about second pitcher
shape of the Omnibus geometric pattern
! They
hardly ever sell at auction. See a example on and note prices paid! This one is
pristine! WOW! Item # 12-126-JW     $285.00
U.S.Glass Shriners 1908 Convention Souvenir
Memorabilia in ruby red flash! No damage! This is
one special undamaged  piece! Gorgeous looking!
Please take a look at the big photo and study it.
The details on this piece are amazing and unique!
Item # 11-047-JW    Price: USD $ 155.00
Westmoreland Shell & Jewel lid covered sugar &
late carnival era- in what looks to be
Westmoreland's Teal base color but could be a
shade of green!
No damage to either piece. These
are not easily found in the marketplace in this
condition! Item # 11-038-JW    Price: USD $ 45.00
Wonderful "killer" investment
grade honey amber Cosmos &
Cane master berry bowl!
Already sold! Headed to an
advanced collector in New York!
Already sold! Headed for the state of
Rarer than you think! This is a vintage
Jeannette Crackle covered candy with
no damage or issues! You might have a
hard time finding another one! It is not a
Imperial product!!
RARE! U.S.Glass "Cosmos & Cane" round
scalloped master berry bowl in honey amber!
! Very hard to find anywhere! "Killer"
investment grade piece with no issues! Superb
piece in every way. Don't miss your opportunity
here. Item # 14-038-SK   $ 68.00 plus $ 20 ship
U.S.Glass RARE! "Diamond Flutes" 9 1/4" rolled
rim vase bowl in rich marigold!
No damage! This
pattern is late carnival era, and the same pattern
in depression glass was named Aunt Polly! This is
a incredibly rare rolled rim vase bowl example!
Most collectors don't even know what it is! It has
the flute exterior! Item # 11-053-BO  Price: $65.00
Listing coming soon!
Crystal's "Australian Kingfisher" 9-10" ruffled
master bowl in black amethyst with radium finish.
No damage anywhere! Magnificent example both
inside and out! The iridescent coloring on this one
is just perfect! Study the photos to verify our
claims. This one is a keeper! A Showstopper!!!!
Item # 13-215-EB        $ 275.00
A bargain for this!
Headed for South Dakota!
Already Sold!
Headed to South Dakota!

Carnivalites, this item was listed
less than 12 hours before the buyer
made the decision to purchase it!
Absolutely stunning electric purple Australian
rare 16 ruffle master bowl! No, this isn't the
easier to find 12 ruffle master!
This is the rare one
! It has a small burn mark up on the rim with
a small pith imbed, but who cares on this rare of a
piece?!? This one will be sold if you don't act
quickly! Item # 12-177-SK      $ 205.00
Here's a pattern hardly anyone can find or identify!
It's a rare Dunbar Glass Company 10" tall blue
flash iridized pitcher called "
Aramis". It was made
in the midst of the Great Depression Era
(1934-1937)! You can find it in other flashed colors
too, but the blue one is the nicest. So, if you want
to stump your macho carnival glass expert
friends, ask them to I.D. this one! Superb! No
damage! Nice!! Item # 88-027-RE    $ 65.00
Crystal "Australian Gum Tips" 10" tall flared top
vase in purple!
No damage! These are very
scarce to find in the marketplace, so don't miss
your chance to own a really nice one. The
iridescence is just beautiful as you can see in the
photo above. Collector grade piece from Australia.
Flare out to over 6" at the top mouth of the vase.
Item # 12-153-JW             Pricing coming soon!
Headed for South Dakota!
Headed for South Dakota!
Headed for South Dakota
Headed for South Dakota!
RARE! Crystal "Australian Kingfisher Variant" 9"
master bowl in radium finish rich marigold. They
don't come any better than this one Carnivalites.
This is the very scarce variant that has the flora! It
it superbly done both inside and out. A collector
grade piece that will compliment anyone's killer
collection!  Item # 12-180-JW       
RARE! Crystal "Australian Kingfisher" 6" ruffled
sauce in radium finish marigold! Undamaged!
Wonderful radium finish iridescence in and out.
Collector grade piece that is just stunning. This is
a rarer twelve ruffle bowl and has the correct
number embossed on the inside center area. Nice!
Item # 12-120-JW       
RARE! Crystal "Australian Swan" 6" twelve ruffle
sauce bowl in purple with radium finish!
Undamaged! Sensational radium finish
iridescence with lots of color. Just look at the
photo above and see for yourself. This one is
collector grade inside & out. Real nice piece!!!!!
Item # 12-205-JW           
RARE! Crystal "Australian Magpie" 6" ruffled
sauce in purple with radium finish! Undamaged!
Sensational radium finish iridescence finish
inside & out with all kinds of color! Just look at
the above photo and see for yourself. Collector
grade piece from start to finish. Superb piece!!!
Item # 12-200-JW          
Headed for South Dakota!
RARE! Crystal's "Small Australian Kangaroo"! This
is the big 9-10" sixteen ruffle master bowl that
carries the small kangaroo on the inside center &
the rarer 5 frond exterior pattern!
No Damage!
Don't miss this rare beauty! It's a collector grade
in good evenly applied marigold inside & outside!
Item # 11-158-EB    Price: $ 205.00
Second photo of the rare Small Australian
Kangaroo variant 9-10" sixteen ruffle master bowl
in nice evenly applied marigold! No damage
inside or out! It has the rarer 5 fronds exterior
pattern instead of the more common 6 fronds. It's
a collector grade piece, so don't miss your rare
opportunity to own it!
Crystal's Australian Kingfisher 9-10" master bowl
in black amethyst!
No damage! If you study the rim
edge in the photos it is going to seem like there is
some roughness that was filled in with epoxy, but
there is not! The rim has some roughness on two
ruffles, but this came from the original making
because all roughness is iridized over! Superb
coloring & radium shiny iridescence throughout!
Plain iridized back! Item #13-290-EB    $ 315.00
Very Scarce! Crystal Australian Swan 9" sixteen
ruffle master bowl in rich radium finish marigold!
Has the Fern & Wattle exterior pattern which is
also iridized in radium finish marigold! This is a
super "killer" investment grade piece with
no damage or any issues. This is the
one you place into your killer collection. It's mint
perfect! Item #14-128-JW   $ 185.00 plus $20 ship
SOLD! Headed for California!
Porky & Petunia bought it!
SOLD! Headed for South Dakota!
Crystal Glass Company Australian Kingfisher 12
ruffle 9-10" master bowl in black amethyst! No
damage! Absolutely a killer grade piece with
sensational iridescence, along with electric
highlights! It doesn't get any better than this
example, so why not end your search and add it
your collection. It's a knock out vintage piece!!!
Item # 12-240-JW    $ 295.00  
A super, super buy!
Crystal Glass Company Australian Kingfisher 5-6"
sauce in radium finish marigold.
No Damage! Cute
little piece that is well done overall. The marigold
iridescence is evenly applied and the piece has
no manufacturing issues. Collector grade example
for those who want it to complete a set. Real nice!
Item # 13-045-JW    $ 60.00
Inside view of the Australian Kookaburra 12 ruffle
10" master bowl. Notice that the Kookaburra does
not have a "RD" production number impressed  or
embossed in the inside of the bowl. This is the
way they are, so no,  it is not a reproduction piece.
This is the real deal folks! Better get it before it's
gone! Item #  11-357-EB    Price: $ 415.00
Backside view of the bowl shown to the left. It's a
gorgeous work of glass art! Completely
undamaged and extremely hard to find in rich
radium marigold! Has the Fern & Wattle exterior
pattern which is also nicely iridized in rich
marigold. Let us wash it up, examine it closely,
grade it & re-photo it.
SOLD! Headed for California!
Already sold to that smart collector down
there in Texas! This is a $400.00 to $500.00  
water set at most  any auction! A beauty!
Already Sold! Sold to that smart collector!
Will be shipped 12/17/18!
Crystal Glass "Australian Swan" 9-10" sixteen
ruffle master berry bowl in black amethyst with
radium finish. Has the Fern & Wattle exterior that
is also beautifully iridized! No damage! Originally
came from the Great Lakes Convention auction a
good number of years ago, but recently came to
Colleywood from a very established Chicago
dealer. Don't miss your opportunity to own a true
vintage piece of Australian made carnival glass!
It's a WOW! Item # 12-305-JT        $ 355.00
Close up view of the front center area of the dark
amethyst Australian Swan master bowl shown to
the left.
Very Scarce! Cambridge "Double Star" 7 piece
water set in radium finish green! Has some very
minor manufacturing issues but nothing major.
Couple of mold lines on the handle which are
cracks. Has a enclosed bubble up near the top rim
which is close to the spout area, as shown in the
close up photo above. Really nice collector grade
water set that is well matched. Hard to find a
complete set that has no physical damage on any
piece! Item 15-244-SK     $ 270.00 plus $25 ship
Scarce! Crystal Austrailian Swan / Fern & Wattle
out, 9-10" sixteen ruffle master bowl in radium
finish black amethyst! No damage! Has a
iridescent speck above the swan's head with no
other issues. "Killer" investment grade example
with superb iridescent coloring. Even the Fern &
Wattle patterned back side has really nice
iridescence. Has the full radium finish shine that
makes these just incredible works of art! A WOW!
Item # 16-178-SK       $ 260.00 plus $15 ship
Presenting Colleywood Carnival' Glass "Other Makers" Old
Vintage Carnival Glass!
Crystal " Kingfisher" 9-10" master 12 ruffle bowl
in black amethyst with a plain back. This is not the
same bowl as listed farther above on this page. It
has superb iridescence and carries the proper
registration no. 4184 embossed on the inside
central area. Collector grade example that has no
damage! Really a nice example of Australian
made carnival glass. Item # 12-198-SK   $ 285.00
Crystal "Australian Magpie" 9" eight ruffle master
bowl in superb marigold for these. No damage
whatsoever! This is a vintage 1920s' original. Has
the proper outside pattern, and is just as beautiful
outside as inside! Don't see any iridescent wear to
speak of. No nicks, chips, cracks or repairs. Can't
find anything wrong with this beauty! Better get it
before the prices rise! Item # 12-230-EB   $ 275.00
Backside view of this beautiful non-damaged
Australian eight ruffle master bowl. These are
worth about $280-$325 right now in the
marketplace, however, the prices are going up
quickly! Don't drag your feet, we just might raise
the asking price on this one. The demand in the
marketplace certainly warrants an increase!
Close up view showing the stippled center area.
Yes, the bird is at the proper angle with respect to
the branch and it is in the proper place within the
center circle! This means it is a vintage original
one and
not a reproduction piece.
Already sold to "Robyn Hood" over
in Australia!
Rare! Crown Crystal's Doe Kangaroo 9-10" 16 pie
crust ruffle master bowl in radium finish black
No damage! No issues! This is the rare
pie crust edging which is very difficult to find on
any of these Crystal Glass Company pieces. Has
superb radium finish shine with incredible
iridescent coloring. A "killer" investment grade
piece! Also the smaller sized female Doe
Kangaroo is harder to find than the larger sized  
buck. Item #14-365-JW     $ 445.00 plus $15 ship
Scarce! Crown Crystal's Doe Kangaroo 16 ruffle
10" master bowl in rich marigold. This is the satin
finish marigold master bowl with the Fern & Wattle
exterior pattern which is also nicely iridized.
These are very hard to find in the USA online
marketplace, and thus a very scarce bowl to find.
This is the female doe kangaroo, which is smaller
in size on the bowl depictions. It has a "killer"
investment  grade example without any damage.
Item # 77-235-RE   $ 270.00 plus $30 ship
Very rare! Crown Crystal's Australian Pin-Ups
9-10" 16 ruffle master bowl in full radium finish
black amethyst.
No damage! No issues! Super
iridescent coloring both front & back. The exterior
pattern is the normal pattern found on these rarely
seen master sized bowls. These bowls are
extremely hard to find here in the USA. Mint
"killer" investment grade example. Sunning! Item
# 10-269-SK   $330.00 plus $20 ship within the
Continental USA only. Note! Additional ship charge
of $45 to ship this piece to Australia.
Rare! Crystal's Australian Shrike 6" twelve ruffled
sauce bowl in electric black amethyst!
! Does have a couple of light scratches
that appear to be iridized over. Superb iridescent
coloring and great radium finish shine. Just a real
beauty! Item # 14-174-JW   $ 205.00 plus $10 ship
What in the
world is this
pattern called?
Most carnival
glass collectors
have never even
seen one of
these extremely
rare bowls, yet
alone, know its
pattern name!
See two of these
vintage bowls
we listed at the
bottom of this
page, and learn
just what it is
There's nothing wrong with the
iridescence on this piece. It is
so radium finish shiny, the
camera picks up glare & even  
its own reflection! Impossible
to photograph this piece right.
The David Doty carnival glass
reference website lists this as
a rare pattern, showing only
four sales in this pattern since
1999. That's pretty rare to us!
Did you know Lancaster Glass made carnival glass? Well here's a extremely rare Creole vase to prove it!
This one is in
near mint
condition except
for a flake chip
in the geometric
pattern, as
shown in the
close up photo
we post below.
We circled the
flake chip in the
close up photo.
Extremely rare! Lancaster Glass Creole giant pedestal base 10" tall giant rose bowl in marigold! This pedestal base rose bowl is over 5 pounds of glass & is very, very rarely found
in the marketplace! David Doty's carnival glass reference site: shows where an example, offered for sale at the 2006 ICGA convention auction, sold for $1600;
while another one, with a chipped point brought over $ 550.00 at a estate collection auction in 2014. This giant beauty has a small iridized over sliver llake within the pattern, which
will take you quite some time to even locate yet alone see. Otherwise, this super collector grade example is simply an outstanding rare example of this extremely rare Lancaster
Glass vintage carnival glass pattern. It is iridized in a beautiful light marigold, which is very evenly colored throughout the piece inside & out. Don't miss an opportunity of a lifetime
to own one of the rarest pieces of giant sized vintage carnival glass from Lancaster Glass Company. Item # 92-628-RE     $ 845.00 plus $35 ship
Very Hard to find! A iridized blue opal 10" ICS
bowl in Westmoreland's Scales pattern!
Already sold to smart collector down there in Texas!
Please, please, if you study the close up photos of this Crystal Glass
Kookaburra 12 ruffle master bowl, you can even see the pattern within the
center area stippling! Never saw one like this before! Also the tail feathers
appear to be longer than others we've encountered!
Mint condition!
Very Scarce! Westmoreland Scales / plain out, 10" ICS bowl in iridized blue opal! Only condition issue
is some very faint scratches on the inside of the bowl. You can't hardly see them unless you examine
the bowl closely. These are very hard to find in the marketplace, and are just beautiful when displayed
in a cabinet. Don't miss a rare opportunity here! Item # 16-055-JW     $ 70.00 plus $15 ship!
The very best! Very Rare Australian Kookaburra 12 ruffled 10" master bowl in radium finish black
No damage or issues! "Killer" investment grade! Fantastic crisp clear mold strike! Out of
this world iridescence! The best we've ever seen! The stippling pattern within the center is somrthing
we've never seen before! Also the tail feathers of the Kookaburra seem longer than others we've seen!
Very Rare Australian Pattern! Unbeatable example! Listing coming soon!
Item # 10-270-SK   $330.00 plus
$20 ship.
NOTE! This piece ships
to Australia for a additional $45
ship charge than shown on the
Paypal button below. The button
below reflects ship charge within
the Continental USA only.
A "killer" investment grade
Crystal Glass Co. Australian
Emu 8 ruffled master bowl
in black amethyst radium!
No damage! No issues! Virtually mint! One of the best
there is! Any white areas in all photos are camera glare
from the shiny radium iridescence! The straw line inside
the outside bottom center base area is the only issue. It
is from the original making. Otherwise in mint condition!
Already sold! Headed back to Australia!
Ships Insured Priority Mail 11/18/2020!
Look what just flew out of our collection boxes!!!
A absolutely "killer' investment grade very
popular vintage "Flying Bat" hatpin, in black
amethyst! No damage! No issues! Heck, it's all
mint! See for yourself!
Already sold to  "The Kid" out there in
Very rare! Crystal Glass Company Australian Emu 9-10" eight ruffled master bowl in radium shiny finish
black amethyst.
No damage! No issues! Super colorful radium shiny iridescence throughout. We had a
very difficult time taking photos of this "killer" investment grade example due to camera glare from the
very shiny radium finish iridescence present. An absolute "showstopper" piece! These are very hard to
find, even in Australia, and the pattern is very popular, so here's your very rare opportunity to own one.
Item # 83-815-RE    $ 950.00   plus $40 ship
Rare! A Czech made vintage 1920s' Flying Bat hatpin in black amethyst with super colorful
iridescence, with no damage or issues! Heck, it's mint! You won't see one of these flying out of your
carnival glass collection boxes, but you can sure snag this one if you don't hesitate! One of the best
available anywhere. From our 1985 Colleywood Private Collection and it is a "killer" investment
grade! Item # 85-170-RE    $ 225.00 plus $10 ship
sold! Gone back to Australia!
Here's a water pitcher most collector's haven't ever
seen! This rare Argentina made Lucille water pitcher is
also in the rare blue base color. Hard to find anywhere in
this blue base, here's a "killer" one with no damage or
issues! It's from our Colleywood Private Collection!
Already sold to "Race
Horse I" down there in
Georgia !
The original Sowerby "Hen on Nest  with Chicks"!
Not the repros auctioneers many times sell you calling
them vintage original. This one is an original!
Very rare! Argentina made Lucille water pitcher in rare blue base color. No damage or issues! Real
little one dimensional iridescence applied. Not this example! From our 1987 Colleywood Carnival
Collection! Item # 83-377-RE     $ 425.00 plus $20 ship
Rare when the original! Sowerby Hen on Nest with Chicks two piece covered candy novelty in rare
A super rare "killer" investment
grade Crystal Glass Company
vintage Australian Kookaburra bullet
edged giant float bowl in rich
marigold! What a rare sight to
behold! Only a very few exist!
If you truly want a super rare piece of
vintage Australian carnival glass that very,
very few people have ever seen, yet alone
own, then this should be your choice. Only
two or three of these rare bullet edged
Kookaburra float bowls have ever sold at
any auction. Yes, they are that rare! Here's
your super rare opportunity! Don't miss out!
Already put into layaway by "Chasing Carnival Man" up
there in Maine!
Already received $400.00 paid on this rare layaway, as of
Paid another $195.00, received on 12/12/2020, for a total
paid of $595.00 as of 12/12/2020
Paid off balance of last $100.00 and now I will ship this
wonderful piece 1/2/2021! Yes, I will ship it to the new
address you supplied me awhile ago!
Extremely rare! Crystal Glass Company of Sydney,  Australia made this beautiful rare giant Kookaburra bullet edged ICS float bowl in rich marigold! It is in no damage condition! It is from my Colleywood
Private Collection, and you will spend many years trying to find another! It is a sensational rare bowl indeed! Item # 16-680-RE   $ 660.00 plus $35 ship
An absolute steal at this price!
The only known 8 pc. ruffled bowl set of Crystal Glass Company's "Thunderbird"
(Piping shrike), in black amethyst! No damage an any piece of this true rarity!
Crystal Glass Company's Piping Shrike a.k.a. ("Thunderbird") 8 piece ruffed bowl set, in
black amethyst! The master bowl has the Fern & Wattle back side pattern! The 7 sauces are
all plain backs!, as this is the way the sauce bowls were made. All pieces are iridized nicely
on the back sides! This set is the only known 8 piece set  in America! Mint condition! No
damage to any piece! This is directly from our Colleywood Carnival Private Collection!
Extremely rare! Only known 8 piece 16 ruffled bowl set in America! Crystal Glass Piping Shrike, a.k.a. "Thunderbird" 8 pc. 16 ruffled bowl set in black amethyst! All pieces
mint condition! No damage to any piece in this fabulous set! It is directly from our Colleywood Carnival Exclusive Private Collection! What a sensational looking extremely
rare set, and with a highly desirable pattern! The back sides of all pieces have a radium high shine gray iridescent finish. Buy with total confidence! You will have to only set!
Item # 97-2360-RE   $2850.00 plus $80 ship. A total bargain price!
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