Colleywood Carnival's "Piece of the Month" page....
This website page is dedicated to Colleywood Carnival Glass "Piece of the Month " vintage carnival glass items which were
part of the Colleywood Private Collection pieces. These examples were placed into  The Private Collection because of their
combination of their overall rarity and their "killer" investment grade condition. They represent some of our best pieces we
offer for sale on our Colleywood Carnival website. Browse and shop with confidence!
April's "killer" investment grade "Piece of the Month" for year 2020
Presenting Northwood's very rare
Springtime complete 6 pc. table set
in very rare green!
Wait till you see our month of May "Piece of the Month"! It's the ultra rare Fenton Floral & Grape
water set in ultra rare green!! Watch closely for it's offer for sale come May of 2020!
Presenting Fenton's Floral &
Grape water set in ultra rare green!
No damage or issues on any piece!
We will be adding the other 5 green
tumblers from our own private
collection to make this the only
known complete set in green for
sale ever. No recorded complete
sets ever listed as sold.
Watch for it in
May 2020!
Don't miss out on this special 6 piece complete
Northwood Springtime table set in very rare
green!This set has no damage or issues. "Killer"
investment grade condition. Superb iridescence!
Item # 18-888-RE     $ 970.00 plus $25 ship
"Killer" investment grade table set without
damage or issues! Superb rare super sheen
iridescence on all pieces, with superior
coloring on every piece of this spectacular
table set. Usually sets like this have average
satin finish iridescence with one dimensional
iridescent coloring. Not this sensational table
set! Every piece has great iridescent coloring!
You'll look a long, long time for another
comparable Northwood Springtime table set!
And it's the rare dark green base glass! More
photos, item # and listing price coming soon!
A rare "killer" investment grade Northwood Rose Show
Variant 8-9" ruffled bowl in rich marigold, is our
Colleywood Private Collection June's 2020 upcoming
Colleywood Carnival Glass Super "Piece of the Month"!
And what a mint condition piece it is!
Listing on this rare Northwood Rose Show Variant is coming soon!
Presenting....... a "killer" investment grade Northwood Rose Show Variant 9" ruffled bowl in rich marigold!
No damage to any piece in this
fantastic rare water set.
This entire set is pristine, and it is very
rare to find an entire 7 pc. set that is all
undamaged in this dark green. Oriental
Poppy, has always been a premier pattern
of Northwood Glass Company.
Especially so, in the dark green base
glass color, of the carnival glass version!
Already placed into layaway by "Angelita 10" out
there in Ohio! Congratulations, as I am giving you
more than a 10% discount! This is a super Northwood
Oriental Poppy 7 piece dark green water set!
Rare! Northwood Oriental Poppy 7 piece water set in dark green! Pristine undamaged condition for all pieces of this well matched beautifully iridized water set! You will look for a very long time to find a complete comparable set! I
really think this set is the best there is! I have not found one better than this in 55 years of collecting! This is from my Colleywood Private Collection, and the item # is 18-640-RE, priced at $ 675.00 plus $35 ship!
get it for Christmas! Angelita 10, with the discount given you,  your price will be just $ 600.00 plus $35 ship!
An absolute steal! Angelita, the Paypal buy now button is set to charge eleven monthly payments at  $ 53.00 each, with the
final 12th payment charged at $52.00. This will be a total of $ 635.00.
Coming soon! The July 2020 Colleywood Carnival Glass "Piece of the Month"! A absoluely "killer"
investment grade Northwood Oriental Poppy 7 pc. water set in green! Sensational color & appearance
Presenting Colleywood's August 2020 "Piece of the Month", A Fenton Dragon's Tongue 10-11"  giant
footed centerpiece bowl in rich marigold! "Killer" investment grade condition! What a piece to behold!
This very rare "killer" investment grade Fenton's Dragon's Tongue 11' ball footed
eight ruffled bowl is already sold to "Angelita 10's "!  One of the best in the world!
Congratulations on another super buy!  Paypal button on Fenton 3 page!
As you can easily see, this Fenton super rare Dragon's Tongue 11-12" footed
centerpiece bowl is in mint condition. It's a "killer" investment grade example!
Super rare! Fenton Dragon's Tongue 10-12" footed centerpiece bowl in rich marigold! This is a mint condition "killer" investment grade footed ruffled centerpiece bowl in rich marigold! Superb iridescent coloring throughout the
front and back, with no missing iridescence. This is one of the best we've ever collected in 45+ years of collecting. Don't miss your very rare opportunity to own this beauty. It will certainly be displayed with your finest pieces!!!!
Several years ago, I sold my Fenton Dragon's Tongue big 10-11" pumpkin marigold ICS bowl to a collector for over $ 2000.00! This piece is very comparable in condition & beauty!  Item # 77-985-RE     $1140.00 plus $40.00 ship.