Fabulously Rare Vintage Carnival Glass For Sale!
This page of our Colleywood Carnival Glass website is reserved for some of the rarer pieces of vintage carnival glass we have collected over the last 42+
years. Most of these rare pieces are of collector grade quality, and therefore, are offered for sale here as "
no damage" examples! All are vintage old original
90-100+ year old pieces that are way above the average quality typically found in the current carnival glass marketplace! This is a unique opportunity for
avid collectors & dealers of vintage carnival glass to purchase high quality rarer pieces at very reasonable prices. As we are now both retired, and have
come to the realization that we have to downsize our 3000+ piece collection.
Purchase with total confidence! June A. Colley & Forrest "Woody" Schaefer:
owners: www.colleywoodcarnival.com
Very Rare Horehound!
RARE! Fenton's "Orange Tree Loving Cup" in rare
No damage! Super collector grade example
with nice iridescence throughout. Super colored
piece. The great majority of these are not colorful
or they are so silvery that the iridescence is one
dimensional. Nice collector grade colorful
example & pretty. Item # 13-260-SK   $ 305.00
Rare! Northwood Stippled Strawberry 8-9" PCE
bowl in pastel marigold! No damage! Look at the
color in the iridescence in the photo above!
Incredible "killer" investment grade example!
These are very hard to find in the marketplace, so
don't hesitate, or it will be gone! It a beauty!!!!!!!!
Item # 13-114-SK       $ 165.00 plus $14 ship
Northwood's "Peacock on the Fence" 9" flat
sawtooth plate in electric purple. No damage! Has a
couple faint lines in the irridescence but still A-OK!
Silver ribbed back. Item #11-395-OK  Price: $445.00
Very Rare! Northwood's "Peacock at the Fountain"
water pitcher in
extremely rare horehound!! No
damage!! Where would you find another one??
Goldish overtone iridescence outside, pink
iridescence on inside! It has a very stately look!
Item # 85-510-RE    $ 675.00 plus 15.00 shipping
Millersburg's "Peacock & Urn" 9-10" master ICS
bowl in amethyst. No damage! Satin. Has wide
panel back that is not irridized. Couple of minor
backside scuffs. Item #07-236-EB   Price: 265.00
Northwood's "Good Luck" 9" flat sawtooth plate in
deep amethyst. No damage! Basketweave back.
Wonderful collector grade example. Super
irridescence! Item #07-267-EB   USD $ 320.00
RARE! Northwood "Peacock on the Fence" 8-9"
PCE bowl with ribbed back  in sensational
electric purple!
No damage! If you can't get into
this piece, you are either color blind or you are not
looking into your mirror and seeing what is really
there! This one is really is "all that" Carnivalites.
This is a colorbath plus a spit shine all in one!!!
Item # 14-190-SK   $ 275.00 plus $15 ship
Fenton's "Leaf Chain" 9" 12 sided flat plate in
cobalt blue! No damage in or out, but does have
two enclosed bubbles that are each about 5/16" in
diameter. Sensational iridescence! Has the
iridized bearded berry exterior. Item #06-224-DM   
Price: USD $ 550.00
Resident Buyers only
Already put in layaway by
"Swamp Fox" down in Georgia!
Already put into layaway plan
by "HOACGA Man" right here
in Missouri!
A super, super buy!
Northwood's "Peacock at the Fountain" water
pitcher in electric purple. No damage! Has good
electric highlights with no major manufacturing
issues. The iridescence is lavishly applied to give
this pitcher a lot of color pizazz. Superbly done!!!
Item # 13-276-SK     $ 355.00  
Collector grade!
Fenton's "Dragon & Lotus" 8-9"ICS bowl in rare
yellow to red amberina! Rare color!
No damage!
Superb iridescence that is superior!
This is a
beautiful collector grade example
! Rare to find!
Yellow center, with the rest being cherry red out
to the rim! Superb! Item #12-335-SK   $ 395.00
Northwood's "Peacock on the Fence" 9" sawtooth
plate in blue!
No damage except for the slightest
of iridescence rubs to the two peacocks necks.
You have to examine the plate closely to even
see the rubs! The piece is sensational & has the
ribbed back! Item # 12-330-EB   Price: $ 375.00
Northwood's "Good Luck" in green! 8-9" ruffled
bowl. Satin finish super iridescence.
No damage!
Basketweave out. Collector grade example for
sure! Item # 07-216-EB   Price: USD $ 325.00
Only rare green one
we have! It's a
"killer" investment
grade example, a
once in 10-20 year
chance! Kid you not!!
Already Sold to "Wheat Boy" in
South Dakota!
Already put
in layaway by
VERY RARE! Northwood Hearts & Flowers stem
compote in very rare green! No damage! These
are extremely hard to find anywhere in the
marketplace. If you've tried, you can attest to the
difficulty of doing so. So, here's a
stupendous one
without issues. Listing coming soon, along with
our own photos! Don't miss your rare chance!
Dugan "Quill" 5 pc. purple water set! No damage
on any piece! Has superb radium finish on all
pieces. This is a
RARE water set and is collector
grade! Iridescence is very colorful & lavishly
applied!! Item #96-955-RE   Price: USD $ 1690.00
Northwood "Jockey Club" RARE 6" lavender
handgrip plate! Super mold strike, and has
!! Awesome iridescence & mint example!!!
Could be the only true lavender example known!
Item #11-950-JW   Price: USD $ 1150.00
Northwood "Poinsettia & Lattice" 9" footed ruffled
bowl in bright electric blue!
No damage! Not the
same piece shown on our "killer"pages. Yes, it's
another stunning "killer" investment grade piece
in mint condition!
Superb iridescent coloring both
front & back! Can't ask for a better "killer" piece.
Item # 14-365-SK   $ 465.00 plus $25.00
Already Sold to the "Wheat Boy"
in South Dakota!
Already in layaway "Pigbuster" in Ohio!
Very Rare!Northwood "Peach" 7 PC. water set in
cobalt blue with plenty of electric highlighting.
damage, near min
t! Absolutely a magnificent rare
water set with super colorful iridescence that  
comes at you with a full array of colors! Superb
rare waterset!! Item # 13-625-SK   $750.00
Northwood "Grape & Cable" purple large dresser
tray with
no damage or repairs! Has dark yet very
colorful iridescence and will change appearance
in different lighting modes! Awesome example!!!
Item #11-180-JW     Price: USD $ 215.00
Millersburg "Trout & Fly" green  8-9" ICS bowl!
These are very scarce!
No damage! Wide panel
exterior that is not iridized. The super colorful
irridescence is somewhat shinier than the normal
satin finish. Item #96-375-RE   Price: $ 460.00
RARE! Northwood "Corn Vase" in green! This
piece has a tiny 1/16" mold seam bruise spot and
a small mfg. separation at the same spot
on the
base ring seam end. It's still a
real nicely iridized
showstopper collector piece
! Very colorful! We
have adjusted the price to reflect  the 2 mfg.
issues described. This is a superb corn vase!!!!!!!
Item # 13-442-EB      $ 450.00 plus $13.00 ship
Pending Sale to
"Swamp Fox"
down in Georgia!
Very Rare! Northwood Hearts & Flowers stem
compote in very rare true
renninger blue! No
damage anywhere
! This is our last one, and it is a  
fabulous "killer investment grade example. You
just don't find these every year, or for that matter
about every five years. Exceptional ones, like this
one, even less frequently! Listing and more
photos coming soon. Don't miss a rare opportunity!
RARE! Northwood Stippled Peacock & Urn 7 pc.
ICS set in bright blue!
No damage on any piece.
Super duper iridescent coloring on every piece of
this spectacular 7 piece complete ice cream set.
Superb iridescence on the front side, with no
iridescent coloring on the back sides. This is a
"killer" investment grade set, and because it is
stippled,  it is rare!. Blue stippled complete sets
are very hard to come by in the marketplace! Don't
miss it! Item # 14-540-EB   $ 655.00 plus $30 ship
Northwood "Good Luck" purple 9" PCE bowl,
ribbed back.
No damage! Backside iridized in
No damage! However, the iridescence on
the front, though absolutely stunning, is sort of
imbalanced with regard to color placement. The
back side also has some sizeable divets, but all
are iridized over, so they all come from the
original making. Still a sensational collector grade
example! Item # 13-187-EB    $ 230.00   
A steal!
Northwood "Stippled Peacock on the Fence" 9"
flat plate in electric blue!
This one will draw you in from across the room. A
killer grade investment piece that is awesome,
sensational & spectacular all rolled into one!!!!
Item # 13-555-SK         $ 635.00 plus $ 20 ship
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outside Continental U.S.A.
Already Sold to "Wheat Boy" in
South Dakota!
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outside Continental U.S.A.
Northwood "Poinsettia & Lattice" marigold 8-9"
footed ruffled bowl with ribbed back.
in & out! Wonderful soft satin colorful iridescence!
Collector grade stunning example! Item
#10-427-EB   Price: USD $ 490.00
Rare! Northwood "Grape & Cable" 11-12" master
ICS bowl in rare green!
Mint condition except for
the tiny color speck in the center area of this
! Just look at the color bath of electric
iridescence, it's out of this world! A world class
"killer" investment grade example.
Item # 14-145-JW    $ 195.00 plus $15 ship
Fenton "Fentonia" cobalt blue 5 pc.matched footed
berry set. Truthfully, the set looks unused! Some
minor straw marks on some bowls, but
none are
! Super coloring, great iridescence! Nice!
Item #93-275-RE   Price: USD $ 350.00
Northwood "Peacock at the Fountain" purple
water pitcher with electric highlights! No damage!
Has a couple of very minor short mold rim marks
from the making, otherwise it's pristine! Superb!
Item #11-480-OK   Price: USD $ 545.00
Rare electric blue Northwood
Hearts & Flowers stem compote
with the stem of the compote
superbly iridized! The great
majority of these have no
iridescence on the stem!
This button only for Buyers
outside Continental U.S.A.
RARE! Northwood Hearts & Flowers stem compote
in electric blue!
No damage! Beautiful rare
example where even the stem of the compote is
beautifully iridized. The vast majority of these
don't have any iridization on the stem of the
compote! Just a stupendous & rare example!
Listing and more photos coming soon! WOW!
Northwood RARE "Oriental Poppy" tumbler with
RARE interior ribbing! RARE lime green base color
to boot! To top it all off, it's in
mint undamaged
condition! This makes this piece extremely rare!
Item #10-292-EB   Price: USD $ 415.00
RARE! Northwood "Oriental Poppy" 7 pc. water
set in purple!
No damage on any pieces! The
tankard pitcher does have a tiny color spot and a
small manufacturing mark on the side of the top
rim. It is completely iridized over, so it is from the
original making. Very colorful set throughout with
tumblers well matched to the tankard pitcher. Very
nice collector grade water set! Superb coloring!!
Item # 13-405-TB   $ 565.00 plus $ 25.00
Great buy!
Scarce! Dugan "Petal & Fan" big six ruffled
master bowl in electric purple!
No damage! A
"killer" investment grade example with a virtual
color bath of iridescent coloring. We had a hard
time getting a good photo of the inside of this
sensational bowl. All the above photos make the
bowl look like it has blotchy iridescent color. It
does not! In the large photo above, the entire
inside looks just like the iridescent coloring at 7-9
o'clock! Item # 14-285-JW   $ 365.00 plus $20 ship
SOLD! Headed for South
Dakota! "Wheat Boy" has now
bought over 60 high quality
Colleywood pieces, returned 0!
Already a pending
sale to the
"California Kid" out
in California
NICE! Northwood "Peacock at the Fountain" water
pitcher in cobalt blue!
No damage! Real nice
iridescence and owned by respectable avid
collector for over 35 years! Collector grade
example with electric highlights! Don't lose an
opportunity. Item # 12-305-EB    $ 385.00  
Scarce! Northwood "Oriental Poppy" tumbler in
frosty white! Has a very tiny nick on the top rim
which is barely visible. It has good iridescent
coloring and has no manufacturing issues. See
the close up photo of the top rim above. You have
to look very close to find the tiny nick. Nice piece!
Item # 14-026-SK    $ 35.00 plus $ 10 shipping
Fenton RARE "Orange Tree Orchard" cobalt blue 7
pc. water set!
This set is mint! Well matched set! A
real tough find! A Lady had set for 23 years! We
added 1 mint tumbler to her original set because
one had base chip. Sensational all mint water set!
Item #11-410-EB   Price: $ 595.00
Very Scarce! Dugan "Apple Blossom Twigs"
banana boat in mindboggling electric purple!
! This is our last one of these and it is a
"killer" investment grade example! These are
extremely hard to find out in the marketplace,
especially in this astoundingly beautiful condition!
Coming soon! Don't hesitate or it will be gone!
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outside Continental U.S.A.
Already SOLD! Went to the
"Deltaman" down in Georgia!
"Chucky's" Personal
Layaway Payment Button!
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RARE! Northwood big 11" ICS master bowl in dark
No damage anywhere! No, this is not the
same bowl as shown to the right. That one is sold
and it was a purple one. No, this isn't a amethyst,
this one is a beautiful dark marigold with
absolutely superb colorful iridescence.
Item # 14-070-SK   $ 110.00 plus $20 ship.
Millersburg "Trout & Fly" 8-9"ICS bowl in light
No damage in or out. Wide panel
exterior is not irridized. Nice colorful satin finsih
irridescence is of good quality with plenty of color
hues! Item #10-416-RE   Price: USD $ 475.00
Yes, it's the big rare 10-11" ICS size! Yes, it's in
all mint condition inside & out! Yes, it has super
outstanding colorful iridescence! No, you won't
find another comparable one for quite awhile!!
Northwood's "Grape & Cable" big 10-11" ICS bowl
in purple! Mint! Item # 13-163-SK    $ 200.00
Dugan Rare "Amaryllis"marigold  tricorner
No damage! Irridescence is evenly
applied throughout. The the rare exterior pattern
as well. These are hard to find anywhere! NICE!
Item #93-430-RE   Price: USD $ 530.00
Already put in
layaway by "Richard"
in Georgia!
This button only for Buyers
outside Continental U.S.A.
Yes, it's a "killer' investment
grade Northwood "Hearts &
Flowers" stem compote! And yes,
it's in rare aqua opalescent! It
won't last long!
Rare! Northwood "Springtime" 7 pc. water set in
rich marigold.
No damage! Does have one tiny
enclosed bubble up on the rim of the pitcher as
shown in photos of pitcher. No big deal, and we
still grade this set a "killer" investment grade set
even with the tiny enclosed bubble!
It's that nice!
The tumblers are all dark & beautiful as well!!!
Item # 14-436-SK    $ 505.00 plus $ 25 ship
Dugan "Flower & Frames" black amethyst 8-9"
wide pedestal bowl with deep center. Most  have
dark blue or purple irridescence but not this one!
It has a superb outstanding green! No damage! Not
irridized out. Item #11-240-EB   Price: USD $ 310
RARE! Northwood "Hearts & Flowers" stem compote
in rare aqua opalescent!
No damage anywhere! if
you want a real good one of these with superb
butterscotch, don't hesitate to purchase this "killer'
investment grade example. You will search a long
time to find one even comparable to this beauty.
Listing coming at the end of September. Buy with
total confidence.
RARE! Northwood "Stippled Good Luck" 8-9"
ruffled bowl in possibly renniger blue with ribbed
back. No damage! Really nice satin sheen
iridescence with plenty of color throughout. The
ribbed back is in really nice condition, with no
majors issues anywhere. This is not cobalt blue! It
has a grayish cast to the blue as you can see. Nice
Item # 14-285-EB    $ 375.00 plus $15 ship
This is a
much rarer
pattern than
anyone can
ever believe!
See Doty!
Already Sold to "HOACGA MAN"!
This button only for Buyers
outside Continental U.S.A.
This button only for Buyers
outside Continental U.S.A.
RARE! Fenton "Briar Patch" ruffled hat in cobalt
No damage! If you don't believe this pattern
is rare, let us tell you, we have seen less than a
half dozen of these in 43+ years! Two of those
could have been re-sells of same earlier seen
piece! This one is beautiful! Don't miss your rare
chance here! You won't find another very soon.
Item # 14-045-JW     $ 70.00 plus $15 ship
Northwood "Wild Strawberry" 7-8" flat handgrip
plate in scarce green! Absolutely mint condition!
Looks unused! Unbeatable colorful irrescence!
Sensational collector grade example ready for
your collection! Item #11-195-RN  Price: $ 225.00
Rare! Northwood Peacock at the Fountain water
pitcher in electric blue!
No damage! Has lots of
intense iridescent colors, with electric highlights
galore, from top to bottom. We want you to know
the other side of this pitcher is just as color
intense as the side we show. It's a "killer"
investment grade example for sure! WOW! WOW!
Item # 14-265-EB    $ 315.00 plus $20 ship
Extremely RARE! "Norris N. Smith" amethyst 6-8"
ruffled advertising bowl in near mint undamaged
condition! Search for years to top this gem or
simply purchase this sensational example! Good
luck finding one! Item #11-855-RN  Price: $1250.00
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outside Continental U.S.A.
Already put in layaway!
Headed for Maine!
Already put in layaway by "HOACGA
MAN" right here in Missouri!
Dugan RARE! "Amaryllis" small compote in mint
unused condition! Has the RARE exterior pattern
Unbeatable mint condition. Yes, it was
purchased some time ago at a Jim Wroda Auction.
Sticker removed! Item #11-395-JW  Price: $ 465.00
Rare! Millersburg "Isaac Benesch & Sons" 6"
ruffled ad bowl in amethyst.
No damage! Good
crisp mold strike, a lot of different colors, along
with nice evenly applied iridescence, all add up to
make this piece a solid collector grade example.
This is a really pretty example of this rare ad bowl.
Item # 13-235-JW       $ 300.00 plus 14.00 ship
Very Rare! Northwood "Springtime" water pitcher
in electric highlighted purple!
No damage! You
just won't find one better! This one has incredible
iridescent coloring from top to bottom. You just
don't find them with this superb iridescent color.
Aside from that, they are extremely hard just to
find any of these in the marketplace!
Item # 14-625-SK      $ 700.00 plus $20.00 ship
RARE! Northwood "Embroidered Mums" in ice
This has no damage anywhere! This is a
awesome stunning piece of carnival glass, with a
lavish amount of iridescence! Superlatives only
on this "killer investment grade example! WOW!
You won't find another better one for a long, long
time! Item # 13-395-SK      $ 435.00
It's all mint!
So, if you're browsing here on our site,
looking for a
once in a lifetime bargain,
you better check this beautiful set out!
coming soon!
Extremely rare! Northwood "Oriental Poppy" 7 pc.
water set in
rare electric radium finish green.
Sadly, the tankard was
very slightly rim nicked in
shipment. We think the person packing the piece,
accidently hit the top rim edge with a big ring they
had on their finger while they were getting ready
to wrap it up for shipment to us.
It's just a tiny
1/16" nick
, but it's on the top rim where it could be
visible on display if turned wrong. You hardly see
it, but it is there!
No other issues with rest of the
water set
! We are just sick about this avoidable
accident! Item # 13-800-JW   $ 675.00
A big loss!
Price includes shipping!
Very Scarce! Northwood Banded Grape & Cable
banana boat in blue! No damage! Coming soon!
RARE! Northwood "Daisy & Drape" 6" footed vase
with cupped in top in very rich & dark marigold.
No damage anywhere! Super nice, evenly applied,
dark marigold  iridescence all the way down to
the top of the feet. The feet have only a light
marigold tint, which was done purposely by the
maker. This highlights the vase body beautifully.
The contrast between the feet & vase body gives
the piece its very own unique character. It's just
gorgeous! Item # 13-205-EB      $ 235.00
"Killer"! Northwood "Good Luck" 8-9"PCE Bowl in
electric blue!
No damage! This is a super piece
without any horseshoe cleat damage! Superb
multi- electric highlighted iridescence.
investment grade example
you will proudly
display. Held by a avid collector in the UK! We
were very lucky to obtain this "showstopper"
piece! Buy with total confidence! It's a WOW!!!!!!
Item # 13-265-EB     $ 335.00  
A mint killer piece!  
One of the best there is! A "killer"
investment grade example! Northwood
"Poinsettia & Lattice" 8-9" footed &
ruffled bowl in pumpkin marigold! Don't
hesitate on this one, or it will be in
someone else's cabinet!
Already sold to "Porky Pig" & Petunia
out in California!
coming soon!
Already put into our layaway plan
by a very smart buyer in Missouri!
Stupendous! Northwood "Poinsettia & Lattice"
8-9" footed & ruffled bowl in pumpkin marigold! No
damage anywhere! Of of the finest examples there
is. Promise! Let us wash it up examine it closely
and list it for sale by the end of September. Don't
hesitate on this beauty, or you won't get it. Listing
coming soon!
Rare! Northwood "Oriental Poppy" 7 piece water
set in green.
No damage on any piece! Coming
Our Best! Northwood Peacock on the Fence 9"
sawtooth plate in
rare lime green!! Has the
desired rib back. No damage! Has one tiny
enclosed bubble in the glass that does not detract
from the beauty of this "killer" collector example!
Item # 12-290-SK         $355.00      A bargain!!!
Rare! Northwood "Dandelion" water tankard in
purple with electric highlights galore!
No damage! It
does have a substantial manufacturing issue, which
we tried to show in the close up photos. Basically, it
has a sizable line of extra glass attached from the
top rim down the neck of the tankard about 1-1/4".
The extra line of glass is completely iridized over, so
it is from the original making. Superb coloring!!!!
Item # 13-395-TB     $ 445.00 plus $ 20 ship
This button only for Buyers
outside Continental U.S.A.
This button only for Buyers
outside Continental U.S.A.
Already put into layaway
by a smart buyer in the
state of Oklahoma!
Northwood "Acorn Burrs" purple 7 pc. water set!!!
The only issue is a couple of tumblers have
pinpoint irridescence loss on the tips of some of
the acorns! You really have to inspect them to see
the wear there. Item #11-450-TB   Price: $ 680.00
RARE! Unknown Maker "A Dozen Roses" 8-9"
footed flared round bowl in amethyst/purple with
radium finish!
No damage! "Killer" investment
grade example. Beautiful radium mirror silver
finish on flared rim with superb electric purple
highlighted inside iridescence!
Item # 13-377-SK        $ 435.00
Fenton Peter Rabbit 8-9" ruffled bowl in green!
Has no typical Fenton center straw mark! But it is
not mint either! Has a couple of very minor rim
dings and one very small rim split less than 1/4"
long. A beauty! Item #11-650-JW  Price: $ 870.00
Our best! Millersburg "Zig Zag" giant 10" tricorner
crimp edged bowl in green!
You won't find one like this one for years! It's
sensational, it's a showstopper, it's a killer! For your
killer collection! Item #06-550-WW   Price: $ 900.00
Already put into layaway
by "HOACGA Man" here
in Missouri
Put into layaway by a smart
buyer right here in the Show
Me state of Missouri!
Continental U.S.A. Resident
Buyers only please.
RARE! Northwood "Poppy Show" 8-9" ruffled bowl
in rare ice green!
No damage! Here a true beauty
you won't find very often! Great iridescence on a
very rare base glass color of ice green. A solid
collector grade example! The only issue it has is
two very tiny minute bits of ash residue enclosed
in the glass. This is from the original making. See
in the above photos. A stunning piece with super
iridescent coloring! Item # 13-695-JW    $ 775.00
Northwood "Oriental Poppy" 7 pc. water set in
radium finish electric purple!
No damage on any
piece, however the tankard has some tool marks up
near the top rim that are all iridzed over
. This is a
really beautiful set with electric highlights galore!
The pitcher is rare because it is ribbed on the
!  The tumblers, however, are not inside
ribbed. It has very colorful & shiny iridescence both
on the tankard & all matched tumblers. We grade
this entire set as a "killer" investment grade. Superb!
Item #13-740-SK    $ 850.00
Tankard has interior rib!
RARE! Millersburg "Seaweed" big 10 1/2" 3in1
crimp edge bowl in pinkish marigold! Yeah, and
it's mint condition as well!
No Damage! And by the
way, the irridescence also has lots of blues to it in
less bright light! Item #11-264-EB   Price: $ 355.00
Extremely Rare! Imperial vintage "Octagon" water
pitcher in
rare purple. Mint condition! No damage!
Nice big size pitcher that everyone is looking for.
Well here is a real nice one. Can't say it's a color
bath piece, but it has enough colorful iridescence
to get your eye! Killer grade investment piece!!
Item #13-375-MW    $ 475.00
A way too low price!
Already put into layaway by the
"HOACGA Man" right here in
This button only for Buyers
outside Continental U.S.A.
RARE! Northwood "Peacock on the Fence" 8-9"
ruffled bowl in
true purple! Has the desired ribbed
back which, like the front side,  is also iridized
No damage! Let us clean this beauty up
and re-photo it.
This is a "killer" grade investment
example in mint condition
! Simply review the
photos above and buy with total confidence. It is
total electric purple! Item # 13-206-EB   $ 335.00
RARE! Millersburg Courthouse 7-8" six ruffled
bowl in amethyst with radium finish. No damage
anywhere. Beautifully colored, superbly  iridized
example with a nice crisp mold strike. Has gold
radium iridescence around the entire outer part of
the bowl. Just gorgeous! "Killer" investment
grade example!  What a super buy! It's awesome!
Item # 13-427-SK   $ 625.00
VERY RARE! "Ogden Furniture"  6" amethyst
handgrip plate.
No Damage!!! Wonderful
iridescence with nice clear mold strike! Collector
grade example to add to anyone's killer collection!
Item #09-575-EB     Price: USD $ 950.00
RARE! Northwood Grape & Cable powder jar in
rare green! As you can see, the top & bottom clash
in color. We are currently searching for better
matches to this top & bottom. Be patient and we'll
find suitable mates!
Already put into layaway by the
"pigbuster" in Ohio!
RARE! Northwood "Stippled Good Luck" 8-9"
ruffled bowl with ribbed back in sapphire blue!
This is a wonderful example but is not in mint
condition. It has a tiny burst bubble on the rim
edge along with a tiny scratch mark very near the
burst bubble. Still, one of the nicest examples
you'll ever find! Item # 11-402-EB  Price: $1500.00
RARE! Fenton "Fentonia Fruits" 9" footed master
berry bowl in deep cobalt blue! Near mint, has one
small nick on the big claw right down at the ball!
You'll spend years finding another! This one even
has rare electric blue highlights! This is the
extremely rare "
cherry fruits in the top diamond
" variation!!! It doesn't get any better than this
one Carnivalites! Better snag it fast even with a
tiny claw nick! Item # 11-151-EB    Price: $ 195.00
RARE! Fenton Fentonia Fruits footed bowl shown
in the photo to the left. No damage no the backside
except 1 tiny nick to 1 of the claw feet down by the
ball! This is a sensational rare showstopper
piece. We've seen about four of these in 42+ years
of collecting, and who knows, this could be one of
those see saw before! You just don't see them
being sold at the auction houses in this condition!
RARE! Fenton Fentonia Fruits footed 9" master
berry bowl in deep cobalt blue! No damage except
for 1 tiny nick on 1 of the claw feet down by the
ball! Just look at the inside irridescence on this
bowl. The electric highlights simply reach out and
grab your attention! The backside of the bowl is
shown to the left and it too exudes electric
highlights!  Incredible piece and extremely rare to
find in this near mint condition & electric!
Attention! Buyers located outside the Continental U.S.A. ! Please do not us the white colored "BUY NOW" buttons!  Use the grey colored "BUY NOW" buttons.
The "hard to find" Northwood
Enameled Ground Cherries 7 pc.
water set in blue!
It's a beautiful rare ice green
Northwood "Peacock & Urn"
master ICS bowl with loads of
iridscent coloring!
Already Sold!
"Len" in the U.K. !
RARE! Fenton Dragon & Strawberry 9" ICS collar
base bowl in nice rich marigold. No damage!
"Killer investment grade example. However, it
has two manufacturing issues. First, the piece
has lighter iridescence in the inside center area of
the bowl. This is a typical with Fenton pieces.
Secondly, it has a small pushed down rim, as
shown above, along with a enclosed bubble right
below the pushed down rim area.
These 9" ICS
collar base Dragon & Strawberry bowls are
extremely rare to find
! The back side is plain back!
Item # 13-226-SK    $ 305.00 plus $15.00 shipping
Rare! Northwood "Enameled Ground Cherries" 7
pc. water set in blue.
No damage on any piece!
Coming soon!
RARE! Northwood "Peacock & Urn" 10" master
ICS bowl in beautiful ice green!
No damage! Loads
of superbly applied iridescent coloring throughout.
Very colorful for being a ice green base color.Let
us wash it up , examine it, grade it, re-photo it and
then list it for sale. Coming by the end of
September. It's a real beauty! Listing coming soon.
Rare! Northwood "Peacock on the Fence" 8-9"
ruffled bowl in "
butterscotch overlay drenched"
aqua opalescent! Absolutely a "killer" investment
grade example with
no damage anywhere! It has a
couple of iridescent cooling lines on back, but
who cares, they are tiny & insignificant! This is a
sensational piece that will get your attention from
anywhere in the display room! Don't miss it!!!!!!
Item # 13-565-EB   $ 785.00
A bargain for a mint!
Presenting a rare killer set! Northwood "Oriental
Poppy" 7pc. tankard water set in electric green!
No damage on any piece! Electric galore! This is
not the set shown elsewhere that is currently in
layaway. Investment grade killer set! WOW! WOW!
Item # 13-925-SK    $ 950.00   
Mint Condition!
Rare! Northwood Stippled Good Luck 8-9"ruffled
bowl in electric blue! Has only one tiny issue as
shown in the above close up. A webbing cut from
the making. Super
electric highlight iridescence!
Item # 13-283-SK   $ 375.00 plus $15.00 shipping
A Rare, Fully
Bright Blue
10" "killer" grade
Northwood Peacock
& Urn ICS master!
Already put in layaway by the
"Pigbuster" in Ohio! A super buy!!
SOLD! "Wheat Boy" is going to
give it a loving home up there in
South Dakota!
Continental U.S.A. Resident
Buyers only please.
Extremely Rare! Northwood Stippled Peacock &
Urn 10" ICS master bowl in
bright blue! This blue
is a much brighter than a normal dark cobalt blue.
So you decide the true base color. Study the back
side photo closely, and we think you'll agree.
Anyway, this is a near mint condition piece.
, just a enclosed bubble bump that shows
on the large photo above at about 7 o'clock.
It is
the only issue preventing us from calling the
piece a mint condition example
! The iridescence
of this piece is really nice & colorful. Remember,
this is a re blue stippled piece, so the iridescence
always seems somewhat less shiny. But this one
is gorgeous & the back side blue is awe inspiring!
We're calling this a "killer" grade investment
piece, because the little enclosed bubble bump is
meaningless! Item # 10-533-EB   $ 630.00
VERY RARE INDEED! Fenton "Blackberry Block" 7
piece water set in
rare amethyst! One of these 7
piece undamaged sets sold for $ 3900.00 in the
past several years. In 2010, even a heavily
damaged 7 piece set sold for $ 900. In 2012, a
five piece amethyst set,  undamaged, sold at
auction for $ 2300! This set is totally undamaged,
so understand, we know it has good worth! We
won't give it away, but we'll make a great deal to
a true avid collector. The tankard pitcher has a
beautiful golden over cast color with a really nice
array of other colors that compliment the golden
over cast well. The tumblers are all very colorful,
making for a super sensational rare water set!
This is a legacy set, and it is a "killer" grade set!
Item #13-950-SK     $ 1500.00  
Sorry it sold so fast!
Extremely rare Fenton Butterfly & Berry 7pc.
water set in
very rare green! The pitcher has a
couple of manufacturing issues, but is not
physically damaged! First of all, we show in
our first smaller photo above, a small spot of
missing iridescence up near the top rim, just
left of the handle. You can also see some
iridescence wear to the handle, which is
normal for a 100+ year old piece. There is also
one mold line near the bottom of the pitcher.
One tumbler has a tiny base nick. That's it!!
Item #13-1000-JW     $ 1200.00   
It's super rare!
Already in "HOACGA Man's"
layaway right here in Missouri!
Perfect Killer Grade! Northwood Peacock on
the Fence 8-9" PCE bowl with ribbed back in
electric blue! No damage anywhere! Mint!
Sensational multi-electric iridescence
abounds! Piece is a out of this world color
bath! Item # 12-298-EB  $ 350.00 plus $18 ship.
Australian Shrike black amethyst
The best there is ! All mint!
SOLD! Headed to South Dakota
Australian Swan master bowl!
Black amethyst and a dandy!
SOLD! Headed to South Dakota
Australian Magpie master bowl!
Really a nice radium marigold!
SOLD! Headed to South Dakota
Austrailian Kingfisher master!
Another nice marigold example!
SOLD! Headed for South Dakota
A Millersburg Hanging Cherries
purple water pitcher! It's a WOW!
SOLD! Headed for South Dakota
A "killer" Fenton Ten Mums water
pitcher that will rock your world!
SOLD! Headed for South Dakota
A sensational rare Millersburg 5
tail feather Peacock flared master!
SOLD! Headed for South Dakota
You want that rare mirror finish
radium? We've got the best!
  See many more photos below! Including a full
sized photo of this mint condition beauty! It's one
of the best anywhere in America!
Let's have a throwdown!
  This one is still available!!!!! It's a
"killer" super radium finish piece!!
It's the green Holly Whirl pattern!!!
SOLD! Headed for South Dakota
SOLD! Headed for South Dakota
Absolutely, sensational!
Peacock at the Fountain
total multi-electric purple
mint 10 pc. punch set!
SOLD! Headed for South Dakota
Already sold to the "Swamp Fox"
down in Georgia!
A electric blue "killer investment grade
example with great iridescent coloring!
A rare plain purple back
that has radium gold
iridescence all over the
back side!!
Rare! Mint! Stupendous! A persian garden
ICS master in purple, purple!
Rare! Northwood "Peacock at the Fountain" water
pitcher in dark ice blue.
No damage! Nice "killer"
investment grade example with ample applied
iridescence to show it off right! Superb all the
way. It's a true pastel ice blue! Its even frosty like
a white piece but it's a true pastel ice blue! Superb
Item # 14-945-SK    $ 1250.00 plus $25.00 ship
RARE ELECTRIC BLUE! Northwood Grape & Cable
big 11" ruffled master bowl in electric blue! No
damage, but does have the tiniest of mold release
marks on the Basketweave pattern on back. The
line mark is less than 1/4" long. Otherwise this
piece is pristine. We still give this a "killer
investment example grading. Absolutely beautiful!
Item # 14-345-BO    $ 420.00 plus $25 ship
RARE! A plain back that has shiny radium gold
iridescence on back! Northwood Good Luck 8-9"
ruffled bowl in
multi electric purple! No damage &
no issues other than the front iridescence has two
ruffles iridized in electric gold! This is a "killer"
investment grade example with superb iridizing!
Sensational display appearance in that it is
multicolored electric on front & plain gold on back!
Item # 14-145-BO   $ 220 plus $ 20 ship
Mint Condition Blue Fenton
Ten Mums!!!
This Paypal Personalized buy
now button is reserved for
"Chasing Carnival Man" only!
OUR BEST! Fenton very rare mint condition
Blackberry Block tankard & 2 mint tumblers in
rare green! "Killer" investment example!
Does have one small enclosed bubble in the
bottom base of the tankard, but that doesn't
stop us from grading this rare set as "mint"!
Fantastic Coloring throughout this set!
Please study the enlargeable photos
and we think you'll agree.
OUR BEST! Fenton "Blackberry Block" tankard
pitcher and two matching tumblers in rare green.
Mint condition, no damage! Tankard does have a
enclosed bubble in the bottom base which is from
the original making. Outstanding & rare "killer"
investment grade set. Exceedingly hard to obtain!
Item # 14-1355-SK      $ 1535.00 plus $ 30.00 ship
Same item as shown to the left. The one tumbler is
more shiny than the other, but both are superbly
iridized with colorful iridescence and match nicely
with the colorful tankard. What a rare & beautiful
matching set. We had to pay dearly to obtain this
magnificent three piece tankard water set!
Same item as shown in all photos to the left. This
Fenton Blackberry Block set is immaculate and
did not come cheap at  Seeck's Poucher auction
on Sept. 13th 2014. Please don't ask us for list
discounts, as we will not entertain them. This is a
premier, exceptional set.
VERY SCARCE! Fenton Ten Mums water tumbler
in cobalt blue!
No damage! Listing coming soon!
SOLD! Headed for South Dakota
Already Sold! Headed for the
state of Louisiana!
Crabclaw water set in rich marigold
RARE! Fenton "Orange Tree Orchard" 7 pc. water
set in cobalt blue!
No damage on any piece! Look
at the multi color iridescence in this set! Simply
awesome! These sets are very hard to find 7 pc.
complete, so don't miss a rare opportunity here.
Marvelous collector grade set with superb color!!
Item # 14-457-SK     $ 565.00 plus $30.00 ship
Very Scarce! Northwood "Oriental Poppy" 6 pc.
water set in purple!
No damage! Honestly, the
photos turned out poorly, since this set is a lot
more colorful than shown! A lot more! The sunlight
was changing during the photo session, so we
think this was the problem. Anyway, this is a
beautiful colorful set, and we will attempt to
re-photo this set again. Just be patient!
Scarce! Dugan "Question Marks" footed plate in
rich marigold!
No damage! Wonderful rich colored
marigold iridescence on both the front & back of
this rare footed plate. Some call these tazzas, but
they are footed plates to us. This is a "killer"
investment grade example, so buy with complete
confidence. Has three separate patterns on it! See
Doty! Item # 14-055-SK    $ 100.00 plus $15 ship
Now put into layaway!
RARE! Northwood "Peacock on the Fence" 8-9"
ruffled bowl in aqua opalescent!
No damage! Real
beautiful piece with super colorful iridescence on
the inside. Ribbed back that is pearlized!
killer invesment grade example you don't want to
pass up
. Can't see any enclosed bubbles either.
Study the photos closely, and we think, you'll
agree that this one is a keeper!
It's mint condition!
Item # 14-588-EB     $ 755.00 plus $20 ship
Very Rare! Fenton "Starflower" water pitcher in
blue! Has several tiny pinpoints, a scratch line
that is iridized over, and some iridescence up
near the top lip that pulled down from the top rim a
tiny bit. Even with all these tiny issues, this is one
the best pitcher for iridescent color that we have
ever seen. Study the photos, and we think you'll
agree! Item # 13-1700-TB    $1830.00 + $20 ship
RARE! Northwood Grape & Cable tankard 7 pc.
water set in rich marigold. All six tumblers are
tankard sized!
No damage on any piece! As you
can see from the photos, this tankard set has
superb rich marigold iridescent coloring. It is a
"killer" investment grade set which is free of
physical damage. All the tumblers are tankard
size and match the pitcher iridescence superbly!
Item # 13-345-TB    $ 450.00 plus $ 25 ship
Peacock on the Fence 9"plate in
double electric blue! A killer plus 1!
We are getting it here Sept. 22nd!
SOLD! "Wheat Boy"
bought it! Headed
for South Dakota.
Extremely Rare! Fenton Plaid 9" ICS
bowl in true red! No damage "killer"
investment grade piece! One of the best!
Already put in layaway by a smart
collector right here in Missouri!
Here's a rare Elks bowl from the
1910 B. P. O. E. Detroit, Michigan
national convention!
Extremely Rare! Fenton Plaid 9" ICS bowl in true
No damage & no issues! This is a "killer"
investment grade example and one of the best
there is. It does have a fully enclosed bubble
within the base ring, as shown in the above close
up photo. No big deal since it's on the backside of
the bowl when on display. If you check Doty's,
www.ddoty.com you will see the last one of these
sold for $3100 and it wasn't any nicer than this
one. Item # 14-1450-BO   $ 1980.00 plus $20 ship
Northwood "Peacock on the Fence" 9" plate in
lime green! No damage! Rib back! From the
last Seeck Soft Close Auction! Absolutely
sensational! Jim & Jan Seeck call this one rare in
color & nice! These lime green Peacocks plates
aren't found very often in an undamaged condition!
Don't hesitate now that we listed  this one or it'll
be gone. Item # 12-290-SK  $ 355.00  A Super Buy!
Rare! Fenton 1910 Detroit Elks 6-7" ruffled ad
bowl in amethyst.
No damage! Coming soon!
Very Scarce! Northwood "Good Luck" 8-9" PCE
bowl in electric highlighted purple with the Ribbed
back. No damage anywhere!
Outstanding lavish
iridescence on the entire fron side of this bowl.
Just awesome! The back side is the typical shiny
silver iridescence, which is very consistent over
the entire backside. The above photo showing the
back has a lot of camera glare. The silver is so
shiny, the camera picks up all the reflected glare!
Item # 13-222-JW       $ 295.00  
It's all mint!
from our 1979 private
Colleywood Collection!
Already put in layaway by a
Texas gal from Millersburg, Ohio!
One of the best for total electric blue! Just review
the photos and tell us if we are wrong! The photos
are totally unmanaged and taken with our $99
digital camera. Not fixing the color, no re-tinting,
no contrast change! The piece is total electric
blue! It's a Northwood "Peacock at the Fountain"
11-12" deep round footed & ruffled fruit bowl in
electric blue!
No damage! From our 1979 rare
series private Colleywood Collection! First seen
since 1979! We're going to rock your carnival
glass collecting world Carnivalites! Question is,
who's going to own this electric blue beauty?????
Item # 79-535-RE    $ 595.00       A super bargain!!!
Look at the electric blue emanating from the
ruffled teeth on this bowl. It's oozing electric blue!
Incredible total electric blue piece that will totally
change it's appearance with various lighting
changes. That is exactly what you want from a
true electric blue piece of carnival glass!! It can
have a thousand different appearances simply by
changing it's lighting source!!! Just look at the
photos to see what we mean! This is a "Killer"
total electric blue example, so don't miss your
Rare! Northwood Poppy Show 9" scallop edge
plate in frosty iridiized white. No damage! Has that
yellow cast iridescence mixed with purple cast
iridescence to make a really pretty appearance to
the plate. These are really hard to find in this mint
condition. "Killer" investment grade! Superb piece!
Item # 14-155-SK      $ 255.00 plus $20 ship
RARE! Northwood Dandelion water tumbler in ice
No damage! Super nice example with nicely
colored iridescent coloring.  
Listing coming soon!
Another "Killer" investment
grade Northwood Peacock at the
Fountain 7 piece water set in
electric blue!
It is now listed on  
our killer_1 page, along with our
other killer set to the left!
Rare! Fenton "Ten Mums" tankard water pitcher in
cobalt blue!
No damage! This is a sensational very
colorful tankard pitcher from top to bottom and all
around. It's a "killer investment grade example
with no issues. We are going to add some nice
tumblers to this tankard and list it as part of a
water set. Be patient now as we will need some
time to put it together with some tumblers we
have in our stock. WOW, WOW, WOW!
Northwood "Peacock at the Fountain" water
pitcher and 6 tumblers, all in cobalt blue with
electric highlighted superior colorful iridescence!
No damage on any piece! We replaced  two
tumblers with  "killer" grade electric blue
tumblers. This is a all "killer" grade 7pc set!
Watch closely now for this set on our killer pages.

It will be a mind blowing all electric blue water
set of awesome proportions
! It is a completely
different electric blue set from the one to the left!
Presenting Colleywood Carnival's Fabulously Rare Vintage Carnival Glass "For Sale"!!
Already put in
Tina Girl's
What a buy!
Here you go Tina! Three extremely rare Fenton
Panther 6" footed berry sauces in
green! All mint
condition with no issues
. These are a true rarity
indeed, direct from our Colleywood Carnival
Private Collection. These are the best there is,
unbeatable!They won't be cheap, but if you want
the best, you gotta pay for it. Supreme mint quality
Item # 93-475-RE    $ 510.00 for all 3,  plus ship.
RARE! Northwood Grape & Cable perfume bottle &
perfect stopper!
No damage except for the tiniest
of a pinpoint on bottle top rim.
These are actually
Dugan made "vintage" pattern for Northwood.
These are highly sought after!
Stopper is mint! The
pinpoint is so insignificantly small it must be felt!
Item # 14-345-SK   $ 425.00 plus $ 15 ship
Very Scarce! Northwood "Peacock on the Fence"
9" ruffled bowl in aqua opalescent with ribbed
No damage! Nice solid collector grade
example with superb opal treatment. Real nice!!!!
Item # 14-505-SK    $ 675.00 plus $20 ship
Continental U.S.A. Resident
Buyers only. A no layaway item.
What a extremely rare "killer"
investment grade
renninger blue
Northwood Peacock & Urn master
ice cream bowl! Triple WOW! No
damage anywhere! Coming soon!
RARE! Dugan Lined Lattice 12-13" square toed
vase in electric purple. Three of the square toes
on the base have sizable flake chips (each larger
than 1/16" in diameter). Vase has astounding color
bath shiny electric iridescence from top to bottom,
so who cares about the three toe chips!?!
Item#13-105-JW       $150.00 plus $15.00 ship
A "killer" mint Northwood "Town Pump" in
extremely rare green!
Mint condition! One
of the best there is! We spent almost 45
minutes trying to find something amiss. To
be honest, the piece is flawless,
We couldn't even see an enclosed bubble!
If you want the best there is, you gotta' pay
for it! Item # 14-1900-EB   $3500.00 plus
$25.00 ship.
Absolutely, best we've seen!
RARE! Fenton Orange Tree Scroll 7 pc.water set in
cobalt blue!
No damage! Look at this pitcher, it's a
absolute color bath!
We realize the tumblers are
not going to rival the iridescence on the pitcher,
but if you don't buy this set for less than the
pitcher is worth, we really can't help your logic
This set is still a "killer" investment grade set!
JUST LOOK! Compare this with what Doty proudly
! Get real! Item # 14-595-SK    $ 825.00 plus
$30 ship
EXTREMELY RARE! Northwood Peacock & Urn 10"
Master ICS bowl in rare, rare true renninger! No
damage anywhere! "Killer" investment grade
example you might find about every 10 15 years at
auction. So, here's your very rare chance at
owning a truly magnificent one. These sell for lots
of money, so don't expect us to give it away. You
gotta pay for the best! Take a look at the photos
and think about the very rare opportunity here. We
will be posting our photos as soon as we clean up
the piece. Patience!