Sensational Rare Vintage Carnival Glass!

This page contains rare vintage carnival glass items which have special meaning, or have sensational overall appearance. First & foremost, this
includes recent pieces Colleywood Carnival Glass acquired from the now closed Fenton Art Glass Museum, which were pieces personally collected by
Frank M. Fenton, son of the original founder of Fenton Art Glass, Frank L. Fenton. These pieces are fully documented and clearly marked with the
Fenton Museum original inventory numbers on the bottom of the pieces.
Once they are sold on here, we have no more. So, browse through these once
in a lifetime pieces, and just maybe you will decide to become the new owner of one or more of Frank M. Fenton's personally collected vintage carnival
glass pieces.

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Already sold to "Len" over in the
United Kingdom!
Already sold to "The Looking Glass
Lady" up there in Pennsylvania!
Already sold to an
advanced collector
down in Texas!
RARE! Dugan "Formal" straight top hatpin holder in
electric purple!
No damage, however, the hatpin
holder has a very slight bend to it from top to
bottom and it has a place that didn't fill in properly
at the end of 1 mold seam on the base, which we
show. If you stare at the above photos, you can
just barely detect th is slight bend to the vase. It
does not detract from the beauty of this extremely
difficult piece to find. These are much more
frequently found with Jack in the Pulpit tops. This
piece  has full electrically highlighted blue/purple
iridescence all the way around the top third of this
fabulous electric purple hatpin holder. Item #
14-485-JW      $ 575.00 plus $15.00 ship
RARE! Dugan Formal straight top hatpin holder in
evenly applied nice marigold.
No damage and no
slight bend! This example sits vertically. Nice
marigold iridescence from top to bottom which has
good iridescent color when displayed under
proper lighting conditions. You see it above in
regular light coming through our sliding glass
door. No special lighting used in these photos!
This piece will not last long on here, so don't
hesitate to purchase. We are confident it will fit
into your best collection as one of your favorites.
Item # 14-255-JW      $ 360.00 plus $15.00 ship
edge nut bowl in amazing cherry red! No damage!
However, it does have a long 2-3" inside center
area straw mark, which is somewhat pronounced.
These straw marks are quite common on Fenton
made vintage carnival glass, and is really not
considered damage. This straw mark is not a
crack because you can't see or feel it on the back
side of the bowl.  The piece is a outstanding
"killer" investment grade example even with a
manufacturing 2-3" inside center straw mark. The
appearance of the piece is absolutely stunning!
Item # 14-435-JW      $ 515.00 plus $ 15.00 ship
RARE! Imperial Lustre Rose 11-12" giant ball
footed ruffled bowl in red, red! This bowl has two
places on the edging rim that the glass either did
not fill in properly in the molding process, or it
could have two small pinpoint size fleabites on
the edging rim that are
less than 1/16" in diameter.
We have examined this piece every which way,
and can tell you the 2 little pinpoints are so
insignificant we had to search hard to even find
them. This is an outstanding
red example that is
extremely rare to find.
One of the best we've ever
! A Superb & Just Magnificent example! Item
# 14-435-JW    $ 665.00 plus $ 30.00 ship
Already sold to "Stephanie Gal" out
in Kansas!
Already sold to "The Looking
Glass Lady in Pennsylvania!
Already sold to "Len" in the United
Very Scarce! Fenton Orange Tree Orchard water
pitcher in cobalt blue!
No damage anywhere! Nice
iridescent coloring with plenty of colors. It is a
"killer" investment grade example and is really quite
hard to find in the marketplace. Don't miss your
opportunity here. You just won't find a better one
very soon. It is a really nice Fenton water pitcher!!!
Item # 14-365-JW   $ 445.00 plus $ 25.00 ship
RARE! Northwood Rose Show 9" scallop edge
plate in electric blue!
No damage! This is a beauty
with exceptional iridescent coloring! Both the front
& back have magnificent iridescence. This is a
"killer" investment grade example and it has no
issues anywhere. Study the above photos and
realize you can purchase this beauty with
complete confidence! It is just a awesome plate!
Item # 14-385-JW    $ 495.00 plus $ 20.00 ship
Very Scarce! Northwood Greek Key 8-9" eight
ruffled bowl in purple!
No damage anywhere! As
you can see, the auctioneer's photo above is of
poor quality. You can't see the real iridescence in
the lower half of the bowl. Our photos show this is
a very nice bowl with good iridescent coloring.
The back side is basketweave which is also
nicely iridized. All and all, this is a "killer"
investment grade example which is very colorful!
Item # 14-140-JW   $ 185.00 plus $ 20.00 ship

! One no nicer just sold on eBay for $235.00!
Very Scarce! Northwood "Town Pump" novelty
item in purple.
No damage! No issues! Just look at
the marvelous colorful iridescence throughout this
"killer" investment grade example. At one time,
about 4 years ago, a piece that looked very similar
to this example, brought over $ 1600.00 at a
auction we attended. Last year, in 2013, we
witnessed a electric highlighted purple Town
Pump like this sell for over $ 1600.00! This is a
very, very nice Town Pump with superb color!
Item # 82-550-RE   $ 655.00 plus $12 ship.
Len, the ship to the U.K. on this one will be $25, so
the total price is $655 + $25 = $680.
We lowered
your shipping costs by $20 Len.
You can see it is a "killer" investment
grade example! Just stare at the photos!
They'll sell you the piece!
Already sold to those avid collectors
along the Ohio River!
Stippled, blue, very minor fruit rubs, a
back side iridized over line. See the
close up photos of each grape cluster
above. That's it! No other issues.  Hard
to find this big 10-11" ruffled
Northwood Grape & Cable in blue with
stippling. Plenty of photos above. Nice
colorful satin iridescence front & back.
This "killer" plate is from our own
Colleywood Private Collection! It
is simply stupendous and has
super iridescent coloring as well!
Already put into layaway by
"Stephanie Gal" out there in Kansas!
RARE! Northwood Hearts & Flowers 9" sawtooth plate
with ribbed back in rare green!
No damage! Rare
collector grade example. It has two very minor issues
associated with the plate. First, it has a tiny spot of
back side missing iridescence, which we show in one
close up photo above. It is no big deal and it doesn't
show through to the front of the plate. It's about 1/4"
in diameter. It also has on small spot of enclosed
black carbon residue completely enclosed within the
glass. this residue is about 1/8" in diameter. Just a
spectacular very rare and a hard Northwood Hearts &
Flowers plate to find in green. Item # 14-735-SK    $
825.00 plus $ 25.00 ship.
RARE! Northwood Good Luck 8-9" eight ruffled
bowl in astounding electric blue!
No damage!
Absolutely totally electric, and very colorful as
well. Just look at the photos above. It, in itself,
will convince you this is a definite super "killer"
investment grade example. A real showstopper!!
Item # 14-235-SK   $ 295.00 plus $ 20.00 ship
Very scarce! Northwood Stippled Grape & Cable
10-11" ruffled bowl in bright blue! Has the desired
ribbed back, which is also very nicely iridized.
Some very minor iridescence wear rubs to some
of the grapes in a couple of the grape clusters. On
the back side, there is a iridized over line from the
original making. Has beautiful & very colorful
iridescence both front & back. The piece displays
well and is super attractive. Just a big bold bowl
that would look real nice in your cabinet or on the
shelf. Item # 16-235-SK   $280.00 plus $15 ship
RARE! Fenton Lotus & Grape 9" twelve sided plate
in amethyst!
No damage anywhere! The
auctioneer's photo above shows the plate with too
much light glare from 3 o'clock to 8 o'clock on the
plate. This glare makes the iridescent coloring on
the plate surface look faded in this area of the
plate. It is not faded anywhere! This is from our
private Colleywood Collection an is pristine!!!!!!!!!
Item # 93-485-RE $ 625.00 plus $25.00 ship
Presenting our Frank M.Fenton carnival glass collection pieces obtained from the Fenton Art Glass Museum auction on June
14, 2014 in Dexter City, Ohio... A exclusive offering brought to you by:
Plus, many other sensational rare vintage pieces from our 43+ years of collecting efforts!
Finally, See our "Piece Of The Month" highlighted at the bottom of this page. We list a "killer" investment grade example from
our Colleywood Private Collection, each and every month.
Going once, going
twice, GONE! To
that smart gemini
"Kid" in California
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Agent Man 007" only!
OOAK! Sold to "Sean Man" in the state of
Illinois. What a piece and what a super price
on the 20% sale discount page! Boolyah!
Very Rare! Fenton 1910 Detroit Elks 7-8" ruffled
bowl in rare green, and it was displayed in the
Fenton Museum as part of Frank Fenton's personal
collection until the Museum was closed in 2014.
This is a superb "killer" investment grade
example and is a OOAK in that it comes from
Frank Fenton's personal collection! Superb
iridescent coloring, both front & back, with vivid
clear lettering. What a special rare one of a kind
piece! Better not drag your feet on this rare beauty!
Item # 14-1055-FM   $1250.00 plus $30 ship
Very rare! Millersburg Tracery 9" big sized two
handled bon bon in satin finish green! This size is
very rare to find indeed! Most of these are smaller
square bon bons that are 7-8" in size. Obviously
this was made from a rare bigger mold, and is the
first we've seen in this big size,and wouldn't you
know it, Frank Fenton had this piece on display in
his now closed Fenton Museum. The original
Museum inventory # is still on this beauty! No
damage or issues, a "killer" investment grade.
Item # 14-885-FM   $ 1050.00 plus $30 ship.
Rare! Northwood Dreibus Parfait Sweets 6" ad
plate with Basketweave back side in
No damage! No issues!
Beautiful "killer" grade example with clear crisp
mold strike. Super iridescent coloring, along with
excellent mold strike! Item # 14-330-FM   $ 575.00
plus $15 ship
Rare! Fenton Dragon & Strawberry 8-9" ICS bowl
in cobalt blue!
No damage anywhere! This one has
some silvery iridescence which appear mostly on
the center dragon and on all the dragon's in the
panels of the inside pattern. The back is plain, but
is beautifully iridized with several darkish nice
colors. This one isn't the best we've seen over the
years, but it is certainly has above average
iridization. Due to the silver dominance, we grade
this piece collector. Item # 14-775-FM   $ 850.00
plus $ 20.00 ship
Already sold to  "The Iridescent Kid"
out there in Virginia!
Already sold to "Race Horse II"
down there in Georgia!
Already sold to "Gemini One" that
avid collector from Clark Summit,
Rare! Fenton Grape & Cable 7-8" collar base
bracket edged ruffled bowl in rare true red!
! Really a superb piece with very superior
& colorful iridescence on the front side and
excellent back side red/yellow iridescence on the
exterior. It is a "killer" investment grade example.
You won't find a better true red than the base color
on this piece. It is just fabulous! Superb example!
Item # 14-275-FM   $ 380.00 plus $ 15.00 ship
Scarce! Dugan Bells & Beads 7" ruffled collar
base bowl in black amethyst with plain smooth
No damage anywhere! You can't see
through it when held to a strong light source, so
we call it black amethyst, but it was called dark
purple in the auction.
It's black amethyst! It's also
a "killer" investment grade example with superb
iridescent coloring! It's a Dugan electric purple!!
Item # 14-090-FM  $ 150.00 plus $ 15.00 ship
ruffled master bowl in rich marigold! No damage!
The marigold is evenly applied, and even the
center area, where most Fenton vintage pieces
are typically not well iridized, is nicely iridized!
There is a typical Fenton inside center area straw
mark, but it is very faint.This is still considered a
"killer investment grade piece, so don't miss your
opportunity here. It's from the Fenton Museum!!!
Item # 14-150-FM   $ 250.00 plus $ 20.00 ship
Scarce! Fenton Thistle banana boat in cobalt blue!
No damage! You'd better be looking here! The
purple / red iridescence in side this banana boat
is exquisite, even though it is a regular satin
finish. Yes, even though it has a duller finish, it is
very colorful and makes the piece look stately.
The outside iridescence as an unusual red copper
iridescence we have only seen sparingly in all our
years collecting. It is in the same satin finish. Item
# 14-100-FM   $ 175.00 plus $ 20 ship
Already put into layaway by that
smart Korean War Vet in the
state of Maryland!
If you want the very best,
this one is for you!
One of the best in the world! A super "killer"
investment grade piece
from Frank M. Fenton's personal collection!
Already sold to "Constance Renee"!
Congrats on a super, super buy!
RARE! Fenton Orange Tree Scroll tankard pitcher
and 1 matching tumbler in cobalt blue! No damage
on any piece! All we can say is the tankard is
really a nice one, but it is a little silvery on the
bottom 1/4 of the tankard body. The upper 3/4,
meanwhile is just gorgeous. The tumbler is all
beautiful! This is still a "killer" investment grade 2
piece water set as we see it. These tankard are
very difficult to find anywhere, so don't miss a rare
opportunity to obtain one direct from the Fenton
Museum. There won't be another one!!!!!!! Item #
14-410-FM     $ 530.00 plus $ 25.00 ship
Very Scarce! Fenton Blueberry tumblers (4) in
cobalt blue!
No damage! They are all real nice with
great iridescent coloring! If you've got a pitcher
that matches these beauties, these should be your
choice. Most of these that are found out in the
marketplace, are virtually devoid of iridescent
coloring. Not these 4 tumblers! Don't miss a unique
opportunity to add these Fenton Museum tumblers
to your best collection pieces! Nice set! Item #
14-175-FM   $ 250.00 plus $ 20 ship
Scarce! Fenton Cherry Chain with the Orange Tree
exterior 9-10" master six ruffle bowl in amethyst.
No damage! This is silvery where the yellow cast
color is in all the above photos. The reason is
because the silver inside the bowl reflected the
incandescent light bulb light back to the camera!
So, just think silver wherever you see yellow in
the above photos. Meanwhile the exterior
iridescence is just superb! Greens, reds, and
purples are all there and they make the orange
tree pattern exterior look stunning! But we have to
admit, the inside of the bowl is for silver
iridescence lovers! We graded this as a very nice
collector grade undamaged piece with no issues.
Item # 14-080-FM   $ 125.00 plus $ 20.00 ship
Our Best! Fenton "Dragon & Lotus" 8-9" ICS bowl
in cherry red.
No damage! This is a one of a kind
piece straight from the personal collection of
Frank M. Fenton, son of the founder of the now
closed Fenton Art Glass Company! This is one of
the very best cherry red pieces in the entire world!
The base color and the applied iridescent coating
is "off the charts" with supreme coloring. This is a
legacy piece and is a "one of a kind" piece. The
only one Frank M.Fenton had in his personal
collection. The Fenton Museum documented
inventory number still appears on the bottom of
the marie. If you hestitate, it's gone!!!! Item #
14-705-FM   $ 875.00 plus $ 20 ship
This Personalized Paypal
Layaway Payment buy
now button has now been
reserved for "Phoenix" in
Texas  only!
Already sold to "Race Horse II"
down there in Georgia!
Already sold to the
"Chasing Carnival Man" in the
state of Maine!
Very Scarce! Fenton Paneled Dandelion 5 piece
water set in amethyst.
No damage, but there are a  
few chips on the middle body of
just one  tumbler.
These chips are 1/16" to 1/8" and look as if they
were caused by being forced to scrape along the
metal side rail of a factory conveyor as it moved
down it. Anyway, this entire set has
iridescent coloring
with the applied iridescence
being super sheen. It is certainly not a dull satin
finish, but not shiny enough to have a radium
finish. We grade this set as a super collector
water set, even with one chipped tumbler!
Item # 14-300-FM   $ 465.00 plus $ 30.00 ship
Very rare! Yes here's our third "killer" Fenton
damage! No issues! You have to display this
piece right to get the look we show in the photos
above, otherwise you see a little more yellow
iridescence show up on the inside, as we show in
the last frontal photo above. This is a "killer"
investment grade example, and one of the best
cherry red Dragon & Lotus ICS bowls you'll find in
the marketplace. Just a gorgeous cherry red piece
Item # 14-577-SK   $ 665.00 plus $25 ship
Rare! Millersburg Feather & Heart pitcher in super
coloring throughout entire pitcher. No weak
iridescent areas or spots on this mint "killer"
investment grade example. This one is a keeper!
Super sharp mold strike with all pattern element
clear and crisp. One magnificent pitcher overall!!
Item # 14-305-FM   $ 425.00 plus $ 20.00 ship
Ultra Rare! Fenton Lily of the Valley water pitcher
in cobalt blue! One of thirteen know !
! Nicely repaired! Because this pitcher is so
rare, we feel it still has great value even though it
is graded as a shelf piece by us. The pitcher has
been nicely repaired due to a broken bottom side
area of the pitcher. Still a great looking extremely
rare Fenton pitcher! Where would you find
another? Better not drag your feet!
Item # 14-725-FM  $ 850.00 plus $ 30.00 ship
Already put in layaway by
"Stephanie Gal" out in Kansas!
RARE! Fenton "Blackberry Block" tankard 5 piece
water set in rich marigold!
No damage! The
iridescence on all pieces is simply superb! All
pieces match color intensity perfectly and exhibit
good rich marigold coloring. The iridescence is
evenly applied throughout. With proper display
lighting, this set comes alive with a myriad of
iridescent colors and hues. It is a "killer"
investment grade water set. It's a cabinet keeper!
Item # 14-280-FM     $ 420.00 plus $30.00 ship
Very Scarce! fenton "Leaf Tiers" 6 piece table set
in rich marigold!
No damage on any piece of set!
When we took our photos we left out the spooner!
So we photoed it by itself and included it in a
separate photo above. We kept the auction photo,
which is the large photo above, because it shows
the entire table set together. Anyway, the set, even
with the marigold iridescnce that gets lighter from
top to bottom,  is still a "killer" investment grade
set in our book. It was done this way on purpose
when it was originally made. Many were! Item #
14-210-FM   $ 265.00 plus $ 25 ship
piece water set in cobalt blue! No damage to any
piece of set
! Let us tell you this is the best
iridescent colored pitcher we have ever seen
matched up with 4 tumblers which just don't get
the job done! They are all undamaged, but to put
these mundane looking tumblers with this
stunning prize of a pitcher, should be a crime!
Remember, however, having a "killer" prize
looking pitcher such as this one, is 80% of the
battle won! The tumblers are not hard to come by!
Item # 14-265-FM    $ 475.00 plus $ 25.00 ship
Very Scarce! Fenton "Orange Tree Orchard"
pitcher & 1 tumbler water set in cobalt blue!
! This pitcher has a unusual beautiful
blue/violet iridescence on the lower half of its
body. We have never seen this type of
iridescence coloring of any other examples of
Fenton Orange Tree Orchard water pitchers, or the
tumblers. The matching tumbler, has the more
commonly found green iridescence on it. Both
pieces are exceptional! The pitcher is very shiny!
Item # 14-303-FM     $ 415.00 plus $ 25.00 ship
Simply one of the best Fenton Good
Luck & Horseshoe examples we have
ever seen! It's a "one of a kind"!
Already sold to "Gemini One" that avid
collector in Northeast Pennsylvania!
Yes, one of these is for sale on eBay for "buy
now" at $ 1850.00! Yes, it's a little nicer red
iridescence on it than this one has, but not
nearly $ 680.00 better! Also, this one's from
the Fenton Museum, the one on eBay is not.
Just being honest.
Already sold to "The Hogster" down
there in Arkansas! What a super, super
piece! Received: $200 + $390 + $200 +
$400 = All Paid!  shipped 6/2/16
A eBay piece of lesser quality and
color just sold for $465 plus ship!
Already sold to "Gemini One" out there in
Northeast Pennsylvania!
Morning outside
light streaming in.
Already sold to "Race Horse II" down
there  in Georgia!
Very Rare! Fenton Good Luck & Horseshoe 8-9"
eight ruffled bowl with plain back & in very rich
No damage! No issues! Right out of the
now closed Fenton Museum in Moundsville, W.V.
and was in Frank M. Fenton's personal collection.
This is a spectacular "killer" investment grade
example as well. You just won't find one worth
more value than this example. It's a one of a kind
for heaven's sake.
Please don't email us a lie that
you already have one from the Fenton Museum
Item # 14-900-FM    $1100.00 plus $20 ship.
Very Rare! Fenton Chrysanthemum 7-8" ruffled
bowl in red!
No damage! No issues! First of all,
this this the rarer size than the big 10-11" footed
master bowls. Secondly, this is a "one of a kind"
example, which came from Frank M. Fenton's own
personal collection. Thirdly, it is a superb "killer"
investment grade example with no damage & no
issues. It also looks much better in person than in
these photos. As we said above, there is one
listed on eBay at a "buy now" of $1850.00. Yes, it
has nicer red iridescence, but it'll cost you $680
more! Item # 14-875-FM  $1170.00 plus $20 ship.
Rare! Millersburg Many Stars 10" 3 in 1 crimp
edge bowl in radium finish rich marigold. No
damage! No issues! Has the Fenton Museum
original inventory number still on the outside
bottom of the piece. This is an "killer" investment
grade example and was in Frank M. Fenton's
personal collection before placed in the now
closed Fenton Museum in Moundsville, W.V. It's a
one one a kind and it's a totally spectacular piece!
Item # 14-290-FM        $ 395.00 plus $ 25 ship.
VERY RARE! Millersburg Hanging Cherries milk
pitcher in radium finish green!
No damage! Mint
! Super rare and super nice! The whole
pitcher is covered with beautifully radium finish
iridescence of all kinds of colors. Green, however
is the dominant iridescent color, along with a
bronze tone that Millersburg does so well. This is
a stunning "killer" investment grade example with
a shine! No kidding, it looks
Item # 14-930-FM   $1550.00 plus $ 30.00 ship.
Very Scarce! Millersburg Diamonds pitcher in
radium finish green. This pitcher has chips on the
bottom base ring. We grade this beauty as a
"hidden damage" example, which means all the
damage is confined to places that would be
hidden from view during normal upright display.
The pitcher has beautiful shiny iridescence on it
from top to bottom and all around. It is of
consistent coloring throughout. The base ring has
several small chips that are about 1/16" to 1/8" in
diameter as shown in the above close up photo of
the bottom base ring.
Note! Remember, all this
chip damage is hidden from view when the piece
is on upright display. The radium finish iridescent
coloring is incredible and super shiny. WOW!!!!
Item # 14-135-FM   $ 175.00 plus $ 20.00 ship
Very Scarce! Millersburg Diamonds 7 piece water
set in radium finish amethyst!
No damage on any
piece of the set
! Super shiny very colorful superb
iridescence on all pieces. The pitcher has a bluish
cast to its iridescence coloring while all the
tumblers have the more traditionally found gold &
purple hued iridescence. Therefore, the pitcher
and tumblers iridescent colorings are not a close
match! You can see this in the photos above. In
other words, the pitcher carries a bluish/ green
appearance while all the tumblers have the same
gold/ purple appearance. A very unusual water set
indeed. We like it this way!! It looks neat! But you
must be the judge, not us. The set looks beautiful
and we say it is a "killer" investment grade! Item #
14-350-FM   $ 485.00 plus $ 25 ship
RARE! Fenton Blueberry 5 piece water set in dark
rich marigold! No damage, however the pitcher's
lower body has several long mold lines that are
visible to the eye. One goes down to the bottom
and crosses a portion of the bottom base. These
are simply outside surface mold lines and not
cracks in the glass, since you cannot feel them or
see them on the inside of the pitcher. It is a real
shame they are on this beautiful pitcher, but they
are there, and readily visible if you go closely
looking the pitcher over. The tumblers, on the
other hand, are all undamaged and don't seem to
have any issues. We still give this beautiful set a
collector's grading. Mold lines are not considered
damage, and that is the only issue this set has!
Item # 14-525-FM      $ 575.00 plus $ 25.00 ship
Very Scarce! Fenton Leaf Tiers 5 piece water set
in marigold.
No damage to any piece of this set!
The marigold on all pieces is darker at the top of
the pieces and fades slightly the closer you look to
the bottoms of the pieces. This is the way the great
majority of these Fenton Leaf Tiers water sets
were made. We actually feel this set looks pretty
sharp! We give it a "killer" investment grading, so
we like it a lot. But you must be the final judge, not
us. To us its a very beautiful set! Item #
14-195-FM   $ 295.00 plus $ 20.00 ship
Fenton Floral & Grape water tumbler in cobalt blue
No damage! Nice iridescent coloring and has a
sheeny shine to it. Has no issues either! Real nice
tumbler which comes from the Fenton Museum!
The diagonal band lines slant to the right, as they
should, in order to be considered Fenton made.
Item # 14-020-FM   $40.00 plus $ 12.00 ship
RARE! Millersburg Hanging Cherries water tumbler
in radium finish green!
No damage! Has a greenish
radium iridescence that shines like a star! Just an
outstanding radium finish green example.
It has no
issues anywhere
. Doesn't have a lot of other
colored iridescence. It does, however, have  the
incredible radium finish shiny green iridescence,
which is off the charts! WOW! Item # 14-110-FM    $
140.00 plus $12.00 ship
RARE! Fenton Strawberry Scroll water tumbler in
cobalt blue!
No damage anywhere. Wonderful
example with good iridescent coloring on the top
half of the tumbler all the way around. The intense
purple iridescence does fade out and from halway
down there is a blue silvery iridescence. It does
look really sharp with is iridescent coloring
combo. Just a wonderful undamaged example
which does have the Fenton Museum number on
bottom. Item # 14-060-FM   $ 95.00 plus $12 ship
SCARCE! Fenton Fentonia water tumbler in cobalt
blue! No damage, but does have a enclosed
bubble bump which is iridized over up near the
top rim. It can be seen in the second small photo
above. This is not considered damage since it is
from the original making. The top half of the
tumbler has electric highlighted intense blue shiny
iridescence all the way  around the top half of this
beauty. The bottom half has the more commonly
found satin sheen purplish iridescence. A  nice
piece which still has the Fenton Museum number
on bottom! Item # 14-034-FM $ 50.00 + $12 ship.
RARE! Northwood Peacock on the Fence 9" plate
in ice blue!
No damage, no issues! Superb
iridescent coloring, balanced iridescence front &
on ribbed back. Beautiful dark ice blue base with
sensational look to it. "Killer" investment grade
example. One very beautiful 9" sawtooth plate!!!
Item # 14-675-SK   $ 800.00 plus $20.00 ship
RARE! Northwood Peacock on the Fence 9" plate
in green!
No damage, no issues, no black residue
enclosed in glass
! One beautiful green plate. the
photos were taken at dusk, so the lighting was
very poor. Will take more photos during daytime
hours. the bottom row of photos were taken with
indoor lighting assist. The iridescence is really
superb! "Killer" investment grade example!!!!!!!
Item # 14-535-SK    $ 585.00 plus $20.00 ship
Rare! Imperial "purple shiner" Diamond Lace water
pitcher & 1matching tumbler!
No damage anywhere!
No issues! You might ask why we list this more
commonly found Imperial pattern pitcher here on
the rare page. Well try to find a "purple shiner"
example as good as this one. Only then will you
come to understand how rare these beauties are to
find in the marketplace. Go ahead, knock yourself
dizzy trying to find one comparable to this, then
come back and purchase this "killer" grade example.
Item  # 15-201-SK     $255 plus $20 ship
Rare! Northwood Peacock at the Fountain 7 pc.
water set in electric blue!
No damage anywhere!
All around & top to bottom electric highlights
pieces signed
! Has superb colorful iridescence
that is super colorful and very evenly applied.
"Killer" investment grade complete water set
which will show electric look on proper display.
Just a sensational Northwood electric blue water
set!!! Item # 14-290-SK      $ 755.00 plus $ 40 ship.
beautiful inside &
Already sold to "Chasing Carnival
Man"  up there in Maine! What a super,
super piece you purchased!
Rare! Northwood "Peacock on the Fence" 8-9"
ruffled bowl in aqua opalescent!
No damage or
issues anywhere
! Loads of opal, tons of iridescent
coloring. A super "killer" investment grade
example! Has the desired ribbed back with the
back side also having great iridescence. Just a
wonderful & beautiful piece for your best collection
Item # 14-525-SK   $ 665.00 plus $20.00 ship
Extremely Rare! Millersburg Little Stars 10" ruffled
bowl in nice evenly applied marigold. No damage!
Does have a sizable enclosed bubble of about 3/8"
in diameter, which does not show when the piece
is on display. These are extremely hard to find in
this big 10" ruffled bowl. Plenty of 7-8" low bowls
were made, but hardly any are found in this 10"
master bowl size. "Killer investment grade rare
example which is just a super fabulous bowl!
Item # 14-500-SK  $ 620.00 plus $ 25.00 ship
Rare! Millersburg Courthouse 7-8" ruffled ad bowl
No issues anywhere! Very colorful iridescence
with great radium shine. Piece is not iridized on
the back side. Clear & crisp mold strike and the
ruffles are all well formed and equal. Just a
beautiful "killer" investment grade example for
your best collection. You won't find many better!!
Item # 14-675-SK   $ 775.00 plus $15.00 ship
Scarce! Northwood Peacocks/ Ribbed 8-9" ruffled
bowl in lavender!
No damage! No issues!
Absolutely the most beautiful lavender "killer"
investment grade example. Just look at the
iridescent coloring both inside & outside. Just
incredible coloring! Absolute "showstopper"
iridescence! One special Peacocks ruffled bowl!
From our own 1986 Colleywood Private
Collection!  Item # 86-156-RE plus $15 ship
Already sold to
"Race Horse II"!
Rare plain interior example!
Very Scarce! Fenton "Paneled Dandelion" 7 piece
water set in blue.
No damage anywhere! there is a
place on the tankard bottom where the glass did
not fill in completely, but that is from the making.
This is a "killer" investment grade set that is
incredibly well matched. You just won't find a
better matched set. Sensational appearance as
you can see in the many photos we posted for you.
Don't miss your rare opportunity here.
Item # 14-395-TB   $ 525.00 plus $ 30.00 ship
We call this our Bernard Helming 1910 Fenton
"Paneled Dandelion" exclusive green mint 7 piece
water set
! No damage anywhere! As you can see
from the above photos, this set was made
exclusively for Bernard Helming in 1910. His name
is etched right in the one tumbler. The set is so
well matched, we think it is all original. It's the
best bar none! It's "killer"investment grade & we
say "if you want the best, you gotta pay for it. Item
# 14-480-TB    $ 650.00 plus $ 30.00 ship
Very Scarce! Fenton "Paneled Dandelion" 7 piece
water set in amethyst!
No damage! Another of our
color appearance & incredible iridescent coloring
throughout the entire set. Again, you won't find a
better matched set in better iridescent coloring.
This one is simply fabulous in every respect!!!!!
Item # 14-395-TB    $ 495.00 plus $ 30.00 ship
Rare! Fenton Grape & Cable 10-11" footed fruit
bowl in blue with plain interior!
No damage! It
does have a minor back side tiny iridescence
divit mark and two small scratches to the back
side that are both iridized over. So, both these
issues are from the original making. This is a
superbly iridized piece with both inside and
outside emerald green iridescence which is
complimented with gold iridized outside pattern
elements. This outside is then all oversprayed
with purple-red bronze iridescence!
Item # 14-166-TB    $ 225.00 plus $ 25.00 ship
Already put into "Stephanie Gal"
in Kansas!
Rare! Stippled & banded "killer"
investment grade Northwood Grape &
Cable banana boat! Super coloring!
I will make the matching three piece set
available for puchase now at a good selling
price of $ 350.00!  This is a super price for this
investment grade 3 piece  water set! No
damage! $25 ship charge added.
To "Phoenix"...  already
sold now! Will ship week
of 9/1/2019!
Rare! Northwood Singing Birds 7 pc. water set in
scarce green. No damage to any piece. No issues!
Superb iridescent coloring on all pieces of this set,
with well matched tumblers. The totally
unmanaged photos tell the story for us. A "killer"
investment grade water set with lots of pizzaz. Buy
with complete confidence. Listing coming soon!
Rare! Northwood Stippled & Banded Grape &
Cable banana boat in rich marigold.
No damage!
No issues! Real nice iridescent coloring
throughout the piece. "Killer" investment grade
Rare! Fenton "Fluffy Peacock" 7 pc. water set in
amethyst! The pitcher two tiny ares of iridescent
peel down at the lowest portion of the pattern. It
also has a tiny spot to the iridescence down in
this same lowest pattern area. The iridescent peel
spots are not over 3/16" long by about 1/16" wide.
The spot of darker iridescence is about 1/6" in
diameter. The pitcher is somewhat lighter in
iridescent coloring than the tumblers, but is still
and excellent collector grade example. No issues
with any of the tumblers. They are all nicely
iridized with godd coloring throughout that
matches really well. We will be putting these
tumblers with a darker iridized amethyst pitcher
soon. Just be patient.
Rare! Fenton "Fluffy Peacock" 7 pc. water set in
rich marigold!
No damage! The pitcher and two
lighter marigold tumblers match perfectly,
however, the other 4 tumblers of this set are way
darker marigold and do not match with the pitcher
and two tumblers. We will attempt to find 4 lighter
colored marigold tumblers to make a matching 7
piece water set, while finding 2 darker marigold
tumblers to fill out a dark marigold 6 tumbler set.
We don't want to sell this mismatch set as it is
currently. Just be patient and we will end up
offering a full matched 7 pc. water set and another
set of 6 darker marigold matching tumblers.          
3 piece: Item # 98-315-RE  $ 325.00 + $25 ship
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Already sold to that Mel
guy in New Zealand!
Fenton Floral & Grape 2 tumblers in cobalt blue.
No damage! One is very colorful throughout and
the other is not quite as colorful but certainly is
better than average! These are a lot harder to find
than one thinks, with most you do find, with little  
coloring. These are a lot better than most, have no
issues, and are direct from the Fenton Museum!!
Item # 14-065-FM    $ 80.00 plus $15.00 ship
Fenton Fentonia tumbler in cobalt blue. No
! This is a very colorful satin sheen finish
tumbler with no issues. Really a super nice
tumbler direct from the Fenton Museum. Still has
the Fenton Museum inventory number on the
bottom of this beauty as shown in above photo.
Item # 14-041-FM    $ 60.00 plus $12.00 ship
Fenton Fentonia tumbler in rich marigold. No
! Nice evenly colored with rich marigold.
No real color variation throughout the entire
tumbler. Really a nice tumbler with no issues, and
has the Fenton Museum inventory number on the
bottom. You won't find another, so buy this one!!
Item # 14-035-FM   $ 55.00 plus $ 12.00 ship
Fenton Orange Tree Scroll tumbler in cobalt blue.
No damage! Way above average iridescent
coloring throughout tumbler. Very evenly colored
as well. Very nice tumbler that's
very hard to find.
It isn't a color bath tumbler but it isn't a mundane
colored piece either. It's good enough to put in
anyone's cabinet, or to fill out a nice water set.
Remember, it still has the original Fenton Museum
number! Item # 14-066-FM   $ 90.00 plus $12 ship
Already sold to "Gemini One" up
there in Northeast Pennsylvania!
Very Rare Fenton Lily of the Valley mint
condition tumbler in blue direct from our
Colleywood Private Collection!
Already sold to the "Chasing Carnival
Man" up in Maine!
Fenton Butterfly & Berry tumbler in green! No
but does have a little roughness on the
top of one panel arch of the tumbler as shown
above! Very colorful and evenly colored. Tumblers
in green are quite hard to find. So, here's a good
one directly from the now closed Fenton Museum!
Item # 14-036-FM   $ 45.00 plus $12.00 ship
Fenton Leaf Tiers tumbler in somewhat light little
lighter than those shown in the water set shown
above on this page, but it is not so light that it
would clash with the above shown water set
tumblers. Really a very nice lighter marigold
tumbler, which still has the Fenton Museum
number. Item # 14-026-FM   $ 38.00 plus $12 ship.
Fenton Lattice & Grape tumbler in cobalt blue. No
! The coloring on this one varies from one
side to the other. One side is quite colorful while
the other side, is somewhat silvery and lacks a
multitude of iridescent coloring. It is a way above
average tumbler without any issues, where one
side is colorful & the other is silvery. Still nice.
Item # 14-025-FM    $ 32.00 plus $12.00 ship
Very Rare! Our best! Fenton Vintage Lily of the
Valley water tumbler in cobalt blue!
No damage
mint condition
! No nada period! Not even a straw
mark! From our private Colleywood collection and
it has way better than average iridescent coloring.
It's the best we've ever seen! The best costs!!!
Item # 87-175-RE   $ 220.00 plus $ 10 ship
"killer" ice blue
master ICS bowl!
Already sold to the "California Kid" out
in California!
"killer" ice green
master ICS bowl!
ice green ICS
sauces for a set!
"Killer" Northwood Singing Birds pitcher!
From our Colleywood Private Collection!
Already sold to Scott the Collector
from that big state of Texas!
Rare! Northwood Peacock & Urn 10" ICS master
bowl in ice blue!
No damage! No issues! This is a
mint "killer' investment grade example with loads
of colorful iridescence. Just a magnificent piece
with good dark ice blue base glass. You won't find
one better! Review all the photos, then buy it fast!
Item # 14-552-TB    $ 635.00 plus $20.00 ship
Rare! Northwood Peacock & Urn 10" ICS master
bowl in ice green!
No damage! Has one minor
manufacturing issue, which amounts to having
hundreds of tiny enclosed bubbles within the
glass. They are each about the size of a ground
sugar crystal. They are vividly shown in the close
up photo above. They do not show when the piece
is displayed, but we are honest sellers, and note
their presence. Still a super, super collector grade
example with superb colorful iridescence. Superb!
Item # 14-397-TB    $ 465.00 plus $15 ship
Very Rare! Northwood Peacock & Urn 3 pc. set of
6" ICS sauce bowls in rare ice green!
No damage!
No issues! The iridescence is somewhat one
dimensional,as it usually is with these rare ice
green sauce examples, but it is definitely on every
piece. You can hardly find these in the
marketplace, so don't miss your very rare
opportunity here. To us, they are a real collector's
find! Item 15-387-SK     $ 450.00 plus $20 ship
Rare! Northwood Singing Birds water pitcher in
purple. No damage! Has a couple of very minor
manufacturing issues which do not keep us from
grading this beautiful pitcher a "killer" investment
grade example. The iridescent coloring is simply
incredible throughout the pitcher. It is a virtual
color bath everywhere you look. The two
manufacturing issues are basically two very
minor faint indent marks on the top rim of the
pitcher which are so small you can hardly see
them. We do have a set of tumblers, for those who
would want set water set. Scott this is our best
and is different from the one that appeared here
earlier. More red iridescence and is from private
collection! Item # 86-435-RE $465.00 + $20 ship
Hard to find blue
Grape & Gothic
Arches water set!
Already sold to a
new customer
down there in the
big state of Texas!
What a super buy
you made!
What a matched set
in rich marigold!
Dugan rare Persian Garden 2 piece fruit bowl
in purple! Not as colorful as some we've had,
but it'll hold its own in any "killer" collection!
What a matched set
in rich marigold!
Northwood Grape & Gothic Arches 7 pc. water set in
cobalt blue! Has one vertical rib of the pitcher that
has about a 1/4" long iridized over place that the
glass did not fill in properly. Because it is iridized
over, it is from the original making, and thus, not
considered damage. The pitcher also has 3 iridized
over scratch lines that are faint but there. Tumblers
are all good. This is a superbly colored set as far as
iridescent coloring goes. Most sets are all silvery!
Item # 15-237-SK      $ 275.00 plus $25 ship
Northwood Grape & Gothic Arches 7 pc. water set in
rich marigold. Has one pinpoint on one vertical rib
of the pitcher. This is shown in the close up photo of
the pitcher. It is so small you can't even see it when
but the pitcher does have one very faint short mold
line up near the top rim. Here again, you don't see it
unless you are examining closely. The tumblers are
all super! Item # 15-188-SK   $ 245.00 plus $25 ship
Rare! Dugan Persian Garden 2 pc. fruit bowl in
electric highlighted purple!
No damage! No issues!
What a beautiful sight to see! The top bowl part  
actually has a radium finish on it! The bottom base
is not radium finish, but matches near perfectly
with beautiful iridescent coloring. This is a "killer"
investment grade example that is very hard to
find. Item # 14-575-TB    $ 675.00 plus $ 30 ship
Rare! Fenton Fluffy Peacock 7 pc. water set in rich
No damage! No issues! The base of the
pitcher look a little different in the close up,
however there is absolutely nothing amiss with
the bottom base! This is a very hard set to find in
the marketplace, so please don't miss your rare
opportunity here. Two of the tumblers are darker
than the rest. Absolutely, "killer" investment set!
Item # 14-563-TB   $ 625.00 plus $30 ship

If you want a "one of a kind" Fenton Museum piece for your personal collection, you had
better not hesitate to make your decision. We have sold over
half of our original collection in
less than six months!
REMEMBER... when they're gone, there "ain't" no more!
The Colleywood Carnival Glass "Piece of the Month" for September 2015! Or should we
say two pieces! Northwood Peacock at the Fountain Butter dish & lid plus a covered
sugar bowl in electric purple; both in absolutely pristine mint condition and both
supremely iridized with a color bath of colors! You simply can't top these two pristine
extremely rare to find "killer" investment grade beauties! See for yourself!
These are absolutely the finest
two pieces of Northwood
Peacock at the Fountain we have
ever collected!
REMEMBER! You gotta pay for
the best there is
Already sold to "Stephanie Gal" out there in Kansas!

Item # 86-645-RE   $ 700.00  plus $20 ship
find when trying to collect a complete Peacock at the
Fountain table set.
To find both pieces together in mint condition, is
virtually impossible, so here they are for you and as you
see they are both absolute "killer" investment grade
examples that match perfectly.
The iridescent coloring and electric highlighting on
these two examples are simply incredible.
You just won't find better!
Not even a fleabite on either piece!
That is amazing in itself, since the lids on both pieces
were always very prone to get damaged with repeated
So, when you find two undamaged examples like these,
you've found something extremely rare indeed.
As you can see by the photos, we are dealing with
electric highlights throughout both pieces.
They are both showstoppers and you will be proud to
display them both front & center in your cabinet.
Item # 86-645-RE    $700.00 plus $20 ship
Northwood's Sunflower/Meander 8-9" spatula footed eight tight ruffled bowl in extremely
total electric blue! No damage! No issues! Simply Sensational! See for Yourself!!
One of the best Northwood Sunflower
8-9" eight tight ruffled bowls we have
ever owned! This one is truly totally
electric blue throughout! It'll glow for you!
Item # 84-650-RE   $ 735.00 plus $15 ship

Already sold to "Stephanie Gal" out there in Kansas!
You won't find one better! The piece is mint condition, has sensational inside and outside iridescence and has all the electricity you need to light up
your collection cabinet! This is a showstopper "killer" investment grade example directly out of our 1984 Colleywood Private Collection. Enjoy the totally
unmanaged photos while we ponder a price tag.
REMEMBER: You gotta' pay for the best there is! This won't be cheap, but then you already know that!
We paid $650 back in 1984! Item # 84-650-RE   $ 735.00 plus $15 ship! A nicked up one was just on eBay a few weeks ago for $995.00 and sold! This one
is electric & mint!
The December 2015 "Piece of the Month" from our Colleywood Private Collection! A
extremely rare "killer" mint condition investment grade Northwood Hearts & Flowers 9"
example, in deeper ice blue than the one we just sold, last month to a avid collector in
Utah! He was glad to get it and paid close to $800.00 to purchase it!
Remember: You gotta' pay for the very best! This one takes
second place to no other
example! All photos are
completely unmanaged! It's from our Colleywood Carnival
Glass Private Collection, 1987 marked box! Not even a
pinpoint, not even a fleabite or any enclosed bubbles! No
webbing, no repairs, no epoxy glue,not even one scratch!
It's perfect!

Already sold! Lasted only 9 minutes!
month, and we immediately sold it to a avid collector out in Utah for close to $800.00. He
had been looking for one for over 3 years, finally struck gold with us on that nice one.
This is a much deeper ice blue colored example, with absolutely nothing amiss, and we do
mean nothing! Moreover, we don't have to show it with a black background like all
eBayers and auctioneers do!
This is a extremely popular pattern and in this base color, it is extremely rare to find in this
mint condition. It won't last but a few minutes on listed on here, so if you hesitate even a
minute, you will lose! Promise!
We want $ 875.00 plus $ 20 shipping. If you think that is too high, sit back and watch how
quickly it sells, then spend the next three years telling us how you should have purchased
REMEMBER: This is the best there is and you gotta' pay if you want the best.
Item # 87-745-RE     $ 875.00 plus $ 20 ship
Presenting The January 2016 Colleywood Private Collection... "Piece of the Month"! A
very rare Fenton "killer" investment grade blue Milady water tankard  & 1 matching
tumbler that will garner your attention!
From our 1987 Colleywood Private
Collection box... a absolutely sensational
Fenton Milady 2 pc. water set with no
damage & no issues! REMEMBER: You
gotta' pay for the best!
Already put in layaway by "Stephanie Gal" out there in Kansas!
Item # 87-635-RE    $725.00 plus $25 ship
For just a moment, we want all you other Carnivalites to realize the quality of the piece you just world
wide web. You all email us saying we have the most beautiful collection of carnival glass pieces
you've ever seen in one place. You email us saying you wish you would have acted quicker, you email
one gentleman, after discovering our web site for the very first time, email us and ask if we are still in
business because, as he put it, he just couldn't believe we could have all those "beauties" on one web
site! All we can say to all of you who hesitate, is that when our private collection pieces are gone, they
are gone forever! You won't be able to say, I'll get the next "killer" piece because there won't be any
left! If you think you'll wait us out like those carnival glass club collector vultures sitting up there in a
dead tree, waiting for us to kick the bucket, you will surely end up empty handed.
We make you that solemn promise!
"Stephanie Gal", meanwhile, patiently & quietly, keeps building her nest egg "killer" collection of our
Colleywood Private Collection pieces by paying them off through our wonderful 1 year interest free
layaway plan. We welcome you to check out her budding collection on our Collector 1 page! She is
proud and we are proud of her!
We are proud of her because we feel she is the very essence of a real passionate high quality vintage
carnival glass collector, who one day, will have one of the best quality collections of vintage carnival
glass in this country! Congratulations "Stephanie Gal", you are our ultimate vintage carnival glass
collector for 2015!
You will never be sorry you are amassing our Colleywood Private Collection "killer"
grade pieces
. To all you who hesitate, we feel sorry for you, for your short term hesitations will as
always, have long term ramifications! Good luck finding comparable pieces, while our repeat
customers reap a once in a lifetime harvest! Recently, a carnival glass club President, actually told us
in person, "we would not have such a lucrative web site if it wasn't for carnival glass clubs"! To him
we have one thing to say....
In fact, we get less than 2% of our sales from carnival glass club members because most of them are
those kind of collectors who want your glass for next to nothing
! Yeah, and do you know what? They
know that this is the way they are, and they are not the least ashamed of their behavior
We say: Go ahead and be "cheapskate" collectors who get their glass at "death" auctions.
You are not supporting the current carnival glass marketplace, you are helping to destroy it!
made out of the green vaseline glass end run & the ice blue start.
not culled out, & it was allowed to be shipped to the marketplace!
find one of these rare pieces!  (See one on "Carnival Heaven 101").
not supposed to get out of the factory and into the marketplace!
and educational website called Carnival Heaven 101. There you'll
rare example of ours glows in the photos we are showing below.
a rare sapphire blue piece, where the rim only, glows!
blue one does! Technically, we cannot call this piece a vaseline
this piece has light green vaseline while the rest is a ice blue piece.
and where the ice blue base glass in this piece begins! Under the
an extremely rare piece and it also glows under the black light.
and where the ice blue begins. By glowing under the
a very intriguing extremely rare piece, from our very own
making it our sensational February 2016 "Piece of the Month".
The first example we've ever seen of these that has a glass
These were to be culled out & disposed of, but in rare cases, it was
This is an example of a new glass batch start, and it's very rare to
It is obvious to us, this piece was a new run start, and was
You will find a complete story on another very interesting
plainly see a blue example that glows under black light, just as this
You see a full vaseline carnival glass piece, but it also shows
Yes, the rim of the glass piece glows, under black light, just as our
base color! It's a blue/vaseline glass mix . So, that is why the rim of
In fact, you can see just where the vaseline in the piece ends
black light it shows vaseline stops about 1" in from the rim! This is
Under black light one can determine where the vaseline glass ends
black light, it makes this an extremely rare Northwood piece, truly
now famous Colleywood Private Collection pieces. Now we are
Presenting the Colleywood Carnival Glass "Piece of the Month". A extremely rare
"mixed" base glass ice blue/vaseline Northwood Peacock & Urn 10" ICS master bowl that
rim glows under black light!
As you can see, this piece below is one very intriguing piece of extremely rare signed Northwood carnival. It's from our
1978 Colleywood Private Collection and you won't see another!
Remember: You gotta pay for the very best!
Item # 78-576-RE   $ 670.00 plus $25 ship
Already sold to "Stephanie Gal" out there in Kansas! Shipped 12/29/2020!
Sorry all you Carnivalites, you are just too slow to respond.
This is an extremely  rare piece of Northwood ice blue glass and vaseline base glass colors
within the same piece of glass. These pieces probably were the result of ending a vaseline run
and then going to make a new run with ice blue base glass. Where the vaseline finally ended and
the ice blue began, was right in a piece!
It's the only way we can figure how  two distinct base glass colors get into one molded piece!
It certainly created a sensational piece as you can see in the photos to the left. The entire rim
glows under black light, while the base ring of the same piece doesn't glow at all. Absolutely a
very strange happening indeed.
This is the only piece like this that we have ever encountered in our 44 years of carnival glass
collecting. We have heard other collectors talking about seeing other rare examples of these
mixed base glass pieces, but they are rare for sure.
This piece changes base color with changing light intensity! In bright light situations, it appears
to the naked eye as mostly ice blue, however, you can pick up the piece and walk with it in your
hand toward a less lighted part of the room and walla it looks mint green to the naked eye! You
turn around and walk back toward the brighter light of the room and it turns back to mostly ice
blue again! Just amazing!
The "killer' investment grade example has no damage or manufacturing issues. It simply
changes its color appearance in different lighting situations, which frankly, is so cool to see. You
can hardly believe it can changes color, but it certainly does.
It is a real conversation piece and all your friends will be intrigued by the color changes it goes
through and how its entire rim glows under proper black lighting.
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a piece like this. We don't think another will be
found in the marketplace for a long long time. If you owned it....would you sell it? Don't think so!
This is a very rare piece and we want a fair price for it. We certainly are not going to give it
away. Enough said! Item # 78-576-RE     $ 670.00 plus $25 ship
Presenting.... The Colleywood "Piece of the Month" for March 2016.
From our Colleywood Private Collection! A green mint condition "killer"
investment grade example of a rare Northwood  Corn Vase (stalk base)
in rare green! It's perfect!
No damage or any of
those manufacturing
issues that plague most
of these. Just a pristine
Already a Pending sale to
"Stephanie Gal" out there in Kansas!
As per usual, all you "so called" club
collectors aren't looking for real
quality. Plus you're
way too slow to
To find a rare Northwood Corn Vase
in green without any physical
unheard of in carnival glass
collecting circles. Usually there is
base ring damage or nicks to the top
rim edge, however, this little vintage
gem has none of anything wrong.
Just a splendid "killer" investment
grade example with superb
iridescent coloring to boot. Perfect!
Don't miss a rare opportunity to own
one of the best we've ever have had
the chance collect in our many years
of active carnival glass collecting.
Collection, this beauty is a stand-out
Collection, this beauty is a stand-out
piece, meant for a stand out
collection. Buy with complete
Item #82-416-RE $460.00 + $15 ship
Absolute "killer" grade
electric blue Northwood
Peacocks 8-9" PCE!
Already put into layaway by that smart
collector down in Texas! What a super
piece & super buy! Pd.= $60, $60, $75,
$60, $80 + $85 = Paid in Full! Sending!
Except for a slight pushed up area
near the inside center, this piece
is a "killer"! The slight center
push up makes the piece have a
slight rock on a flat surface.
A virtual iridescent color
bath! A Fenton Peacock &
Urn 9" twelve sided plate
that is "killer" grade!
A rare find! A "killer"
investment grade Northwood
Wishbone/Ruffles & Rings
back side 8" footed bowl in
electric blue! WOW! WOW!
Rare! Northwood Stippled Peacocks / ribbed back
8-9" PCE bowl totally electric blue!
No damage! No
! Super iridescent coloring on front side
with shiny radium finish on the backside. Perfect
balance of iridescent colors throughout. This is a
super "killer" investment grade example which is
a real sensational showstopper. All the bells &
whistles you'll ever need for your "killer" cabinet!
Item # 16-345-SK   $ 405.00 plus $15 ship
Rare! Northwood Stippled Strawberry / ribbed
back 8-9" PCE bowl totally electric blue!
physical damage
, but does have one very minor
manufacturing issue from the original making. A
small area in the inside center has a very slight
push up of the bottom. This causes the piece to
have a slight rock to it when sitting on a flat
surface. So what! The piece is still a "killer" in our
books. Look at the color!! Review the photos!!!!
Item # 16-320-SK   $ 365.00 plus $15 ship
Very scarce! Fenton Peacock & Urn/ Bearded
Berry back side 9" twelve sided plate with
supreme colored iridescence all over the fron &
back! Beautiful!!
No damage! No issues! How you
could not love this piece is impossible for us to
phathom. Showing it in your "killer" piece cabinet,
with your best pieces would bring all sorts of
interest. Promise! Just an incredible showpiece!
You couldn't find a much better "killer" example.
Item # 16-287-SK  $ 350.00 plus $15 ship
Rare! Northwood Wishbone/Ruffles & Rings
exterior pattern, 8" footed ruffled bowl in electric
No damage! No issues! Super colorful
iridescence on the inside with a full shiny radium
mirror finish iridescence on the exterior. A "killer"
investment grade example with super eye appeal.
These are very hard to find out in the marketplace,
so don't hesitate to add this beauty to your best
cabinet pieces. From the 2016 HOACGA Auction!
Item # 16-420-HA   $ 500.00 plus $20 ship
Presenting.... The April "Piece of the Month"! A"killer" investment grade example .... A
mint condition blue Northwood  Daisy & Drape vase from our Colleywood Private
Collection. Mint condition & will awe you!
Absolutely mint condition! Not even a scratch, which most of
these vases have!
From all the 43+ years of our carnival glass collecting
efforts, we bring you
the best flared out top footed
Northwood Daisy we have ever encountered! Totally
pristine, incredibly beautiful and a standout stand alone
carnival glass novelty display piece.
Already a pending sale to "Stephanie Gal" out there in the state
of Kansas!
Sorry Carnivalites, you are simply too slow!
Item # 83-487-RE  $ 625.00 + $10 ship
glass, you know how highly sought after they really are,
especially when they are sensational examples. The prices find
these cute little gems fairly easily in this very popular aqua
bright blue, is a completely different story. They are just not
found that often, and the popularity of this blue base is even
higher in demand than the aqua opalescent examples.
Frankly, to find a flared out top bright blue example in absolute
pristine condition, with sensational iridescent coloring
throughout, is a collector's dream come true! When one is
found at a estate or collector auction, the prices always soar
and you go home empty handed saying to yourself...." I should
have kept bidding... I won't see another one of those for years
to come!!! And guess what, you are absolutely correct!
Sure, you might find one in "so-so" condition, normally with
about 2-3 long iridized over scratches all over its lower vase
body and without much iridescent coloring, about once every
2-3 years on the auction circuit.
However, to find one in pristine mint condition, as this example
possesses with sensational iridescent coloring throughout, as
this example has, is a rarity you may see once in a lifetime! If
you don't believe us, search on my Carnivalite friends, search
on! We did!!! So here's your rare opportunity to own the one we
found in our lifetime of searching. It's your call, here & now!

Item # 83-487-RE     $ 625.00 plus $10 ship
Presenting.... The May 2016 "Piece of the Month"! From our Colleywood Private
Collection! A "killer" Fenton Spector's Department Store investment grade rare example
9" ad plate you won't soon forget!
One of the best there is! Just remember:
"You gotta' Pay for the best"!
Already a pending sale to "Stephanie Gal" out there in
Sorry Carnivalites, but you are simply too slow!
these a year in popular pristine condition. However, most have just one
dimensional iridescence or are simply not as good as this example. You would
probably have to search for 4-5 years to find one like this one. It also seems that
when a collector does find a really good example, they don't give them up easily
because they have learned how hard it was to find the first good one they
This is such a plate, rare to find, superb in iridescent coloring, and no damage or
issues to speak of. Only the center straw mark, which is so typical on Fenton
made carnival glass, keeps us from calling this plate mint.
The back side is plain, but possesses superb marigold iridescence just like the
front of the plate. This is a sensational display plate, and the new owner will be
proud to put it with the best pieces he, she or they have.
This is a masterpiece, which anyone would be okay with making it a legacy
piece. It is that good.
With all this in mind, the question becomes who will act quick enough to purchase
this rare beauty.
You hesitate with a rare piece like this... you lose!Period!
We are not going to give the piece away, namely because we worked to hard to
attain it.
Item # 83-392-RE     $ 505.00 plus $15 ship
The Colleywood Carnival "Piece of the Month" for June 2016! A"killer" rare investment
grade Fenton 10" 3in1 bowl in red amberina, in mint condition! From our 1986
Colleywood Private Collection!
Remember: You gotta pay for the
best! Mint condition, and hardly
ever sold anywhere!
Already a pending by "Stephanie Gal" out there in
Kansas! Sorry Carnivalites, it didn't last 20 minutes!
Amberina! No damage! No issues! Sensational appearance
when put on display. A real conversation piece indeed.
These are hardly ever sold or found in the marketplace, so it
makes them very difficult to obtain by collectors. We've seen
only one other sell in our entire 44 year collecting efforts.
The Fenton Little Flowers art creation is really a well
designed & way undervalued carnival glass pattern. The
flowers on the inside are simply depicted in such a bold way,
you certainly have no way of missing their presence. Just a
gorgeous piece of Fenton carnival glass!
It is in mint condition, with nothing amiss.
Just like the day it was manufactured, over 100 years ago.If
you hesitate you will certainly lose your opportunity to own
this beauty.

Item # 86-458-RE   $ 480.00 plus $15 ship
Our Independence Day "Killer"  investment grade example! From our 1983 Colleywood
Private Collection
! Colleywood's.... "Piece of the Month" for July 2016!! A mint condition
awe your collector senses! No damage! No issues!
Super "killer" investment grade example, you don't worry how big the
photo is!!!
Not a scratch, not a pinpoint, not a fleabite, not a repair,
not a crack or heat check, not any missing iridescence, not any
warpage problems
, not any wobbly base when sitting on flat surface,
not any color spots, and nothing else to stop us from calling this
masterpiece a totally mint condition piece.
REMEMBER: You gotta pay for one of the best there is! We
have no doubt this example is one of the best! It is mint
condition and we want a mint condition price for it, not some
low ball idiot price. A "once in a lifetime" super bargain price  
at $ 4900.00 plus $35 shipping!!!!!!
If you don't know what good "oxblood" base color looks like, we're going to show you
first hand, with our Colleywood August 2016 Piece of the Month! This "killer" investment
grade Dugan Four Flowers 10-11" big ruffled master bowl will give you a new appreciation
for "oxblood "red/violet purple! Promise!
From our Colleywood Private collection, the reddest
oxblood purple we have ever seen! It even has stretchy
iridescence around the entire outer part of the inside
perimeter! WOW! WOW! WOW!
Sorry carnivalites, but "Stephanie Gal" has already claimed her newest
Colleywood "Piece of the Month". And what a "killer" piece it is!!!!

Already a pending sale by "Stephanie Gal" out there in Kansas!
These preview pictures will be followed with many more photos from us.
We will show all views so you can better appreciate this wonderful
"killer" investment grade example. No damage of issues on this
sensational example. Enjoy the preview photos, but remember,
"Stephanie Gal" has beaten all of you to the punch again!
You won't find one of these at any estate or collection auction.
Collectors vie for these oxblood base colored Dugan examples and
this one is simply exceptional!
The Colleywood September 2016 "Piece of the Month"! A extremely rare "killer"
investment grade marigold pair, every collector wishes they had! Most collectors don't
even have one, yet alone a pair!
These are the very old plain vintage
holders an have the needed "INRI"
inscription banner on them. Please see
the Carnival Heaven website where it
shows the old 1908 butler ads showing a
picture of these with the INRI inscription
Already sold to "Stephanie Gal" out there in Kansas!
Imperial Crucifix candle holders in marigold. They are quite
marketplace, is next to impossible! But here they are, as big as
life, ready for you to become their new owner. The big thing
with these was that when you did find one of these, they
always seemed to have some sort of heavy straw line in the
clear base. This made it look like it was cracked there. Not on
these, the base and everything else, is in no damage condition.
They are simply a pristine pair!
So, if you want something completely different than the norm,
this is a excellent very rare choice. No, we will not give them
away, they are priced quite fairly!

Item # 16-735-RE   $ 825.00 plus $20 ship
Rare! Presenting... Our October "Piece Of The Month"! Recently added to our Colleywood
Private Collection! A Fenton Dragon & Lotus 9" ICS bowl in true amberina red! This is a
new addition to our Colleywood Private Collection, but we can assure you it is a "killer"
investment grade example in every way!
WOW! WOW! This is a total "killer" example that
does have a couple of very minor issues that do
not affect our grading of this piece as a "killer"
investment grade example!
Already sold to "The Looking Glass Lady" out there in Pennsylvania!
What a super, super buy you made!
year, however, don't let the recent addition of it into our finest pieces make
you hesitate to purchase this red amberina "killer" investment grade
example. When we received the piece, it had a very stubborn surface
black residue area on the inside. We weren't sure we could get the area
cleaned up, but after repeated toothbrushing with a mixture of dawn dish
liquid and citrus orange cleaning concentrate, walla the black area was
forever harmlessly removed from the inside. This success story revives the
piece to our "killer" investment grade status. We wish we could do this
magic crusaders we wish we could be. Piece rescue is not an every day
occurrence at Colleywood, but we are always elated when it happens! So,
here's an opportunity to purchase a rare rescued "killer" example! Again a
Item # 16-475-RE   $ 535.00 plus $15 ship
Already sold to "The Kid" out there in California!
November 2016". A Northwood Rose Show 8-9" ruffled bowl in true ice blue! Absolutely in
mint condition & very colorful!
You can't imagine how beautiful this mint
Northwood Rose Show 8-9" ruffled bowl in
ice blue is until you see it in person. It is
very difficult to capture its beauty in photos.
Already sold to that long time established customer of ours,
down there in South Carolina! What a super, super buy!
Congratulations on a beautiful ice blue Northwood "killer"
investment grade mint condition Rose Show ruffled example!
ruffled bowl that will standout in your "killer"collection
cabinet, then you should consider this absolutely mint
incredible and will show best in not so bright lighting. This
makes the piece ideal for a cabinet dweller of the highest
magnitude. Quality pastel "killer" investment grade example
giving that highly desired soft appearance when put on
professional display. Just review our totally unmanaged photos
of this beauty, and we think you'll come to the same
conclusion.... It needs to be in your "killer" collection. We are
not going to give the piece away at some ridiculous price, so
don't get the idea we are desperate to sell it. But as with so
many of our beauties on our website, it has to go eventually.
You can make that eventually happen as quickly as you want!
Item # 16-435-RE    $ 505.00 plus $20 ship
The Colleywood Carnival Glass "Piece of the Month" for January 2017! A"killer grade
Northwood Stippled Three Fruits / Ribbed back 8-9" ruffled bowl in Aqua Opalescent!
From our 1981 Colleywood Private
Collection! It's near mint with just slight
rubs to the central cherry cluster. Superb
colorful iridescence both front and back.
Otherwise, no other damage or major issues.
This Personalized Paypal  buy now Layaway Payment button is
now reserved for "Secret Agent Man 007" out in California
This is one beautiful aqua opalescent Northwood Stippled
Three Fruits ruffled bowl! It has no damage, but does have a
tiny bit of fruit wear mostly on the central three cherries of the
central cherry cluster and a couple or
very tiny marks on some
of the other fruits. It has tremendous eye appeal when
displayed, with the central cherry cluster wear rubs & other
fruit marks barely discernible.
You can spend over $1000 for one of these in mint condition,
or you can own this near mint example for way less!
It's out of our 1981 Colleywood Private Collection, and we did
not put it in our private collection because it was a junk
example. It's near perfect except for the very minor issues we
mentioned above.

Due to the slight fruit wear rubs, however, we cannot grade
this piece as a "killer" investment grade example, but rather,
as a super collector grade example that any avid collector
would be proud to display boldly along with their finest pieces.

The back side has the highly desired ribbed pattern and it also
has superb iridizing which is very colorful. Just review the
photos and we think you'll still warrant a buy on this super
collector grade example.

It's very pretty on display, very rare to find stippled and as atop
notch aqua opalescent piece, so very, very beautiful. Like we
say, it has no physical damage to the piece and the iridescent
coloring and opalescent treatment are both superb. You won't
find this rare three fruits at any estate or convention auction
unless you get darned lucky. Sure you might find a example or
two every 3-5 years, with maybe a rim tooth missing or chips
on the rim or base ring, but try to find one better than this,
and you find yourself in, at least, a 5 year search. Ask any avid
collector, and we feel they will agree, this is a well worth the
money stunning example!

Look at the super duper price we show below, and tell yourself
you don't have a rare opportunity here.

Item # 81-573-RE   $ 625.00 plus $20 ship.
Literally a steal!
Our Colleywood Private Collection "Piece of the Month" for February 2017! A mint condition super "killer
investment grade cobalt blue Fenton Blueberry water pitcher! A tumbler set is not shown but is available!
REMEMBER! You gotta' pay to get the very best! This
should be your choice, if you want the best! Superb!
Matching "killer" grade tumbler set available!
This "killer" investment grade mint water pitcher has excellent
coloring and displays with the best of them. Simply put, it is
one of the best Fenton Blueberry water pitchers in the land. If
you want one of these very hard to find pitchers, this one
should be your choice. We haven't come accross any better
example than this "killer" investment grade example.
Moreover, we do have a full set of "killer" investment grade
tumblers, if you desire a full 7 piece water set. Full water sets
in this very popular Fenton vintage carnival glass pattern are
next to impossible to find at collection and estate auctions, so
here's a rare opportunity to purchase the whole shabang, right
here & now! Sometimes the search to find a set like this is
more appealing to young upstart collectors, but we can tell you
after 45 years of running all over the country looking &
looking... it isn't as appealing anymore! All the dollars we spent
traveling & attending auctions, looking for dream pieces, we
know now, we'll never recoup all the lost time & tons of dollars
we spent. We hope you consider this fact about "gyspy"
collecting. It is a reality we've
now come to realize, in our
elderly years!!! Item # 85-1010-RE    $ 1150.00 plus $30 ship
The Colleywood Carnival Glass "Piece of the Month" for March 2017! From our own Colleywood Private
Collection! A extremely rare marigold spittoon called Tartan a.k.a. Daisy & Cane! Only 3 sold since 2000!
Still looks like the day it was made! Mint
! Radium finish inside, with super
sheen finish outside! What a beautiful
spittoon example! It's 8" across! WOW!
Tartan pattern is a product of the European maker Brockwitz
as this absolutely stunning 8" across spittoon, which doubled
considered very rare and the spittoon item is considered a
prize find among vintage carnival glass collectors the world
This extremely rare mint condition "killer" investment grade
example is from our Colleywood Private Collection, and
frankly, still looks like the day it was made. Obviously
cherished over all these years!
You won't find a better example, so you better seize the
opportunity to add this extremely rare find to your best
collection pieces.
It's one that comes along about once every 8 to ten years, with
only 3 marigold examples selling since year 2000!
Coming Soon! Colleywood Carnival Glass April  2017  "Piece of the Month"! Northwood  Extremely Rare
Sunflower 8" Spatula Footed Ruffled Bowl in Electric Blue! Mint Condition!
Yup, it's electric blue!
Already sold to that established long time customer of ours
down in South Carolina! This is one of the best examples
there is! Best we've ever seen in 46 years of collecting!
This is a extremely rare Northwood Sunflower 8" spatula
footed bowl in total electric blue with the normal Meander
back side pattern! The photos to the left are not managed.
The iridescence coloring is so electric, we simply get what
you see in the photos (below left) when we try to photo this
piece in natural outdoor light streaming in through our sliding
glass kitchenette door.
We tried to shade the piece, and when we do that, it looks like
the piece in the top left photo. However, as soon as we let
outdoor light hit the piece, it turns into the piece you see in
the other photos we posted below. The back side is typical,
with the radium silver iridescence dominating the backside.
This is truly a fascinating piece, with absolutely no damage or
manufacturing issues.
Moreover, if you noticed in the photos,
this is one is the
much rarer variant pieces, with the rare
spatula feet end balls on the bottom tips of each of the three
spatula feet
. Pieces having these foot end balls are much
rarer to find in this Sunflower pattern. Truly an extremely
rare mint piece! Finally, we want you to know, we quickly sold
the mint example we show above on this same page for a very
fair price of $ 735.00 plus $15 ship. It was a beautiful eight
tight ruffle example from our private collection. Also, not too
long ago, a electric blue example, with a nick on the rim, sold
on eBay for $ 995.00! So, here and now we ask a fair price.
Item # 17-685-JW    $ 775.00 plus $15 ship
Cheap considering
it is the rare variant with the beaded spatula feet and is mint
Proudly presenting Colleywood's May 2017 "Piece of the Month" from our Colleywood
Private Collection! An absolute mint Northwood Dandelion 7 piece water set in rare green!
If you can't get into this
extremely rare all mint
Northwood Dandelion 7
piece water set, you're
not a avid carnival glass
collector! You are a
novice collector, if you
can't get into this vintage
carnival glass water set! A
WOW to the nth power!
The bottom half of this site page is dedicated to the Colleywood "Piece of the Month" listings, which come out of our Colleywood
Private Collection pieces. Some of our private collection pieces have been stored for years, while our newer pieces were put
into our private collection piece inventory fairly recently. The pieces that are in our private collection pieces are all exceptional
carnival glass examples, and therefore are our more desired very high quality carnival glass offerings "for sale" on this
website, which our established customers often actively vie for quick purchase. If you are new to our website, you will soon
learn, if the inventory item number ends with the suffix letters "RE", they are pieces coming out of our private collection
inventory. The "Piece of the Month" program was started by us in 2016 and has provided a new exceptional Colleywood Private
Collection piece each month since its inception. It is first come first served on these special high quality, usually very rare
vintage carnival glass examples. Our experienced viewers browse this part of the Rare 2 page virtually every week to make
sure they don't miss a new "Piece of the Month" listing.
Better think very hard before you let
Presenting more of our "Sensational Rare Vintage Carnival Glass Collection Pieces...
A rare vintage Fenton Dragon & Lotus / plain back 8-9" eight ruffled bowl, in rare vaseline
opalescent base glass! Mint condition! From my 1981 Colleywood Private Collection!
Simply put, a very rare vaseline opalescent Dragon & Lotus, 8-9"
eight ruffle bowl, in rare vaseline opalescent base glass. It is in
mint condition, and I've had it a long time!
Rare! A vintage Fenton Dragon & Lotus / plain back, 8-9" eight ruffled bowl, in rare vaseline opalescent base glass! No damage. Mint condition. It is from my 1981 Colleywood Private Collection pieces.
Haven't seen one sold in this condition, sell at auction or online, for quite a number of years now. Several sold, but all the examples I observed sell, were listed with physical damage present of some sort.
Here is a no damage example at a very reasonable price! Item # 81-290-RE       $ 365.00 plus $35.00 ship.
A super bargain price! Sorry, already sold this rare beauty to "The Kid" in California!
I am so sorry Angelita 10, this piece is
already sold to "The Kid" out there in
California! It is clearly marked sold on the
Home page or (Index Page)! Forgot to mark
it here! Please forgive my error in not
marking it sold here on Rare 2 page!