The Carnival Glass 500 Average for 2014
2014 Carnival Glass "500" Average (In U.S.Dollars):$ 85527     +53 points up from year 2013
A True Story About The Rare Millersburg "Night
Scene" Trout & Fly & Big Fish Bowls!
Most of you avid collectors out there have no idea what a
extremely rare "NIGHT SCENE" Trout & Fly or Big Fish bowl even
looks like! You wouldn't know it, even if you saw one right in front
of you!
So, if you want to learn about them please read this very true story
about how I learned of the Millersburg "NIGHT SCENE" fish bowls
47 years ago!!
My father used to take my three brothers & myself to farm auctions
back in Eastern Pennsylvania during the early to mid 1960s', mostly
because my mother made him take the boys along to give her a
break from "stressful" parenting! There were 8 children in all, so
just having my father take "us boys" along, gave her great relief
once in awhile. Well, my dad wasn't one to have a "gang" of kids
following him around at the auction, while he was trying to
concentrate on buying farm related equipment. So, he'd give us
each $5.00 to $10.00 to go find something at the auction to buy
ourselves. He did it mostly to get rid of us, and you know, it worked
perfectly! We couldn't wait to get the money and go on our own
merry ways to find something cheap enough we could bid on and
buy ourselves! All the auctioneers knew my dad, so there was no
problem back then for us to get our bids recognized by the
auctioneers on "the little cheap stuff" we'd bid on.
With me, of course, it was those seemingly endless pieces of
colorful carnival glass. I just loved to find pieces with new patterns
and new colors! And moreover, they'd always seem to sell at a
price, for which, I had enough money. I couldn't wait to get a new
pattern piece, and then, immediately run to show my Dad my new
begotten treasure. He'd always encourage me, and sometimes he
would even give me some more money to go buy more. Little did I
realize, I was already becoming a carnival glass junkie, even
though I was only a teenager!
Anyway, I was at this farm auction on a typical Saturday where they
had quite a few pieces of carnival glass to sell. They had the
pieces displayed nicely on a piece of 4' x 8' plywood sitting on two
old wooden saw horses. I distinctly remember the moment well,
when a elderly gentleman, who was also looking over the carnival
glass pieces, saw that I was looking at a amethyst Millersburg Trout
& Fly bowl. He let me put down the piece, and then, picked it up
himself, and while looking it over, calmy said to me, " You don't
want to buy this piece of Millersburg Trout & Fly. What you really
want to find is one of these that shows the 'NIGHT SCENE' on it."
Well, I immediately thought this old guy was giving me a "bum
steer" story just to discourage me from bidding on the piece,
because he himself wanted to bid on it. But, out of taught respect, I
listened to his story anyway. He went on to say, "You'll know the
'NIGHT SCENE' when you see one son." And with that said, he
turned and walked on down the line of other items to be sold. He
never did bid on that Millersburg Trout & Fly that day, but I did. I
didn't win the piece, but I always remembered him telling me that
I'd know the "NIGHT SCENE" piece when I saw one.
Well, as fate would have it, 47 years later, I finally found a amethyst
"NIGHT SCENE" Trout & Fly piece! Last month in a SEECK soft close
on-line auction, I saw it shown in the Auction Flex pics Seeck had
posted and realized right then and there, that the old man 47 years
ago was really trying to educate me rather than giving me a
bumsteer! It was so obvious there was no way to deny it was truly a
"NIGHT SCENE" depiction on the piece!!! I have decided to show
you all a picture of it, hoping you will all come to the same
conclusion as to what the artist who made this beauty was trying to
really depict. Look at it closely, and I am firmly convinced that the
old man 47 years ago was a lot smarter than I gave him credit for
being. Take a look for yourself,
study the photo of the rare piece
below on this page
Take a look at the moon hiding behind the flower, the moonlight
spilling across the water and lighting up the jumping fish just the
way it would look jumping into the full moonlit late evening! If
you've ever gone fishing, and stayed till nightfall on a full moon
night, you definitely know fish jump up out of the water at night too.
This is just how they look when they do so! To me, the scene
depicted on this bowl is after the sun has fully set, and now the full
moon is just rising up over the horizon to take it's granted place in
the night! A kind of time where the last hope of daylight has given
up to the first flood of full moonlight! What an artist, to be able to
depict this scene so compellingly!
We all have instances that happen in our lives which we never
forget. Meeting the old man 47 years ago is still vivid in my mind.
He has left a lasting impression on me, and I finally have come to
realize how wrong we can be about the intentions of individuals
who we meet in our life. So, here, I take this opportunity to relate
this true story to all of you who took the time to come to this page
and read my 47 year belated apology to a truly wonderful wise old
Respectfully submitted,Forrest "Woody" Schaefer                         
Making the big mistake of buying carnival glass based totally on seeing
auction photos taken in professional black box photo boxes!
Presenting.... A Colleywood Carnival Glass Copyrighted Exclusive... A Custom Made Color Chart Reference
for Carnival Glass Base Colors! These were custom made using actual carnival glass pieces to match against!
We are so tired of our Carnivalite customers and collector friends e-mailing us copies of upcoming auction photos of "killer" looking pieces of carnival glass pieces taken with a black
backlit background in a professional black box photo lab! Then, they ask us why we don't have pieces listed that look as good as these! Carnivalites, are you losing touch with reality or
what????????????? These piece shown this way, will never look this way when you receive them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Promise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To prove this point, and to bring our high flying
Carnivalite friends & collectors back down to earth, we show three recently sold "killer" carnival glass items, side by side! They all are "black box fantasy" versus what they really
look like in reality! We are doing this to bring you Carnivalites down out of the fantasy clouds you seem to be riding on!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please review these reality comparisons and come
back down out of the clouds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We all need a good taste of true reality in this world today!!!!!!!!! Enjoy the photos! They are all unmanaged!
professional black backlit box auction photo fantasy!
same piece shown with our normal unmanaged photo reality!
Auction Photo Fantasy!
Our Photo reality!
Auction Photo fantasy!
Seller's Photo fantasy!
Our Photo reality! (same piece)
Every upcoming auction we go through the same Carnivalite fantasy trip with our friends, customers and collectors! Apparantly, they just want to believe
these auction fantasy photos! The reality is, you won't get a piece that looks just like these photos! Please understand this reality and come down out of
the fantasy orbit you are circling the Earth in!!!!!!!!!!!! We put one our own photo fantasy pieces up to show anyone can show a piece in a unrealistic way!
Please, don't make expensive piece buys based on these type auction photos! You'll be very disappointed with the piece you receive when it doesn't match
up to the photo hype you were shown!!!!!!!!!
Making the big mistake of accepting the Auctioneers' "glowing" descriptions of carnival glass pieces shown
in online auctions!
BEWARE!!!!! Here's photo proof below, of why!
Actual auction photo and piece description of the online Seeck
Auction # 75 Lot 19 Fenton Orange Tree 9" twelve sided plate in blue.
NOTE: The description says " Orange Tree 9" plate    blue, very
NO mention of the missing iridescence on the back!
Here's what we actually received from Seeck Auction in the mail
after we paid $225.00 plus a $7/item fee plus shipping charge!

No mention of practically the entire back side
of this plate obviously having missing iridescence!
So, we say"buyer beware"!
Actual auction photo & piece description of the online Seeck Auction
# 75 Lot 32 Northwood Peacock at the Fountain water pitcher in blue.
NOTE: The description says " N's Peacock at the Fountain water
pitcher - blue
minor pinpoint on side of spout".
This is the actual water pitcher we received!
Pinpoint on side of spout (as described).
1/2" flake chip up at top rim just to the right of the top of the handle
attachment! (not described)
1/8" chip inside center of spout! (not described)
REMEMBER: Buyers beware of online auction descriptions!
Important: The variants of the Northwood Grape & Cable Thumbprint
water tumblers! Compare these to the normally found pitcher pattern.
When you are about to purchase your first Northwood Grape & Cable Thumbprint 7 piece water set, you had better
be buying a set with the proper matching tumblers!

You heard right, you can get the wrong tumblers for your pitcher or a mixture of two different Northwood
trademark signed tumblers! The original underlined N in the proper circle!

Take a look closely at the two Northwood trademarked signed tumblers to the left. At first glance, you may think
they both have the same pattern elements. Well, if you think that, you are dead wrong! Look closely at where we
have our nut pick pointer placed on the tumbler to the right. Notice the vine on the tumbler there comes across
from the leaf to the grape cluster. Then notice the tumbler to the left has the vine hanging down from the grape
cluster side, and it does not connect to the leaf! The two regular 4" tumblers have this distinct  pattern difference!
So, when you are buying a whole 7 piece Northwood Grape & Cable Thumbprint
regular size water set, which
tumbler is the proper one that best matches the regular sized water pitcher.

The answer is the one on the right! All your tumblers should be like the one shown on the right side in the photo!
Because the regular sized water pitcher has these same vines that connect the leaves to every other grape cluster
shown throughout the pattern! That's why!
Take a look at the regular sized water pitcher we have photoed with the "killer" set above. Take note of how the
vines connect the leaves with the grape clusters at every other grape cluster on the water pitcher. All the
matching tumblers we show with this set, do the same! Something the tumbler on the left side in the photo to the
left doesn't ever do! No connection to the leaf!

Remember! If you want a real "killer" graded investment Northwood Grape & Cable Thumbprint regular sized water
set, you got to have
all the right matching tumblers, not a mixed hodgepodge, or all tumblers like the one shown on
the left!
Very Important: Bet you never knew there are two different Millerburg Hanging Cherries
tumbler patterns!
Well... look below! Note! All photos are enlargeable!
First and foremost, there is a real difference in the size and shape
of the two different tumblers! One has  a straight non flared top
with a factory ground base, while the other flared top one is
slightly taller by 1/16" & has a flared out top and no factory ground
The second difference in the two Millersburg Hanging Cherries tumblers is
much more subtle, but these mold differences we will point out for you,
prove there were at least two different tumbler molds used! Carefully
study the vine endings on both tumblers and you will see they are
markedly different from each other! There are three panels of hanging
cherries on each tumbler, and these vine endings vary on each panel,
proving the existence of at least two sets of different tumbler molds!
Still skeptical of our claims, well look at the vine endings on each
tumbler at the bottom of the second panel of the hanging cherries.
More differences between the two molds! No question about it, the
differences here are very vivid and again it proves the existence of
at least two separate sets of tumbler molds!
Now for the third panel of hanging cherries. Again, compare the differences in
the vine endings on each tumbler, and again you will see markedly different vine
pattern elements between the two Millersburg Hanging Cherries water tumblers.
This proves for the third time the existence of at least two separate sets of
tumbler molds. We feel we are the first to point out these differences and they
should be noted by the cadre of experts who have never even realized these
e pattern differences.
Why buying  vintage rare carnival glass pieces from Colleywood Carnival Glass will cut way down on your
"mistake buying" surprises and save you oodles of money in the collecting long run. If you don't believe us
look at a recent on-line auction for a rare emerald green Imperial Nuart Signed Homestead plate!
Too many vintage carnival glass collectors, both seasoned pros and novice newbies, are finding that about 20% of the pieces they buy through on-line
estate auctions, eBay seller auctions & other on-line selling agents, just aren't measuring up to the quality they thought they were going to receive when
they finally receive the pieces they purchased. In case you are counting, that is 1 out of 5 pieces you purchase through on-line auction house estate
auctions,eBay and other selling entities, just don't measure up to the piece quality you were expecting to receive. We receive email after email from
frustrated carnival glass collectors all around the world who say they are simply not getting the piece quality that was advertised by the auction houses
and eBay selling dealers in their on-line auctions.
To us, that is a waste of a lot of good money wasted, which could have been prevented simply by using Colleywood Carnival Glass as your purchasing
source for your vintage carnival glass purchases. So how do we here at Colleywood Carnival Glass eliminate your mistake buying? Well, it's really quite
simple fellow Carnivalites. Colleywood fully inspects, examines and professionally quality grades it's carnival glass pieces before they even list the pieces
for sale on their website. Secondly, each piece listed on the site is accurately described with respect to any physical damage and manufacturing issues
found on each piece. Finally, we show accurate photos of each piece listed for sale on our site, all of which are totally unmanaged photos which
realistically depict exactly how the piece will look when it is brought into your home or your collection. You might say, this is our no cost collection
insurance policy to each and every one of our purchasers, assuring them of just exactly what they will be receiving. You just don't get that kind of
treatment or assurance from auction houses, eBay sellers and the like. We're not saying we are 100% perfect in everything we do, but we certainly can tell
you we are not wrong 20% of the time!
So, if you want to cut way down on your carnival glass buying mistakes, give Colleywood Carnival Glass a try. We've been collecting the quality carnival
glass pieces for over 44 years now, so we kind of know our way around the vintage carnival glass collecting world. Our "Collector Corner" pages of our
website are a true testament to what we can do for any carnival glass collector, seasoned pro, or novice newbie. Just take a look at these site pages and
we think you'll see just what we stand for in this business.
Give us the chance to help you win at collecting high quality vintage carnival glass pieces. We know our business well. Promise!
What we have actually heard at many carnival glass club
convention auctions! One True recount!
Have you ever attended a carnival glass club convention auction? Well we have!
Well over 100 in the last 15 years to our best approximation. We want you to
know what we have overheard, most frequently, from many of the attendees of
these auctions. You won't like to hear what we are about to reveal, but it is the
truth, and we think you fellow Carnivalites ought to know about it, if you don't
already know through your own experiences!
The most common type of conversation we overhear, before the auction begins,
is one attendee standing around within the auction preview crowd, telling
another standing attendee how little they paid for a rare "killer" grade item they
recently purchased! Oh, but the conversation doesn't stop with that bragging
opening statement. Usually, the bragging attendee goes on to tell the other
attendee where he or she fleeced the rare "killer" piece, normally calling the
poor seller a "dumb-ass" or some other demeaning name! We can tell you first
hand, these braggarts make sure they are standing amongst the throng of
auction previewers and talk loud enough to be heard by most everyone at the
auction preview. They are proud of their fleecing efforts, like a vulture who has
just finished devouring his secretly found dead meal & then flys up onto a dead
tree and sits there on a dead tree limb full of other vultures, just so they can
openly smell his or her recent successful hunt.
You know, we have heard this type of ranting at these auction gatherings so
many times, it makes us absolutely sick! Avid club members, famous collectors
and traveling gypsy collectors alike, bragging about their latest so called
"success" buys! You'd think they would be ashamed to admit their behavior in
such dealings, but we can tell you first hand, they aren't the least ashamed of
literally "stealing" rare "killer" grade pieces from downtrodden sellers.
By practicing such "low ball" dealings, and then by loudly bragging to everyone
about such dealings, they have to know this is the main way they promote a
downward bias in the general overall carnival glass market. The sad irony is, they
just don't seem to give a damn. You'd think they would be smart enough to realize
loudly bragging about these kind of dealings, helps "cheapen" the value of their
own overall carnival glass collection pieces by creating a downward buyer bias
in the overall vintage carnival glass market! They seem oblivious to this
possibility! This is why we want to bring this, way too common happening, to
everyone's attention. We can only hope by bringing this highly detrimental
common practice to light to all Carnivalites, we can somehow convince these
"mee-first-ism" type of club members, collectors & traveling gypsy carnival glass
collectors to at least put a hold on loudly bragging about their recent dealings
openly at auction previews. It's one thing to hold a private conversation with a
fellow friend club member, another avid collector or a traveling collector cohort;
but, in our opinion, it's pretty stupid to stand amongst a throng of auction
previewers and loudly aver how stupid a poor seller was to sell you a rare super
piece of vintage carnival glass at a "give away" price! Shame on all of you who
practice such stupidity! Responses welcomed!
First of all, we downloaded this photo of this plate directly as it appeared in
the Auction Flex on-line auction. We did not darken the photo, or manage
the photo in any way. We just enlarged it. If you notice, the plate photo is
dark, so you can hardly see what is wrong with the plate. The auction
description says, "Homstead chop plate - emerald green - very rare and
nice, top piece in the sale!" No mention of any damage. Sold over $ 2000!
In this photo of the same plate, all we did was brighten the photo of the
plate, and walla, you can now easily see the obvious nick to the rim edge at
6:30 oclock in the photo. You can now also see another nick to the rim edge
at 11 o'clock! Would
you be bidding over $2000.00 on-line to win this rare
emerald green chop plate? Not us! This is the very thing we are talking
about below. Go ahead, keep making these mistake buys, you'll get tired of it
We've had a lot of emails from our site browers asking us "What is Miss June's favorite piece of carnival glass in the Colleywood Private Collection?"
Well after asking her, she revealed that she has many pieces close to her heart, but surprisingly, she calls the piece shown below, closest to her heart!
Take a look for yourself! Have you ever even seen one?
This mint condition is already sold to "Race Horse I" down there in Georgia!
Congratulations in obtaining Miss June's most beloved carnival glass piece!
Already sold, headed for the state of Colorado!
Extremely rare! A iridized Imperial glass vintage Zippered Heart "Queen Vase" in
extrmely rare green! Over 7 pounds of glass, this vase has 3/8" thick glass, and is
close to 9" tall and about 7" wide!
It is in mint condition! Wow, Wow, Wow, what a
giant hunk of carnival glass! You won't find one of these very easily! In mint
condition, and in superbly iridized green base glass they are next to impossible to
find in the marketplace! Carwile & Edwards 9th edition page 430 Green = $5500!
Originally, a gift from my father in 1965! Item # 65-2000-RE      $2200.00 plus $30 ship
Rare! Northwood Peacock at the Fountain 8 piece punch set in fiery amethyst! No
damage! No issues! Superb iridescent coloring throughout! "Killer" investment grade set
with superb iridescence. You won't find many better than this beautiful punch set! All
pieces of this "killer" investment grade 8 pc. punch set match nicely! There's one that
just sold on eBay for over $1200.00, and it is not as nice as this set. No discount, since
we paid $900.00 for it at the HOACGA Convention! Item # 16-900-HA   $1250.00 plus $35
A bargain!
Due to the tremendous amount of time we are now dedicating to the maintaining of our Colleywood Carnival Glass web site, it has become impossible for
us to continue keeping track of the 500 carnival glass patterns in our data base that we have been tracking for over 30 years. We feel we have pioneered
the concept of the "500 Average" and encourage other enterprising upstarts of carnival glass reference web sites to continue following the carnival glass
marketplace in the future. For all you who have criticized our statistical approach to following the trends of the carnival glass marketplace, you sure didn't
show us anything but idiot criticism. It is a sad situation for people like us who worked so hard to follow the trends in the carnival glass marketplace, to be
told by others who have no clue to what is happening in this marketplace, that our methods are simply unscientific and have no reflection whatsoever
what the trends are in the carnival glass marketplace. For all you that criticized, we have this to say! "You are ones that have no clue!" Period!!!!
Already sold to "Race Horse I" down
there in Georgia!
Already sold to "Race Horse II" down
there in the state of Georgia!
Extremely rare! Fenton Blueberry 7 pc. water set in
cobalt blue! "Killer" investment grade! No damage
or issues with superb iridescent coloring & mold
crispness on all pieces of this set! One of the best!
Item # 86-1190-RE   $ 1300.00 plus $35 ship
Rare! Fenton Holly 8-9" 3in1 bowl in aqua! "Killer"
investment grade example purchased from the
Galen Johnson collection at the 2016 HOACGA
auction! Hard to find in this aqua base color,
especially with the 3in1 edge. Very pretty piece!!!
Item # 16-140-HA   $ 175.00 plus $15 ship
Super rare! Imperial Chatelaine water pitcher in
electric purple. No damage! Has a couple of short
mold lines but nothing to devalue this "killer'
investment grade example. Sensational super rare
water pitcher which will light up your cabinet!!!!!
Very rare! Millersburg Peacock & Urn 6" ICS sauce
in rare green! "Killer" investment grade example!
Almost impossible to find in this 6" sauce size.
Mint condition with superb iridescent color! Superb!
Item # 16-149-JW   $ 225.00 plus $15 ship
Our own photo reality!
Already sold to "Race
Horse II" down there in
Already sold! Headed to a Georgia  
military base! Ships 7/16/2020
Rare! Northwood Peacock & Urn 10" master ICS
bowl in oxblood! Yes, it's a "killer" investment
grade example! Yup, it's got superb iridescent
coloring. We had it with a whole set, but the sauces
just don't do the master any favors. So, we'll list it
single, as a sensational oxblood ICS master bowl.
Extremely rare! Imperial vintage Crucifix
candleholder pair in nice marigold! "Killer"
investment grade pair!
No damage or issues! These
are not the reproduction ones, but the ones with
INRE inscription on them. These are the real
vintage crosses from the early 1900s'. Item #
87-936-RE  $ 1200.00 +$40.
Very, very rare! Northwood Stippled & Banded
Grape & Cable tri-footed banana boat in total
electric blue! No damage or issues! Yes, it's a
"killer" investment grade example! Superbly done
iridescent coloring throughout! Can't ask for better!
Item # 82-442-RE   $ 620.00 plus $25 ship
Extremely rare! Northwood Oriental Poppy water
tumbler with ribbed interior in ice blue! "Killer"
investment grade tumbler! These are very difficult
to find in the current marketplace. Here's a rare
opportunity! Item # 16-206-JW  $ 245.00 + $15 ship
Yup, we have another full set and
here it is! What a beauty!
Price increased on this
"killer" piece!
Already sold! This item is headed
for the state of Texas! It should
ship by 1/8/19
Yes, it's another green Fenton Thistle banana
boat! A "killer" investment grade example!
Already sold to our friend in
South Africa!
Another "killer" investment grade Fenton
Blueberry 7 pc. water set in rich marigold! "Killer"
investment grade! No damage or issues! Super
iridescence! Item # 82-567-RE   $ 625.00 plus $30
A very rare Fenton Mikado giant compote in blue!
"Killer" investment grade! One iridized over inside
scratch, from the making, is the only issue this
beauty has. Item # 87-470-RE   $ 660.00 + $30 ship
A rare Northwood Siging Birds water pitcher in
Color laden iridescence! Super "killer"
investment grade example! No damage or issues!
Item # 82-269-RE   $ 325.00 plus $25 ship
A rare Fenton Thistle banana boat in rare green!
Colorful throughout! "killer" investment grade
example! Listing coming very soon now! Item #
16-225-SK   $ 265.00 plus $71 ship to South Africa
Now also shown on our Fenton 1 page!
Already sold to "The Kid" in California!
We recently received a email offer of purchase
for this beauty at $200! We replied: " It's not a
1951 repro, bro, get serious!"
Tallest & has the
rarest 5" base!
Already sold to "Secret Agent Man 007" out
there in the state of California!!
Preparing to ship this week!
Very rare! Fenton Illinois Soldiers & Sailors House
plate in blue! Yes, it's a "killer" investment grade
example and one of the best there is! WOW! WOW!
Item # 16-1650-SK    $ 1950.00 plus $20 ship
Extremely rare! Fenton Orange Tree 8-9" ruffled
bowl in true cherry red! Yes, it's a super "killer"
investment grade example! One of the best!
Item # 16-1035-SK   $1460.00 plus $20 ship
Very rare! Northwood Grape & Cable footed banana
boat in ice blue! Yes, it's a "killer" investment
grade example! Nice dark ice blue with good
iridescence! Item # 16-393-RE  $ 495.00 + $30 ship
Tallest (19 5/8") Imperial Morning Glory funeral
vase ever made! It also has the
extremely rare
snowflake 5" dia. base
! Has a very slight bend in
the body. Item # 82-095-RE   $245.00 plus $25 ship
Our second Northwood
Sunflower 8" spatula footed
bowl in all electric blue!
Extremely rare! Northwood Ribbed Tornado
novelty vase in rare amethyst! Mint condition!
Where would you find one at this price?
Sold to "Race Horse II" down  in Georgia !
Extremely rare! Birmingham Age Herald
9-10" plate in amethyst with super
sheen colorful iridized finish!
Already sold to the"The Kid"! Going to
Already sold to "The Kid" out in California!
You won't find one of these rare Northwood
Sunflower 8" spatula bowls in all electric blue at
any collection or estate auctions. Collectors hold
onto to them like gold! This one has a tooth that has
been bent back upon itself, as shown at 9 o'clock
in the above photo. It is from the original making
and is not considered damage. We talked to a glass
repair company and they say it could be repaired.
Item # 16-350-JW   $ 400.00 plus $25 ship Cheap!
Extremely rare! Northwood Ribbed Tornado novelty vase
in electric amethyst! Absolutely the best we've ever seen.
No damage! The only thing preventing us from calling
this "killer" investment grade example mint condition, is
a small harmless totally enclosed bubble up near the top
rim of this sensational novelty vase. Superb very colorful
iridescence throughout the piece make this example a
stand-out! Item # 16-1060-SK   $ 1270.00 plus $20 ship
Extremely Rare! Fenton Birmingham Age Herald
9-10" advertising plate in amethyst! The best we've
ever seen! No damage! No issues! Super colorful
iridescence both on the front and on the Wide Panel
backside. Can't find a thing wrong with this
sensational extremely rare beauty! WOW!!!! Item #
16-1955-SK    $ 2200.00 plus $25 ship
The best!
Super rare! Fenton Dragon & Strawberry 8-3/4"
collar base round deep nut bowl in rare green.
damage or issues
! "Killer" investment grade
example which is next to impossible to find in the
marketplace. Superb iridescent coloring with great
color hues and a good crisp mold strike example.
These go for a lot of money whenever they are sold
at the convention auctions! This is a very very rare
shape! I originally bought it in 1978, sold it in 1980,
then bought it back in 1986 after the owner died!
Original Item # 78-1020-RE   $ 1170.00 + $25 ship
Already sold to "Race Horse II"
down there in Georgia!
Already sold to "Race Horse II" down
there in Georgia!
Very rare! Millersburg Zig Zag 10" tri-corner bowl in
radium finish amethyst! No damage! No issues! Superb
iridescent coloring throughout the inside. The exterior is
not iridized, but who cares?!? A super "killer" investment
grade example which is extremely hard to find anywhere!
Item # 16-725-SK    $ 820.00 plus $25 ship
Rare! Millersburg Tulip Scroll 10" tall vase in amethyst.
No damage! No issues. Nice iridescent coloring, with wide
mouth top opening. "Killer" investment grade example!
Originally, placed in "The Kid's" buying corral, as one
of his prime picks, he has given it up to us to relist it. No
damage or issues, and came from the Samantha Prince
collection!  Nice vase! Item 09-335-AL   $370 plus $15 ship
Extremely rare! Imperial Chrysanthemum 10-11" chop
plate in double electric purple! The best we've ever seen!
No damage! Has two harmless fully enclosed bubbles
which prevent us from calling this super "killer"
investment grade chop plate mint! The totally electric
iridescent coloring looks like a oil painting on glass. Yes,
it's super sensational while the back is not even iridized at
all!!!! Item # 16-2900-RE   $4300 plus $20 ship
Rare! Northwood Rose Show 8-9" ruffled bowl in aqua
opalescent with beautiful colorful iridescence inside. No
damage or issues to this mint condition beauty! Just a
gorgeous "killer investment grade example that is simply
stunning in appearance! This a a beautiful pastel piece!
Item # 86-585-RE   $ 785.00 plus $15 ship.
Price increased on this
rare "killer" piece!
Already put in layaway by that smart
collector down in Robstown, Texas!
Rare! Northwood Fruits & Flowers 9-10" ruffled master
bowl in rare ice green! Has the normal Basketweave
exterior pattern which is also nicely iridized! Mint
condition! No damage! No issues! The iridescent coloring
is simply incredible & even on the back side! This is a
"killer" investment grade example and is very, very, very
pretty. Item # 82-357-RE   $ 545.00 plus $20 ship
One of a Kind Whimsy Plate! Fenton Persian Medallion
6" four sides up plate in extremely rare Vaseline glass
with pumpkin marigold overlay iridescence! It glows
under black light! Only one there is!
No damage! No
! Mint! You'll never find another like this rarity!
Superb! Item # 85-844-RE   $ 1000.00 plus $15 ship
Very Rare! Millersburg Hanging Cherries 5 pc. water set
in super sheen green! No damage! No issues! Extremely
hard to find water sets in this rare Millersburg pattern.
"Off the charts" iridescent coloring on all pieces. Just a
super "killer" investment grade water set! Superb!!!!!
Item # 15-1075-SK    $ 1280.00 plus $30 ship
We call this our Bernard Helming 1910 Fenton
"Paneled Dandelion" exclusive green mint 7 piece
water set
! No damage anywhere! As you can see
from the above photos, this set was made
exclusively for Bernard Helming in 1910. His name
is etched right in the one tumbler. The set is so
well matched, we think it is all original. It's the best
bar none! Item # 14-480-TB  $ 750.00 + $ 30.00 ship
A Northwood Singing Birds Pitcher in true
emerald green
! Only issue is a manufacturer
separation on  the applied handle! No damage!
Already sold to "Lone Star L" down
there in Texas! Was shipped 6/9/17!
Fenton Peacock & Urn 9" twelve sided plate in
totally electric blue! Outer space iridescent
coloring front & back, charged by an electric
eel! No damage!
Scarce Northwood Hearts & Fowers 9"
PCE bowl in electric amethyst! Yes,
there is some imbalance in the iridescent
coloring, but the piece is electric! "Killer"
investment grade example with color!
Already Sold! Headed for the state
of Ohio! Billy, you have bought the
best  of the best ! It's electric!
A rare find! When is the last time you saw
a 10-11" tight  high 8 ruffle Dugan Ski Star
in nice electric purple? One inside center
tiny scratch is the only issue.  WOW!
Very Rare! Northwood Singing Birds water pitcher
in very rare emerald green! No damage, simply has
a small manufacturing separation on one side of
the applied handle, from the original making. So,
display it as shown above with the handle to left!!!!

! Item # 15-495-JW    $ 550.00 plus $15 ship
Rare! Fenton Peacock & Urn 9" twelve sided plate
outer space electric blue! No damage, but does
have some extra glass ridges between several rim
teeth from the original making. Top row photos are
indoor light, bottom row photos taken in sunlight.
Item # 17-197-TB  $ 270.00 plus $25 ship
Scarce! Northwood Hearts & Flowers 9" PCE bowl
in electric amethyst!
No damage! Only issue is the
varying color of the bowl on the inside perimeter.
So what! It's a electric shocker that will light up
your cabinet! "Killer" investment grade example!
Item # 87-308-RE   $ 465.00 plus $20.00 ship
Rare! Dugan Ski-Star 10 -11" big high tight ruffle
bowl in electric purple. One tiny center scratch
prevents us from grading this beauty "killer". It's a
solid rare collector grade example with above
average iridescent color. Try finding another one!
Item # 17-219-TB   $ 265.00 plus $30 ship
A Fenton Heart & Vine 9" twelve sided
plate in blue! Yes, it has a inside center
strawmark, a pinpoint iridescent pock
mark on front side and some scratches
on back, but it is still a nice collector
grade example! The iridescence is also
quite colorful. No other issues present.
Now shown
listed on  our
"Anything Anytime"
site page!
I call this my"silver bullet" because of
the mirror radium silver iridescence all
over the outside of this rare Cambridge
Inverted Strawberry 8-9"bowl in purple,
yet,  the inside of the bowl has brilliant
super sheen colorful iridescence! It has
the block print "NEAR CUT" on the inside
center area. Simply a gorgeous piece!
Our Best!
A Northwood
Peacock & Urn 10"ICS bowl, in bright
Mint condition!
From our  1982 Colleywood Private
Collection! A incredible Northwood
Acorn Burrs 6 piece water tumbler set
that will you will never match! When
we find the pitcher that goes with is
sensational 6 tumbler set, we will put
the whole 7 piece water set up for sale
on our "Killer" pages of our site. We
know we have the pitcher, but will
have to dig for it. Until we find it in our
unopened boxes, contemplate what
you will do when we post the full water
set! Please be patient while we dig!
Scarce! Fenton Heart & Vine 9" twelve sided plate
in blue. Has a typical found Fenton inside center
strawmark, and a tiny pock mark on the front side
iridescence. It also has several short noticeable
scratch mark to the back side iridescence. No
other condition or manufacturing issues. Very nice
collector grade example which looks good on
display. Item # 17-134-SK   $ 165.00 plus $20 ship
Rare! Cambridge Inverted Strawberry 8-9" scallop
top bowl in purple! Has sensational mirror finish
silver radium finsh iridescence all over the
exterior, and in contrast, has super sheen very
colorful iridescence on the inside, along with the
"NEAR CUT" block printing. You can see this piece
listed now on our "Anything Anytime" site page!
Rare! Northwood Peacock & Urn 10" ICS master
bowl in bright blue! Rare to find this colorful and in
mint condition! An absolute "killer" investment
grade example with sensational iridescent color
inside and outside. Don't know how you could find
one better. We couldn't. Yes, we have another
"killer" blue one on our "killer" pages! It is a
beauty too, so the choice is yours at the same price
These were put with our "killer" grade pitcher and
the entire 7 piece water set was sold to "Race
Horse 1" down there in Georgia! What a super
water set these tumblers made!
Rare! A Fenton Ten Mums 8-9" CRE bowl in
rare green!
No damage! No issues! The radium
silver iridesence frames the very colorful
center iridescence with incredible beauty!
Sure, it has a out of round base ring... so
what?!? Look at the radium finish iridescence
inside & out! It's a virtual color bath for
heaven's sake!
A darker ice blue than the example
shown above! Northwood Grape & Cable
banana boat in ice blue! No damage or
issues! Real nice "killer" grade example!
Already sold to "Race
Horse II" down there in
Northwood Grape & Cable tankard
pitcher in purple! Except for some
errant spray specks & some iridescent
wear loss on the spout, it's a "killer"!
Rare! Fenton Ten Mums 8-9" CRE bowl in rare
green. Nice framed type colorful center iridescence
almost makes pattern look like an artist painting of
the piece. "Killer" grade example, with a really
beautiful look! Item # 06-135-DM   $175.00 plus $15
Scarce! Fenton Orange Tree / Bearded Berry back
9" plate in cobalt blue. The only issue is a minor
out of round base ring. As you can see, the plate's
iridescent coloring is superb! Don't see base ring
on display! Item # 16-156-JW   $ 295 plus $15 ship
Scarce! Northwood Grape & Cable regular banana
boat in dark ice blue! No damage or issues!
Beautiful colorful iridescence inside & out! Here a
real pretty hard to find dark ice blue for your killer
displays! Item # 16-274-JW   $515.00 plus $20 ship
Rare! Northwood Grape & Cable tankard 5 piece
water set in purple! No damage! The pitcher does
have several tiny spray specks in the iridescence,
but who cares with this superb iridescent coloring?
It just doesn't get any better than this super
electric Stippled Good Luck, Ribbed back
ruffled bowl in super electric blue! It's the best!
The best part is, it is in absolutely mint
One faint glass bruise on the
edge, prevents us from calling
this aqua opal 8-9" Northwood
Peacocks super pastel a mint!
Already sold to "Race Horse II" down
there in Georgia!
Rare! The best we've ever seen! Mint!  Northwood
Stippled & Ribbed back Good Luck 8-9" ruffled
bowl in total electric blue! Just look at the photos!
Item # 81-279-RE   $ 415.00 plus $20 ship
Rare! Northwood Peacocks 8-9" ruffled bowl in
pastel aqua opalescent. Just 1 very faint edge
bruise, not a nick, to the inside edge. Barely visible
even with close examination. See close up photos.
Item # 81-509-RE   $655.00 plus $20 ship
Scarce! Imperial Ripple vase (12" x 3 3/8" base) in
radium finish double electric purple! Sensational
color bath vase with color from top to bottom and
all around.
Mint! Looks beautiful when on display!
Item # 17-097-TB   $140.00 plus $20.00
Rare! Northwood Poppy Show 8-9" ruffled bowl in
double electric blue!
No damage or issues. A
"killer" investment grade mint condition example.
How can you not say it's double electric?
Bright electric blue!
Rare & beautiful!!!
No damage or issues!
Already sold!
Preparing to ship
this "killer" item
to Texas!
Already sold! Headed for the great
state of Ohio!
Rare! Northwood Stippled & Banded Grape & Cable
10-11" footed fruit bowl in bright blue with electric
Absolutely a mint condition "killer"
investment grade example with superb iridescence
inside & out! These are extremely difficult to find in
this mint condition, anywhere! Where would you
find one? Item # 83-544-RE   $ 610.00 plus $30 ship
Extremely rare! Northwood Rose Show 9" plate in
true lime green!
No damage or issues. "Killer"
investment grade example with superbly applied
iridescent coloring front & back. From our 1983
Colleywood Private Collection. Doty shows a 2015
sale over $1500! This is a mint sensational piece!!!
Item # 83-885-RE  $1070.00 + $15.
Rare! Fenton Dragon & Lotus 9" ICS bowl in cherry
red! Don't think just because the base ring is
yellowish red, that this magnificent "killer"
investment grade example is not red! Many Fenton
red pieces have a yellowish red base rings. No
damage or issues!
Super beautiful "killer"
example! Item # 16-565-EB   $725.00 + $15 ship
Very scarce! Northwood Peacocks 9" PCE bowl in
double electric blue!
No damage or issues! "Killer"
investment grade example with a sensational
appearance when put on display! Just an super
incredible piece! It will light up totally electric blue!
Item # 82-383-RE   $465.00 plus $20 ship
Already sold to "Race Horse II"
down there in Georgia!
Already sold to "Race Horse II" down
there in Georgia!
The best we've seen! Fenton Orange
Tree footed fruit bowl in blue! SUPER!
A radium masterpiece! Yes, it's a full radium
finish blue Dugan Fanciful 8-9" plate in deep
blue. Just look! Any dark spots are camera
glare only. Perfect!
Already sold to "HOACGA" man!
One of the best we've seen! Northwood Singing
Birds 7 pc. water set in green! Look at all the red
iridescence on all pieces, but especially the
pitcher! The pitcher is in color orbit!!!
No damage,
but does have two very minor issues. The gold top
rim has some over spray from the side on it, and
the bottom did not fully fill in when molded at 1 spot.
Spectacular class! Northwood Hearts & Flowers
stemmed compote in electric blue! World class
"killer" investment example with complete electric
blue rating. Where in the world would you find one
to upgrade this sensational beauty! We never found
No damage or issues! This is world class!!!
Item # 82-345-RE  $ 425.00 plus $15 ship
Scarce! Fenton Orange Tree/Orange Tree 10-11"
footed fruit bowl in cobalt blue! The best we've
seen! Looks like it was made yesterday!
damage or issues
. Absolutely superb iridescence
both inside and out. A "killer" investment grade
example & one of the best. Has the daisy wreath
Very scarce! Dugan Fanciful 8-9" sawtooth plate in
deep blue.
It's in mint perfect condition! A "killer"
investment grade example, with stunning full
radium finish colorful iridescence on the inside,
while the back side is not iridized. This will light up
your collection like the electric masterpiece it is.
It's a double WOW!
Already sold to "The Looking Glass
Lady" out there in Pennsylvania!
Already sold to "Lone Star L"
down there in Texas!
It's a cherry red, has no damage or
manufacturing issues. So many of these have
either chip slivers off the rim or nicks & chips
on the three feet. Not this one!
Already sold to "Race Horse II"
down there in Georgia!
Very rare! Fenton Dragon & Lotus 9" ICS bowl in
rare amberina red! It has a plain nicely iridized
back side, which has some typical Fenton iridized
over mold lines. The front side is absolutely
beautiful, with very colorful iridescence, just as
shown in the above photos. There is a typical
Fenton inside lighter iridescent ring as we show in
the one close up photo. This is from the making & is
not considered a drawback in value. This still is
graded as a "killer" investment grade example and
is a superb stunner! Item # 16-475-RE   $535.00
plus $15 shipping.
Cheap! Now shown on Rare 2!
Extremely rare! Fenton Butterfly & Fern water
pitcher in what we believe is emerald green!
David Doty's reference carnival glass website
does not even list an emerald green ever being
sold! He doesn't even list a emerald green option
because none have ever been reported! Yet,
above, are 8 totally unmanaged photos of a
"killer" example that fits the emerald green
definition very well.
If you can't see all the blue
iridescence that makes this pitcher emerald green,
you are simply color blind
! This is a superb piece
is from our 1983 Colleywood Private Collection!
Item # 83-347-RE   $ 395.00 plus $15 ship
Very scarce! Northwood Stipped Three
Fruits/Ribbed back 8-9" PCE bowl in green!
damage or issues
! Does have one short iridized
over scratch on the back side of the bowl. Still, a
"killer" investment grade example in our book. Has
a very nice classical look with superb colorful
satin finish  iridescence that doesn't bury the
pattern elements in a color bath. Can't see any
substantial iridescent wear to the fruits, which
these are so prone to having. Real nice display
piece! Item # 17-236-SK    $ 270.00 plus $25 ship
Rare! Fenton Water Lily 5-6" footed sauce in rare
cherry red!
No damage or issues! "killer"
investment grade example with superb iridescent
coloring. These little cuties ranked in the top 10
popular Fenton items and are highly sought after by
avid collectors, who do not have one in their
carnival glass collections. Sure, Doty lists some
cheap prices on his 2016 price range, but keep in
mind, we saw both those pieces of damaged junk
sell too. Look at the ranges in other years! So, if
you don't have one, here's your rare opportunity to
add it to your "killer" collection. It's a rare Fenton
indeed! Item # 15-235-SK   $ 285.00 plus $12 ship.
Bet you haven't seen a rare footed Fenton Ten
Mums 9" 3in1 edged bowl! Well, you're staring
at one now! And guess what, it has no damage
or issues! Mint!
Already sold! Headed for the "Crimson Tide"
state of Alabama!
Already sold to "Race Horse II"
down there in Georgia!
Already sold to "Race Horse I" down
there in the state of Georgia!
Very rare! Fenton Ten Mums 9" footed 3in1 edged bowl in
rich marigold!
No damage or issues! This has superb
iridescent coloring and is very rare to find any Ten Mums
examples in ball footed bowls! Look up what David Doty
calls these footed Ten Mums, and this one is a 3in1 edge! A
real stunner! Item # 81-154-RE   $ 195.00 plus $20 ship
Scarce! Northwood Raspberry 7 pc. water set in
very scarce green!
Mint condition! Absolute
iridescent color bath on all pieces! "Killer"
investment grade water set. One of the best there
is! Just look at the totally unmanaged photos of
this sensational Northwood Raspberry water set!
WOW! Item # 88-285-RE   $ 335.00 plus $25 ship.
Extremely rare! Northwood All Interior Ribbed
Dandelion complete 7 pc. water set in electric
No damage! Pitcher has a couple tiny
bits of extra glass attached inside & on the
spout, but otherwise, this is a mint "killer"
grade water set with sensational iridescent
color on all pieces!!!! Item # 87-1242-RE   $
1330.00 plus $30 ship
Scarce! Cambridge Inverted Feather lidded & two
handled cracker jar in green! Really nice example
which has a from the making divit on the lid inner
rim, along with some mold micro fine roughness
on both inner rims of the jar and lid. Very, very
minor for this collector grade beauty. Very, very
It's stippled, It's ribbed in back,
it's electric blue & it's mint!
Northwood Stippled & Ribbed back Peacocks
9" plate in rich marigold! A "killer" investment
grade with superb iridescence! Look at the
pink coloring! No damage or issues! WOW!
All the colors you see above are on this piece!
Yes, it's a light cyan ice blue base glass, but
so what,  just look at all the beautiful
iridescence on this "killer" grade ice blue
Northwood Peacocks 9" plate! Just an
incredible example with oodles of colorful
iridesence! It's ice blue & super!!
Rare! Northwood Stippled & Ribbed back Peacock
on the Fence 9" sawtooth plate in electric blue! No
damage or issues! "Killer" investment grade
absolutely beautiful plate with sensational
iridescence both front & back! This is one of the
best we have ever offered for sale on our site.
Better not hesitate on this one. It won't last long.
See listed on our new "All Peacocks" page!
Scarce! Northwood Stippled & Ribbed Peacocks 9"
sawtooth plate in rich marigold!
Super rare pink
iridescence abounds
! "Killer" investment grade
example with
no damage or issues! Just view the
totally unmanaged photos. From our Colleywood
Private Collection. This one is a cabinet keeper!!!
Item # 87-198-RE   $ 355.00 plus $ 20 ship
Rare! Northwood Peacock on the Fence with
Ribbed back 9" sawtooth plate in bright blue.
damage or issues
! "killer" investment grade
example with a color bath of iridescence! Color
after color comes out at you with a color blast!
From our Colleywood Private Collection. Superb!
Item # 87-323-RE   $ 595.00 plus $20 ship
Rare! Northwood Peacock on the Fence 9" plate in
light ice blue!
No damage! No issues! Has superior
iridescence which is lavishly applied! You just
don't find them all colored up like this one! WOW!
And, it's "killer" investment grade to boot! Listing
coming soon on our new "All Peacocks" page!
Already sold to "Race Horse I" down
there in Georgia!
The Best The World Has to
r! Northwood Peach 7 pc.
water set in bright blue!
Absolutely the best blue
Peach water set in the world!
Already sold to "Race Horse II"
down there in Georgia!
Extremely rare! Dugan Quill 5 piece water set in radium purple! No damage! Has 1 minor issue of lighter
iridescence in a tiny area down near the base. This area is less than the size of a penny, and must be
searched for to even see. Absolute extremely rare "killer" water set you might find once or twice in a
lifetime! Yes, they are that rare. Try and find a 5 piece set! Item # 08-2000-BO  $ 1900.00 plus $30 ship
Extremely rare! Northwood Peach 7 pc. water set in bright electric blue. Mint condition! All pieces are
electric blue and any mis color in above photo is simply camera glare. All pieces match in iridescent
color beautifully! "Killer" investment grade water set in every way imaginable. The best set there is
anywhere! Item # 84-1800-RE   $ 1950.00 plus $25 ship
Worth every penny!
Electric Blue! Mint!
Northwood Stippled
Three Fruits! "Killer"
Already sold to "The Hogster" down
there in Arkansas! What a super buy you
made kiddo!
Say again... You have a "killer" grade
collar base 9-10" Millersburg Fleur De
Lis in green? Yup, that's what you are
lookin' at bro! Look at the iridescence!
Already sold to "Race Horse II" down
there in Georgia!
Rare! A full radium finish superb
marigold Millersburg Trout & Fly 8-9"
3in1 crimp edged bowl? Yup, you're
seeing it here & now on Colleywood!
Already sold to Race Horse II" down
there in Georgia!
Full radium finish shine Millersburg
Strawberry Wreath 6-7" ruffled compote
with rarer  sherbert base. Mint "Killer"
grade piece! WOW!
Already sold to "Race Horse II"
down in Georgia!
Scarce! Northwood Stippled / Ribbed back Three
Fruits ruffled bowl in electric blue!
No damage or
! Has superb iridescent coloring with nice
electric highlights. Back side is ribbed and also
nicely iridized. "Killer" investment grade example
in a hard to find color!
Remember, it's stippled!
Item # 16-145-EB   $200.00 plus 15 ship
Super buy!
Rare! Millersburg Fleur de Lis 9-10" collar base ICS
bowl in
dark green! No damage! It has a tiny line
separation in the iridescence, which is the only
issue keeping us from calling this a mint piece!
Still gets our "killer" investment grading. Look at
the color bath of iridescence! WOW! Super, Superb!
Item # 82-115-RE  $ 160.00 plus $15 ship Super buy
Very rare! Most Millersburg Trout & Fly pieces are
satin finish with flat matte iridescence. Sure,
they're beautiful, but they can't hold a candle to
Millersburg full shine radium finish iridescence!
They just can't. Trouble is, they are very rare to find!
Here's a
mint beauty in full radium shine marigold !
WOW! Item # 87-260-RE   $ 330.00 plus $15 ship!
Rare! Millersburg Strawberry Wreath 6-7" sherbert
base compote in full radium shine green! No
damage or issues! Superb iridescent coloring!
"Killer" investment grade example in the radium
finish collectors really desire. What a beautiful mint
example! Item # 87-135-RE   $ 175.00 plus $15 ship
What a super, super buy!
True ice blue & beautiful! Northwood Rose
Show 9" ruffled bowl in ice blue! "Killer"
investment grade mint piece! Look at all the
colorful iridescence! We made this a
Colleywood "Piece of the Month" on the
bottom of our Rare 2 page!
Super rarity! David Doty
shows only one sale made on
this super rare blue Maple
Leaf mint  pitcher since 1998!
Already sold
to "Race
Horse II" in
Already sold to "Race Horse II"
down there in Georgia!
Rare! Northwood Greek Key 7 pc.water
set in purple! All mint condition! The best
ever! "Killer" investment grade water set!
Already sold to "Race Horse II" down
there in Georgia!
Rare! Northwood Rose Show 9" ruffled bowl in true
ice blue! No damage or issues, and in fact, we are
calling it a mint condition beauty! Superb colorful
iridescence that really broadcasts its presence
when bowl is displayed! Mint "killer" investment
grade example hands down! Just a incredibly
beautiful piece which displays well. Listing can be
seen on the bottom of our "Rare 2" page!
Super rare! Dugan Maple Leaf 2 pc. water set in
rare cobalt blue! David Doty shows only 1 pitcher
sold since 1998 and doesn't even list blue water
sets! This super rare pitcher is in mint condition!
The tumbler meanwhile has a chip on the base ring.
The iridescent on the pitcher is absolutely superb!
Item # 82-385-RE   $ 425.00 plus $20 ship
Scarce in radium finish green! Millersburg Rays &
Ribbons 10" ruffled bowl in full radium finish green!
No damage or issues! "Killer" investment grade
example with beautiful iridescence inside the bowl.
Just review the totally unmanaged photos above
and see for yourself. Really nice Millersburg radium
green! Item # 87-095-RE    $ 145.00 plus $15 ship
Rare! Northwood Greek Key 7 pc. water set in
No damage or issues! Mint condition!
"Killer" investment grade water set with superb
electric highlighted very colorful iridescent
coloring on all pieces. Best we've ever seen or
collected in 44+ years. You won't find another like
this for years! Item # 87-825-RE  $ 950.00 + $25 ship
Our own photo fantasy!
Already sold to "Race Horse II" in Georgia!
Very rare! Northwood Sunflower 8" spatula footed
bowl in blue! Has the Meander pattern on back
which is not iridized. No damage or issues. The
iridescent is a little imbalanced from the right side
of the inside perimeter versus the left side, but it
gives the piece a character of its own! Nice piece!
Item # 87-286-RE   $ 445.00 plus $15 ship
Very scarce! Fenton Orange Tree 9" plate in cobalt
plate! Has the Bearded Berry back which is also
nicely iridized. No damage but does have one
enclosed piece of residue in the glass! Superb
iridescent coloring and is a "killer" investment
grade example! The colors are there, the price is
fair! Item # 87-146-RE   $ 280.00 plus $15 ship
Scarce! Millersburg Whirling Leaves 10" ruffled
bowl in beautiful mirror shiny radium
amethyst! No
! No issues! "Killer investment grade from
our Colleywood Private Collection. It's a WOW!!!
Item # 87-106-RE   $ 135.00 plus $15 ship
Rare! Dugan Border Plants 8-9" pedestal base low
ruffle 3in1 greek key edged bowl in beautiful peach
opalescent! No damage or issues! Very scarce
Dugan pattern! This is one beautiful "killer"
investment grade example with full opal treatment
on back. Also has the rare 3in1 greek key edging!
Item # 84-188-RE   $ 265.00 plus $25 ship
The best footed 8"
ten greek key edged
Dugan cherries bowl
on the planet! Perfect
A Dugan Storks & Rushes beaded 7 pc. mint
water set with beautiful emerald green
iridescence on all pieces! WOW
Already sold to"Race Horse I" down
there in Georgia!
Not the same set that
"Stephanie Gal" has in
layaway or that "HOACGA
MAN" has in layaway! Just
another gorgeous "killer"
investment grade 7 pc.
Fenton  Lattice & Grape
water set in cobalt blue!
Already sold to
"Race Horse II"
down there in
We're selling this pair of 8-9" eight ruflle
bowls in electric blue for one money! A
"killer" grade Northwood Poppy Show &
a "killer" grade Northwood Rose Show!
Already sold to "Race Horse II" down
there in Georgia!
From our 1987 Colleywood Private Collection! The
best there is Dugan Cherries 8" footed 10 greek key
edged bowl in electric purple! "Killer" investment
grade in perfect mint condition! Just look at the
super sensational iridescent colors! It'll awe you!!
Item # 87-110-RE   $180.00 plus $ 15 ship
Rare! Dugan Storks & Rushes 7pc. water set in
cobalt blue Mint condition "killer" investment grade
set with sensational emerald green iridescence on
all pieces of this knock out water set. Best we've
seen ever! From our Colleywood Private Collection
boxes! Not the same set we have listed on the
Dugan page! Item # 87-406-RE  $ 490.00 + $30 ship
Rare! Avid collectors start out thinking they can
find one of these Fenton Lattice & Grape water sets
in cobalt blue just about anywhere. After struggling
for years to find a mint set like this one, they soon
resign themselves to just getting lucky to find a
"killer" tankard! One tankard pitcher, without any
tumblers, brought $ 2900.00 at a 2014 Seeck
Auction and the collector was happy to get it! It
wasn't much better than this "killer"! Don't believe
us, see Doty! From our 1981 Colleywood Private
Collection! Item # 81-415-RE  $ 500.00 + $30 ship
Rare Pair! #1- Northwood Poppy Show 8-9" eight
ruffle bowl in electric blue! "Killer" investment
grade mint condition example. #2- Northwood Rose
Show 8-9" eight ruffle bowl in electric blue! "Killer"
investment mint condition grade example. We are
selling both as a rare pair! Superb iridescence on
both bowls, with loads of color! Two super pieces!
Item # for Northwood Poppy Show = # 89-490-RE.
Item # for Northwood Rose Show = # 81-395-RE.
Total price for both = $970.00 plus $25 ship
Already sold to "Race Horse II" down
there in Georgia!
Coming Soon! Fenton Peacock & Grape 9" twelve
sided rarer collar base flat plate in cobalt blue!
Very scarce to find anywhere, and this one has no
damage! Nice iridescence throughout, with loads of
iridescent color. More photos coming soon.
Rare! Dugan Butterfly & Tulip big 11" centerpiece
bowl in purple! Has the Feather Scroll exterior rare
pattern on the backside! These are very difficult to
find in the current marketplace. No damage! So, so
nice! Item # 84-600-RE   $ 700.00 plus $25 ship
Scarce! Northwood Grape & Cable covered
compote in purple! Nearly mint! Really nice superb
iridescent coloring inside and out. Two very tiny
micro fine pinpoints on the inner rim of the cover.
The bottom has no damage, with just a couple of
tool indent marks on the rim! Beautiful in and out!
Item # 16-116-SK   $ 155.00 plus $20 ship
Scarce! Fenton Cherry Chain big 10" ruffled bowl in
rich marigold!
No damage or issues! Has shiny
gold central cherry cluster with gorgeous rich
iridescence throughout front. Has the normally
found beautiful Orange Tree pattern exterior, which
is also nicely iridized. A "killer investment grade
example! Item 16-093-SK   $ 220.00 plus $15 ship
Our Photo reality!
Already sold to "Race Horse II" down
there in Georgia!
Already sold to "Race Horse II" doen
there in Georgia!
What a rare green beauty! Fenton  Holly 9-10"
scallop edge plate in rare green! Super colorful
iridescence and "killer" investment grade! From
our 1981 Colleywood Private Collection!
Already sold to "Chasing Carnival
Man" up in Maine!
Not to ruffle "Stephanie Gal's" feathers! Her plate is
the one on the right! Two "killer" Fenton Concord 9"
plates in amethyst from our Colleywood Private
Collection! Both are sensational beauties! The left
one is the one we are selling here! You won't find
one better, for years! It is a real "killer" beauty!!!
Item # 82-455-RE   $ 525.00 plus $20 ship
Rare! Fenton Vintage ? Wide Panel exterior 9" plate
in cobalt blue!
No damage or issues! Superb
iridescent coloring on both the front and back!
"Killer" investment grade example from our 1981
Colleywood Collection. Simply one of the best!!!!
Item # 81-515-RE   $ 595.00 plus $15 ship
Rare! Fenton Holly 9-10" scallop edged plate in rare
green! Superb colorful iridescence on the front &
plain backside.
No damage or issues! Just a
beautiful "killer" investment grade example from
our 1981Colleywood Private Collection! In photos
of back, it looks like damage to base ring, but none
present. Item # 81-215-RE    $ 370.00 plus $20 ship
Rare! Northwood Nippon 8-9" ruffled bowl in ice
green! Piece has about a thousand micro fine
bubbles inside the glass. They look like tiny sugar
crystals in the glass. Otherwise this piece is
perfect in condition and superb iridescent coloring.
We have to grade it a collector grade because of
the micro bubbles. Item #16-345-EB  $ 120.00 + $20
We finally located the pitcher that goes with the
tumblers shown farther up this page. What a
"killer" set this is! The best set in the world!
We call this the Christmas Tree water set
because of all the color! Congratultions to
"Race Horse I" down there  in Georgia! You
purchased a real beauty here!
Super piece with super color! Just a
beautiful piece when on display.
Already sold to "Race Horse II"  down
there in Georgia!
It's true rare amber, and it glows the
bright iridscence! From our Colleywood
Private Collection!
Already sold to "Race Horse II" down
there in Georgia!
This is a stunning total electric blue mint
masterpiece. Has a couple of fingerprint
smudges on front, which we'll remove for you! A
"killer" grade, with all electric iridescence that
is "off the charts"!
Already sold to that smart avid collector
down there in Pearland, Texas!  Pd.= $60 +
$60 + $60 + $60 + $60 + $45 6/16/17. Will
ship 6/19/17
This is the pitcher we have been looking for to
match up with the killer tumblers we have shown
farther up this page! Now that we have this
complete set, just look at the best Acorn Burrs
purple water set in the world! And, it's all mint!!!!
Item # 82-505-RE  $ 550.00 plus $35 ship.
A steal!
Scarce! Northwood Hearts & Flowers 8-9" ruffled
bowl in ice blue! No damage or issues! From our
1981 Colleywood Private Collection. "Killer"
investment grade example with superb iridescent
color. It has the ribbed backside, which is also
iridized! Item # 81-143-RE   $ 175.00 plus $20 ship
Rare! Fenton Dragon & Lotus 8-9" ruffled bowl in
true rare amber! Is baby glows with nice bright &
colorful iridescence! Mint condition "killer"
investment grade example, from our Colleywood
Private Collection pieces! You won't beat this
beauty! Item # 81-176-RE   $ 215.00 plus $20 ship
Rare! Northwood Peacocks 8-9" ruffled bowl in
total electric blue! Mint condition! Sensational
electric iridescence on front, while the ribbed
backside is not iridized. Who cares?!? The front
makes this a masterful display piece! This beauty
is stunning! Item # 88- 287-RE   $330.00 + $15 ship
Red iridescence on a
Northwood Jockey Club  
6" ad bowl? Unheard of
you say? Look again! It's
red iridescence & mint!
Already sold to  
"Race Horse II"
down there in
Already Sold! Ships to the
UK on 8/30/2019. Thanks
Already sold! Headed to
Southern Mississippi to
that "Redneck"!
Rarer than the
aqua opal base
color examples!
Already sold to that smart collector
in Pearland, Texas!
Very rare! Northwood Jockey Club 6" ad bowl in
No damage or issues! Inside is almost all
bright red iridescence, highlighted by many other
colors! Red iridescence is so rare to find on any
Northwood bowl! "Killer" grade example! Superb!!
Item # 17-583-EB   $ 660.00 plus $15 ship
Rare! Northwood Wishbone 8-9" footed bowl in ice
No damage or issues! Loaded with colorful
pastel iridescence! Has the normal Ruffles & Rings
exterior, which is also nicely iridized. "Killer"
investment grade example! Not many better than
this one! Item # 17-515-SK   $ 525.00 + $50 ship.
OK Dalideco, sell & ship to UK for price as shown!
Very rare! Northwood Hearts & Flowers / Ribbed
back 8-9" ruffled bowl in aqua!
No damage or
! "Killer" investment grade example with
nice iridescence front 7 back. This aqua base color
is rarer than aqua opal examples in this pattern!!
Superb! Item # 17-385-SK    $425.00 plus $15 ship
Rare! Northwood Mid Size Variant (plunger base)
12-13" tall vase in radium finish electric purple! No
damage and no issues! "Killer" investment grade
from our Colleywood Private Collection! Superb
iridescence! Item # 83-195-RE  $ 275.00 + $20 ship
What our upcoming pieces look like! (Those not yet put up for sale elsewhere on our site!)
Already sold to "The Mississippi
Redneck only!
Already sold! $60 + $60 + $225 PD. in
full by that smart collector down in
Pearland, Texas!  Ship 7/8/17
Already sold! Headed for the
"Crimson Tide" state of Alabama!
Rare! Northwood Wishbone 8" footed ruffled bowl in
rare ice blue!
Mint condition! "Killer" investment
grade example which looks stunning on display!
Item # 17-375-TB    $ 425.00 plus 15 ship
Rare! Northwood Peacocks 8-9" PCE bowl in green
with the Basketweave  backside pattern.
damage or issues
! "Killer" investment grade PCE
example with real nice satin finish iridescence on
front & back. Item # 87-255-RE  $ 325.00 + $20 ship
Scarce! Fenton Kittens child's size cup & saucer in
rich marigold!
No damage or issues! Cup has 2
sets of "kitties" while the saucer has 4 sets of
"kitties". These are soooo cute to have in your
collection! Item # 17-060-SK    $ 120.00 + $10 ship
Rare! Northwood Wishbone/Basketweave 10" PCE
bowl in rare green! No damage or issues! "Killer"
investment grade example with sensational color
bath satin finish iridescence both front & backside.
From our 1987 Colleywood Private Collection!!!
Item # 87-146-RE        $ 250.00 plus $20 ship
Very scarce! Northwood Leaf & Beads but bowl in
green with the rare Sunflower or Rays interior. No
damage but does have straw mark inside. Superb
colors! Item # 17-040-JW    $ 80.00 plus $15 ship
Northwood Stippled Three Fruits Medallion with the
Meander back pattern 8-9" spatula footed bowl in
blue! From our Colleywood Private Collection. Nice!
Item # 81-153-RE   $ 270.00 plus $25 ship