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Imperial's "Scroll Embossed" interior with the
"File" pattern on the exterior. Crimp edge ruffled
8" bowl in deep amethyst with radium.                   
Some electric highlights. Superb condition!
! Item # 08-049-EB  $ 55.00 plus $15 ship
Fenton's "Dragon & Lotus" cobalt blue!  8-9" ICS
bowl  Excellent irridescence that full of color!  
damage what so ever
. Exterior is plain but it  is
nicely irridized. Very showy collector grade piece.
Item # 06-100-SD    $ 125.00 (shipping included!)
Northwood's "Peacock and Urn" interior with a
"Wide Panel" exterior. Big 10" master ICS bowl in
deep firery amethyst base glass.
In Superb overall
condition, no damage
! Gorgeous colorful & very
evenly applied nicely balanced iridescence.    
Item # 07-330-BO  $ 350.00 plus $20 ship
Old caramel slag glass and solid brass electric
lamp with three lights and  pull chains. It works
perfect and is in excellent overall condition. 50+
years old. A real beauty!       Item # 010-340-BO     
Price USD: $ 340.00
What is it!?! It's a scarce Westmoreland
"Concave Flute"
They sell for $425 to
over $2300 at auctions!
Already sold to that smart collector
down in Texas! Another super buy!
Already sold to "Len" in the U.K.! Len,
shipping to you by 6/16/18!
The Rare Rosby Pattern Crystal
Westmoreland Concave Flute rose bowl/hair
receiver in radium finish marigold. No damage!
You know we think it's funny how these
auctioneers & dealers call the Persian Medallion
piece that looks just like this piece in shape, a
hair receiver, yet called a rose bowl! Oh well, it is
a nice piece! Item # 13-027-TB       $ 50.00 plus
$10 ship.
It's beautiful!
Dugan "Fanciful" 8-9" low ruffle bowl with the Big
Basketweave exterior pattern in dark purple!
! Awesome iridescence, full of color and
superbly done! Both front & back are awesome!
There are a couple of very, very minor rubs to the
iridescence out toward the edge. Simply put it's
gorgeous! Item # 13-245-TB     $ 295.00 plus $15
 A steal!
Millersburg's "Many Stars" interior with a "Trefoil
Fine Cut" exterior. Big 9-10" master ICS bowl in
green! Very scarce piece in this color!!
It is mint
and is the best we found in 40+ years.
Perfect piece to add to a real "killer" collection!
Item # 07-400-BO     Price USD: $ 650.00 Len will
ship for $ 25 to help keep it affordable for you!
Congrats on a super rare green radium piece of
Millersburg !
This is not carnival glass but a RARE! water
pitcher in crystal glass by Fostoria Glass. It is
there first pattern called "Rosby" and was
introduced in 1910. A letter from the asst. curator
of the Fostoria Museum I.D's the piece!  
! Item # 06-305-M     Price USD: $ 395.00
Already sold to Race Horse I down
there in Georgia!
Already sold to
a smart
collector in
Florida for
shipment to
San Juan, P.R.
We will need  a
little more
Unbelievable iridescent
coloring! A "killer"
investment grade affordable
example! Don't miss your
opportunity here!
Northwood Olive Green
Dugan's Very Rare  "Quill" pattern!! This is the full
size water pitcher in a RARE purple base glass! It
has a radium type shiny  finish and exhibits
electric highlights throughout!
Mint Condition!! No
! Item # 08-1100-BO     Price: $ 1450.00
plus $20 ship
A "Killer"! Fenton Captive Rose 8-9" six ruffle
bowl in cobalt blue! No damage! Has a very small
tool mark in the inside center which is from the
original making. Sensational iridescence!
Sensational color! Colleywood Private collection!
Item # 88-079-RE  $ 110.00 plus $15 shipping. We
will let you know how much extra to ship to P.R.
Fenton's scarce "Ragged Robin" interior with a
"Wide Panel" exterior. 8-9" 3in1 edged bowl in
amethyst base glass. Superb iridescence and the
piece is in excellent overall condition. This would
be a wonderful piece to keep in your cabinet!
!  Item # 07-167-EB    Price USD: $ 195.00
Northwood Fruits & Flowers two handled bon bon,
in rare olive green! Mint condition! No fruit rubs!
Perfect with no damage! For Northwood Glass,
olive green was rarely made, but here is a perfect
true olive green example! Buy it now! Perfect!
Item # 19-035-SK     $ 50.00 plus $25.00 ship!
Already sold to "The
Iridescent Kid" out there
in Virginia!!
Chip Damage at top handle attachment
area. If interested, we'll send you photos
of 1/4" chip in pitcher itself.
This item is already sold to "G5r7b12"  
in Arizona only!  Item to be shipped by
Very Rare! Millersburg "Trout & Fly" in          
radium finish
green! No damage anywhere! WOW!
This is a beautiful super radium finish piece with a
lot of pizzaz. The iridescent coloring is superb,
both on front and on the backside. Hard to find this
nice in the marketplace. These usually go for more
than $ 600.00 at carnival glass auctions. We got a
good         & are passing that on!
A "killer" grade
! Item #13-415-JW   $465.00 plus $15 ship
Rare! Fenton "Stippled Rays" 7" ruffled bowl in
amberina red! No damage! This is a true
amberina red example because it has yellow
orange in the base ring, in the middle body of the
bowl and around the very edges of the bowl. This
can be easily seen in the above                held up
to the sunlight. We bought it as a true red, but it is
actually amberina red. The back is iridized nicely
as well. Item #14-100-SK   $135.00 plus $20 ship
Millersburg's "Hanging Cherries" interior with a
"Wide Panel" exterior. Scarce 7" ICS bowl in
green base glass. Great coloring and piece is in
excellent condition with
no damage! Great piece
for any "killer" carnival glass collection! Nice!!
Item # 07-055-BO     Price USD: $ 95.00
Chip Damage! Imperial Diamond Lace water
pitcher in electric purple!
Chip damage! Take a
look at this rare green overlay iridescence on this
purple base glass!
Incredible appearance!!!! We
haven't seen one of these in quite a while. Item #
13-145-MW    $75.00
A steal for this beauty even
with a 1/4" size chip at the top handle attachment
area which is in the pitcher, not the handle.
Millersburg's "Night Stars" two sides up bonbon in
smoky green! This is undamaged and has superb
dark radium finish  iridescence. These are RARE!
A superb smoky green example that is in collector
mint condition. It carries the wide panel
exterior. Item #10-705-BO    Price: $ 865.00
Northwood "Fruits & Flowers" bonbon in blue with
electric highlights throughout. No damage! Does
have a visible mold line inside the bonbon. The
iridescence is fairly colorful, but it isn't a color bath
piece by any means. Collector grade example with
excellent iridescence. Item # 13-050-SK    $ 65.00
Fenton's Dragon & Strawberry in a 8"-9" ICS bowl!
Has marigold iridescence that is missing by
design in the inside center area of the bowl. Many
Fenton pieces were irridized this way, so it was
made that way.
No damage in or out! Plain outside.
Rare! Item #02-500-SD   Price: $ 400.00
Northwood's "Peacock on the Fence" 9" sawtooth
edge flat plate in electric purple! No damage! Has
a couple of minor light iridescence lines that are
very difficult to even see. Just a superb piece!
overall. The ribbed back has a good mirror-like
iridescence. Item #11-395-OK   Price: $ 445.00
Rare Fenton Briar Patch squar hat shape blue!
Already sold! Headed to California!
Rare! Fenton Briar Patch 6" square ruffled hat
shape in blue! No damage! These are extremely
hard to find in the marketplace, especially
undamaged ones. Most don't have a lot of
iridescent coloring. This one is super! Don't wait!
Item # 14-109-SK     $135.00 plus $15.00 ship
Northwood's "Peacock at the Fountain" water
pitcher in purple! This one has that dark
iridescence that looks so stately! Wonderful
undamaged example with no issues found. No
damage at all! These are very scarce to find in
purple! Item #11-480-OK   Price: USD $ 525.00
Imperial Star of David 8-9" ruffled bowl in electric
"purple shiner" purple! Look at the electric put out
by this super iridescence! Just an incredible
example of Imperial "purple shiner" superior
No damage! No issues! Real nice piece!
Item # 15-193-JW   $325.00 plus $15 ship
Millersburg "Mayan" 9-10" ICS bowl in radium
finish green. Acouple of scratches! Beautifully
iridized piece with a lot of color. Great collector
grade example. Just a great  piece of vintage
Millersburg carnival glass. Nice piece!! Item #
13-038-SK   Just  $ 59.00 plus $15.00 ship
Northwood's "Wild Strawberry" big 9-10" ruffled
berry master bowl in deep amethyst. Lovely satin
finish iridescent coloring. No damage anywhere!
These plain backs are hard to find! Collector grade
piece waiting to be added to someone's  
collection! Item #03-150-SD   Price: USD $ 175.00
Fenton "Stag & Holly" 8" spatula footed ruffled
bowl in electric green! Two blocks on back of
spatula feet have mold release damage. Plain
back! Very scarce item indeed! Yes, we said
electric green! The iridescence is out of this
world! Both front and back! Super, Super
"electrified" piece! Item #12-085-JW    $ 110.00  
Close up backside view of the item shown to the
immediate left. Just look at the electric highlights
on plain back this piece! Just a magnificent
electric highlighted piece!! The front is perfect, the
back has 2 mold seam lines that have a rough feel
due to extra glass on them. From the making.
Rare! Northwood Town Pump 6" tall novelty vase
in purple! No damage, no issues, but  just has  
more intense iridescent color on the top half of the
pump body. It has real nice iridescent coloring all
over the pump, as the coloring is simply more
intense on the top half of the pump body and down
around the base on the pump body, as shown!!!
Item #15-340-EB   $ 520.00 plus $20 ship
Already sold! Headed to the state
of California! Ships 4/5/19!
Millersburg's "Hanging Cherries" 10" master ICS
bowl in deep amethyst!
No damage in or out! Has
the wide panel exterior. Satin finish iridescence
that is just softly stunning! Hard to find these in
this pristine collector grade condition! A beauty!
Item # 08-127-EB   Price: USD $ 190.00
Imperial's scarce "Flute & Cane" 7" tall large stem
compote in rich radium marigold.
No damage! This
is simply an extraordinary example that is very
hard to find. Just a stunningly beautiful example!
Item #08-060-BO   Price: USD $ 75.00
Northwood's "Peacock on the Fence" 9" flat
sawtooth plate in lightly irridized white. Although not
real frosty this plate does show some nice color.
and it does have the desired ribbed back.
We are calling this one an average typical example.
Item #08-237-EB    Price: USD $ 400.00
Northwood's "Strawberry" 8-9" ruffled bowl in
No damage! Has soft satin irridescence that
is surprisingly colorful for these. All in all,  this
piece is of collector grade quality. It has the
Basketweave exterior. Item #10-077-EB  $ 110.00
Fenton Ten Mums 8-9" CRE bowl in cobalt blue! No
damage! Has above average irridescence and
has the plain back that is irridized as well. Just a
nice typical blue Fenton piece in great condition!
Item #09-165-EB     $ 285.00 plus $15 ship.
Very Scarce! Dugan "Puzzle" stemmed bonbon
with the "Floral & Wheat" exterior pattern in a odd
brownish amethyst.
No damage! As you can see
from the above photos, this base color of this
piece is a odd brownish cast amethyst color.
highly resembles the so called "root beer" base
color. We think this is the color, but you be the
. Item#14-045-SK    $ 68.00 plus $15 ship
RARE! Northwood Peacock at the Fountain 10-11"
footed & ruffled fruit bowl in cobalt blue!
! Really nice colorful satin sheen
iridescence both inside and out. The inside of the
bowl has a small white deposit which we will try
to remove. It looks like a lime deposit. Real nice!
Item # 13-360-EB   $ 625.00 plus 20.00 ship
Imperial Scroll Embossed 7-8" eight tight ruffle
bowl in absolutely the shiniest elctric purple we
have ever seen! We tried and tried to get a good
picture of this beauty but the photo doesn't do the
piece justice. It has the file exterior and is a real
beauty! Item #06-134-DM   Price:USD $145.00
This item already sold  the collector  in
Kentucky!  Will ship 2/23/19!
Already sold to "Stephanie Gal" in
Rare! Fenton Butterfly & Berry 9" footed master
berry bowl in
rare green! No damage! Nice clean
collector grade example with real nice satin finish
iridescence throughout. Has the Butterfly & Berry
interior and exterior. Really a nicely done piece!
Item # 13-139-SK     $ 185.00 plus $15.00 ship
Rare! Our best! From our 1989 Colleywood Private
! A super duper Northwood Stippled
Dandelion mug in aqua opalescent!
No damage!
No issues! Even better than the one David Doty
shows on his Dandelion page
! See for yourself!
Even has butterscotch on the inside of the mug!
Item # 89-168-RE  $215.00 plus $10 ship!
Northwood Nippon 8-9" PCE bowl in scarce ice
desirable ribbed back and soft irridescence that
doesn't mute the ice blue base glass, but rather,
compliments it! This is a collector grade piece!!!
No damage whatsoever inside or out! Superb!!!
Item #08-220-BO   Price: USD $ 250.00
Northwood Peacock on the Fence 9" flat sawtooth
plate in deep amethyst! You know we had this
piece for several years before we found a very
small flake nick on the back of one tooth! It is not
very big and is hard to find, but it is there. Has the
ribbed back! Item # 08-423-EB   Price: $ 595.00
Another purple
undamaged  "killer"
Northwood Strawberry 9"
Already sold to
a collector in
Northwood "Strawberry 9" sawtooth plate in
No damage, no issues! Has superior, very
colorful iridescent coloring which is very
balanced around the entire perimeter of the plate.
The back side is the Basketweave pattern which
is also nicely iridized. Just a gorgeous example!   
This is a "killer" investment grade example. Super
Item # 14-082-JW         $ 120.00 plus $15 ship
Scarce! Imperial Diamond Lace 7 pc. water set in
electric purple.
No damage on any piece of the set!
We added three matching "killer" grade tumblers
to make this a complete "killer" investment grade
water set! The set is a total electric highlight show
and is spectacular on display. If you want a
sensational set, this one will fit the bill! Superb!!!
Item # 14-355-TB    $ 435.00 plus $25 ship.
Northwood " Grape & Cable Variant" 9-10" big
ruffled bowl in green with the desired rib back. We
show this item elsewhere, but wanted to show it
on  the lowest shelf in our display cabinet. It
doesn't get as much light on the bottom shelf, and
this makes the subtle colors of the piece intensify!
Item # 11-075-SK       $ 95.00 plus $15 ship
Second photo of the Northwood Grape & Cable
Variant ruffled bowl shown to the left. Here we
show the backside of the piece on the top shelf of
our display cabinet where the lighting is much
brighter. Compare the two photos, and see how
lighting intensity drastically alters irridescence!
Already put into layaway by
"Stephanie Girl" out there in
Fenton "Butterflies" bonbon in scarce green! No
damage anywhere! Nice iridescent coloring, along
with a clear crisp mold strike. Nice satin finish
iridescence both fron and back. The backside has
the typical wide panel exterior. Superb collector
grade example that makes a good stand alone.
Item # 13-029-JW       $ 41.00 plus $10 shipping
Very Scare! Dugan "Flowers & Frames" 8-9" dome
footed ruffled deep bowl in electric purple!
! Sensational electric blue iridescence
over the dark purple base glass make this a real
showstopper piece. It is a "killer" investment
grade example that is extremely hard to find in
mint condition! Item # 14-297-SK  $ 360 with ship
Very Scarce! Dugan "Cherries" 6" crimp edge
plate in peach opalescent!
No damage! Super 6"
very scarce plate in really superb peach opal
iridescence. These are very hard to find plates in
the marketplace, so please don't miss your
chance. Item # 14-048-SK   $ 65.00 plus $15 ship
Fenton "Ribbon Tie" 8-9" 3in1 edged bowl in
cobalt blue! No damage, but has a couple of minor
manufacturing issues that do not detract from the
value of this piece. See close up photo above.
Nice iridescent coloring. Collector grade example.
Item # 13-047-JW     $ 58.00 plus $ 15 shipping
Already sold to "Stephanie Gal" out
there in Kansas!
Already sold to "Stephanie Gal" out
there in Kansas!
Scarce! Fenton Lotus & Grape bonbon in cobalt
No damage! No issues! The edging teeth are
short as is typical with these, however no edge
buffing or edge polishing is present! "Killer"
investment grade example with superb iridescent
coloring. Item # 15-047-JW   $ 60.00 plus $10 ship
RARE! 10" Fenton Blue Holly plate! Most holly
plates are 9-9 3/4" but not this one. It's the rarer
10" chop plate. Yes, it's a chop plate! Moreover, if
it wasn't pulled up as it is somewhat, it would be
and even bigger diameter! Perhaps the 10 1/4"
diameter that rare Holly chop plates normally
possess. No doubt in our mind, this is a pulled up
chop sized plate. It has sensational iridescence &
color! Item # 13-123-JW    $ 175.00 plus $ 15 ship
Scarce! Fenton Orange Tree powder jar in cobalt
blue! Electric highlights on both the jar & lid. No
damage! No fleabites! No issues! Real nice "killer"
investment grade example which is really hard to
find without damage! Listing coming soon!
Scarce! Fenton Orange Tree powder jar & lid in
radium finish marigold! No damage! No issues!
Hard to find undamaged! "Killer" investment grade
example. Listing coming soon!
"Sam the Smasher"
"I assure you,
Colleywood has the
best quality
carnival glass, and
the rarer pieces you
are searching for"!
Northwood "Strawberry" with the Basketweave
back 8-9" PCE bowl in superb applied pastel
marigold. No damage! Irridescence has lots of
subtle colors. Looks sensational on display! Nice!
Item # 06-143-M          Price: 155.00
Second photo of the Northwood Strawberry Pce
bowl shown to the left. This photo shows the
Basketweave backside pattern. No damage
anywhere! Wonderful pastel marigold example!
Northwood "Three Fruits" 9" sawtooth flat plate
with the Basketweave back in a  deep, dark
amethyst/purple. The piece has a somewhat out of
round deformed base ring, and no other issues.
We included a photo of the base ring to the right.
Item #  93-082-RE     Price: USD $ 100.00
Second photo of the Northwood Three Fruits 9"
plate shown in the photo to the left. This shows the
Basketweave back side pattern and the "out of
round" base ring. It is slightly deformed and
creates a slight "push up" on the inside center. It
is hardly noticeable, but we mention it for accuracy
Scarce color! Fenton Peacock & Grape 8-9" ruffled
collar based bowl in scarce green. No damage! No
issues! Superb iridescent coloring both front &
back! "killer investment grade example! Item
#15-088-EB  $110.00 plus $15 ship
Very scarce Northwood Grape & Cable with center
leaf 7-8" ruffled bowl in green with the typical
Basketweave exterior pattern. No damage! No
issues! "Killer" investment grade example with
super iridescent coloring and crisp mold strike.
Item # 15-069-SK   $ 84.00 plus $15 ship
Fenton "Stippled Rays" bonbon in green. No
! Bracket edge rim with better than
average iridescent coloring. Nice, clean collector
grade example. Item # 13- 023-SK     $ 33.00
Northwood signed "Chery & Cable Thumbprint" 8-9"
round deep bowl in orange marigold. No damage!
Nice even marigold throughout the inside bowl.
Looks plain orange marigold in regular light, but the
subtle colors come out in display lighting! Scarce
pattern! Item # 06-026-M   Price: $ 45.00
A rare green "killer" grade piece!
Already Sold!  "Deltaman" in Georgia!
Already sold to "The Kid" out in
RARE! Fenton 10-11" footed ruffled fruit bowl in
Grape & Cable with the Persian Medallion interior
pattern in rare green! No damage anywhere! Super
"killer" investment grade example with lots of
iridescent color both inside & out. This one is
definitely a keeper. Just study the unmanaged
photos, then purchase with complete confidence.
Item # 14-149-JW   $ 210.00 plus $20 ship
Inside view of the Fenton green footed & ruffled
10-11" fruit bowl shown to the immediate left. The
inside has good color for these. Most of these
have very mundane iridescence on the inside of
the bowl. Not this one! It's a really nice example.
Fenton "Heart & Vine" 8-9" six ruffle bowl in
scarce amethyst.
No damage! Does have the
typical Fenton inside center straw mark. Has firly
colorful iridescence but it is certainly not a color
bath piece. It's just a solid collector grade
example without damage or manufacturing issues.
Item # 14-040-JW   $ 55.00 plus $ 18 ship
Rare! Dugan Apple Blossom Twigs collar base
banana boat in dark, beautiful peach opalescent!
No damage! No issues! "Killer" investment frade
example with beautiful dark iridescent coloring &
superb opalescent backside treatment. Superb!
Super nice Peacock at the
Fountain water tumbler pair in
purple! No damage!
Already put in layaway
by "Stephanie Gal" out in
RARE! Millersburg "Leaf & Little Flowers" sherbet
style compote in rich satin marigold!
No damage
but does have what appears to be a very, very
tiny 1/32" burst bubble on the top inner rim. A little
gem of a piece which needs no introduced to the
experienced collector. Just a solid collector grade
example that has nice dark marigold iridescence.
It does have the typical clear stem & base. NICE!
Item # 13-103-JW    $135.00 plus $12 ship
We are going to add these two beauties to a partial
Dugan water set we already have in our
Colleywood Private Collection, and then, we'll list
the whole 7 pc. killer investment grade set on our
Killer_1 page very soon! The whole set will be
absolutely  immaculate, with every piece of the
set being in mint condition!
PROMISE! Watch for it
soon to be listed!
Northwood "Grape & Cable Thumprint 7pc. water
set in rich marigold.
No damage! Rich marigold
color on all pieces from top to bottom and all
around. This is a real beautiful set with all pieces
matched well. You won't find a much better set
than this one. "Killer" investment grade water set.
Item # 14-155-SK    $ 215.00 plus $25 ship
Very Scarce! Northwood Good Luck 8-9" PCE
bowl in electric blue! No damage! This one is
multi-electric and is a sensational color bath
piece. Yes, it is a "killer" investment grade piece
and is considered spectacular in class. See what
Doty shows for the prices of spectacular pieces
like this one. Don't miss your rare opportunity to
own a total electric blue piece of this stature! This
is a truly spectacular class piece, hence the price
is reflective of it's grading.
Absolute showstopper!
Item # 14-445-TB       $ 495.00 plus $20 ship
go to atomicmodel_1.htm
Just listed! Northwood "Strawberry" 8-9" PCE
bowl in good rich marigold. No damage! Has the
basketweave exterior! Sorry about the dirt on the
towel in the photos, but when you got those
great-grandkids around, anything can happen at
any time, and it did! Promise, the bowl is clean ,
not damaged, and undaunted by the great grand
kids assault! Tell you what after all this, we will
give you a one time super bargain on this beauty!
item # 11-034-EB     First $ 85.00  takes this PCE!
They normally sell for over $100 Carnivalites!
Rare! Northwood Grape & Cable hatpin holder in
rare green. Feet have been slightly buffed, as
most of them are. Beautiful iridescent coloring
throughout the piece. Feet are very good, but
lightly buffed. Looks like a real nice collector
grade example at a super price. Better snag it!
Item # 15-195-JW   $ 245.00 plus $ 10 ship
Fenton Grape & Cable 9" spatula footed bowl in
cobalt blue. No damage! Sensational colorful satin
iridescence with lots of pizazz! Superbly done
plain back collector grade example. Just superb!
Item # 13-077-SK   $ 85.00 plus 15.00 shipping
Fenton Chrysanthemum big 10-11" footed ICS
bowl in blue with nice plain wide panel iridized
No damage! No issues! Super iridescent
coloring which is well balanced and evenly
applied throughout both the front and the back
side. Very crisp mold strike with all pattern
elements of this very busy pattern fully
discernible. "Killer" investment grade example
that even exhibits some electric highlights on the
front. Item # 15-115-SK   $165.00 plus $25 ship.
Put in layaway by a smart Carnivalite right
here in the Show Me state of Missouri!
SOLD! Another super buy for the
"Wheat Boy" in South Dakota!
Awesome Electric Blue! Northwood "Peacock on
the Fence" 9" sawtooth plate in total electric blue!
No damage! This one has those golden peacocks
that stand out against the electric blue highlighted
background! It's just the kind you see at the
carnival glass conventions, and when you try to
win the bid, you always lose out to one of those
rich collectors! Item #96-400-RE   $ 480.00
Desired Rib Back! This is the backside of the
"killer" Northwood electric blue Peacock on the
Fence plate shown to the left. As you can see, the
iridescence on the back is superb as well. Super,
Super piece, which in our opinion, is investment
grade. You would search a long time to top this
example, so why not save all those extra search
expenses and simply purchase this beauty.
Nice! Northwood "Grape & Cable Thumbprint 7
piece water set in true purple.
No damage on any
! Nice well matched set that is quite colorful
and attractive. Great collector grade set for your
collection. Simply put, it is a solid example of a
great & very popular Northwood pattern! We priced
it very affordable, so buy it with total confidence.  
Item # 12-225-BO    $ 275.00
Very Scarce! Fenton Feather Stitch 8-9" ruffled
bowl in marigold. Has several issues. Tough to
find this pattern in the marketplace. Solid collector
grade example that has the typical Fenton lighter
iridescence in the center area. Some iridescence
is also missing in two small areas near the
center. Item # 14-039-SK   $50.00 plus $15.00 ship
Fenton Orange Tree 8-9" ICS bowl with
Bearded Berry back in cobalt blue.
! Super nice iridescent color both in
and out. Real nice collector grade example.
Item#13-060-JW   $ 80 plus $15 ship
Fenton's big 11" Chrysanthemum footed
ICS bowl in cobalt blue.
It has one issue, in
that some of the inside iridescence was
scraped in two places in the original
making.      Item # 13-081-SK   $ 115.00
Millersburg Peacock Tail Variant  compote
radium finish amethyst! Non-iridized Wide
Panel back side. No damage, but does have
a extra bit of glass stuck on one mold seam
on the base. This is a"killer" investment
grade! Item # 15-068-JW   $90.00 plus $15
Rare! Fenton Orange Tree powder jar in
rare amethyst!
 Does have micro sized
fleabites on the rim of the lid & has fleabites
on the bottom base of the jar
. Item #
15-245-EB   $275.00 plus $10 ship.
This is a
$300 - $400  piece Carnivalites
A "killer" grade
Millersburg Trout &
Fly 3in1!
Already sold to that
smart collector in Texas!
Already sold!
Already sold! Headed down to South Carolina!
Really a super nice Fenton Two Flowers
8" spatula footed bowl in cobalt blue.
A Millersburg Trout & Fly 8-9" 3in1 bowl in
amethyst/purple with no damage & no
issues! Really nice iridescent coloring
throughout. The back side is not iridized.
Item # 16-245-JW     $ 265.00 + $15 ship!
What a super price for a super piece!
A vintage Imperial Pansy electric purple
radium finish iridescence on both sides! A
"killer" investment grade piece coming
soon! See the preview photos of it to the
immediate right. A 9" low eight ruffle bowl
that is
simply outstanding!
Northwood Leaf & Beads rose bowl in aqua
No damage! Beautifully applied
butterscotch over a lavish opal treament.
Superb! Item #15-153-RE  $180.00+$15
A super price for a "killer" piece!
Buy with confidence! This is a solid
collector grade example with no damage!
Color everywhere, even in the infamous
Fenton typically light iridized inside center!
Item #15-078-JW   $90.00 + 15 ship

Already sold to "The Kid"
out in California!
Already sold! Now headed for the
state of Georgia!
Item # 12-195-JW   Price: $230.00
This is our blue base one not our peach opal
one listed elsewhere on the site!
So you want a superb dark green
Northwood Grape & Cable hatpin
holder with plenty of electricity?
Well here's one to consider! It's
almost emerald!
One of our finest!!
Item # 94-300-RE   $ 365.00
Imperial's RARE! electric purple "Octagon" water
pitcher!! It's all vintage and it is a stunning sight
indeed!!! A customer, who saw the electric purple
tumblers we planned to put with this water pitcher
paid us more for the 6 tumblers than the whole
water set! So, can you blame us for selling them?
Anyway, we now offer the rare water size pitcher!
No damage! Superb! Item #13-375-MW    $ 450.00
Northwood's Three Fruits 8-9" ruffled bowl
in what looks to be horehound base color!
Look at the fruits on this one! Doesn't look
to have any wear at all! Super piece in a
rare base color! Gold iridescence!
Item # 89-056-RE  $90.00 plus $15
sensational iridescence! Superbly
done! No damage whatsoever! 9"
sawtooth plate in
cobalt blue! Has
the Big Basketweave exterior. Nice!
Item # 12-195-JW   $230.00
Already sold to "Robyn Hood" over in
Want the best Northwood "Peacock & Urn
10" ICS master bowl in marigold? Well
here's one that's in the competition!
Absolute "killer" investment grade piece!
No damage! Item #13-227-SK    $ 290.00
Here's a really beautiful scarce to find
Fenton "Scotch Thistle" stemmed compote
in green!
No damage! No issues! Perfect  
iridescence with a lot of color! You don't
see these very often, so here's a chance to
buy a real nice one at a really good price.
Item # 15-037-JW   $ 52.00 plus $10 ship.
Want a really beautiful Fenton "Captive
Rose" 8-9" ruffled bowl in green? If you do,
you just found one with no damage, no
issues and one that has really colorful
iridescence on both the front & back! WOW!
Item # 14-053-EB    $ 80.00  plus $15 ship
Rare! Northwood Town Pump in purple. No
damage anywhere
! Killer investment grade
example with superior iridescent coloring.
Study the photos above and buy with
This is a real beauty!  
Item #13-475-JW   $615.00 & $15.00 ship
The ship to Sydney, Australia = $30 ship
go to our rare_1 page
Already sold! Staying in the
state of Missouri! Ships 9/16.
Continental U.S.A. only
Fenton "Holly" 8-9" bracket edge ruffled bowl in
scarce green with the plain back!
No damage!
Look at the iridescence on this Holly favorite. The
pieces is just gorgeous with just the right look for
the Christmas holidays! Collector grade piece with
a always popular Fenton pattern! If you don't have
a Holly piece, this one would fit the bill! Superb!
Item # 93-065-RE     Price: $ 85.00
Millersburg " Little Stars" 7-8" low six ruffle bowl
in satiny green! Scarce! Has a tiny set of
iridescence cooling lines inside the petal panel at
11 o'clock in the photo above. It also has a tiny
pinpoint at 6 oclock in the photo above. Still a
very collectible Millersburg, hard to find piece!
Item # 93-115-RE     Price: $ 135.00
Scarce! Northwood "Stippled Peacock & Urn" 5-6"
ICS sauce in cobalt blue!
No damage! The
non-iridized back side does have a few harmless
mold lines, but just look at the fabulous iridescent
colors on the front! Beautiful collector grade
example which is way above the average
example found. Buy with complete confidence.
Item # 14-064-SK      $ 95.00 plus  $12.00 ship
Imperial "Fieldflower" tumbler in purple! VERY
No damage! Vintage example. Nice
colorful iridescence which has good electric
highlighting. If you don't have one, you'd better add
this classic popular item to your killer collection. It
needs to be there! Nice!! Old one are very hard to
come by! Item # 93-035-RE   Price $ 40.00
Already sold to the "Looking Glass
Lady" out there in Pennsylvania!
Dugan " Fanciful" 8-9" low ruffled bowl in purple!
No real physical damage. Has a few pinpoint
pocks in the iridescence at about 9 o'clock in the
second inner ring inside. This bowl has that rare &
beautiful Dugan gun metal blue/gray iridescence
on the two innermost rings! It is really a super
nice piece! Item # 93-140-RE   Price: $ 165.00
RARE! Northwood "Stippled Grape & Cable
Variant" 9" sawtooth plate in green with ribbed
No damage anywhere! Nice colorful satin
sheen iridescence on both the front and the
backside. "Killer" investment grade example
which is very hard to find in the marketplace. If
you want a showpiece for your collection, we
think this one is up to the task! Fabulous piece!
Item # 13-170-TB     $ 235.00 plus $15.00 ship
Northwood Grape & Cable Thumbprint 7 pc. water
set in purple. No damage! This is a real nice set
but has a mixed tumbler set. Some tumblers are
the "drooping vine" type while 3 tumblers are the
"connected vine" type. Most all have the
Northwood trademark stamped in the bottom. They
also vary in height. If you don't know what we are
talking about on the two different tumbler types in
this set, please refer to the
bottom of our Killer_3
page for help on this! Item # 13-233-TB     $ 305.00
Scarce! Northwood "Good Luck" 9" sawtooth
edge plate in nice marigold. No damage! No, there
isn't any fading of iridescence on this plate. The
photo shows this as camera glare. The marigold
iridescence is consistent throughout the front &
back side. Actually it is a gorgeous collector
grade example, with a lot of color in the marigold
iridescence. We might re-photo this piece,  trust
us, it is very nice! Item # 13-192-JW    $ 235.00
go to our Fenton_1 page
Stippled & Blue Northwood
Fruits & Flowers bonbon!
Very hard to find in mint
condition like this one is!
This Personalized Paypal
buy now Layaway Payment
button is reserved for
"Secret Agent Man 007!
Millersburg "Seaweed" 9-10" 3in1 crimp edge
bowl in rich marigold. This one has a couple of
tiny flea bites on the edging and a little roughness
on the base ring. Here's your opportunity to own a
still considered collector grade rare Seaweed at a
very affordable price! This is not a lower grade
piece, but a very nice one that has a couple very
tiny fleabites. Item # 12-158-TB    $ 185.00
Rare! Try and find one of these that are both
stippled & blue. You might come home out of luck
many, many times before finding a Northwood
Stippled Fruits & Flowers bonbon in blue that is in
mint condition! So, with that in mind, why not
purchase this one? It's staring right at you, & it's a
beauty! Item # 17-055-EB   $ 75.00 plus $15 ship
Fenton "Leaf Chain" vintage 8-9" ICS bowl in
cobalt blue. No damage! These are scarce in the
ice cream shape in this pattern. This is the vintage
pattern and is not a contemporary piece. Superb
iridescence both front and back. Collector grade
example that will compliment any collection well.
Item # 12-050-JW    $ 65.00   
Now here's a very rare ice green Northwood
Diamond Points 10-11" flame top vase in no
damage, no issues condition! Real nice piece! A
"killer" investment grade example you just can't
find in the marketplace. From our Colleywood
Private Collection. Looks real super when put on
display! Item # 83-147-RE   $170.00 plus $15 ship
Northwood "Peacock on the
Fence" 8-9" ruffled bowl with
ribbed back in true purple! No
damage anywhere. Truly a
stunning "killer" grade piece!

Rare_1 page
Extremely Rare! Fenton 1914
Parkersburg Elks plate in
No damage! No issues!
Beautiful colorful iridescence
both inside and out! On this
example you can see a
second eye on the Elk!!
Fenton 1 page
Rare! Fenton Holly 9" bracket
edge in amberina!
No damage!
No issues! Beautiful colorful
iridescence, with radium
finish iridescence on
backside! Listing coming at
the start of Sept. 2017!
Fenton 3 page
Rare! Fenton Dragon &
Strawberry 10" ball footed
ruffled bowl in rich marigold!
No damage! No issues!
Beautiful colorful iridescence
in and out. ! Listing coming at
the start of Sept. 2017!
Fenton 3 page
Northwood Peacock & Urn
10" ICS master bowl in rare
ice green!
No damage! Superb
iridescent coloring on front &
back. No significant issues.

Rare_1 page (at page bottom)
Rare! Fenton Captive Rose
9"-12 sided plate in scarce
amethyst! No damage! No
issues! Absolutely superb
colorful iridescence in & out!
Outside is radium finish!

Fenton 3 page
Rare! Northwood Peacocks
8-9" ruffled bowl with ribbed
back in sensational aqua
opalescence. Butterscotch
overlay abounds!
No damage!
No issues! A showstopper!

Northwood_1 page
Rare! Northwood Peacocks 9"
sawtooth plate in rare ice
No damage! Two
sawteeth have very small
enclosed bubbles that made
them 1/16" shorter than the
rest of the teeth.
Only issue!
Northwood 1 page
RARE! Fenton's
"Butterfly & Berry"
7pc. water set in
cobalt blue.
! The
pitcher is a "killer"
& the tumblers are
Fenton 1 page!
This set was
taken out of
pending sale and
now is for sale
again. A super 7
pc. hard to find
set. A great
opportunity for
any avid
Northwood Grape & Cable
hatpin holder in scarce
green. A couple of those
typical foot fleabites, but
they are hardly noticeable.
Superb coloring! A
collector grade example!
See on Northwood_ 1 page
Extremely rare! Fenton
Butterfly & Berry 7 pc. water
in extremely rare green!
Pitcher has a spot of missing
iridescence near top & left of
handle top attached & one
tumbler has tiny base nick.
See listing on Rare_1 page
Extremely rare! Northwood
Sunflower 8" spatula footed
ruffed bowl in very rare
electric blue! No damage
anywhere! Absolutely a
"killer" investment grade
example of highest quality.
See on our Rare 2  page!
Rare! Northwood Corn Vase in
very scarce green.
! No issues! Nice
realistic iridescent coloring
which is lavishly applied. A
beautiul dark green stalk base
with nice colorful iridescence.
See on Northwood 1 page
RARE! Fenton "Concord" 8-9" 3in1 edged
bowl in dark green with plain back. No
damage! Beautiful teal hue iridescence on
the grape clusters. "Killer" investment
grade example no doubt!
Fenton_1 page
RARE! Crystal Glass Co. Australian
Buck Kangaroo 9-10" sixteen ruffle
master bowl in black amethyst with
radium finish super colorful iridescence
on front and radium gold on back!
See listing on the Killer 3 page!
Extremely rare! May be a one of a kind
matched pair of fraternal twin Buck &
Doe Austalian Kangaroo 9-10" 16
ruffled master bowls that are iridized
indentically! Both mint & killer!
See new listing on "Killer" 4 page!
Extremely rare ! Northwood Hearts &
Flowers 6" stemmed Compote in powder
blue opalescent! Mint condition "killer"
grade example! Loads of opal with superb
See listing on our Rare 1 page!
Rare! Peacock at the Fountain water
pitcher in bright blue! Covered throughout
with electric highlights & beautiful
iridescent color. Has only one very tiny
pinpoint in the top spout & that is it.
Northwood Peacock on the Fence 9" plate
with plain back in rare green! No damage!
Look at the iridescent colors!
See listing on the Rareplates page!
Rare! Fenton Dragon & Lotus 9" ICS
bowl in amberina red!
No damage! No
! Exceptional iridescence with a
pleasant yellow dominated frontal
Rare! Fenton Dragon & Lotus 9" ICS bowl
in cherry red! No damage or issues!
Superb iridescence inside and out!
See new listing on  Fenton 3 page!
RARE! Fenton Butterfly & Berry footed
master bowl in rare green!  WOW! WOW!
See listing below on this page!
Extreme rarity! Millersburg
Zig Zag square crimp edge
in radium purple! "The Kid"!
Shown on Collector page 2!
Rare! Our best Northwood
Hearts & Flowers/Ribbed 9"
sawtooth plate, in rare ice
Northwood 3 page!
Rare! Millersburg Strawberry
Wreath square crimp edged
deep bowl in dark radium
finish green!
Millersburg page!
Rare! Northwood Nippon 9"
sawtooth plate in dark green!
Mint condition, superb color!
Shown on Northwood 3 page!
Rare! Fenton Dragon & Lotus
9" eight ruffled bowl, vaseline
opalescent! Mint condition!

Listed on bottom of  Rare 2 pg.
Fenton Illinois Soldiers &
Sailors plate in blue! No
damage! Superb "killer"!
Listing on Fenton 1 page!
Northwood Poppy Show 9"
ruffled bowl in electric blue!
No damage or issues! Super!
Listed on Northwood 3 page!
Millersburg Rose Columns
11-12" ruffled top vase in rare
aqua base glass! No damage!
Listing on Millersburg page!
Rare! Northwood Daisy &
Drape 6" footed vase in
bright blue base glass! No
damage! Beautifully iriized
all around!
Northwood 3!
Rare!Northwood's Knight
Templar mug in ice green!
No damage! "Killer"
investment grade piece!  
See list Northwood 1 page!
Rare! Northwood 6" corn
vase in emerald green! Mint
condition! No damage
List Northwood 1
Scarce! Northwood vintage
Beaded Cable footed rose
bowl in electric blue! Superb
See list Northwood 1!
Northwood Three Fruits 9"
sawtooth plate in
rare aqua
! Mint Condition!
See listing Northwood 3
Northwood Peacock at the
Fountain 7 pc. water set in
electric blue! Killer set!
See on Northwood 3 page!
Rare! Fenton Orange Tree 9"
ICS bowl in beautiful  ruby
Fenton 3 page!
Extremely rare Northwood
Grape & Cable Variant 8-9"
ruffled bowl, sapphire blue!
Northwood 3 page!
Extremely Rare! Northwood
Peacock at the Fountain 6
pc. table set  in rare green!
Listing on Northwood 3 page!
Extremely Rare! Northwood
Peacock at the Fountain 6
pc. table set in ice blue!
Listing on Northwood 3 page!
Northwood Peacocks 9" PCE
bowl in
rare green! No
damage! Ribbed! Superb
iridescence front & back!
Listing "All peacocks" page!
Northwood Poppy Show 9"
plate in rare ice blue! No
damage! Superb iridescence!
Listing on Northwood 1 page!
Millersburg Feather & Heart
water pitcher in rare green!
Handle manufacturer mark
Listing on Millersburg 1 page!
Rare! Northwood Hearts &
Flowers 9" sawtooth plate
ribbed, purple!
Northwood 3!
Scarce! Northwood Stippled
Peacocks 9" sawtooth plate
with ribbed back in electric  
Northwood 3 page!
Very rare! Fenton Stag &
Holly spatula footed ruffled
bowl, red!
Fenton 3 page!
Extremely rare! Peacocks 9"
eight ruffle bowl in rare mint
green opalescence! No
damage! All mint piece!
Listing on All peacocks page!
Rare! Fenton Fentonnia Fruits
9-10" footed master bowl in
rare blue! No damage! Pretty!
Listing on Fenton 3 page!
Scarce! Fenton Orange Tree
/trunk extensions/Bearded
Berry back, 9" plate, el. blue
Listed on Index page!
Rare! Dugan Round Up 9"
ICS bowl in rare electric
purple! Surperb iridescence!
Listing on Dugan 1 page!
Rare! Dugan Persian
Garden 11" two piece fruit
bowl in peach opalescent!
Listing on Dugan 1 page!
RARE! Northwood Sunflower
8" spatula ftd. bowl in all
electric blue! Mint condition!

Listed on Northwood 3 page!
RARE! Northwood Hearts &
Flowers 9" PCE bowl in all
electric blue! Mint condition!

Listed on Northwood 3 page!
RARE! Fenton Dragon &
Lotus 9" ruffled bowl in
aqua opalescent! Mint!

Listed on Fenton 3 page!
Scarce! Dugan Flowers &
Frames 9"dome based bowl in
electric purple! Mint condition!

Listed on Dugan 1 page!
Extremely rare! Fenton
Dragon & Strawberry/ with
plain exterior, in green base
glass! 2-3/4" X 8-3/4" round
12 sided edged nut bowl!
Mint condition! Has superb
iridescence inside and out!
Listed on the Fenton 3 page
& The 500 Average page!
Fenton Peacock Tail 9" twelve
sided plate in rich marigold!
Listed on Fenton3 page!
Northwood Three Fruits 9"
sawtooth plate in a rare
horehound, root beer or
yellow, sun lavender purpled  
base color! Mint Condition!
Very strange base color!  
Never have seen this base
color before! Strange! See!
Listed on Northwood 3 page!
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Carnival Glass item locater 1
Already sold to "Stephanie Gal" in
the state of Kansas!
RARE! Northwood Knight's Templar, in ice
green! Mint condition, with no issues
whatsoever. Beautiful example which is
very rare to find in ice green! Superb
 Listing on Northwood 1 page!
Item # 74-580-RE   $630.00 + $25 ship
Extremely  rare! Northwood Peach 7 pc.
water set in
all electric blue! N0 damags
to any piece!  Sensational water set,
world class "killer" set! You got the
best there is Stephanie Gal!
Item # 74-1425-RE  $1455.00 + $40 ship
Extremely rare! Northwood Town Pump in
rare green! What a Colleywood Private
Collection piece indeed! Already put into

Item # 74-1840-RE
Scarce! Fenton Heart and Vine
ruffled bowl in green. Mint condition with
no damage or issues! "killer" investment
grade example with beautiful iridescent
Item # 74-055-RE   $70.00 + 25 ship
Fenton Peacock & Urn 9" 16 sided plate
in cobalt blue! Mint condition! No damage
or issues with superb iridescence!
Northwood Stippled Three Fruits/Ribbed
9" sawtooth plate, aqua opalescent! Mint
condition! No damage or issues!
Listed on Northwood 3 page!
Fenton Elksruffled  bowl in mint condition!
Superb iridescent coloring and no issues.
"Killer investment grade example!
Northwood Stippled Peacvocks 9"
sawtooth plate, bright blue! Mint
condition! Nice balanced iridescent
Listed on Rareplates 1 page!
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Very scarce green!
Spectacular blue!
Rare! Fentonnia Fruits!
Listing on All Peacocks page!
RARE! Northwood Peacocks
/ribbed back 9" PCE bowl in
rarely found true lavender! No
damage anywhere! Exquisite
iridescence front and back! It
is from my Colleywood Private
Collection, it is stunning! Buy
it with Payal with  confidence!
Listing at bottom "All
Peacocks" page
Very scarce! Northwood
Peacocks/Ribbed back 9" PCE
bowl in true green! No damage
anywhere! Sensational piece,
with superb iridescence front
and back. From my Colleywood
Private collection, it is a "killer"
example &superb piece! Buy
with confidence with Paypal!
Listing at bottom "All Peacocks"
Very Rare! Fenton Mikado
Giant Compote in spectacular
class colorful  iridescence,
and in  royal blue base glass.
Has the Cherries outside
pattern, which s also done in
spectacular iridescent color!
What a rare sensational piece,
from my Colleywood Private
Already sold to "The Kid" out
in California!
The only one I ever found in
over fifty years of collecting
vintage carnival glass! This is
the very rare variant of the
"Fentonnia" pattern, callled
"Fentonnia Fruits"! Here the
normal pattern elements of the
normal Fentonnia pattern are
replaced with cherry clusters!
This is the footed master bowl
in cobalt blue!
Listing coming!
The only one I ever found in over fifty
years of collecting vintage caenival
! I honestly believe this piece is
extremely rare mint green opalescent! I
show  photo proof on the All Peacocks
page, as I show a example of a true
aqua opalescence bowl right next to
this bowl, as proof that this base color
of glass is not a aqua base, but a mint
green base glass color!
Listing on top of "All Peacocks"!
Already sold to "The Kid"!
"Killer" ! Northwood "Peacocks"vintage carnival glass items from my exclusive Colleywood Pivate collection!
Rare! Northwood Poppy Show 9" plate!  
Mint! One of the nicest I've ever seen!
See listing on Northwood 1 page.
Item # 74-585-RE   $ 660.00 + $30 ship
RARE! Fenton Ribbon Tie 9" 3in1 plate,
elec. blue!
Not a bowl! Mint! The best
I've ever collected! See on Fenton 3 page
Item # 74-325-RE    $390.00 +30 ship
Already sold
to "The Kid" in
Northwood "killer"  Stippled Three Fruits
8-9" ruffled bowl in aqua opalescent!
The best I've ever collected! Superb!
See listing on Northwood 1 page.
Item # 74-255-RE     $ 355.00 + $30 ship
Millersburg Feather and Heart water
pitcher, green! Has a small mfg. mark on
the rim,
but not damage.
See listing on Millersburg page.
Item # 74-385-RE   $440.00 + $40 ship
Rare! Northwood Corn Vase, true emerald
green! Mint condition piece! Superb color!
See listing on Northwood 2 page.

Item # 74-675-RE   $ 755.00 + $30 ship
Scarce! Northwood Beaded Cable footed
compote, electric blue! Mint!
See listing on Northwood  page.

Item # 74-185-RE   $230.00 + $30 ship
RARE! Fenton Lotus & Grape 9" plate (12 sided) in rare blue! Mint condition "killer"
investment grade example from my Colleywood Private Collection pieces! Superb
iridescent coloring both front and back! A sensational rare vintage Fenton cobalt
blue carnival glass plate indeed! Item # 78-410-RE   $ 560.00 plus $30 ship
Already put in layaway by
"HOACGA MAN" in Missouri!
RARE! Fenton Orange Tree 9" 12 sided plate with trunk extensions, in rare blue! No
damage anywhere! Surpeb "killer" investment grade example with pretty iridescent
coloring front & back! Bargain! Item # 78-175-RE  $ 255.00 + $30 ship
Rare! Dugan Persian Garden 2 piece fruit bowl in rare peach opalescent! What a
rarity indeed! The base is rich marigold, but the fruit bowl is a fullly opalized peach
opal! What a "killer" investment grade! Item # 77-660-RE    $ 870.00 + $55 ship
Already put into
layaway by "HOACGA
MAN" in Missouri!
Rare! Dugan Round Up 9" ICS low bowl in sensational electric lavender! Yes it is
lavender! Mint condition! No damage whatsoever! What a beautiful iridescence on
this rare "killer" investment grade example! Item # 77-290-RE $ 370.00 plus $25 ship
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Rare! Fenton Holly 6" ruffled hat
shape in rare true red! WOW! No
Rare! Northwood Stippled Three
Fruits(rare Stemless Cherries
Variant) 9" ruffled bowl in blue!
Rare! Where have you ever seen
this rare variant? The center
cherries are stemless!
OOAK! This Bells & Beads 7"
ruffled purple piece was owned
by Rose Presnick back in 1977!
Rare! Northwood Greek Key
water pitcher in purple with
slight concave area from mfg.
Scarce! Northwood Peacock &
Urn 10" ICS master bowl! Have
complete 7 pc. set for sale too!
Scarce! Northwood Peacock &
Urn 6" ICS sauce! Have complete
7 pc. set for sale too!
Rare! Fenton Floral & Grape
water pitcher
and six green
tumblers to make complete set!!
Rare! I have dug out of my
boxes a complete 7 pc. Milady
water set in cobalt blue!
Extremely rare! Yes, I have dug
out another Northwood Peach
water pitcher & tumbler in blue!
Florescent tube black light!
Photo under black light bulb type!
Florescent tube black light!
Extreme Rarity! Dragon & Lotus 9" ruffled bowl in
extremely rare beautiful vaseline opalescent! Mint
condition! Superb "killer investment grade example!
Absolutely one of the best there is! No damage or
issues with good opal all on every tooth! "Killer"
investment grade example! WOW! WOW! WOW!
The plain back side is just as nice as the front! Where
would you ever finmd another comparable to this
Ready to see 1400+ very special rare vintage "killer" grade carnival glass ?
Many of my Colleywood Private Collection pieces are already in carnival glass collections all around the USA and the world,
so why not join these collectors by placing an absolutely beautiful piece of this 100+ year old iridized antique carnival glass
on display in your home? Proudly display it, and honor it as an era of unique pressed glassmaking history that helped build
our American industrial nation strong and vibrant, as the glass industry was a vital part of America's  economic growth &
development. It will always be a historical part that helped build our great nation! Come on America, show your good old red
white and blue, keep America great, own and display a wonderful & beautiful piece of 100+ year old vintage carnival glass!
Indoor light at night!
Item #: 77-985-RE
Extremely rare! Fenton Dragon's Tongue 11-12"
balled footed ruffled master fruit bowl in very rich
marigold! No damage or issues!
Listed Fenton 3!
This is a "killer" investment
grade example from my
Colleywood Private Collection!
One of the very best!
These Dragon's Tongue ball
footed master bowls are
immense in size and depth!
Sensational "killer" example!
The rare Fenton Blackberry Block tankard 7pc.
water set in rare green! WOW! WOW! WOW! Listing
coming very soon! What a rare complete water set!
Rare! Imperial Loganberry 10-11" vase
in electric purple! Nop damage! WOW!  
Electric iridescence! "Killer" example!

Listed on the General Store page!
Rare! Northwood Stippled Grape & Cable
10-11" footed fruit bowl in bright blue! No
damage! Nice iridescence in and out. Feet
and rim teeth are ok!
Northwood 3 page!
Rare! Northwood Stippled & banded
Grape & Cable 10-11" footed fruit bowl
all electric blue! Mint condition! No
issues! WOW! WOW!
Northwood 3 page!
Imperial Beaded Bullseye 10-11" vase in
electric pumpkin marigold! No damage but
does have a tiny area on inside flared top
of iridescence loss and a tiny ash spot.
Extremely rare! Fenton Floral & Grape 5 pc. water set in green! Mint condition! No
damage or issues to any piece! Incredible iridescent coloring on every piece!
"Killer" investment grade example!
Will be listed on Pirce of the Month page soon!
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Small Business
Extreme rarity! Radium purple!
Our best! Ice blue base color!
Very rare! Dark green radium!
Rare! Dark green base color!
Millersburg Zig Zag suqre crimp edge
bowl in electric radium purple!
Northwood Hearts & Flowers/ Ribbed back
9" sawtooth plate in ice blue!
See listing on
Northwood 3 page!
Millersburg Strawberry Wreath square
crimp edged bowl in dark radium green!

See listing on Millersburg page!
Northwood Nippon 9" sawtooth plate in
dark green base color, satin finish.
listing on Northwood 3 page!
Horehound, Root beer base color?
Fenton Peacock Tail 9" plate,marigold
Excellent! Loaded with super opal!
Northwood Three Fruits/Basketweave 9"
sawtooth plate in rare lavender sun
purpled horehound, root beer or yellow
base glass!
See Northwood 3 page!
Rare! Fenton Peacock Tail 9" twelve sided
plate in rich marigold, with no damage but
has some light iridesence on front edges
and back side panel ribs
. See Fenton 3 pg.
Northwood Stippled Three Fruits 8-9"
spatula footed bowl in excellent aqua
opalescence! This piece has super opal!
One of the best!
See listing Northwood 3!
Nice Radium finish Amethyst!
Wonderous green radium finish!
An extremely rare radium green!
One of the best Old Rose ad plates!
Millersburg Whirling Leaves 10" square
crimp edge bowl in rare amethyst
radium!! No damage or issues!
listing on Millersburg page!
Millerburg Whirling Leaves 10 " tri-corner
crimp edge bowl! Green radium finish! No
damage or issues
See listing on
Millersburg page!
Extremely rare! Millersburg Big Fish
9-10" many ruffed bowl in radium fionish
green! Super, super rare and ever so
See listing on Millersburg page!
Northwood "Old Rose Distilling" 9"
sawtooth ad plate! No damage or issues!
One of the best I have ever seen!
listing on Northwood 3 page!
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